Bobby’s Bed

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Bobby’s Bed
I guess that no one really thinks about their c***dren being
sexual individuals until they move away and start a family of their
own. That’s pretty much the way I thought about Bobby, my son, until
one day, when I was t
aking his bed clothes in order to do the laundry, and found a really
large cum stain on his sheet.
I looked at the sheet closely at first, wondering what the stain
was. Then, I thought back just a few years, and remembered stains like
that from my older brothers’ beds, my bed, when I was married, and
others I had see
n. Yes, I thought, it was cum. My son had been jacking off quite a bit
I could feel my own reaction to the idea. I felt a tingling in
my pussy. Imagine, I thought, my son with a hard, throbbing cock! I
could feel my pussy getting wet then, just thinking those words.
The shower stopped down the hallway, and I could hear the shower
stall slide open. My son was naked, getting out of the shower. I
thought of his lean, hard body, standing there, with his hands moving
over his hard body
, drying himself.
I put down the sheets and picked a few things off the floor.
Then, the shower door opened, and I straightened. As he came in, I
picked up his sheets again.
“What’s this stain?” I asked, trying to sound curious.
His face reddened. He was wearing a short bath robe, and it was
all I could do at that point to stop myself from reaching out and
grabbing his cock beneath his robe.
“Um, I dunno, Mom,” he said.
“Looks like jizz to me,” I said, intending to shock him.
It did. He stood there, open-mouthed, his face red. He suddenly
started paying close attention to some of the things on his desk.
“Is it?” I asked.
He shrugged, not looking at me. “Yeah, OK, it’s jizz,” he said.
“Good,” I said. “I like that.”
He spun around and looked at me, red-faced, a quizzing look on
his face.
I put the sheet back on the bed. I walked over to him and put a
hand on each shoulder. He was a handsome young man, and I suddenly
felt a tinge of jealousy at all the girls he was probably screwing, and
at the little b
itches that were sucking his cock.
“It’s OK, son,” I said. “Everybody does it.”
He turned to me. “Everybody?”
I nodded. “Just about,” I said with a smile. “And, I think that
those who don’t admit it are just basically lying, or ashamed.”
“You do it?” he asked.
My face reddened a little. “Well, yes, Bobby, I do it.”
His mouth hung open. “Wow, I’d really like to see that.”
He probably didn’t know what that sounded like, but it kind of
turned me on to hear it. “You would like to watch me?”
He nodded. What was the harm, I wondered.
“Can I?” he asked. “I wouldn’t think anything about it,” he
said, “I mean, you know, I wouldn’t think you were, like, stupid or
I smiled at him. “Why don’t you do it to yourself, while you
watch me?” I asked.
His eyes widened and his face became beet red at the same time.
I could tell that the idea excited and embarrassed him at the same
Before he could say ‘no,’ I started unbuttoning my blouse.
“You’re gonna get totally naked?”
I nodded. I guess he didn’t realize that he was going to see my
tits, too. I tossed my blouse on the floor and reached behind me and
undid my bra. Letting it fall to the floor, I watched Bobby’s eyes as
they drank in
my tits. I reached down and took off my shorts, leaving only my
panties on. Bobby’s eyes traveled to the dark V under the material of
my panties. I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my undies and pulled
them down. I ki
cked them aside. I stood there, in front of my son, my wet pussy
aching for stimulation.
I lay down on his bed, on the bare mattress, and spread my legs,
facing him. “You’re supposed to do it, too,” I said. I looked at his
robe, and could see the head of his cock poking out, stiffening as he
watched me.
He pulled his robe off, and his hard dick shot up in the air. I
moved over on the bed and patted the mattress beside me. “Sit here and
watch, and stroke yourself, so I can watch,” I said.
Bobby had a thatch of dark brown pubic hair right above the base
of his cock. His balls were big and fleshy, flecked with tiny, downy
brown hairs. He moved closer to me, keeping his eyes on my cunt. I
spread my pussy
lips, and touched my clitoris gently with my fingers.
Bobby grabbed his cock at the base and began stroking it in time
with my movements. I kept it up for a few minutes, and Bobby’s hand
found its way to my leg. He moved his hand slowly up my leg, and I
asked, “Did you wa
nt to do it to me?”
He didn’t answer. He moved his hand to my cunt and felt of my
hairy pussy lips. His touch sent a charge of electricity through me.
He touched my clitoris, and I came. My whole body seemed possessed by
the orgasm, my
nipples hardening, my legs jerking, my voice involuntarily choking as I
said, “Oh, fuck!”
Bobby’s hand was moving up and down on his cock with super speed,
and I reached over and touched his hand. He stopped. I leaned toward
his cock and took the head of it in my mouth, and I was greeted by a
large glob of
hot, sticky cum shooting into my mouth. I reached and fondled his
balls, feeling them tighten against his body as he came again and
After he came, he sat on the edge of the bed, running his fingers
across my hard nipples.
“You have great tits, Mom,” he said.
“Thank you. Next time, you can suck them, if you want.”
He smiled, and leaned toward me, his mouth open. His mouth on my
tits were driving me nuts, and his once-again hard cock was pressing
against my pussy. I opened my legs wide and let him thrust into me
— Wilma H., Springfield, IL

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