cabin swap

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cabin swap
This story is completely true.
My wife and I are busy people. I’m an engineer and my wife is a business-woman. We have a three year-old and a mortgage. We don’t get a lot of down-time, so when another couple invited us to spend a k**-free weekend at a cabin in the woods, we eagerly agreed.
We are an early-thirties couple. I’m 6’ with fairly dark skin and blue eyes, brown hair. I spend a lot of time in an office, but I’m still fairly well-built. My wife is about 5’2” and has a dark complexion due to her Latino background. She is about 125 lbs with large D-cup breasts that hang down a bit and large, dark nipples. She has beautiful smooth skin.
Our friends, Nathan and Erin, are also an early thirties couple that we’ve known since our college days. They live nearby and we enjoy hanging out as families and a late-night drink every now and again. Nathan is a fireman. He’s well-built and probably about 6’. He has a lighter complexion and, currently, a sweet mustache. Erin is a fiery redhead. She has freckly white skin and beautiful, sultry curves. She’s probably 5’5” with C-Cup breasts and gorgeous hips.
When the weekend came around, my wife mentioned she had a weird feeling that they were looking for something more than just “friendly” time with us. I laughed and, secretly, hoped I could find a way to get a glance at Erin’s body sans clothes, but was sure nothing would happen.
We arrived at the cabin first and found it to be an amazing modern cabin set way back in the woods with plenty of charm and isolation. It had full windows around the walls, including the bedrooms, and, best of all, a hot tub on the deck. Being somewhat of a hot-tub lover and a closet exhibitionist, I immediately stripped off all my clothes and went straight for the hot-tub. I enjoyed a few quiet minutes in the light rain before I heard their car crunching up the gravel drive and bolted for my clothes.
We had a great time that evening. Everything you would expect. We cooked, had some drinks, played a couple of games, and just talked while sitting in front of a crackling fire. Nothing out of the ordinary. Around 1:00 AM, we said goodnight and headed for bed. Before we got into our bed, I “remembered” that I needed to lock the car, so I slipped out of the bedroom while my wife was in the bathroom and headed outside, hoping secretly to see inside of Nathan and Erin’s bedroom windows. Nothing doing. I locked the car, went inside and got in bed. After a few minutes of talking, we heard noises coming from their bedroom. We could tell they were having sex and that she was enjoying it. Her soft moans turned us on and we started fooling around. My wife, who isn’t shy, became pretty vocal while I was eating her pussy and we all knew that we could hear each other, which made things very steamy. We finished up and went to sleep.
The next morning, we got up and made breakfast together; nobody mentioning the competing moaning from the night before. We had a great day of hiking, fishing, cooking, and more drinking. A lot more drinking. When evening rolled around, we decided that it would be fun to all sit in the hot tub together…and this is where it gets good. My wife and I got in first, then Erin joined us. Lastly, Nathan came out. Instead of just jumping in, he strips off his swimsuit first then proceeds to get in. All being a bit drunk, we thought this was hilarious. My wife, I could tell, was excited to see another man’s cock. Now, I’m pretty average. Around 6” long and decent girth. Nathan, however, was not average. His penis was probably 9” and he had a lot of girth.
Since he set the precedence, I went ahead and stripped off my swimsuit. We all had a good time laughing and drinking. After a while, my wife started slipping her hand over to my cock under the foamy water and discretely stroking me. I guess it wasn’t as discrete as we thought, though, because we could tell that Erin was doing the same to Nathan. We continued talking, nobody saying anything about what was happening. Our talk slowly evolved into telling sex stories and sharing fetishes we each had. We told them about our “watersports” fetish and they told us about their love of having sex in public places. All in all, I was getting very turned on. I started reaching over and stroking my wife’s legs, then moved up to the crotch of her swimsuit. I slowly pulled it aside and began rubbing her clean-shaved pussy, just brushing her clit. Even under the water, I could tell she was soaking wet. Nathan was doing the same to Erin. Finally deciding to just go for it, I plucked up the courage to unclasp my wife’s bikini top, freeing her large tits. Our friends laughed and Erin commented on how nice they were. She removed her top, as well, and I finally got a look at her beautiful white breasts. They were perky to the point of being pointy with small pink nipples. I slipped my wife’s swimsuit bottom off, threw it on the deck, and set her on my lap, sliding my cock into her soaking pussy. We were all-in now. Erin removed her bikini bottom. Nathan stood up and immediately Erin started kissing the underside of this cock, licking his balls then running her tongue down to the tip. This went on for a few minutes with me not believing what was happening. It felt so dirty, but so exciting. My wife slipped out of the hot tub and laid on her back on the deck with her legs spread and hanging over the side and in the water. I slowly started kissing up her thighs until I reached her pussy. I had never felt her so wet. I rolled my tongue around her clit, making her moan while reaching up and rubbing her tits. I could feel both Nathan and Erin’s eyes on us the whole time and hear the slight slurping noises as she continued to suck him. Erin then slid onto the deck next to my wife in the same position, allowing Nathan to eat her pussy. The girls were intermittently moaning and giggling and making comments to each other when Erin began to reach over and rub my wife’s tits, squeezing her nipples. My wife responded with the same until Erin reached up, turned my wife’s head and began kissing her. It almost set me off just watching them make out. After a few minutes, Nathan suggested he and I switch. With a small nod from my wife, I knew it was okay, so I agreed. I moved over and got my first look between Erin’s legs. It was stunning. She had a small strip of light-colored hair above her pussy and lips that hung down. I moved my lips up her leg until I reached her pussy. I immediately started kissing her lips as if we were making out, sucking on her clit. It was glorious…she was soaking wet and had a salty taste. Her cum was thicker than my wife’s and would form little strings if I pulled away. I could hear my wife moaning as Nathan licked her pussy. Erin slipped back into the hot tub and turned over, sticking her ass into the air with an unspoken invitation for me to fuck her. When I saw her soaking pussy lips and pink little asshole, I could only oblige. I moved closer and rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit before placing it at the entrance. I leaned forward, grabbed her shoulders and slowly thrust myself into her pussy. She gave a deep, guttural moan, so I continued slowly moving in and out of her with my hands on her hips. I slide my hands down, separating her ass cheeks to provide a better view, brushing her asshole with my thumb. Nathan had moved up and, keeping my wife on her back, put his big cock into her. She was moaning in pleasure, clearly excited by being penetrated by such a large penis. This was putting me over the edge and Erin could tell by my own moans. She pulled herself away from me and told Nathan to move. She took over, licking my wife’s pussy with her ass in the air again, so I moved back behind her and started fucking her again. Nathan climbed out of the hot-tub and kneeled down next to my wife’s face, turning her head so she could suck his cock. I had a clear view of her pumping the shaft of his penis while sucking on the tip, going only a few inches deep due to his size. She pulled him around so that he was straddling her face and began sucking on his balls and licking the bottom of his cock while pumping him with her hand. Somebody had to cum first, and it happened to be my wife. Erin’s licking and fondling set her to first arching her back, then shaking as she quietly had a clearly massive orgasm. Being sensitive now, she asked Nathan to fuck her again. I pulled out of Erin as she turned around and sat on the seat in the hot-tub. She began rubbing my balls and shaft, looking up at me with her beautiful green eyes. Slowly, she put me in her mouth, taking me all the way in down to the hilt. She kept me deep against her throat for a few moments before slowly pulling back off, moving her tongue in small circles on the bottom of my cock. I could tell she was rubbing herself under the water with her free hand. She continued moving up and down until my moans told her I was ready to explode. She forced me deep into her throat as I started shooting spurts of cum into her mouth. Gagging, she had to pull off, but then went back for the rest, allowing it to pump down her throat and swallowing. She slowly pulled off of me, licking my head and teasing the sensitive area around my circumcision. I set her on her back again on the deck, spread her legs, and moved straight to licking her clit and sucking on those glorious pussy lips. I put first one, then two fingers into her pussy and hooked them upward, gently rubbing her wall on the inside. With the other hand, I reached up and was rolling her small, hard nipples between my fingers. This was too much for her. She began to moan loudly and shake, cumming in a wave of convulsions. I looked over to see my wife laying on her back still, her tits and belly covered in Nathan’s cum as he stood between her legs. She had a glazed look in her eyes and was slowly rubbing his cum in around her belly button while breathing hard.
We stood there for a moment, reflecting on what had just happened and then all sat back down in the hot-tub. We had a bit of odd conversation, laughing about how we were all sitting in each other’s juices. Erin and Nathan said they were going off to bed and, after an awkward goodnight, they went inside. After an experience that I never expected and that was beyond what I ever hoped for, I was still insanely horny. My wife was clearly still horny, too, but close to passing out from the alcohol. Should I take advantage?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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