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One of my fantasies.

You are alone at home in bed asleep. I come in the door, slowly walk to the bedroom, I watch you sleep for a bit, you are so at peace. Soon that will be no more, soon you will feel me there. You will feel me as I will soon be feeling you.

I reach forth and grab you by the hair and pull you to the ground, right out of your peaceful sleep. I push your face into the floor, reaching under your stomach and pulling you up so that your ass is in the air and pulling down your panties to your knees.

While holding your face down we begin by spanking your ass, one cheek then the other over and over until your ass is stinging red. I spread your knees apart so that I can see your pussy. Then I give you one hard slap to that naughty cunt that sends a pain through you so bad that you scream.

Pulling you up by the hair making you stand up, up on your toes.

So that I may rip off the night shirt, putting your hands over your head and demanding you leave them there. Not to move them or you will be spanked even harder. Do not make any noise or you shall be spanked again these are my instructions.

With your hands over your head I grab one of those tits heaving on your chest and give it a good rough squeeze. Then I start pinching those nipples. I have both of them, one in each hand, pinching hard and pulling them, trying to make you scream. So as to get to punish your ass again, pulling those nipples so hard that you are almost pulled to the ground.

You let out a small whimper, and I slap you across the face so hard that you see blue dots for a moment.

I grab your face and tell you that you’d better not make another noise. Then I continue pinching and pulling those nipples until I don’t think you can stand it anymore. Once I let go of those nipples, I begin slapping your tits, harder and harder with every slap until they are as red as your raw ass.

Now then I grab you by the hair and push you down on the bed, head first, putting some pillows under your stomach so that you raw ass is high in the air. I tell you now this is really going to hurt, but that you still better not make a sound. I begin fingering your pussy, starting to make it my cunt and it doesn’t hurt at first, I start to make you wet. I start out with two fingers then three. Then you begin to feel the pain, I take my fist and shove it inside of you with one hard slow twisting push.

You scream, I pull my fist out, grabbing you by the hair and slaping your face over and over until you are crying.

Shut the fuck up you dirty cunt, I wisper in your ear. As my fist is right back inside of your pussy again. I push it all the way to my wrist, then begin pulling it all the way out and back in over and over. It hurts so bad. I continue doing this for 15 or 20 minutes until it gets to a point that the pain has made you numb.

Pulling my fist out and walking around to your face, I pull your face up and shove my cock all the way down your throat and just hold it there, I hold there so you can’t breathe. Your eyes are watering, you ar choking, but I don’t care, I just hold it there, not moving, just all the way down your throat, cutting off your air supply makeing you gag.

Just as you start to pass out, I pull back and begin fucking your mouth, deep and hard, I have a hold of your hair with both hands and you are pushing as hard as you can on my thighs to stop me or at least slow me down from abusing your face.

Then finally I stop, and tell you there will be more of that later.

Now I go back around to that pussy and shove my hand back in it with one hard push, I push even deeper in you than before.

Then I pull it out and ask if you are ready to have that ass stretched?

You scream no! Please no! You beg me to not do that. Abuse my mouth, abuse my cunt, but not my ass! You plead.

I tell you to shut up and take it or it’s going to hurt a lot worse.

You beg me not to do it, and I raise my hand and bring it down so hard on that ass cheek that it marks it, marks it as mine. Pulling the ass cheeks apart I slide one finger in, all the way. You let out a moan and I push further telling you not to make any noise. You bury your face in the bed trying not to make a sound.

Then I slide another in, you now have two fingers in that ass, I start twisting them to one side then the other. I’m reaming that tight ass. It hurts but you manage to be quiet.

Your body is shaking.

Then I take my other hand and put another finger in and work that for a minute, then another. You now have four fingers in your ass, two from each hand. Pushing them all in deep and I begin to pull them apart so that ass is stretching and being gaped.

The pain is bad that you can’t help but scream.

I pull them even farther apart, and you beg me to stop, you can’t hold still anymore. So I pull my fingers out and walk around to your face and slap you hard and tell you that you really should have been quiet and still.

Getting some pantie hose I tie your hands together and attach them to the bed post. Still on your stomach, I come around and tie both of your legs to seperate bed posts so that the legs are spread as far as they will go. You are now open and can’t move. I come back around to face you and shove panties in your mouth and tape over that.

You can’t scream anymore.

I go back around to that raw ass and put four fingers from one hand in and shove them in, oh it hurts so bad, you start twisting around as I’m really stretching that ass. Now for a surprise, but that will have to wait.

I leave the room for what seems like an hour, but all to soon I’m back in and you see I have something in my hand, it looks like a balloon with a pump attached to it. I start pumping it up and it gets huge, then I push a button and all the air leaves it.

You’ve never seen anything like this before. I tell you that this is going in your ass, your eyes get huge and you are shaking your head, but there is nothing that you can do about it.

You can’t move.

I go back around to my ass, that ass I now own and slide it in. I begin pumping it up, and it gets bigger and bigger, you can feel your ass stretching.

The pain is unbearable. Then I let some of the air out of it. All to soon I begin pumping it up again and letting the air back out, you are being stretched more and more each time.

I remove the bulb and ask if you’re ready for the surprise?

All you can think is what more can I possibly do to you. Then you feel it, a huge, huge dildo. You have it pushed up against your ass and I tell you to relax. I begin to push it into your body but it doesn’t want to take it, but I don’t stop, I keep pushing and pushing until it slides in.

I push it in so far that you think you can feel it in your stomach.

That ass is so stretched, more than your pussy was when you had my fist in it.

I begin fucking you with it, slow at first, then harder and harder. You are starting to enjoy it, it actually starts to feel good. When I think you might cum, I pull it out and tell you that now I’m going to put my fist in. I double up my fist and start to push, your ass is so stretched that my fist slides in easily.

You feel it push in past my wrist. It’s so deep. Then I take my other hand and double up that fist and stick it in your sloppy cunt. You are being fisted by me with both hands in both holes.

By now the pain has turned into pleasure and I can feel that you’re about to explode. I think you start to feel it too so I pull them both out, I won’t let you cum.

I come back around to my face this face I’m about to own and remove the tape and pull those panties out of your mouth and shove my hard cock back in, I lean over you and stick the dildo back in your raw swollen ass, I have my cock shoved down your gasping throat and a dildo in your ass.

I didn’t think your body could take this much, but it has.

I’m fucking your mouth and ass at the same time, I feel it, your body starts shaking, you are getting this dull pain in your cunt, that gets stronger and stronger, it’s throbbing and pulsing

With more force than before, I shove my cock down your throat and the dildo all the way up your ass, you feel like they are going to touch each other.

Then it happens, your body is quivering with the waves of pain and pleasure. Your cunt squirts all over the bed. You have never had this happen before, never.

I hold the dildo in your ass the whole time you are cumming, I try pushing it deeper and deeper. You feel like it has become part of you.

When you have finished cumming, I pull it out slowly. Your ass hurts so bad, yet feels so good at the same time.

I continue to fuck your mouth some more and just when I’m about to cum, I pull my cock out of your mouth and go back behind you. Your ass is gaped open wide, there is nothing in it, but it’s open, you can actually see inside of it.

I rub my cock and hold it up to your gaping ass, I barely put it inside and let my load go, I can see it dripping inside your ass. You let out a gasp as I cum.

When I’m finished, I pull my cock out and stick two of my fingers just inside your ass, getting my cum on my fingers and rubbing around and around your ass hole, rubbing it in, then I come back around to your face and tell you to open your mouth, I stick my fingers in your mouth and make you lick my cum off of them.

I walk out of the room and leave you laying there, cum everywhere, ass stretched out, hand marks all over, exposed and feeling complete as never before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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