Aunt Fiona’s Girls

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Aunt Fiona’s Girls
Hi. My name is Britney Burris, and I’m from the tiny suburban community of Apple Valley, Washington. My best friend growing up was Jessi Nolan, and during our teenage years we both had huge girl-crushes on her Aunt Fiona, whom we both thought to be the coolest woman on the planet.

Perhaps I should tell you a bit more about Jessi & myself before continuing. While we’re the same age, we had our differences. I’m tall, blonde, and slender, while she’s a bit shorter than me, but also very athletic and has black hair. I guess you could say that I was more the “cheerleader” type while Jessi was a girl “jock,” but we both became best friends nonetheless. Her Aunt Fiona back back then was a very fit young woman, a bit taller than myself, while sharing Jessi’s short dark hair.

Anyway, as I was saying, my best friend and I started hanging out with her aunt back when we were both students at Apple Valley Middle School. You see, we’d always ride our bikes home together, and since Aunt Fiona lived halfway between our houses and the school, we’d regularly stop at her place just because we liked it. The woman always kept a pitcher of Kool-Aid in the fridge and Hostess Cupcakes in her cupboard, just for us.

We both called her “Aunt Fiona” even though she was Jessi’s aunt and not mine. I guess it just came more natural for me than saying “Mrs. Nolan” all the time.

Back then, all I knew was that Jessi’s aunt owned & managed a nightclub, which meant that she kept weird hours, leaving for work in the early evening and remaining there until well after midnight, which meant that she was always at home in the middle of the day when we’d stop by her house on our way home from school.

Of course, we’d always repeat the school gossip for her regarding who liked who and which boys we thought were cute. Aunt Fiona would laughingly roll her eyes, calling some of the guys “creeps” (often the boys we really liked), and asking us “what makes you think you need a guy to be happy?” Of course we’d argue with her, but it was always fun.

Anyway, after Jessi & I started 9th grade and switched from middle school to high school we continued making Aunt Fiona’s house our regular after school hang-out, even though it was no longer on our way home. We both just loved going there, as she was the only adult who ever seemed genuinely interested in sharing time with us.

It was during our final year of high school that I discovered that the club Aunt Fiona managed was actually a stripper-bar out on highway 70 named Shotgun Willy’s, and one day we even met an actual stripper named Jolene, whom Jessi & I both thought was really, really pretty. Apparently, she’d spent the night at Aunt Fiona’s and was late in leaving her house the next day. Aunt Fiona introduced Jolene to us, explaining that she was “an accomplished and talented dancer.”

“Oh, I can do more than just dance,” Jolene laughed, licking her lower lip suggestively.

“I’m sure you can,” Aunt Fiona added, slapping Jolene on her perfect ass. “But not in front of my girls!”

They both laughed, as did we, even though we really didn’t get the joke. Jessi & I just thought it was cool that Aunt Fiona had such beautiful friends!

I instinctively knew not to tell my parents anything about Aunt Fiona’s nightclub, as I strongly suspected that they’d probably order me to stop hanging around her house had they known that she managed a strip joint.

Jessi & I were both active girls, and her mom and dad had long been urging the both of us to join the track team, and eventually Jessi succumbed to their pressure. As I wasn’t their daughter, I successfully resisted, but with my best friend now staying after school every day for track practice, I had nobody to hang out with.

And so I continued spending time at Aunt Fiona’s, and that’s where my story gets interesting.

“I’m glad you haven’t abandoned me, Britney,” Fiona smiled, winking at me as she did so, after I dropped by her place after school

“Oh, Jessi didn’t abandon on you, Aunt Fiona, really! It’s just that her mom and dad really wanted her to run track!”

“I understand, sweetheart!”

Summertime was fast approaching, and it was important for me to get ready for bikini season, which meant getting a tan. I was developing a pretty hot body for an eighteen-year old girl, slender and willowy, with my long blonde hair and even longer legs.

I’d also landed a weekend job waitressing at Cracker Barrel, which paid me enough money to begin purchasing a lot of my own clothes, as I no longer trusted my mother to pick out dresses for me, as her tastes were clearly not my own.

Of course, purchasing clothing included buying a bikini, and I ended up getting one of those extremely revealing thongs that my mother never would have approved of, but since Aunt Fiona had a backyard swimming pool, I felt that I could safely wear it there without anybody being the wiser.

As Aunt Fiona worked weekends, her days off were Monday & Tuesday, and so I decided to play hooky from school one Monday to instead spend the morning at her house working on my tan.

I arrived there just after nine on that particular day, sneaking into her back yard through the side fence that I knew was never locked. I figured that Jessi’s aunt would still be asleep, but I also knew that she wouldn’t mind my lying poolside. She had built a small storage shed alongside her swimming pool that I used to change into my brand new tiny little bikini, although with Aunt Fiona’s tall wooden fence surrounding her backyard I probably needn’t have bothered. Nobody could see me.

I then proceeded to rub sunscreen on my face, arms, chest, stomach, & legs, and then stretched out onto one of her comfortable deck chairs to begin soaking in the sun!

“Who are you?”

I was startled by the sound of another woman’s voice. I looked up in surprise, only to see a really cute twenty-something red-haired girl approaching me, dressed in what looked like black men’s pajama tops and nothing else. I couldn’t help but notice that she had these really long, pale white bare legs. Dancer’s legs.

“This is my aunt’s house,” I said. “I’m here to use her swimming pool,” I added, motioning towards the water. “Who are you?”

“I’m Lily,” the pretty girl yawned, raising her arms enough for me to see that she was wearing tiny white-lacey-panties beneath her pajama tops. “I work for your aunt.”

“Are you a dancer?” I inquired, staring at her gorgeous body and long tapered legs.

“Yeah,” the girl replied, with a tired smile. “We didn’t close-up last night until two o’clock in the morning!”

“You’re really pretty,” I observed, before then unnecessarily asking, “Did you spend the night here?”

“Yeah, your aunt invited me home with her,” the girl explained, sauntering over to where I was sitting. “Are you going to go into the water?”

I nodded, realizing that the pretty red-head intended to do the same.

“Won’t you need a swimsuit?” I asked her.

“No, that’s not really necessary,” she responded, unbuttoning her pajama tops to reveal a set of beautifully-formed, possibly enhanced breasts. “Fiona had that fence built for privacy. We can swim nude here if we want to.”

And with that, Lily pulled down her tiny white panties and proceeded to wade into the water, completely nude. Of course, I was dumbfounded, my mouth wide open as I ogled this beautiful nude red-haired girl entering Aunt Fiona’s swimming pool.

“Are you coming?”

I immediately got up and followed her. The water felt freezing cold at first, but that quickly past and soon it was wonderful. I cautiously approached the beautiful naked girl.

“So, I guess you’re a stripper?” I asked.

The girl laughed in response. “I suppose you could say that!”

I felt foolish, but I was also way too fascinated to turn back now.

“Is that a tattoo on your butt?”

“This?” She turned, showing me the small, red, heart-shaped symbol on her perfectly rounded ass cheek. It had a little arrow going through it. “Yeah, I got it last summer. Do you like it?”

I nodded yes.

“Fiona loves it,” she smiled, before then looking up. “Speak of the devil!”

“And what’s going on out here?”

It was Jessi’s aunt, appearing as if the mention of her name was enough in itself to conjure her into our presence. She was wearing a dark tank-top and also had on the bottom half of Lily’s black pajamas.

“Hey, babe! I’m enjoying a swim with your sexy little bikini-Barbie niece! Come and join us! The water feels great!”

I blushed, as Aunt Fiona shook her head no.

“She’s not exactly my niece, but I suppose introductions are in order. Lily, that’s Britney. Britney, Lily.”

We smiled at each other.

“You girls are crazy,” Fiona continued. “It’s way too early for swimming. But if you’re up to it, have fun. What I need right now is a cup of coffee.”

I realized then that Aunt Fiona was probably older than Lily and me combined, but she was still a very fit & attractive older woman, with spiky black Joan Jett hair without a strand of grey.

“She is so cool,” I sighed, watching her return to the house.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Lily added, staring wistfully after her.

“I guess you must really like working for her?”

“I love it”

“Why’d you spend the night? Was there something wrong with your place?”

Lily smiled at me, but didn’t answer.

“Oh, I’ve spent other nights here, as have a few of the other girls at the club.”

Before she could explain any further, Aunt Fiona re-emerged through her kitchen door. In addition to her own large porcelain cup of coffee, she’d brought out an extra two styrofoam cups, one for Lily and one for me.

“Come and get it while it’s hot, ladies,” she ordered. “Here’s your morning joe, with something extra added to give it a little kick.”

We remained in the water while gratefully taking the cups she offered us.

“What is this, babe?” Lily asked, sipping hers. “Did you Irish it up for us?”

“What you’re tasting is Bailey’s and cream, my sweet?”

“Careful, Britney,” Lily laughed. “I believe that Fiona is trying to get us both tipsy!”

Of course, I laughed at that, but it was obvious that our morning coffee had alcohol in it. Still, it was delicious all the same.

“Where are your clothes?” Aunt Fiona asked Lily. “You’re scandalizing my home-girl by flaunting your sexy little butt around like that!”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind,” Lily retorted, looking at me. “Are you okay with my being naked?”

I nodded yes.

“You see? She enjoys looking at my ass!”

I blushed, as I was staring right at it as she spoke. I immediately looked away.

“Maybe Britney would like to watch me spanking it?” Aunt Fiona asked, smiling, causing Lily to blush. “Come here, and give me my morning kiss.”

I watched mesmerized as Lily got up out of the pool and approached Aunt Fiona, kissing her softly on her lips. The older woman then playfully slapped the girl on her butt.

“Doesn’t Britney get a kiss, too?” the girl protested.

“C’mon over here, Britney.”

I hastily approached the pool steps and rose to where Aunt Fiona gave me an affectionate kiss.

Lily and I soon finished our coffees, and Aunt Fiona told us there was more in the kitchen.

“And if you want to add more Bailey’s, it’s in there as well. Just don’t overdo it, Lily,” she added, with a wink. I could see her eyes following Lily’s ass as the nude girl sauntered inside. I quickly followed.

It was only now dawning upon me that the pretty stripper and Aunt Fiona just might possibly be more than co-workers.

Lily filled both of our cups about two-thirds full of coffee before then adding a generous amount of Bailey’s. We then returned poolside to where Aunt Fiona awaited us.

“If you two beauties are going to remain outside in the sun this morning then I’m going to have to insist that you both apply plenty of sunscreen on your beautiful bodies!”

“We will,” I promised, sipping my coffee, before then sitting down with my legs in the water. Lily sat down right next to me. I was beginning to feel just a little bit of a buzz.

“You know, you’re really pretty,” Lily told me, brushing back my hair from my face. “With this cute body of yours you could easily be a stripper!”

“Me?” I almost choked on my coffee. “I’m not sure I could ever dance naked!”

She put her hand on my knee, softly caressing my leg.

“I’m serious. You’ve got nice breasts, and I love these legs.”

Her hand began moving up my thigh. Our eyes met. I could sense that she wanted to kiss me. I closed my eyes and leaned slightly towards her.

“I need to get my camera,” Aunt Fiona’s voice chimed in. “You two look really cute sitting together like that!”

I blushed and quickly turned away.

“You’re not going to photograph me without anything on, are you?” Lily asked.

“Sure, why not?” Fiona answered, laughing. “It’s not like I’m going sell anything I take to Penthouse or upload them on Facebook.”

She quickly returned poolside with her cellphone-cam, and positioned herself behind the two of us.

“Say cheese, girls,” she ordered.

We both turned our heads and flashed our brightest smiles. Lily then put her arms around me and kissed me as Aunt Fiona continued taking picture after picture. It was like an erotic photo-shoot, with the pretty red-head completely naked while I wore only my skimpy thong-bikini!

“Aunt Fiona, please swear me that my mother will never see these,” I begged.

“I swear,” she promised. “Now put your hands on Lily’s breasts, and Lily, I want you to slide your hands further up her thighs.”

We were really getting into it, and I’ve got to admit, I felt like a real model, seductively posing for an actual erotic photo-shoot. Aunt Fiona was great at directing, just as if she was a professional photographer, as we were quick to obey whatever she ordered us to do.

Of course, my Bailey’s & coffee buzz probably played a large part in my willingness to kiss and caress the pretty nude stripper-girl with whom I was posing. Before I knew it, they had me completely nude, as well, as Aunt Fiona ordered Lily to remove both my bikini top and my bottoms!

“Slowly,” the older woman insisted, as Lily gently slid my bikini-bottoms down over my ass, as I now knelt poolside, on my elbows and knees, with Lily positioned immediately behind me. “Kiss Britney’s beautiful ass while you’re undressing her.”

My expression of surprise and delight was very real as I felt Lily’s soft lips on my behind. Meanwhile, Aunt Fiona continued merrily clicking away.

Of course, I would later have to return the favor, kissing and licking Lily’s gorgeous boobs and soon after running my lips and tongue down her backbone to her curvy little butt.

“Nice, nice, that’s very nice,” Aunt Fiona said. “Bite her butt, Britney! Yeah, that’s hot!”

By now the sun was overhead and the older woman ordered us both to stop for a while and instead rub sunscreen-lotion all over one another’s bodies. She quickly went inside, returning seconds later with a small camcorder.

“I want video this time,” she explained, as we oiled eachother up with the camera rolling. Again, Aunt Fiona demanded plenty of kissing to accompany what was obviously going to be a very erotic, all-nude, girl-girl video shoot.

“Who gets to see this?” Lily inquired. I kind of wanted to know, as well.

“It’ll be just me,” the older woman replied. “And perhaps a select group of my closest female friends, the one’s who share my enjoyment for watching beautiful nude younger women like yourselves.”

She smiled, reaching over to gently run her fingers up my thigh.

“Aren’t you enjoying yourself, Britney?”

“Oh, yeah,” I found myself saying. “I’m loving it!”

“And you, Lily?”

The pretty red-head smiled back. “You KNOW I am, Fiona!”

“Well then, let’s continue!”

Lily and I continued kissing, caressing, and fondling one another for several more minutes, until Aunt Fiona called for a breakfast/lunch break.

“I’m sure you two girls are both famished by now?”

Yes, we both were. I started to grab a towel, but Aunt Fiona told me to remain nude. Lily, as well.

“You both look really hot,” she insisted. “And I’m really enjoying your gorgeous bodies.”

“As if she doesn’t get enough female nudity at work,” Lily whispered to me. I giggled.

“I heard that,” Aunt Fiona said. “What you seemingly fail to understand, young ladies, is that there’s a big difference between watching professional strippers flaunting their bodies for money, and all for a bunch of horny guys, as opposed to two pretty young things posing willingly for my own personal pleasure.”

Lily and I both blushed, as the older woman went into her kitchen and began preparing a late breakfast for the three of us, which we consumed ravenously. She made bacon & eggs, all mixed up together in a pan with salsa (it was delicious) along with toast and fresh fruit. After Lily and I finished eating, we helped her wash up before returning back outside to lay by the pool while Aunt Fiona went into her bedroom to shower and change.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked Lily.

“Done what? Breakfast?”

“No! A nude photo-shoot!”

“Never. But I’ve done other things with her before, you know, like in the bedroom.”

“Like sex, you mean?”

“Yeah. Fiona’s had close encounters with several of the girls who dance at Shotgun Willy’s,” she admitted. “I don’t know exactly how many, but I know I’m not the first.”

“Did you have sex with her last night?”

“Actually, no. We were both pretty tired when we finally got here. We kissed some, but then both fell asleep almost immediately.”

“Why did you come home with her?”

“She asked me to.”

“Are you a lesbian, Lily?”

She smiled at me before answering.

“I really don’t want to label myself. But yes, I enjoy being made love to by other women, especially dominant older women like your aunt. Sex with her is amazing!”

“She’s not really my aunt, you know.”

“If she ever started making out with you, would you freak out and run away, Britney?”

Her question made me uncomfortable, but it also planted a visual image in my head of Aunt Fiona actually kissing me passionately. It was kind of hot.

“I can’t imagine that ever happening.”

“Okay, but what if it did?”

My imagination was creating an erotic image in my mind of my being kissed, fondled, and caressed by my best friend’s aunt.

“Why are you asking me these things, Lily?”

“I just want to know if the thought of such a thing turns you on at all.”

It did. It really did.

“No,” I said. “Of course not.”


“Please, Lily. Stop it. I can’t imagine any such thing.”

Yes, I could imagine it. It would be awesome!

“Tell you what, Britney, why don’t you go hide in the pool shed and watch what happens after your aunt returns.”

“I told you, she’s not my real aunt.”

“Just go into that shed and wait. Take your towel and bikini. I’ll tell Fiona that you had to leave.”

“What are you going to do?”

“You’ll see. I’m going to show you first-hand how hot two women can be together.”

“Right here?”

“Yes, right here. Now hurry, she’ll be back any minute.”

I quickly grabbed up my things and retreated into the pool shed where I closed the door, leaving just a crack so that I could see everything. Then I waited.

Before five minutes had passed, Aunt Fiona re-appeared, now wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and carrying a dark gym bag.

“Where’s Britney?” she asked the other girl.

“Oh, while you were in the shower her mom called. She had to run.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You like her, don’t you?” Lily then asked.

“Of course I like her. She’s like a niece to me!”

“Oh, pooh,” Lily exclaimed. “You want to fuck her, Fiona! I saw the way you licked your lips while I was kissing her ass!”

“Yes, she’s got a gorgeous, kissable butt. So do you, Lily, my dear.”

At this point, I noticed a hungry, almost predatory look in my aunt’s eyes. She reached down into the gym bag she had brought out with her, and produced a black strap-on dildo, which she proceeded to put on around her lower waist, adjusting the straps as Lily watched. I watched, too, from my place of concealment,

“I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming next,” Fiona murmured to the pretty stripper, while rubbing some lubricant onto the six-inch long dildo now protruding from her groin region. “Assume the position.”

Lily then got up and obediently knelt down on her pool towel, raising her pretty ass while lowering her head. I watched mesmerized as Aunt Fiona approached the girl from behind, kneeling down and then mounting the pretty stripper doggy-style.

Lily moaned softly as Aunt Fiona then inserted her dildo into the pretty girl’s’s pussy from behind and began slowly fucking her. I could see the ecstasy on Lily’s face as she began gently rocking back and forth, the older woman’s hands firmly gripping the girl’s hips as she possessively grinded her from behind.

“Ohhh,” Lily moaned, as one of Aunt Fiona’s hands sharply slapped her on her oiled-up ass. At one point the girl brought back one of her own hands to clutch at Aunt Fiona’s wrist, but the older woman roughly shoved it away.

“Stay down,” she ordered. “Keep your face and hands on the ground while I’m fucking you, understand?”

The pretty red-head nodded and whimpered softly as Aunt Fiona continued to rock her back & forth, occasionally spanking the girl’s ass while doing so! It was an incredibly arousing sight!

At one point, Lily turned to me, in my pool-shed hiding place. Her eyes were somewhat glazed over, rolling back into her head, but I could see that she was in heaven. She smiled and sighed.

“I love this,” I heard her murmur.

“I love it, too,” Fiona added, continuing to vigorously pump the girl from behind. “Sometimes, when you’re on stage, wiggling this sweet ass, I want to carry you into my office so that I can bend you over my desk and fuck you!”

“So why don’t you?”

“Bad for business,” the older woman laughed. “I can’t be doing my girls when they’re supposed to up on stage dancing!”

“Do you think you’d enjoy fucking Britney?”

Aunt Fiona responded by slapping the girl’s ass while continuing to pump her.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because I know you,” the pretty stripper smiled. “She’s exactly your type.”

“A lot of pretty girls are exactly my type.”

“Maybe so, but that little blonde hottie has it all – longs legs, natural breasts, and a hot little butt just made for fucking, everything you desire. Plus, she’s crazy about you and would do whatever you asked.”

“Well, maybe Britney’s not a lesbian.”

“I beg to differ, Fiona,” Lily laughed. “You weren’t the one kissing her just now during our little photo shoot. She’s a submissive little lez, even if she may not know it yet!”

Here, the pretty stripper gazed in my direction and winked at me, while Aunt Fiona continued blissfully fucking her. I blushed, but continued watching in fascination as Aunt Fiona then slapped Lily’s ass a couple more times, with both women soon climaxing near simultaneously. The older woman slowly lowered herself down upon the pretty prone stripper, burying her face in the younger girl’s red curls.

She proceeded to kiss the back of Lily’s neck and shoulders while the girl purred contentedly, easing the dildo out of Lily’s pussy as she did so. The younger girl remained face down with her ass slightly lifted up in the air.

“Kiss my butt, Fiona,” she begged. “Pretend that it’s Britney’s sweet little ass!” She wiggled it slightly for effect.

Aunt Fiona laughed, slapping the girl’s butt once more before then obliging her with several warm wet kisses on her upturned rump.

“Yeah, I’m sure I would enjoy planting a few of these on Britney’s beautiful round tushie!”

I can’t possibly tell you how turned on I was at this moment. My own hand was clutching at my pussy and fervently rubbing it, as quietly as I could without giving myself away.

I continued watching as Aunt Fiona turned the girl over onto her back and proceeded to go down on her. Lily climaxed again within minutes.

When they both eventually rose up and went into the house, I didn’t dare move for fear that I’d be seen by the older woman and have to explain my hiding in her shed and watching her fuck Lily. A part of me wanted to hurry home and never return, but another part wanted to go lie down completely nude in Aunt Fiona’s bed and wait for her to discover me there and then fuck me with her strap-on as punishment!

I listened as the two women then got up and headed for Aunt Fiona’s care. Moments later I heard it start-up up and drive off. As I left my hiding place my cell-phone suddenly bleeped an incoming text-message. It was from Lily.

“Where U at?”

I immediately responded with a text of my own.

“Still in back yard. Where R U?”

I waited maybe half a minute before she responded.

“In car w/Fiona”

She then followed that up with another text.

“Stay put. I will call U.”

Sure enough, within a few minutes, my cell-phone rang, and it was her.

“Fiona drove me back to the lot where I left my car last night,” she explained. “She said she’s got to make a stop at the supermarket, so she probably won’t be back there for at least twenty minutes.”

“Thanks, Lily!”

“So, what did you think?”

“About what?”


“You mean the lesbian sex?”

“Yes, the lesbian sex!”

“It was so awesome, Lily!”

“I know!”

“You two looked so hot together!”

“Do you think you want to try it?”


“Yes, you! Do you think you’re ready?”

“I kissed you, didn’t I?”

She laughed.

“We kissed eachother, Britney, but we didn’t exactly have sex!”

“It was fun!”

“I enjoyed it, too!”

“Thank you, Lily!”

“Will I be seeing you again?”

“I certainly hope so!”

“I love you!”

“I love you, too!”

Within seconds of hanging up, my phone rang again. This time it was my friend Jessi.

“Where are you? And why weren’t you at school today?”

“I’ve been playing hooky. I’m at your Aunt Fiona’s place, sunning out by her pool.”

“Really? That sounds cool! Wait there, I’m on my way!”

And without another word she hung up. I then remembered that she had her mom’s car. I really didn’t want to still be there when Jessi’s Aunt Fiona returned home from grocery shopping, but now I really had no choice in the matter.

Within a couple of minutes I heard my friend’s car pulling into the driveway with Jessi then seconds later joining me poolside. She had on bluejeans and a light blue sweatshirt while I was back in my tiny bikini. Of course, she was quick to notice.

“Look at you! You’re practically naked in that thing!”

“How do I look?” I asked, turning slowly around for her inspection.

“Incredibly hot,” she gasped. I could see that her eyes were glued to by butt when I glanced back at her over my shoulder.

“You’re sweet to say that,” I responded. “Now come over here and give me a hug!”

Instead of a perfunctory, quick, everyday hug, I practically wrapped my entire body around her, my arms clasping her neck while her hands found my waist. I could feel the tips of her fingers gliding across my thong bikini bottoms and grazing the top of my ass.

I kissed her on the lips before then asking, “Rub some sunscreen on me, please?”

I could see the surprised look on her face, but it was also obvious that she was not unwilling.

I then got down onto my stomach, lying on a towel atop one of Aunt Fiona’s deck chairs, with Jessi sitting right next to me. I handed her the bottle of lotion, and then slightly raised up by butt.

“Your aunt was here a few minutes ago, but she had some errands to run. She should be back within the hour.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to skip school today?” Jessi asked, patting my behind. “We could have skipped together!”

I then felt the drops of sunscreen landing on my back before her hands then began rubbing the lotion into my neck and shoulders, slowly working their way down my back.

“I really just wanted to break in this new swimsuit, and get some rays,” I explained. “Also, you’ve been so busy lately with track.”

“I’d have made time for you,” she murmured, her hands quickly oiling up my arms before then returning to my lower back. “It’s like I hardly ever see you anymore.”

“I miss you, too, Jessi,” I responded. “And Aunt Fiona misses you, as well. She told me so.” Here, I slightly wiggled my butt to call attention to it. “Don’t forget to rub some of that sunscreen on my behind. I don’t want it to burn.”

I could hear the intake of her breath as she then proceeded to begin oiling up my curvy behind.

“This is really nice,” she purred. “Your butt has never looked better.”

“How does it feel?”

“How does what feel?”

“My butt! Do you like the way it feels?”

“Oh yeah! It feels all firm and yummy!”

She then laughed and lightly slapped it. I laughed, too, wiggling it some more for her.

“Mmmmmm,” I heard her say. “This is so hot!”

Her fingers on my ass felt great. I began to wonder if perhaps I’d better dial it back some.

“Don’t forget my legs.”

“I won’t,” she promised. “But I’d better make sure I get all of this beautiful butt covered first”

“Your hands feel incredibly good.”

“Do they really?”

“Oh, yeah…”

“And WHAT is going on here?”

We both jumped at the sound of Aunt Fiona’s voice unexpectedly breaking into our increasingly blissful interlude together.

“Aunt Fiona,” Jessi said, quickly standing up. “I was just rubbing some sunscreen on Britney.”

“Yes, I saw what you were doing,” the older woman stated, looking almost irritated, but also somewhat flushed. “I noticed your mom’s car pulling into my driveway. I was just a few car-lengths behind you. And I’ve been watching the two of you together now for the past couple of minutes.”

Neither one of us had even heard her car pulling up. She must have entered the house very quietly.

“I guess I’d better get going,” I announced, rising up and grabbing my towel.

“Not so fast, little Miss Eavesdropper,” the older woman responded. “I had a nice little chat with Lily after driving her back to her car.”

“You did?”

“Who’s Lily?”

“Quiet, Jessi,” her aunt replied. “It would seem that your friend Britney finds it funny to spy on other people by hiding in my pool shed, isn’t that right?”

Busted! Lily must have blabbed. I was blushing a deep red, while Jessi was staring at me completely confused.

“What did you do?” my friend silently mouthed to me.

“What did Lily say?”

“She confessed everything,” the older woman said, staring at me. “In fact, I was right there, listening in when she called you.”

Damn that Lily, I thought! You’d think you could trust a stripper to keep her pretty mouth shut!

“Your best friend seems to believe that it’s perfectly acceptable behavior to secretly watch two people engaging in intimate behavior,” her aunt continued, now addressing Jessi before again turning to me. “Isn’t that right, Britney?”

“I’m so sorry, Aunt Fiona,” I blurted out, my eyes beginning to well-up with tears. “I really didn’t plan it. It just happened.”

“Well, I believe that some punishment is in order,” she said, walking over and grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me into her house, with Jessi following.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” she replied, leading me into her bedroom. “Jessi, you come, too. I want you to see this.”

Aunt Fiona then sat down on her bed and pulled me over her lap.

“Britney’s going to get a spanking for doing something that she knew was wrong.”

“But what did she do, aunt?”

I could see that Britney was shocked & confused by this little drama playing out before her, but also excited by the sight of my near-naked body d****d over the lap of her aunt. She sat down in the chair across from Fiona & myself as her aunt explained.

“One of my dancers and I were involved in, shall we say, adult activities, out by the swimming pool earlier this afternoon, with Britney here knowingly spying on us the entire time from the pool shed. I told Lily that I will discipline her tomorrow, but right now I’m about to give your pretty friend here a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking! And I want you to watch!”

I could see Jessi licking her lips as the first slap hit my ass. The girl’s eyes were shining with glee as her aunt repeatedly spanked my butt, despite my cries and begging for forgiveness.

At one point, after about the first six or seven slaps, Aunt Fiona paused to gently rub and fondle my ass cheeks.

“This is so humiliating,” I whimpered.

“Good,” the older woman responded. “I want you to be humiliated. In fact, let’s get this bikini off of you. I want you completely naked. Jessi, help me strip her!”

My friend immediately grabbed at my bikini bottoms while her aunt undid my top. My struggling was futile as Fiona held me tight while Jessi slid the thong bottoms off of my feet, remaining crouched beside me.

Her aunt then continued the spanking while Jessi held my legs. I cried out piteously to her aunt for mercy, even though the whole thing was turning me on more than anything else.

Eventually, it all came to an end, after about thirty slaps, but who was counting? In any case, the older woman then caressed and squeezed my butt affectionately where seconds before she’d been slapping it. I was sobbing, mostly for effect, my real emotion being excited and wanting more.

I’m pretty sure Aunt Fiona already knew this.

“Jessi, I think it would be nice if you comforted your friend by kissing her reddened rear end. It will ease her pain.”

“Yes, aunt,” the girl immediately replied, and the next thing I felt were Jessi’s cool, soft lips covering my butt with gentle kisses. It was glorious. I couldn’t help but moan aloud.

My friend would no doubt have continued kissing my ass for the next half-hour, and I would gladly have let her, but after a couple more minutes of watching us, Aunt Fiona tapped Jessi’s on her shoulder.

“That’s enough, I think.”

“Please, aunt,” Jessi interjected, lifting her head and massaging my reddened behind with her fingers. “What exactly was Britney spying on? What is it you were doing?”

Aunt Fiona stared down at her niece for a few seconds before responding.

“I suppose you have a right to know,” she began, before then turning to me. “Get up here on my bed, Britney, and onto your elbows and knees, facing the headboard. I’m going to show Jessi exactly what I was doing to Lily, and why your spying on us was completely unacceptable!”

“Please, no!”

“Do it,” she ordered, sharply slapping my butt, before then rising up and grabbing something out of her dresser drawer.

“What’s that thing?” Jessi asked, but I already knew the answer as I’d already seen it in action earlier today.

“It’s called a strap-on dildo, and I’m going to use it on your pretty friend.”

By now, facing the inevitable, I had obediently assumed the position I’d seen Lily take earlier this afternoon, on my elbows & knees with my ass up and my face down onto one of Aunt Fiona’s perfumed pillows.

Jessi sat down onto the bed watching us, gently running her hand along my skin from my shoulders to my upturned butt, her eyes on her aunt donning the strap-on over her shorts, tightening and adjusting it. I could feel my friend’s hand squeezing my ass in sympathy. Or maybe she just liked squeezing it. Either way it felt wonderful.

In any case, very soon after her aunt Fiona was kneeling down immediately behind me, her hands now gripping my hips, caressing my ass cheeks, and exploring the curves of my behind.

“This is what happens to pretty girls who misbehave and get out of line,” she explained to her niece, who looked on in fascination as she then slid the oiled up dildo into my moistened pussy from behind.

I loudly moaned as I was then fucked doggy-style for the first time in my young life with my best friend watching, Jessi’s mouth open and practically drooling as she took it all in.

“How do you like it, Britney?” the older woman asked, slapping my butt as she rocked me back and forth. “Getting bent over and fucked by another woman?”

My eyes rolled back into my head as I began bleating aloud to her increasingly forceful thrusts.

“This is what happens to beautiful young girls who piss off the wrong people!”

I could feel Fiona’s fingernails digging into my ass cheeks while she continued fucking me, and occasionally I’d feel the palm of her hand slap me sharply on my upturned behind as she pumped away.

At this point, I also noticed Jessi’s hands on me, caressing my skin, running her fingertips up my legs and occasionally softly squeezing my breasts. Her aunt seemingly took no notice.

“Bad girls get punished. Good girls, on the other hand, are rewarded. You want to be a good girl, Britney, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I replied, answering to the motion of her movements. “I want to be a good girl for you, Aunt Fiona.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” the older woman said, before then turning to her niece. “Take off your bluejeans and your top,” she ordered, still rocking me back and forth.

Jessi looked momentarily confused, but immediately obeyed. Within seconds she was wearing only her panties.

“Sit down there, with your back to the headboard and facing Britney,” the older woman ordered her niece. “I want to watch her sucking on your tits while I fuck her.”

And so that’s what happened. I began kissing and licking my best friend’s breasts while her aunt fucked me doggy-style. At one point, Jessi gently pulled me up by the chin so that she could passionately kiss me my lips. Her aunt approved.

“You two look hot together,” she said, continuing to rock me back & forth. “Now lower your head, Britney, and suck on my niece’s pussy,” she ordered, slapping my ass and then pushing down on my back to lower my head.

I had no choice but to comply. Jessi, tugged aside her panties, allowing my mouth to connect with her awaiting vagina. It had a musky smell, not at all unpleasant. In no time at all I was licking at her pussy as best I could, with my ass still firmly gripped by her aunt who was still possessively riding it.

Occasionally, when I attempted to raise up my head, Aunt Fiona would slap my ass and order me to “stay down!” I loved it. It made me feel like her little sex slave, there only for her pleasure. But I could also tell that she was thoroughly enjoying herself as well, from the way her fingers dug into my ass cheeks while she continued to fuck me.

Of course, Jessi didn’t realize just how much I loved being taken like this, with her aunt continually slapping me on my behind while taking me doggy-style. Eventually, she pleaded with her aunt to allow me to move out of my current “head-down-ass-up” position.

“Let me kiss her beautiful lips some, aunt.”

“Did you hear that, Britney?” the older woman spoke. “My niece wants to make out with you.”

She pulled my head up by grabbing at my long blonde hair and continued holding it possessively.

Of course, raising up my head didn’t stop Fiona from continuing to fuck me, but it allowed me to re-position onto my hands & knees, with by best friend now kissing me passionately while her hands traveled to my breasts, softly squeezing them.

Eventually her aunt’s constant back-and-forth motion, with her strap-on inside of me, slowed to a halt, and I felt her withdrawing the dildo as her fingers came to rest on my butt.

“You two look hot together,” she sighed, watching us passionately kiss. “I think I’ll capture some of this on my camcorder.”

So while Jessi & I continued making out, her aunt got up and came back shortly to get video of us locking lips.

“Kiss her breasts now, Jessi,” the older woman ordered, and my pretty friend immediately moved her lips to my tits, merrily kissing and sucking on them. Soon, without being told, Jessi had pushed me down onto my back so that she could begin kissing, licking, and sucking her way down my tummy to my pussy. It all felt truly wonderful.

Meanwhile, Aunt Fiona continued to roll with her video recorder in hand. I don’t even think that Jessi noticed! For a girl supposedly getting her first taste of another girl’s pussy, I was impressed at how good she was at this! Who knows? Maybe some girl on the track team had beaten me to her!

In any case, there I was, lying nude on my back with my best friend’s mouth pressed up against my vagina, lustily eating away while I thrashed away ever so slightly, the girl’s hands firmly grasping my thighs to hold me still.

When Jessi finally looked up to see her aunt recording, she never so much as batted and eye.

“I’m going to turn her over now,” she announced, looking into the camera. “I want her pretty butt!”

I could hear Aunt Fiona laughing as Jessi flipped me back onto my stomach and pressed her face up against my bottom. Moments later I could see that her aunt had put down the camera and joined her, with both women’s faces now enjoying my naked ass.

“Raise up you butt some, Britney,” the older woman ordered, and I immediately obeyed, feeling her lips then covering my rump with kisses. Jessi possessed one cheek and Fiona the other. I was in heaven.

Occasionally I’d wiggle my behind a little bit, knowing that Aunt Fiona would immediately slap it and order me to hold still. The older woman also enjoyed taking little nibbles here and there, biting down just to hear me yelp. Jessi, on the other hand, was content with just licks and wet kisses on my round rump.

When all three of us were finally thoroughly exhausted, Aunt Fiona ordered Jessi and I into the shower to get cleaned up. We happily showered together, kissing some more while doing so. Jessi took a special delight in lathering up my tits and ass, and seemed to especially enjoy it when I rubbed my soapy wet behind up against her crotch.

Aunt Fiona must have heard one or both of us squealing with delight as eventually she came into the bathroom and threatened us both with spankings if we didn’t hurry up.

When we were all done and dried off, we emerged to discover that Aunt Fiona had made a late lunch for us consisting of cucumber and tuna-salad sandwiches, which we ravenously consumed, and soon afterward it was time for Jessi to drive me home.

I kissed aunt Fiona good-bye and promised her that I’d be good. She patted me on the ass and said, “Now don’t go being TOO good. I enjoy spanking you too much!”

She then kissed Jessi good-bye, as well.

“You’re looking hot, my niece,” she informed the girl. “Running track makes your ass look great!”

“Hopefully it’ll soon look like Britney’s,” the girl said, smiling at me. I blushed.

It was the culmination of a truly fantastic day, but only the beginning of what would turn out to be an incredibly HOT summer!

And no, I’m not talking about the temperature, either!

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