bath tub fun

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bath tub fun
written for and about ivy-girl []

now where do i start this story about the best fuck ive had

well it all started when i was online talking to 1 girl called ivy-girl.
she was super sexy with nice jucicy breasts all full of milk. long black hair and a set of the most amazing eyes ive ever seen. after a few days of non stop dirty emails she couldnt stop her self from soaking her pantys every time she thought of me.
thats when i got the “message” husband is gone for a week cum and stay :).
i was there within 10 mins.

i pull up the drive way and about to get out of the car and my phone goes off its ivy-girl

topless photo of her comes though also a message
” hey sexy door is unlocked let your self in just lock it behind you. im in the bath ”

i dont even reply i just drop my phone and walk inside lock the door behind me walk up the stairs. as i make my way up the stairs i start to hear some moaning sounds i take a couple more and hear the buzzing nosy of a vibrator i get a smile on my face and sneck around the next conner and peak thru the door so she ivy girl naked in bath fucking her self with vib with 1 hand and the other rubbing her tits. i watch for a few minutes waiting for her to make her self cum.
just as she climaxes i pop my head around the corner and say
“nice show you put on :)”

ivy just smiles at me and then slides the vib up to her mouth and deep throats it. i drop my clothes to the floor standing butt naked cock hard if front of her.

“OH how i want you in side me so bad ” ivy said as im climbing in the bath with her

“not yet” i wisped into her ear as im moving to the back so my cock pushes up agaisnt her ass and as im sliding my hands all over wet naked body moving from her tits to gently gliding down her legs and just as i slide my fingure over her pussy

“cum on fuck me ” ivy begs

“No ” as i bite her neck she moans and groans and she reaches for the vib again
i grab it off her

“let me i said” i slide the vib up into her pussy and start fucking her with it till her cums every where i pull out the vibe and move it up to my mouth so i can taste that sweet pussy and before i even get to taste to it ivy grabs it off and sucks it down again so i lock lips with her to try get a taste before she sucks it off.

“i got more toys” ivy whispered in my ear
she leads me from the bath to her bed room as she climbs on to the bed i grab her ass bend her over and start to lick her pussy while rubbing her clit she moans loadly making me lick and rub harder all so a sudden “squirt”
she gushed all over my face i start lapping in all up. with a stray lick that happen to just touch her ass hole she started trembling

” OH MY GOD what was that do it again” she yelled so i go for it. with her cheacks open wide and my tongue gliding over her ass and reaches for another vibe and starts fucking her pussy with it and i couldn’t believe what happen next.

“teat me like your cum slut full all my holes up” ivy said just as she was started to suck my cock and deep throated it all was the 1st time i’ve had my balls licked at the same time. i blew my load straight down her thought she cleaned it all up and kepted sucking till i was hard again

i look over and see the toys and grab the handcuffs and cock ring.

“fuck me hard like the dirty whore i am” ivy said as i was putting the handcuffs on her and to the bed posts.

i start to slowly move my hands to her tits grabing them kissing and licking them teasing her by turning on vib and just putting it on her clit

“fuck me fuck me FUCK ME” she yells
“ok i will” i said as im sitting on top of her titty fucking her and shot all over her face. after she laps its all up i stuck my cock back in her mouth and till she sucks it hard. with he hands still tied up i bend her knees up over to her head and start pounding her pussy

“yeah fuck my pussy pound it harder” she yelled the cock ring touching her clit with every thrust had her gushing and shaking in no time to the point where she she
“no more in my pussy put it in my ass” and just like that i was balls deep in her ass slaming that ass as hard as i could till i blew my load deep in that ass.

i pull out to see the creampie i left. as its dripping out ivy asks
“can u do that thing again and lick my ass?
i dont answer i just unlock handcuffs and roll her over so we are 69ing with me on the bottem. i start licking her ass like she asked shes starts sucking my cock again next thing i know she got her finger playing with my ass the she decied to lick it just to see whats it was like. i stop her as im not use to it.

we stop for a drink and smoke and a rest we walk down stairs to kitchen
still walking around naked of course.

we sit down on the couch she said she got something to show me. ivy had cameras set up in both bathroom and bedroom she was recorded the whole thing

we sat there and watched our selfs fuck and then he did it all over again ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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