Back to the Future: Marty Fucks Up

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Back to the Future: Marty Fucks Up

What REALLY happened between Marty and Lorraine in her
bedroom after Lorraine’s father hit him with the car…

I woke up in a bed. In semi darkness. Through the
window, I saw it was raining out. Heavy. I also saw
someone standing there, gazing out the window.

“Mom?” I said groggily. “Is that you?” The figure time
toward me.

“There, there now.” It was mom. “Just relax.” She put a
cold washcloth on my forehead. “You’ve been asleep for
almost 9 hours now.”

“I had a… horrible nightmare,” I said. “I dreamed I…
went back in time… It was terrible…”

“Well,” Mom said, “You’re safe and sound in good old

My eyes flew open. “1955!”

She turned on the light. I looked at her. My eyes went
as I shot up in bed. It was my mother all right. But she
was young. 3O years younger. And gorgeous, even in the
old fashioned coat and dress. “You’re…” I almost
blurted out ‘my mom’.

“My name is Lorraine,” she said, playing with the button
on her coat. A little nervous obviously. I guess she’d
never been this close to a boy before… She pulled off
her coat and let it drop onto the other bed she’d been
sitting on, facing me.

“Lorraine Baines.” She looked uncomfortable. I guess it
was the way I stared at her. After all, she was my… I
couldn’t help noticing her full, huge breasts under her
loose-fitting, modest dress. She was so… slim compared
to how she looked in 1985.

“Just relax, Calvin, you got a big bruise on your head,”
she said soft spokenly. I was ready to get out of bed
when I realized my pants were gone! [Not to mention I
was getting a boner]

“Aah!” I exclaimed, wrapping the sheet back around my
waist. Mom/Lorraine looked down as if embarrassed.
“Where are my pants?”

“Over there,” She pointed across the room, swallowing
hard. “On my hope chest.” She returned her gaze to me.
“I’ve never seen purple underwear before, Calvin…”
Mom/Lorraine acted uncomfortable, but I had a feeling it
was all a show.

“Calvin…” I mumbled. “Why… why do you keep calling
me Calvin?” I asked quizzically.

“That is your name, isn’t it?” She asked. “Calvin Klein?
It’s written all over your underwear.” She pulled back
the covers to show me.

I tried to stop her but it was too late. Mom/Lorraine
saw my hard cock tenting my briefs obscenely. I drew
back instinctively. She sat back down on the other bed,
hands clenched together, smiling. It was kind of a
nervous, uncomfortable/devilish but innocent smile. “Oh,
I guess they call you Cal.”

“No… Actually people… call me Marty.”

“Oh,” she said, lowering her hands to her lap. I
could’ve sworn I saw an inkling of hard nipple before
her dress pulled away from her swollen mams. “Pleased to
meet you, Calvin… Marty…” She slowly pushed herself
up on her hands and sat next to me. “Klein.”

“Ummm… Actually… Calvin Klein is the name of the
person who makes stuff like underwear… He’s, ummm,
famous where I come from…”

“Where that’s?”

“Ummm, far away…”

“Oh,” Mom/Lorraine said. “Do you mind if I sit here?”
She asked innocently.

“No… Fine… No… Good… Fine… Good…” I mumbled.

She smiled. “That’s a big bruise you got on your head.”
She reached out to touch it. But I could tell she was
really interested in something else that was big.

“Ummm… Lorraine… If you don’t mind me saying…
Well, I don’t think it’s my bruise that’s on your mind,”
I said.

Mom/Lorraine gasped, turned red, and looked down. “I’m
not a bad girl, Marty… Honest…”

“No one’s saying you are,” I assured her, putting my
hand on her shoulder.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Have you, ummm, ever seen, you know, actually seen

“Oh, no! Not me!” She sputtered, turning red again. “I’m
sorry, I lied. That’s not true. I, ummm, saw my
brother’s… And, oh, boy, this is embarrassing, I,
ummm, saw my father’s, you know… too. You won’t tell
anyone, will you?”

I smiled. “Scout’s honor.”

“Ummm, Marty,” She began. “Yours… you know, yours is
bigger. And it’s hard!”

“Ummm, well, it likes you,” I replied.

She giggled. “I know it’s wrong, but… can I see it,
Marty? Can I?”

“What if we get caught?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, we won’t,” She assured me.

“Okay then,” I said. “But I’ll show you mine if you show
me yours.”

She blushed darker. “No one’s seen my secret garden
before…” But she rose up, lifted her dress to her
waist, and pushed down her slip and panties. She sat
back down, one leg on the floor, the other stretched out
on the bed, her hand holding her dress down against her
‘secret garden’. “You won’t tell?”

“Never,” I said.

Mom/Lorraine leaned back a little, then lifted her dress
up. I gasped. “It’s beautiful!” And hairy. That I liked
a lot. I stood up and hauled down my briefs. My hard
cock sprang back up, pointing right at her, who gasped
at the sight as I sat back down.

“Wow!” Mom/Lorraine gloated. “I know it’s wrong, but I
can I touch it, Marty? This is so wrong, but I can’t
help myself…”

“Go ahead,” I said, leaning back.

Looking so innocent, considering what she was doing and
was cant to do, I could tell she really was a ‘good
girl’, and it wasn’t just the way Mom/Lorraine looked at
me the moment I gave consent. She exuded innocence.

But I stopped thinking about all that the very instant
that her small hand wrapped around my cock [or tried
to]. I’d never had anyone touch me sexually until that
moment… “Oh!” Mom/Lorraine gasped, then smiled. “It
jumped in my hand! I can still feel it, like my
heartbeat when I was on the rollercoaster at the fair
last month!”

“It’s throbbing,” I told Mom/Lorraine. “And you’re
making it throb.”

“Oh!” She said, taking her hand off of my cock. “I’m
sorry. I-I… didn’t know…”

I put one hand on her hand and the other under her chin
so we were eye-to-eye. “It’s all right. That’s a good
thing, Lorraine,” I assured her. I put her hand back on
my cock.

“Oh!” Mom/Lorraine said. She looked down at my throbbing
cock. “Oh! Look at that!” Pre-cum oozed from the slit.
Before I knew it, Mom/Lorraine ducked her head down and
lapped up the leakage!

“It tastes good!” She cooed. “And so does your thing…”
She put her mouth back over the head of my cock and
worked more and more of it into her warm, inviting

I couldn’t believe my mother, a good and proper his in
the 1950s, was giving me a blow job, my first blow job
in fact! It felt so fucking good! I slid a hand under
Mom/Lorraine’s dress and cupped her womanhood. Her
juices permeated her thick forest of pubes. She moaned
around my cock. My other hand kneaded her huge tits
through her dress.

I wanted to feel the real thing but I didn’t want to
distract her from her mouth action. It was hard to
believe my mother had such huge tits! She must wear
those minimizer bras back in 1985 I guess! It’s hard to
tell hidden under her dress, at Mom/Lorraine has got to
be at least a DD-cup! Her nipple was hard poking into my
palm. I tried to pinch it though her dress and bra but
couldn’t get a good grip on it.

I pressed my hand into her pussy, which was dripping all
over my hand. She was moaning louder around my cock now,
sucking it with vacuum force, her head flying up and
down my length. “Oh, yeah,” I grunted as I let go of my
mother’s tit and grabbed onto the headboard.

Mom/Lorraine’s mouth felt great around my cock; I didn’t
know how much longer I could hold out. She began rubbing
her pussy against my hand. She was so hot and wet down
there. I slid my forefinger inside her. Mom/Lorraine
practically jumped when I did that. Her pussy felt like
an oven and it was so tight. It took some work but I got
my middle finger in also.

I felt her body convulse. I pumped my fingers in and out
of Mom/Lorraine’s hairy, wet pussy and she seemed to
suck my cock harder. Her convulsions were stronger, too,
as was her moaning, which vibrated through my cock.
Suddenly her body stiffened, her pussy clamping down on
my fingers. She was practically screaming around my cock
the vibrations were so intense.

Through her powerful orgasm, Mom/Lorraine never stopped
sucking my engorged cock. I slipped my fingers out of
her pussy, bringing my hand up to the one gripping the
headboard, and gripping my wrist [I figured it was
better to get her juices on me than the headboard, or on
her dress or hair.

I’d have loved to have held onto her hair at that
moment]. “Oh, my turn!” I grunted. “Get ready to
swallow, Lorraine!”

Her eyes went wide as I said the words, then the next
moment, I was filling her mouth with my white, thick
jizz. She swallowed as quickly as I blew blast after
blast of my hot spunk into her equally hot mouth. When I
finished spurting, Mom/Lorraine kept sucking my cock
until it was clean of jizz.

She looked up at me. “Wow!” She mumbled, looking back
down at my cock. “I-I… can’t believe I did that…”

“You did,” I grinned.

“I know,” She said, looking up at me. Such an innocent
face, making it hard to believe it was her who just gave
me the blow job. “But it was…”


“Yeah,” she said. “It was wrong, but… it was fun,”
Mom/Lorraine grinned. “I can’t believe I enjoyed it!”

I pulled her up and kissed her. She returned the kiss.
When we broke the kiss, she had a strange look on her

“What wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t know…” She began. “When I kissed you… It
was like… kissing my brother. I guess that doesn’t
make much sense, does it?” Mom/Lorraine looked at me

“Maybe it makes repeat sense,” I replied. Then I kissed
her. “If you were my sister, I wouldn’t mind being in
this situation with you.”

“Me neither,” she said breathily. Then she initiated the
third kiss. When she broke the kiss she realized my cock
was still hard in her hand. “Doesn’t it ever get, you
know, not hard, Marty?”

“It likes you, Lorraine,” I said. “Just like I do.”

She blushed. “I like it, too. And I like you.”

“Do you want to…”

“Do more?” She finished.

I looked at her closely. She was so beautiful. So
innocent. My young mom. I wanted to ‘do more’. She
nodded. “I do. I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to
stop. At least not yet.” She kissed me again. I stood up
and pulled off my t-shirt. She laid back on the bed,
dress pulled up above her waist. Again her face looked
so innocent, but her body offered a different

“Will the bed make a lot of noise they can hear

“I guess,” She said. “And I don’t know if it’ll hold our
weight,” she grinned.

“I’ve got a better idea,” I said, helping her up.
Standing her right between the 2 beds, I told her to
turn around and leaned forward. I pushed her dress back
above her waist, onto her back. Her butt was beautiful,
in proportion to her body if not her huge tits. I cupped
her pussy from behind, still wet from her orgasm and
getting even wetter. I moved my palm up and down,
spreading her juices, even up her butt crack.
Mom/Lorraine sighed.

Grasping my hard cock, I guided the head to the lips of
her hot, wet hole. I let it slide up and down her slit,
making her groan. Finally I slid into her warm
envelopment. The walls of her pussy tightened around my
shaft. I hadn’t gone that far in when I’d fingered her
but as I put my hands on the sides of Mom/Lorraine’s
butt I slid where my fingers had explored. I was
surprised not to run into her cherry. She must have lost
it accidently but that wasn’t important just then.

Mom/Lorraine clasped her hands over mine as I proceeded
to slide in and out of her at a steady pace. “You’re
filling me up! Oh, wow!” She gasped. “So deep… Oh…

My mother was pretty small and tight so filling her
[which I could do] wasn’t much of a feat. Not only was
she tight, her pussy seemed to suck me in, too. I knew
Mom/Lorraine was feeling good, but she wasn’t very vocal
about it. A lot of little ‘oh! oh!’s was about it. She
was breathing heavy, too. She’d already had one orgasm.
She started thrusting back to meet my forward motion.

When my body crashed into hers it made a pretty good
smacking noise against her medium-sized butt. I let go
of Mom/Lorraine’s butt with one hand and ran my
forefinger along her butt crack. It was already soaked
with our sweat and her juices. My finger slid easily
into her butt hole. Mom/Lorraine sighed. Eventually I
was able to get my middle finger in, too, and she
gasped. I returned my hand to the side of her butt and
brought my dry hand underneath her to cup her tit.

Mom/Lorraine unbuttoned her dress to the waist with one
hand and tugged her flimsy old fashioned bra up above
her tits so they tumbled out. I felt my mother’s naked
tit for the first time, firm, but soft, hard nipple long
and think jutting from her huge tit. “Your hand feels
nice,” Mom/Lorraine spoke up. “And you feel good inside
me, but you can’t get me pregnant.”

“I thought about that,” I replied, for more important
reasons than she did. “That’s why I have something else
in mind.”

I pulled out of her. I steadied her with one hand and as
my other guided my cock to her butt hole. The head
popped right in along with almost half of my cock. She
sighed. “I guess I won’t have to worry about getting
pregnant anymore…”

“Nope,” I grunted as I slowly slid in and out of her.
Her anus willingly accommodated the intrusion of my
cock. Inch-by-inch, her brown hole swallowed my anal
until I was fully in Mom/Lorraine’s butt, my nuts
slapping against her pussy as I began to fuck her butt.

Moaning and writhing, she really got into getting her
no-longer-virgin butt hole fucked. Mom/Lorraine gasped
and grunted a bit louder but fortunately not too loud.
Gripping one of her hips, I reached under her again and
kneaded one of her huge bouncing breasts.

Breathing heavy, Mom/Lorraine had several more orgasms
as I slammed in and out of her butt, building up
momentum all the while. She was still pretty tight back
there as I pumped into her fully. I felt my orgasming
approaching and grunted as I began shooting my load deep
up my mother’s butt as she came once more.

We were catching our breaths when a voice called out
from downstairs; “Lorraine, are you up there?”

She quickly slid off of my cock and spun around. “Oh,
fuck, it’s my mother!” She hissed. She ran over and
grabbed my pants. “Quick!” She as she threw them to me.
“Put your pants back on!”

As I threw them on she tugged her bra back down and
buttoned her dress back up. She slipped her panties back
on and smoothed out her dress.

As Mom/Lorraine slipped from the room smiling I began to
think about what I’d just done. Now that I wasn’t
thinking with my cock anymore I realized I’d really
fucked up. I needed to get out of here and find Doc
fast! Hopefully meeting my parents wouldn’t fuck up the
future. I hope…


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