Brookdale Chapter 1

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Brookdale Chapter 1

The community of Brookdale is unique in so far as the normal accepted patterns of behaviour do not apply. The town has been built up on the basis similar to that of Stepford (The Stepford Wives novel) but, whereas Stepford was very much an idea that was concealed from the outside world, Brookdale has evolved so that outsiders are also aware of the premise that applies to the community.

Brookdale is a town where, except for certain individuals, the majority of the women are openly subject to a regime dictated by the male population and are required to comply obediently with any instruction issued by men or, in some cases, of certain dominant females. The women of the town are under the strictest of control and are subject to physical punishment at the behest of any male.

The degree and nature of the control will be revealed as the tale progresses.

James Quentin had been in correspondence via an online relationship with a woman
called Becca Wilson for a period of time and, when she expressed the wish to explore her submissive nature in a real life situation, he suggested that they meet at Brookdale. Becca had agreed to the idea and he was now sat in a hotel bedroom a short distance from the community of Brookdale, his laptop on the table in front of him as he drafted out a set of instructions that he would shortly transmit to Becca, so that when he arrived in Brookdale, she would be ready to commence her real life experiences of submission to his dominant

The following details appeared upon the screen in front of him:


At noon tomorrow, you will meet me in the post office that I believe is situated on the Main Street in Brookdale. You will be dressed in a light coloured summer type dress with a full skirt and short sleeves, the dress will have a high collar and will fasten from hem to collar with buttons down the front. Your footwear will comprise white slip on shoes with a small heel. You will be naked under the dress, wearing no underwear of any sort. You will carry a small black holdall, which will contain several dresses, two/three skirts that can easily be
raised above your waist, your passport, the keys to your apartment and your car.

When I enter the post office, I will expect you to recognise me from the photo that I have sent you. You will immediately come over and, in a voice loud enough to be heard by any of the persons in the post office, I will expect you to confirm your request for training from me, using a form of words that will leave no doubt of your position.

Should you fail in any of these tasks, then I shall ignore you and simply end the relationship.”

After closing the message and sending it to Becca Wilson, James set off for his
journey to Brookdale.

Becca Wilson stared at the email from James one last time before standing and going to her closet. It was one day away; she had already arranged to leave her job for an extended time. The route to Brookdale was planned, her passport was ready and sitting next to the small black case she had bought the day before. Becca had always been very thorough in whatever she did.

The next morning she set out. Inside the black case was now everything she had been instructed to bring. The small assortment of skirts and dresses were light fabric and full, they would lift even if she twirled let alone if they were lifted. Becca was rather proud of herself for her courage and it was this feeling that kept her moving. As she pulled into Brookdale she wore a thin cotton dress, pale violet with pastel flowers s**ttered across it. It buttoned neatly at her throat and fully down the front to the hem, which ended at mid calf. She had stood for a few minutes in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom and admired her form before her departure. Her nipples had been hard from arousal and the darker tone of her nubs as well as areola was slightly visible through the fabric. She wore no bra or panties as instructed and the light breeze that brushed her legs from the open window of her old car was felt on her bare sex.

Arriving in Brookdale at 9.0am, James parked his car outside the real estate office that he had contacted earlier in the preceding week and collected the keys to a fully furnished property situated some five minutes walk from the Main Street. He sat in his car and again examined the details of the house. It was a two storey detached house with the normal ground floor layout of kitchen, utility room, lounge, dining area and a bathroom, whilst upstairs was an en-suite master bedroom and two small bedrooms.

Driving the short distance to the house, James parked his Mercedes in the garage and unlocked the front door. A quick inspection of the interior revealed that the accommodation was as described, and he carried in two suitcases from the trunk of his car to the master bedroom, before parking it in the garage. James unpacked the cases, and changed into a pair of black trousers and an open neck black shirt. He then decided to explore the full basement playroom area.

However, this was not a c***dren’s’ playroom, but one fitted out in more exotic taste. The walls were lined with floor to ceiling closets, the mirror doors giving an impression of even greater size. The closets contained all manner of implements for use in the punishment and domination of a human being, including whips, leather crops, slim canes of willow, lengths of whalebone, wooden and leather paddles, dildos, cattle prods, enema and surgical instruments etc. Situated at strategic points in the ceiling and timber floor were short lengths
of chain ending in ‘d’ clips, the length being controlled by remote controlled hoists. In addition, there was a height adjustable timber sawhorse, with a padded leather top, a vertical square metal frame with metal rings secured at various points around the perimeter and a trolley type metal gynaecological table set against one of the walls. Also set against one wall was a steel barred cage, the size of which could be adjusted to suit any requirements by
simply moving the barred sections.

Off to the side of the basement was a fully tiled bathroom area containing a double shower unit, a large bathtub, a toilet cubicle and a bidet all in gleaming white enamel that sparkled in the light from the concealed lighting in the ceiling.

Depending upon one’s viewpoint, it would be better described as a dungeon, rather than a playroom basement. A playroom for those of a dominant nature and a dungeon for one with a submissive outlook. ~ But this was to be explored later!! ~ James mused, as he walked out of the house and down the Main Street towards the post office. It was now just 5 minutes before noon and he wondered if Becca Wilson had kept her assignation.

Pulling up to a parking space in front of the post office, Becca sat and took deep breath. She was determined to do this. The emails exchanged had so far been extremely exciting for her and only cemented what she wanted in her mind. With the final exchange there had been a surge of excitement, eagerness to live out, what till now had been a fantasy. Exiting the car, she locked it up and placed the key chain, which held her apartment keys, into the black case and headed for the entrance of the post office.
Becca milled around inside the large foyer of the outlet, trying not to seem nervous. A quick scan had told her that James had not yet arrived. The words she intended to say were running around in her head so that she would not forget them. They were planned with the intention to please him, to ensure he would accept her and give her the training she desired.

As James opened the door of the post office, he heard the soft tinkle of a bell and saw that there were two male customers in their mid-twenties browsing through some magazines, and the woman post office clerk who looked to be in her early fifties was sat behind the metal grille.

The small bell over the door jingled and Becca turned quickly to look at who ever entered. Her heart beat quickly in her chest as she held the bag in front of her. The white slip on sandals she had chosen clicked loudly to her ears. Her long dark hair, loose, fell neatly back into place on her shoulders as her expectant crystal blue eyes fell to the figure at the door. ~ It’s him . . . ~ She thought quickly and almost gasped.

James spotted Becca as she waited for him to acknowledge her presence, her excited state obvious to his eyes as the thin material of her lilac dress failed to adequately conceal the stiff nubs of her nipples. He saw the black bag clutched in her hands before her, as she stood with her back to a display stand of confectionery, looking towards the door. He saw the expectant expression, her hair framing her face as the look of recognition appeared in her sparkling blue eyes.

James’s thin lips pursed into a smile in a manner reminiscent of the smile on the wolf as he greeted Red Riding Hood. ~ So my dear, you have kept to the arrangement and, from the looks of things, you are eager to commence ~. With a brief nod of his head, James waited for her to obey his instructions.

Her heart was beating hard in her chest as she saw the smile on his face. Becca stood a moment longer after his initial nod. She was steeling herself against the nervous flutters, to do as instructed. Her mouth felt dry and for a split second her thoughts went blank.

Determination won out over the first shock of seeing him standing there waiting for her to speak. James looked handsome and powerful, as he was dressed, the black shirt and pants adding to the feeling he emitted with the smile he had given her. Slowly, Becca stepped forward until she stood a foot or two from James.

“Good day Sir. I hope I please you with my appearance as you had instructed.” It was off from what she had intended to say but the fact she had broken the silence kept her lips moving, gaining volume in hopes of pleasing him. Becca’s cheeks were already flaming as she felt eyes on her. “I wish to serve you Sir, in hopes that you will train me to be one who pleases as you so desire. I am eager to learn in your possession and offer myself as humbly as possible for whatever you wish.” Her eyes were wide, holding his gaze until she caught
herself and lowered it while keeping her head high. Becca was fighting to keep control of herself, her breasts felt as if they were swelling with every breath she took. She had not anticipated such arousal at uttering what had originally seemed like simple phrases, especially in front of others.

With her gaze still lowered she darted her eyes from side to side, witnessing the way she was being observed by the other people present. Becca stole a furtive glance up to the man she hoped to call Master. “It is my deepest desire to please you.” she said, her voice softer than before but still seeming to echo loudly in her ears around the post office. She was looking for reward for her efforts and quickly looked back at the floor just in front of James’s feet, a slight grin playing around her lips in anticipation.

On hearing Becca’s words, James stood looking intently into her eyes and, in an even voice that gave no hint of the import of his words, he said in a voice able to be heard by the interested onlookers.

“I will now test whether the sentiments just expressed by your words, can be translated into a willingness to obey every instruction to the letter and without delay. Becca, I wish you to clasp your hands behind your neck, making sure that you thrust out your breasts so that all present in this store can see your nipples pressing out through the thin material of your dress. You will then repeat the request that you have just made, only this time you will say it whilst on your knees before me. In addition, I shall expect you to use the most graphic terminology of what you are offering, so that there is no doubt in your mind nor any listener’s ears, that you are indeed begging to become my slave-in-training.”

James stood waiting for Becca’s reaction to his demand that she debase herself in front of complete strangers.

Becca stared at James as he gave her further instructions, her eyes widening slightly. At the same moment as she felt her embarrassment at just the idea grow, she felt her arousal move to a new level. She hesitated as her eyes once again darted around the post office. The looks she felt were obvious curiosity but Becca felt it was not exactly surprised curiosity.

Swallowing hard, Becca lowered her bag to the floor and straightened as she brought her hands to the back of her neck under her hair. Her eyes lowered as she brought herself carefully to her knees, closer to James’s feet. Her lips parted slightly as she moved, her chest heaving, straining at the confines of her dress. The fabric rubbed at her nipples as they protruded eagerly through the light material. With her back arching, Becca pulled the words from her now dry throat.

“Sir, I kneel before you with the desire to do all that you want with me and my body . . . My need to be trained as a slave in your possession is strong. . .” It was hard for Becca to find graphic words to use but her eagerness to please him was already strong and pushed her on. “Every hole in my body waits to be yours, to be entered and taken, used for your pleasure alone. My throat craves to feel the circle of your collar. My back aches to be lashed for your enjoyment or to feel your just punishments.” Becca’s eyes stared intently at
the floor in front of James’s feet. Her voice came strong, more so than she’d ever thought, especially with others watching.

Becca’s hands remained tightly interlocked under her hair and she could feel the heat radiating from her skin there. Still not raising her eyes she spoke again, only softer this time. “I have much to learn, Sir. But I hope you will choose to accept my offer to serve you.” Becca only waited then, eager to hear if she pleased him, again looking for some reward for her efforts.

James listened to Becca’s litany of submissive desires from her kneeling position and, after smiling at the other patrons of the post office, he instructed her to rise.

“Your words expressing the wish to please me meet with my approval and I can see from your actions that you have an inherent wish to explore the side of your character that you have previously hidden from view.” James’s eyes travelled to where they viewed Becca’s obvious excited state as evidenced by her erect nubs pressing against the thin fabric of her dress. ~ does she also display such arousal in that secret place between her legs? ~ he pondered.

“This may be a convenient opportunity for you to sign the contract that I have prepared for you and then you may request that it be witnessed by the these kind people.” James said, as he removed the document from the pocket of his shirt.

He handed the contract to Becca and, as he did with a wry smile crossing his sallow features, he said. “Oh, you may as well read the contents out to our fellow customers and staff so that they are fully aware of what the nature of the conditions are that you are agreeing to. Make sure that you speak clearly and with sincerity.”

The white sheets of paper contained the following words:


‘I, Becca Wilson, who will henceforth in this document be referred to as slave, being of sound body and mind, do hereby submit my complete self to become a slave in the full care and control of James Quentin who henceforth in this document will be referred to as Master.

It is accepted that I will abide by the following conditions, that may be amended or altered at will by Master, in the full realisation that i will retain no rights to refuse any order or instruction from Master or anyone he appoints to act on his behalf.


1) i will serve, obey and please James Quentin whom I will always address as Master.
2) i will always refer to myself, Becca Wilson as slave for I am nothing more than an object, an instrument to be used by my Master for his pleasures.
3) my body and mind is the property of my Master.
4) i must be specific in my speech.
5) i will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments i receive, specifying what i received and expressing the reason as to why i was given them.
6) my Master’s desires must always be at the forefront of all my thoughts.
7) my eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Master.
8) my basic attire in private before my Master shall consist of only my collar
9) All clothing worn with permission of my Master will allow easy access to my pussy, ass and breasts. The clothing will emphasize my assets.
10) i must remove my clothing in a way that demonstrates my complete submission to my Master. – regardless of who may be present and despite where it is i am.
11) When i remove clothing from my body it must be folded neatly.
12) It will be my responsibility to carry out all normal chores including
cooking, washing, ironing and house cleaning.
13) i want my submission to my Master to feel natural and will work towards this end with a continued effort to enforce this growing feeling inside of me.
14) i will always be ready to please my Master.
15) i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Master.
16) Failure to receive properly asked for or received permission and i will endure the punishment Master will put upon me
17) i will endure whatever pain my Master gives me when he disciplines or punishes me so i can become a better slave for Him.
18) i am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me as long as i address my Master properly first.
19) i must always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master does with me. Expressions are important to Him.
20) If i am wearing a dress or skirt and no panties and i am going to sit down – i must sit on my bare skin – and do so gracefully whether i am in private or in public.
21) i must never tighten my body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked, whipped, punished in any way or anally or vaginally used. My Master likes it when my flesh jiggles.

Signed …………………………………
Becca Wilson



As James stood waiting for Becca to obey his instruction and commence reading the contract out to the gathered people, he ordered the girl to return to her knees.

“It will reinforce your feeling of submission to me if the requirements of the contract are read out, with your body in a position more in keeping with your new status in life.”

~ This is how to commence a relationship with a new slave, first the verbal and mental displays of submission, and then move onto the physical and more obvious signs of her subjugation. ~

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