Bro at the glory hole

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Bro at the glory hole
It was my 18th birthday 2 months ago and i was getting so horny that I was rubbing my clit any chance i had. Sometimes in class at dinner and always in the shower.

I had it down to about 4 orgasms a day.
I am a shy girl that doesnt buy into the popular group scene. I prefer books to people. Yet books dont have cocks and i have been craving them more and more every day. I have bought some dildos that i sleep with and some times i spend a whole night fucking myself crazy with them, but they just arent the same. I needed a cock and i dont care whoes it was. I lived in a small town and all the guys are jerks and jocks. The only men that i would have a conversation with was my two older br0thers my d@d and the old guy at the grocery store. I had used all of them as material for my dildo and it was such a turn on with them in the same house.
I dreamt so much about it i needed to act on it. I got a cheap phone sim and an old phone and started to flirt txt with John my oldest br0ther. He was a quiet person like me and heading back to college after the summer.
I told him i was a horny single mother that wanted a random encounter. I knew of a place that had a glory hole and we could have a meeting there. It was at the local pornstore. I went in the room 20mins before he was meant to arrive as i didnt want him to recognise me. I had already rubbed out an orgasm waiting for his cock to enter the hole. He said he was happy for a hook up as he was also single and down to fuck.

Right on time he slid his cock through the hole i gasped at the size of it. It was bigger than my 8inch dildo. My pussy started to warm at just the site of his cock. The wetness was increasing as i griped his shaft in my hand just unable to complete a proper grip around his cock. To me this was a cock that was safe. I knew who it was and felt connected to it. It felt right. I was happy that John could see me. I wanted him to be himself without pretending. He let out a soft groan as my tongue licked the underside of the head of his cock. Followed shortly by the warmth of my mouth. He tasted yummy. He had a salty taste that made me think of home cooked meals. It was a delicious cock that i wanted to taste over and over.
I took it out of my mouth and turned around so that i could guide my wet pussy to the tip of his enlarged dick. I placed the head at my lips and slowly drifted down onto him. With a sigh of genuine relief I was sliding down on my first cock and it felt great. I placed my pussy up to the hole and let him do his best to me. I was hoping he lasted long and had the guts to cum in me. He was caring in his stokes he started slow and gained depth as he built in his orgasm he was going all the way in and really filling me up. I climaxed on his cock on the first time he went balls deep. I felt so full and loved his cock in me that deep. The mixture of my juices and his precum made for quite a slippery fuck. It was heaven. He was making noises and building i came when i knew he was close and that i was bringing him this joy. He stopped fucking me and went deep inside and really quiet. It was at that point i took over and started to bounce up and down on his cock. He was hoping not to cum yet i guess because as soon as i started to fuck him hard he told he was going to cum soon and asked where i wanted it. I didnt say anything back wanting him to be the one controlling where he unloaded. I slammed down on him as he said he was cumming i made the choice to keep my pussy around his cock and he didnt retreat either, my legs shook and i had the most powerful orgasm i have ever had. I would have slid down the wall if his cock wasn’t holding me up. I felt his warmth flood inside me two or three strong surges followed by sighs of relief from him. My first creampie was the best feeling i had ever. It was with my Br0 John and it meant so much to me. I turned and sucked his cock till it was dry. I had hoped for seconds but he said a polite thanks and then left.

It wasnt until 15 mins later he txted me back saying that he really enjoyed himself and wished me well. I was still in the room dripping with his seed. I grabbed out my dildo and started to fuck myself using his cum as lube. I came again and again thinking about those soft little noises he made while filling my pussy with his cum.

After three more random fuck sessions he left to college and there was a void in my life yet again. A week passed and i txt my f@ther and br0ther at the time thinking who ever replied first would be next. I was late at night when the txt came in. It said sorry fucking through a hole in the wall isnt going to cut it (It was my f@ther) I was stumped and not sure how to make this work. Then i replied how about you are blindfolded cause i dont want you to see me in the street it being a small town, i said i have a husband and need it to be kept quiet.
His next reply was short and to the point.

We set up a late meet up. I said he needed to be blind folded or i walk. I saw he walk into the shop and saw my phone light up with a txt from him here and ready to go.

I quickly went into the shop and opened the door and came inside. I locked the door and simply said shhhhh. I could see he was trying to get his cock hard. He was sitting naked with a blindfold over his face. And his cock in his hand. I was instantly wet. I saw his cock starting to grow, i could see who John got his size from. Then it grew past his. I was lucky I didnt start with this one. I put a leg either side of his feet facing my ass towards him. He couldn’t see the show he was getting and that was fine. i slowly lowered my pussy down onto his now huge cock. No lube needed my wet pussy slid around the head and was ready for more. He let out a moan. And a hmmmm. He was holding my ass as i slowly pumped up and down on the head of his cock only the top few inches. I wanted him to take control of me and make me go deeper. He held off for a few minutes then lost patience. He held me by the waist and started to thrust inside me. He was going in deep and out in long strokes. He was stretching my pussy with his thickness and it made me cum. I let out a small squeal and he started to pump a bit harder. Which unleashed another wave of my orgasm. He was so deep inside me and so thick i lost control of my legs and came all over his cock again. He asked if i like it. Mmmm hmm was all i said. He pushed hard in again and lifted me up high on his cock only to pull me down onto his cock again and again. I was becoming a rag doll. I felt like i was in a dream my mind left the room and i felt pleasure and love. I couldnt hold on anymore i begged him to cum inside me and to fill me with his seed. I felt i slight hesitation and then pure passion as he thrusted deep and hard with a grunt of manliness. He had breeded his only d@ughter and didnt even know he had. I knew this and came hard knoeing that his seed was now apart of me. I welcomed it inside me and wanted it to stay forever. I got up and walked out. The dress i was waring could easily just fold back down. I was quick to get home before he did. When he walked in the door i said hello dad, your home late, i could feel my pussy dripping with his cum slowly covering my inside thigh.
“Just running some errands”.
He said it like it was normal. I hoped it will be. I just had one last thought as i was fucking my dildo later that night. How.can i get the trifecta? And why hadnt Mark txted me back?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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