Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 31 Days of Summers (par

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 31 Days of Summers (par
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 31 Days of Summers (part 1)

1 August

Dear Diary,

Here I am back to writing you, though I guess I didn’t really write you before – it’s all fake memories. But it still feels kinda real and who else am I going to tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. Not Buffy that’s for sure.

So, what are my thoughts…. well Cleveland sucks, all my old friends are s**ttered to where-ever their parents fled when Sunnydale went down the Hellmouth; I can’t even escape to Janice’s when Buffy gets too Buffy-like and I have to share a room with Vi cos there’s not enough rooms in this house for us all. Only good thing is Buffy is forced to share with Faith. And they both love that -not!!!! Willow and Kennedy are also sharing – though they do love that! And Giles somehow or other has managed to find himself a small place that he rents on his own – probably worth dipping into his savings to avoid have to bunk with Xan and Andrew…

Also, I’m now sixteen and a virgin – no-one is a virgin at sixteen at least outside the Bible Belt. I’m not totally sweet – I mean I made out with that vamp, and Janice as well, to see what it was like (and it wasn’t as totally gross as we were thinking it would be) and a couple of other guys and girls too. But none of them have got further that squeezing me through my jumper (and that was Janice). So, I need to get laid, but that’s about as likely in this house as Faith doing the dishes…

So here I am, bored and horny and in Cleveland. Yeah, dear diary you can see why I’m writing you – it’s the most action I’m getting….

2 August

Dear Diary,

Take all that back about Buffy and Faith not liking sharing, cos I just discovered they’re liking it a lot.

Everyone was mooching around, Xander and Andrew had gone with some of the Slayers to the gym – saying it was to help them train rather than to perv at cuties in leotards… others had gone to the movies and I’d happily tagged to the Mall along with Willow and Kennedy. But as they went around the shops I kinda thought I was the third wheel, when all they wanted to do was grab coffee and look doe-ishly into each other’s eyes. So, romantic that I am I said my goodbyes and headed home – thinking I’d bug Buffy for a bit.

So, I headed to her room and then stopped, cos Faith was in there and from her moans the horny Slayer wasn’t alone. I was about to tiptoe away when I heard a more familiar voice, crying out in what sounded like sexual ecstasy. Okay I’m not exaggerating when I say my mouth fell open when I heard Buffy squealing out little shrieks of ‘yes’ – she’s not a total prude, nor a stranger to daytime boinking. (her and Reilly used to drive me mad whenever he stayed over – Mom should have had rules that they only banged after 10 and before 6). But what was she doing orgasming with Faith?

I ummed for all of some five seconds before sneaking a look, wondering if I was going to see them with a guy (prob a vamp given Buffy’s past). But there wasn’t – just Buffy and Faith scissoring at each other whilst wearing nothing. Two things hit me… one Buffy is a lesbian and two, Faith really has a nice bod.

So, I can’t blame her.

I can’t blame the other either, but that stays between us.

I quickly crept away and out of the house, not wanting them to know I’d seen what was going on and giving them a decent interval before returning. Only to get a lecture from Buffy cos I dropped my coat on the couch ‘stead of hanging it up. She really tries my patience…

3 August

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I found out Buffy’s gay and today I just found Andrew isn’t.

There was a new vamp on the prowl and Buffy had everyone out slaying, magicing or watching – except me who she’d left behind with a DVD and the washing up. I’d finished them and before I settled down to write up my so, so exciting day (that’s sarcasm) I was horny enough for a little self-pleasure; my fingers being the most exciting thing that goes near my pussy.

I slipped off my skirt and panties and positioned myself on my bed, spreading my legs to play with my special spot. Closing my eyes, I was soon in heaven. As no one was in I’d left the door open to let some air in as to tell the truth I’m wanton and it felt naughty. Except turns out Andrew had come home early and I was so engrossed in my masturbation I didn’t hear him come in. Not until I heard his gasp of surprise.

I opened my eyes like I’d been bit to see him standing in the door, eyes wide, mouth open, blushing hard. If he was a gentleman he’d have quickly muttered an apology and fled down the landing, if I was a lady I’d have screamed and dived under my covers.

Which was kind of my first idea.

I’m glad I didn’t.

Instead I just continued to rub and play with my pussy, smiling at him. He continued to look at me, just staring at my cunt as I pleasured it, him making some type of an!mal noise as I slid my finger in and me making another type as I rubbed my clit, making myself damp. I’ve got to say, dear diary, I was soon on the cusp and when I came it was the biggest, best orgasm ever.

I mean I actually squirted – suck on that Buffy (uuurrgghh, did I write that – I didn’t mean literally, that’d be super gross).

I fell back panting and when I opened my eyes Andrew had vanished.

But as I went to the shower, passing the room him and Xander share, I could hear the smack of the bed against the wall as he jacked himself. Lucky I’m a good girl, otherwise I’d have returned the favour and popped into to watch him pop 🙂

4 August

Dear Diary,

Highlight of today – spin the bottle with Rona, Shannon and Vi (especially Vi). It had been Rona’s idea – it was after training and before patrolling and we were all hanging bored in my bedroom. It was Rona who got the bottle and suggested we spin. The dares were tame at first – handstand against the wall, rapping on Faith’s bedroom door and running off giggling as she opened it, singing Britney Spears down the phone to the local Walmart. but they got more daring, flashing our panties, then are bras and then are boobs.

I don’t know if that’s when Kennedy arrived – like she’s got a tittie radar. But she came and sat on the bed, not actually in the circle but def watching from the outside.

She got a good eyeful of Rona’s pussy as the Slayer pulled down her pants and then up again.

The gods of bottle chose Shannon next and I dared her to kiss Rona.

I got to say, Dear Diary, it was as chaste as a nun kissing her grandma.

But it must have given Shannon an idea for revenge, cos as soon as the bottle hit me, Shannon was daring me to make out with Vi and for a proper time, not just my tongue in and out, but a proper face slurping.

Shannon didn’t know, but I’m not complaining. Vi’s a bit shy, but she’s ultra-hot and anyway I’ve kissed a girl (Janice) and it was pretty fun, like kissing a guy, except softer.

And also apart from Vi being sexy Kennedy is as well and she’s experienced (even more than Will, I think, from something I overheard Will telling Buffy). After seeing how hot it felt it was exposing myself to Andrew yesterday I was thinking how exciting it’d be to kiss Vi whilst Kennedy was watching. So after a few seconds pretending to resist for form’s sake I launched into it.

I def gave Shannon her money’s worth, locking lips with Vi and letting my tongue do the talking (it always does the talking, but Dear Diary you know the talking I’m talking about). And just to give Kennedy that show I moved my hands to grapple with Vi’s tits through her top – which wasn’t what Shannon had dared, but I think Vi appreciated as her tongue went mad back at me.

I was reluctant to withdraw, but after a couple of minutes I did. I managed to pretend it was just a dare but my cunt was tingling so hard I thought I’d be leaking through my jeans (and I would if I’d continued making out). And Kennedy looked like she was way turned on as well – she made her excuses and left quickly and I’m betting that even as I’m writing this Will’s get the pussy treatment of her life.

Oh God, Diary even thinking about is making me horny. Going to sign off and do something about that now…

5 August

Dear Diary,

I wrote you too early yesterday, as things got even more exciting that night.

There was another round of mysterious killings and Buffy had everyone out, except me. Or so I thought…

As it was just me I thought I’d have a little alone time in the lounge, just me, one of Xander’s porn movies and my fingers.

Let’s just say I was just getting down to it when Andrew comes down the stairs…. Seems he’d been doing some research on the computer upstairs.

Well what does a girl do when she’s interrupted in her most pleasured state, rubbing a tittie through vest and playing with her sweet pussy. Well, you know me Dear Diary, I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about how much of a turn on it was to have Andrew watch me finger myself the night before and I suggested we sit and watch the movie together.

Shall we say his eyes weren’t on the couple banging away on the screen…

And after a few moments neither were mine. I was just staring at the bulge forming under his pants.

I was feeling horny and daring at the same time and he didn’t complain as I unzipped him and got out his cock.

I’m no expert on dicks (yet!!!), but at close to eight inches it seemed to be a big one.

I kept my hand and concentration on it and started to jerk it up and down as I’ve seen them do on pornos. It seemed to come naturally to me and I got into a rhythm. Andrew didn’t seem to be complaining either, rolling his eyes and making strange clucking sounds. I went faster and faster, jacking my hand up and down, until he gave a sigh and popped.

Guy’s cum is really sticky, much more than mine. It also tastes salty. I know that as I licked my hand to clean away the stuff which was dribbling down it.

Anyway after that I said my goodbyes and zoomed up to get a shower before Buffy came home, she’d prob freak.

6 August

Dear Diary,

Found a treasure trove of fun!

I was in Buffy’s room looking for a top that’d suit my pants, nosing around as I was bored and everyone was out. There was nothing of interest in her wardrobe – nor in Faith’s, she’s a bit too much black leather for my look (and too tall for me to fit) and I was just looking under the bed when I came across this shoebox.

Blushingly I thought Buffy might have some new shoes that’d fit me, so I pulled it out.

It wasn’t shoes inside.

It seemed Buffy and Faith had been busy with the camera and not many clothes. I quickly put aside the ones of Buffy, but even my quick glance suggested Buffy’s much, much kinkier than I thought. I spent some more time perving at the ones of Faith. Most of them had been taken in their room with a few of them in patrol – in them Faith was just flashing a quick peek of tit as she pulled up her top or a bit of ass as she balanced against a tombstone her leather pants down her thighs.

They weren’t as slutty as the ones taken in the bedroom; the most Faith was wearing in any of them were her socks and that was unusual, more common she was wearing just a smile. And playing with herself, fingers holding apart her snatch, or sucking a dildo or putting the same toy in her twat, rubbing it between her titties or between her ass-cheeks. In one she was lying in her front with a butt-plug stretching her ass. I knew Buffy had taken that as in another, where Faith was leaning against the wall, playfully fiddling with the butt-plug I could see the reflection of a naked Buffy in the mirror.

And down in the bottom, beneath the dirty pictures were the toys, several dildos of different lengths, including one attached to a belt and a vibrator, two butt-plugs and what was either a really small and ill-fitting necklace or a string of anal beads.

I’m now just about to road test the dildo, I’m sure Buffy won’t mind me borrowing as long as I clean afterwards. I mean what are younger s!sters for if not to share your things with?

7 August

Dear Diary,

I thought when I finished with you last night I was just going to road test one of Buffy’s toys and then go to s!eep.

Which is what happened.

But Vi watched.

Then I watched her.

I had been just about to get down to it, licking and sucking the dildo with my mouth, rubbing my pussy under my skirt to get it nice and soaking when Vi arrived back from patrol. I was quick enough to throw the toy under my pillow and get my hand out from between my legs. But from Vi’s smile not quick enough.

Still she didn’t say anything and we both got ready for bed, me frustrated that I hadn’t used my time more wisely and instead of writing in you (sorry!) fucking my sweet little cunt. I closed my eyes, cursing the fact that the toy was under my pillow – as with Vi in the other bed it might have been a million miles away. Still I was able to surreptitiously touch myself, feeling the warm flush of my horny cunt. After a few minutes I became aware of a noise from Vi’s bed, a light panting. It took me a moment to realise that she was jilling herself.

It was big turn on and I started hitting my own pussy harder, which made me moan. She got louder. So did I. Soon the two of us were squealing and gasping away in our beds.

Knowing each other’s secret, we giggled a bit and then I said I’d show her something. On went the lights and into my pussy went the joy. I jammed it in and out as Vi watched, open-mouthed, her hand skimming over her own pussy. I screamed and squealed and fucked myself to orgasm. Then I lent her Buffy’s toy and had another orgasm watching her fuck herself with it; as a Slayer she could really hammer it home, it was like a blur.

We passed the dildo back and forth a few times, masturbating our pussies into exhaustion and covering our bed with cunt juice, until we were finally sated.

It was great fun, but I’m really wanting to get my hands (and other parts) on some real cock again…

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