Calebs Education

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Calebs Education

He was straight! Jesus, he was straight and had never done anything queer
in his whole 21 years. He was as stud, known around campus as a big man,
jock, girl fucker. And he had fucked lots and lots of girls. They loved his
big fat, leaky dick. They texted each other about his fuckmeat, and he’d
seen some of them. He was good looking too. With his short buzz hair cut
and his slender but muscular smooth young body, he looked a bit like Joseph
Gordon-Levit. He’d fucked his first girl when he was fifteen and not
stopped since. And he was a nice guy. A really friendly, popular dude. Sure
he got a bit rough with the girls sometimes when he was horny, but what
jock doesn’t? Generally, he would have been considered to be a really cool

And here he was naked on his knees about to lick a guy’s dick! And all
because of a stupid bet. Well, lets face it, Mark had been out to get him
for some time. Mark was insanely jealous of Caleb, always had been. Ever
since high school. Mark thought he was the stud of the walk. Mark thought
he was the best cocksman in the school and had told everyone so. He bragged
about how much cunt he stuffed and how many bitches he had scored with. He
even bragged about getting chicks pregnant. Mark was not a nice
person. Mark was a bully. Everyone knew that in high school, he had taken
the gay boys and made them suck his dick. He had a regular list of boys who
he could call upon to slurp on his obscenely big fuckmeat. That was back in
high school. I guess college hadn’t changed him. At Twenty-one, he still
bragged about his girl fucking techniques and he still forced gay students
to suck his dick. Well, not necessarily gay students…any males who were
weaker than he was. He loved to control both guys and gals. He was a needy
person. Needy for power and control. Yes, he was good looking. A good
looking son-of-a-bitch! Guys hung with him almost out of fear. He gathered
a gang of bullies around him.

Caleb had been damned stupid to make the bet in the first place. You don’t
bet with somebody to see who can fuck some delicious young high school girl
first. But that had been the bet. Amy J. a sweet young innocent thing had
been the score. The bet had been made when both young men had been drunk
and in front of a gang of their college buddies. Well, not really Caleb’s
buddies, but dudes he sometimes hung with. Who could fuck Amy J. first.
She was a virgin, innocent looking as a Catholic High School Girl Freshman.
She smiled at the older boys at the mall who whistled at her and called her
names. She wasn’t even allowed to date yet. So the college boys has made
this stupid bet. Two of the college dudes with the biggest dicks in the
business had made a bet about who could shove their long thick fuckmeat
into Amy first. And the loser? Well, this was the sick part. This was the
part that only drunken college boys could come up with. The loser had to
lick the dick of the winner. Right in front of the other dudes, the loser
had to strip bare ass naked and lick the dick of the winner.

And wouldn’t you know it, Caleb lost! That’s right. Mark fucked Amy
first. He turned on his Neanderthal Charm, dated her twice, and shoved his
dick balls deep up her tight virgin cunt.

It was an awesome fuck. The young bitch couldn’t walk after it. She would
never be the same again. She instantly fell in love with Mark and wanted to
be with him forever. Stupid girl.

Mark hung around only long enough to fuck her in the ass, teach her to suck
dick, and then he dropped her. That’s what she gets for even hanging with
college boys! Lucky for her she didn’t get pregnant, cause Mark, the fuck
stud, does not use condoms.

So here was Caleb in front of ten college jocks, naked as the day he was
born and about to lick dick! Caleb was grateful that the loser had not had
to “SUCK DICK.” They might just have easily bet that, drunk as they
were. But the bet had been only to “LICK THE WINNER’S DICK AND BALLS ALL

Undressing naked in front of the guys had been surprisingly difficult.
Caleb had stripped with these same dudes countless times in the locker
room. They had walked to the showers together chatting about sports or
cunt. It had seemed natural and easy. Suddenly, they were all clothed and
looking at him with a new kind of interest, and he had to strip naked!

Sliding his shorts down was the hardest part. He had a good body…no, he
had a great body. He knew that. He was one of the handsomest boys in the
school. Lots of the other guys were quite jealous of him and secretly
delighted in his temporary downfall. After all, having to lick a dick in
front of other dudes does take a straight boy down a peg or two. Caleb
might very well never feel the same around his friends again. Would they
think differently about him, now that he would be a “Dicklicker!”

Caleb reasoned it was no big thing. Well, it was a big thing. Mark’s
fuckmeat was a very big thing. It hung almost seven inches flaccid and was
as thick as a wrist. It was always partly visable in his jeans and other
trousers. It was one of those dicks that kind of pushed itself out. And the
balls were nothing to sneer at either. Big, fleshy low hanging fuck sack
with walnut sized nuts in it. So it was a big thing. What Caleb told
himself was that the act of licking a dick in itself was no big thing. I
mean, faggots did it all the time. And pledges in some college fraternities
had to do it. Everybody knew that. Still, to have to do in in front of the
other guys…that was bad. If Caleb could have licked Mark’s dick in
private, it wouldn’t have mattered so much.

The other guys quietly urged him on. “Come on, Caleb…lick cock! Lick
dick, Caleb. Lick the dick that fucked Amy J.” They urged in mostly quiet,
half drunken voices. Oh yes, they had planned a fucking party around the
event. Caleb had forbidden them to take photos, but all the guys had their
phones out anyway and were snapping away. If any of this got up on the
internet, Caleb’s reputation with the girls would be totally ruined. He
might get labelled as a faggot!

And the thing was, it wasn’t just “kiss the dick!” That would have been
quick and light and over with in a second. He wouldn’t have had to even
actually taste the dick in that case.

A pucker and a quick peck on the cockhead or on the shaft, and done! But
no! The bet had been specific. The loser had to give the dick and balls a
thorough washing with his tongue.

Straight young Caleb had to actually lick with his tongue all over the
meaty flaccid fuckmeat and scrotum of another male!

“Jesus, what if he gets a hard on?” Caleb suddenly thought. His own large
fucker began to shrivel a bit from fear. The guys noticed. Mark chuckled.
If Mark got hard, would Caleb have to continue? Oh God, this was so bad.
Licking a dick was kind of like worshiping it, wasn’t it? It was like
bowing down and servicing the cock! Caleb shifted nervously from one
finely formed naked foot to the other, and his own dick and balls jiggled
and moved. Mark smiled a killer smile and began to undress himself.

“You don’t need to strip…” Caleb protested. Suddenly this whole thing
seemed way out of control.

“Oh, but I insist. With my pants on, you can’t get your tongue down under
my fucksack properly.” Mark laughed and stripped. He was a very handsome
dude. More muscular than Caleb. Caleb felt as if he would faint. Shit, he
couldn’t faint in front of the other guys. When mark’s boxer briefs came
down, the dudes in the room whistled and applauded. Caleb felt sick.

Fuck it, Mark was a vain bully. He shaved his pubic hair to make his
fuckmeat look even larger than it already was. It was a magnificent
dick. Mark was uncircumcised with a thick hang of foreskin covering the
cockhead. Since Caleb had to lick the whole thing clean, it meant his
tongue would have to dick under that foreskin. Caleb prayed to God that
Mark was clean down there. Mark kicked his shorts away, and his massive
fucker swung back and forth.

Somebody put a dick licking porno on the tv to “put Caleb in the mood!” The
whole event got more and more disgusting. Now mark stood inches from Caleb,
his fat dick hanging heavy over his nuts. “Better get down on your knees,
Caleb,” he said in a smooth Southern-Comfort voice. Caleb didn’t so much
as kneel, as he felt his legs give way out from under him.

Suddenly, for some reason, Mark did seem superior! He did seem more of a
man than Caleb. Caleb couldn’t figure it out. He couldn’t understand
it. Why did Caleb feel inferior to this masculine bully? He was on his
knees with his face just inches from the fuckmeat. He could smell Mark’s
dick. The dick smelled of soap and a faint trace of urine.

“It’s clean…” Mark said, laughing. “I fucked a girl this afternoon, but I
washed it just for you.” That brought cheers from the other guys. Jesus,
the cock looked large! Mark stood there, hands on hips, waiting. Waiting
for his college “buddy” to begin to lick his dick. Caleb gulped. His mouth
felt dry. He stuck out his tongue. He had a nice thick, wide tongue…very
good for ball and cock licking. He really believed he might faint. The guys
in the room began to chant quietly…”Lick it! Lick it!”

Caleb touched his tongue to the shaft of the swinging dick. The skin was
very smooth. Very soft skin. Like a sweet young girl, or a baby. The skin
was smooth and soft, but there was a thick vein running down the shaft
which Caleb felt on his tongue. He felt the resilience of the muscle in the
fuckmeat. It tasted a bit salty, a bit sweaty, but not much else. It was so
fucking huge. He knew he had to lick up and down the entire shaft, and then
under the foreskin, and then the balls. Did Caleb feel “unmanned?” Did he
feel suddenly less than a man?

He knew at once that he could never be friends with any of these guys
again. Something had changed. He had changed. His role with them had

“Will you lick mine next?” some guy in the room yelled, and the dudes all
laughed. “Why not suck it just a little?” another guy shouted.

“Yeah, Caleb…why not just suck on it a little. I’d like that.” Mark said
in his soft smooth low voice.

Caleb took his wide tongue off of the dick shaft. “We said lick. That was
the bet!” He put his tongue on the foreskin. The taste was stronger.

“I know we said lick. But, come on, be a buddy. Suck on it just a
little. Show us what a good loser you can be. Be the Man. Suck on my dick
just a little!”

That was when Caleb’s young life took a turn. Why? WHY? WHY? WHY? Why in
God’s name had he done it? He had actually opened his mouth and taken the
foreskin covered dickhead into his mouth. The room grew deadly quiet.
Later, he had told himself it was to wash the dick more quickly and get it
over with. But that wasn’t true. Be cause it opened a door that Caleb went
through and could never go back. He took the thickening dickhead into his
mouth. Mark chuckled and gently pushed forward to ease more fuckmeat into
the young man’s mouth.

“Suck it. Just suck it a little.” Mark soothed, moving about two inches of
dick in and out of Caleb’s mouth. Caleb tried not to protest, but he felt
Mark’s hand on the back of his head, gently, but strongly pushing. The big
cock grew thicker and longer. The foreskin began to pull back, giving Caleb
access to the large smooth dickhead. Then the dick gave a tiny shudder and
pre-fuck began to dribble out of the pisshole into Caleb’s mouth. Caleb
tried to dislodge the pre-fuck and found himself sucking and swallowing.
There was quite a bit of cock slime.

Caleb panicked but didn’t know what to do. He swallowed again and the
action forced him to suck more of the cock into his mouth. It snaked it’s
way over his tongue.

“I knew it! I always knew it, Caleb. I always knew you were a faggot
cocksucker! Didn’t I tell you guys?” Mark shouted this to the whole room.

Caleb tried to protest. “I’m not….I never….” He mumbled, but his mouth
was full of cock!

“Take your time, Caleb. Enjoy it. You’ll be sucking all of us from now on,
on a regular basis. Get used to it, baby. You’ll be cleaning all of our
dicks and balls and asses every fucking night from now on. CLEANING US WITH
YOUR TONGUE! Did you ever suck ass, Caleb? I bet you’ll love it. ”

Caleb tried to protest, he really did. But what could he do? He had eight
inches of dick in his mouth and down his throat, with another two inches
still outside!

“Hey, Cocklicker!” Caleb stiffened as he left the shower stall. There at
the end of the aisle of lockers, standing next to Caleb’s gym locker was
Mark and three of his buddies. Caleb grabbed his towel off the rack and
wrapped it around his slender waist. Two of mark’s buddies were wearing
jock straps, but Mark and one of his friends were totally naked. Caleb’s
eyes went immediately down to Mark’s obscenely thick dick and massive
balls. Mark stood there smiling. Caleb remembered how he had had to lick
the dick in front of a bunch of guys. It had been the worst moment of his
young life. A defining moment. He had not only licked the dick, which was
what the loser of the bet was required to do, but for some odd reason, when
Mark had told him to, he had sucked the dick. He had sucked a guy’s cock in
front of a bunch of other young men! He had become a cocksucker as well as
a dick licker! And Caleb thought of himself as totally straight. How could
this have happened? Caleb was terribly confused.

“Cocklicker, come here a minute.” Mark crooked a finger in Caleb’s
direction. With his other hand he reached down to scratch his heavy nuts,
causing them to swing in their sack.

Caleb, hurried down the aisle of lockers, various college dudes turning to
look at the young man who had been called a cocklicker. After all, lot’s
of horny college boys would be in the market for a cocklicker and sucker to
help drain their always sloshy teenage balls. In this new enlightened age,
straight boys who fuck girls on a regular basis might still want an
occasional dick suck from a faggot.

“How you doing, Cocklicker?” Mark said loudly with a huge grin.

“Shut the fuck up. Do you want everyone to hear? Of course you do. Stupid
question. But that wasn’t part of the deal. I lost, and I paid my debt.”

“Oh, baby, you more than paid it. You not only licked my dick, you sucked
it until I shot my fuckload all over your pretty face!” Mark laughed and
his buddies joined him. What could Caleb say? it was true. He had sucked
his schoolmate’s dick. Mark had unloaded all over his face. He had knelt
there with gobs of sperm clinging to his nose and cheeks and lips.

“Whatever! I did whatever, but now it’s over. So knock off the name

“I’ve got no problem with that, dude. I respect you. You paid your
debt. And it was one of the best cock sucks I have ever gotten. Man, you
should give lessons to the cunts here on campus.” The jock thugs laughed
again. Caleb blushed and parts of his near naked body turned pink.

“Whatever! Just leave me alone.” He opened his locker and wanted to get
dressed, but the totally naked Mark put one large foot up on the bench
between the lockers, and his massive fuckmeat swung and wobbled.

“As I said, Caleb, I got no problem with you. But my buddies here…well,
that’s another matter. You see, if you remember, they took lots of photos
of you with their cameras. They’ve got scads of photos of you licking my
dick and nuts and then sucking my cock. They’ve even got some with your
face covered in cum! And the question is, what happens to the photos?”

Now Caleb grew pale. His smooth young body grew cold and pale. He stood
there frozen, the white wet towel slung around his slender hips. “You can’t
do anything with those photos. I’ll go to the police. That was never part
of the bet.”

“First, Cocklicker, we know you won’t go to the police. I’ll bet your
family would love the scandal. Your little brother and sister would get off
on that! Second, like I said, I got no problem with you. Oh, while you were
slurping on my leaking fucker, I said shit about you sucking all of us, but
you know that was just Fuck Talk. Dudes do that when they get horny. You
should hear the crap i say to the cunt’s I am fucking. But my buddies
picked up on it, and some of them have been hankering for a good faggot
cock suck. Well, I talked them out of that, cause I am your good buddy,
right? But some of them still want to send some nice pictures of you out to
other dudes and cunts around campus. ”

Caleb felt his skin grow icy and prickly. At the same time, fear sweat
dripped from his just washed armpits. Then Mark casually reached out and
whipped the towel from around Caleb’s waist, leaving him as naked as his
enemy. Caleb’s dick was big, but not quite as big as Mark’s. There may
have been a time when they were teens when Caleb’s fuckmeat was larger, but
Mark had passed him up in the cock department in recent years. I guess,
anyone except a true student of dick would have said they were about the
same. But you see, there was this constant rivalry between the two. Mark
would actually have bragged that his dick was growing in both length and
thickness because of all the excessive fucking he did!

“Look, Caleb. I try to control my guys, you know I do. Our bet was all in
good-natured fun. But these dudes…well, you know how jocks get. Some of
them even want to send cocksucking photos of you to your mom and dad and
your minister and so on. they’re nuts.”

“You cant do this!” Caleb spoke through clenched teeth, as his hands made

Mark smiled. “That’s what I said to them. You can’t do this! And they
laughed. Caleb, my b*o, they just laughed. They’re uncontrollable a****ls
as far as I am concerned. Anyway, I was able to negotiate with them a
little bit. They want us to make another bet. If I lose the bet, all the
photos are destroyed. You win and your troubles are over. The photos are

Caleb waited for Mark to say more, but the handsome muscular jock just
stood there with a big smile. It was possible that the bully’s fat dick
grew just a bit from it’s flaccid state.

“And…and what if I lose?” Caleb asked finally, his voice squeaky and
hoarse from tension. Caleb reached for his towel, but Mark held it out of

“Well, here’s the deal. The guys wanted to up the ante a bit, since the
photos are at stake. So, if you lose the bet, you have to lick and suck my

“Are you nuts? That is the sickest thing I ever heard.”

Mark grinned. “Actually some of my girlfriend’s think my hole is pretty
tasty. And truth be told, I love nothing better in the world than getting
my ass eaten. And besides, you might win. You lost last time, so the odds
are in your favor. You win and your troubles are over. You lose and you
just have to lick a little more. What do you say?”

Caleb was trapped. What could he do? And he might win. He might! He stood
there, staring Mark in the eyes for a long time. Mark looked so damned
superior. Caleb had always thought of himself as equal to anyone. Now, he
wasnt’ so sure. Suddenly the strangest thing happened. He seemed to
remember the taste of Mark’s fat dick. The taste of the fuckmeat filled his
saliva filled mouth. What the fuck was happening to this college boy?
Suddenly Caleb remembered licking up and down the thick veiny cockshaft. He
remembered licking the leaking dickhead. And Mark had gotten off on
it. Mark had loved every minute of it. What normal healthy straight jock
wouldn’t get off on having another supposedly straight dude suck his dick?

There is Power there. Power and Control! Caleb looked down at Mark’s
thick, now slightly bobbing fuckmeat. Some pre-fuck juice was forming at
the piss slit.

“What do you say, Dude? Is the bet on?”

Slowly, swallowing the saliva in his mouth, Caleb nodded.

“Way to Go! And who knows, even if you lose, you might like the taste of
my asshole just as much as you enjoyed sucking my dick!”

Mark”s eyes twinkled merrily, and he gave one of his most seductive crooked
smiles. It was a smile that charmed the cunts every time. You’d be amazed
at how many times Mark had scored because of his smile alone. Mark smiled
in some near campus bar, and chicks offered their tits, their pussies,
anything he wanted. And mark took. He was especially rough with a girl’s
tits. He liked to bite the nipples hard. He preferred cunt with large
aureoles and perky titty tips.

But that was not why Mark was smiling today. He was smiling because that
arrogant little male bitch Caleb had just agreed to a bet…WITHOUT EVEN

How stupid can a fucking dude be? Well, to be fair, Caleb had been under
quite a bit of stress of late. You see, the twenty-one year old college boy
had just recently become a cocklicker.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Caleb was straight. One hundred percent straight,
but he had lost this bet, you see, and so, he had had to pay his debt. The
loser had to lick the dick of the winner.

Caleb had done so in front of a bunch of cheering college dudes. But
something strange had happened. Just why it had happened, or even exactly
what had happened was a mystery to cute young Caleb. While he was licking
Mark’s big wet dick, he had begun to suck it! I know this sounds bizarre,
outrageous, and there are some of you who will assert that Caleb was a
“closet queen.” Some of you will insist that any dude who sucks a dick is
secretly at least bi-sexual and at most a flaming faggot. Caleb worried
about this himself in the days following the bet. Why had he sucked Marks’
cock like some lame dick hungry cunt? Caleb was certain he was not gay. He
had never lingered in the gym shower to let his eyes roam over the dangling
dicks and balls of the other men. He had never been part of a teenage
circle jerk. He had never perused gay sites on the internet. NO! He was
straight. What was it then that had caused him not only to lick Mark’s fat
fuckmeat and huge dangling nuts, but to suck the dick until Mark had shot a
huge load all over Caleb’s face.

Some of you may suspect that Mark was a natural submissive, and that Mark’s
natural Alpha Male qualities had worked their magic on the boy. Perhaps
this was part of it. At any rate, giving a fellow schoolmate a blow job in
front of a room full of dudes, it turns out, wasn’t the worst thing by
far. NO! The other guys had taken out their phones and filmed and taken
photos of Caleb sucking dick! Caleb with a big dick in his full lipped
young straight male mouth. Caleb slobbering over the swollen, leaking cock
of his long time competitor and enemy, Mark.

And now, Caleb, in a futile attempt to get the photos and movies of his
cocksucking deleted, had fallen into a second bet. If he won the bet, The
guys would delete the incriminating evidence and not mail it out to chicks
and dudes across the campus. If he lost…if he lost, he had to LICK
MARK’S BARE ASS! Clearly, Caleb was not thinking clearly. He was just
digging a deeper hole for himself, and this hole might turn out to be a
MALE ASSHOLE! Caleb didn’t even consider losing. So hungry was he to get
rid of the cocksucking photos, that he plunged into the second bet, without
even knowing what the bet was concerned with.

“Wait a minute, Mark, what are we betting on?” a suddenly anxious Caleb
asked as Mark and his buddies began to walk away.

The guys laughed, and Mark turned around, cunt winning smile broader than
ever. “You’ll find out tomorrow. I promise it will be a fair and equal
bet. Tomorrow in the dorm common room at noon! If you are not there…an
awful lot of cunts and dudes are going to be seeing very intimate photos of
your licking skills!” The guys laughed and walked away.

Caleb tried to relax. He called some girls he was trying to score with, but
he didn’t feel chatty. He had a pizza and a few beers at a campus eatery,
and then he returned to his room. Now, I should remind you that our boy
Caleb was hot. Most campus cunts and more than a few dudes got aroused just
looking at or hanging around him. He had no need for this stupid bet.

He had simply let Mark and his boasting get to him. On his way to his room,
a really pretty young girl came right out and asked him if he wanted his
dick sucked. Caleb was so deep in thought, he barely noticed her. “Faggot!”
she snapped at his refusal as he walked by. Terrible thoughts kept racing
through the young stud’s mind. Thoughts about guys and girls all over
campus seeing photos of him licking Mark’s massive dick. Why the fuck had
he done it? Why had he allowed himself to be duped into that stupid bet in
the first place? And now here he was facing a second bet…and not even
knowing what he was betting on! It could be anything for Christ’s sake. Any
stupid thing at all. Knowing Mark, it would be some ridiculous thing aimed
at showing who was the better Man, the most Manly Male. Mark was into that
kind of thing, always trying to prove his superiority. He remembered one
time in high school, Mark and some of the jocks had this really stupid game
going, in which Caleb who was a decent sort would not participate. They got
some faggot freshman boy naked in the locker room, and then Mark and two
other jocks had taken turns slapping the faggot’s face with their hard
dicks…trying to see who could leave the reddest mark on the k**’s face by
slapping it with their hard fuckers. Caleb had made them stop and
threatened to turn them in. So in their eyes, Caleb was some kind of faggot
loving, fun wrecking, goodie-goodie boy! That was one reason why it was so
refreshing to Mark to see Caleb on his hands and knees, licking a wet,
swollen, pulsing prick!

Caleb threw himself on his bed and drifted off to sleep. Later, he snacked
and did some schoolwork. He showered and went to be early, not able to get
his mind off the impending bet.

He woke several times during the night. Once, he masturbated, shooting a
huge load into a pair of dirty underwear, which he then tossed into the
dirty clothes hamper. It might have been nervous exhaustion, but he slept
until nine-thirty. He was still lying naked in bed, gently fingering his
morning hard on, when he heard the “ping” of his laptop, indicating that he
had gotten mail. He reached down onto the floor to retrieve his laptop, and
when he opened it, he saw a mail from someone he didn’t know. He clicked it
open, and there in front of him was a photo of the most beautiful young
girl he had ever seen. Not only was she fresh and innocent, but she was
young! Quite young! And she was naked. She smiled at him in the photo

She leaned back, thrusting out her perky still small, young breasts, as if
begging him to suck on the large erect nipples.She spread her legs, showing
a perfectly shaped completely hairless pulsing young cunt.

Quicker than you can say “Jack Daniels” Caleb was beating his male
fuckmeat! He fisted his thickening fucker and pounded away. He had no idea
who the sender was, but he was eternally grateful. He was determined to
save this photo in his file of Hot Chicks. Before long, Caleb had a
shattering orgasm. His college boy spunk shot from his pisshole like
champagne from a decorked bottle. Caleb laughed gleefully at the power of
his orgasm and the size of his spilled cum-load. He came so hard his loins
ached. He collapsed on the bed, covered in his sperm. When he came around,
he padded to the bathroom, retrieved a towel and mopped up the lake of cum
on the bedsheet. He was just about to head into the shower when…”Ping!”
he heard his computer alert him once again. A different email addres, but
one he also did not recognize. He opened the mail to reveal…”Holy Jesus!”
he shouted. There in all her teenage glory was a photo of an even younger
girl than the first one. This cunt was blond. She thrust her tongue between
her lips seductively. Her fingers spread her bald pussy lips apart.

Being a healthy, normal, sex crazed male college student, Caleb felt a need
to study further this luscious young teenage model. Who was she, and why
was he getting these girlie photos? And from whom? Two dick jerking
beauties! Two cock hungry young sluts. Caleb’s hand stayed once again to
his still partially swollen, meaty dick. He knew he should get ready for
The Bet. He knew he should not linger over cunt photos, but a boy’s will is
weak when it comes to sex. So he grabbed his pulsing prick and began to
beat it once again. It was still quite sensitive from the previous jerk
off, so delicious ripples coursed through his body as he yanked on his
young male fuck meat. His toes curled and his body strained. There were
times, he feared he would not be able to shoot another load. His dick felt
worn out, but he would look at the spread pussy in the photo, and his
fucker would give a lurch and pre-fuck would squirt out of the pisshole.

The sight of a young college boy masturbating naked on his bed is a lovely
thing. Poems have been written about it. “Pulsing, pounding Prick leading
him on,

A journey toward another
little death.

Asking, nay, demanding it’s
release From the hard toned, smooth skinned athlete body.

Back arching, as the hand
seeks to flay the skin from the dick.

A wild yearning to destroy the
boy controlling fucker,

The tail that wags the dog. So
Flog the Hog!

Pound on, young Prince, until
the well is dry ,

And heaving pecs are all
that’s left Of the once proud prick controlled jock..

Rest now, Cock, until the
thirsty urge once more takes

Your boy body prisoner. ”

Caleb shot another load, this one not much more than a mere trickle of
sperm, his first blast having been so great. He lay on top the sperm soaked
sheets, throwing his head from side to side in after glow. Where the fuck
had these photos come from? He glanced over at the clock. It was
eleven-thirty! He hopped to his feet, reeled from the heady aftermath of
the second jerk off, and padded to the bathroom. The hot shower helped
enormously. Still, his lower gut ached from the power of the fuck
blasts. He couldn’t recall ever having had such earth-shattering
orgasms. Whomever send those photos, certainly knew the kind of cunt that
turned Caleb on.

He dressed quickly, took a bite of a day old muffin, brushed his teeth and
hurried to the dorm common room. Mark and about ten other college dudes
were waiting for him.

“Ha!” Mark laughed, “We thought you might crap out on us! Good Boy,
Caleb. You have earned my respect!” Sure! Like Caleb needed Mark’s
worthless respect!

“So, what’s this stupid bet. Let’s get this over with!” Caleb may have
acted tough, but he was nervous and scared, you could tell from the way he
bounced from foot to foot.

“All right, Caleb, we’ll get right to it. Remember , if you win, we delete
all photos of you licking my fuckmeat. If you lose, you have to continue
licking. You have to lick my ass and asshole!

I need not tell you that there are few things in life a dude likes more
than getting his asshole licked! I sometimes think it’s better than
fucking…feeling a tongue swipe back and forth against your shithole!
Well, let’s get to it then. First for this bet, we have to both get
naked. I do hope, especially after the last bet, you are not nervous about
stripping down in front of a bunch of guys?” The college boys in the room
laughed. Caleb was nervous. He was scared. He didn’t enjoy being bare assed
in front of other dudes. He was not one of those jocks like Mark, who
strutted naked around the locker room playing grab ass with the other
athletes, his huge dangling dick swinging back and forth slapping his
thighs. Caleb certainly didn’t mind showing a cute girl his own ample
equipment, but why prance around dick and balls swinging in front of other

Mark pulled off his tee shirt, kicked off his trainers, opened his jeans
and peeled them down his muscular legs. He wore no underwear. His fucker
seemed already swollen. The dickhead looked angry and slightly pink. The
long thick flesh tube contained some thick veins. The fuckmeat hung over a
low slung scrotal bag, filled with two nuts the size of hard boiled eggs.

“Remember this, Caleb? Remember your old friend? Remember the taste and
the smell of it?”

“Fuck YOU!” Caleb snapped peeling down his own jeans. But he did! He did
remember the smell and taste of the larger boy’s fucker. It was like he
couldn’t quite ever get the dick taste out of his mouth, no matter how many
times he brushed and gargled.

“Ha ha! Remember how you only had to lick it, but instead, you sucked me
off? Man, that was one of the best cocksucks I ever had.” Mark stood there
totally naked, legs spread, dick starting to pulse. He shook his muscles to
loosen up. Caleb was naked now except for his blue boxer briefs. He looked
around the room at the ten leering jocks. He knew this whole thing was
totally sick, and he would have given almost anything to get out of it. He
peeled down his briefs and stepped out of them. His own meat was a bit
shriveled from the two recent masturbation sessions and the one he had had
the previous night. He had cum three times in a matter of a few hours. He
wished now that he had not done so, because his dick always hung thicker
and longer when he had not shot a load for a day or so. He gave a tug to
his dick to get it to at least hang out a bit, but Mark didn’t miss seeing
that, and he laughed and pointed.

“A little wrinkled and wormy this morning, aren’t we? ” The guys in the
room laughed and some of them applauded. Caleb felt just terrible. He
actually felt sick to his stomach.

“Okay, Mark…what is the fucking bet. Let’s get to it.” The guys in the
room began to snap photos. How utterly stupid of Caleb to tall into this
obvious trap. More photos. More leverage!

He was almost diving into a hole from which he would not be able to
extricate himself. Did he subconsciously want this? His breathing grew
heavy. His tired sex depleted dick wobbled like a caterpillar crawling
across a leaf. He wanted to turn his back on the guys in the room, but
they were everywhere. Mark stood proudly, hands on his hips, magnificent
fucker seemingly half hard.

“All right then, here’s the bet. We thought we’d keep it simple! Take this
drinking glass. Now, we each simply jerk off and shoot our loads into the
drinking glass. The dude who shoots the biggest load wins! It will prove
which one of us is the better Man!”

Then, too late, it dawned on him. He had been tricked. The emails of the
cunts were sent by Mark or one of his cronies! They had guessed he couldn’t
resist beating off to those pictures.

They had stacked the deck against him. Who knows how many days Mark had
gone without unloading his fat nuts. Who knows how much dick sauce he had
built up? But if Caleb didn’t go along with the bet, photos of him sucking
dick would go out on the internet. The room began to spin around the poor
boy. He felt heady, like he had felt when he shot his second load that

“Well, any time you’re ready, get to beating that pud of yours! Remember
the bigger load wins.” Still smiling that killer smile, muscular Mark
lowered one large hand to his groin, encircled his thick fucker and began
to slowly pump. He put his other hand up to his well toned pec and began to
gently pinch one puffy nipple. Then, as if to be showy to his buddies, he
lifted one foot and placed it on the seat of a chair, so that his legs
spread and his balls swung as he masturbated. Caleb stood there frozen,
his dick shriveled still more.

“Oh yeah, Caleb, if for some reason, you can’t get off, you lose! I have
the strongest feeling, Caleb, my friend, that you are about to become an

Caleb was naked and on his knees facing the smooth, muscular ass
of fellow college student Mark. Caleb had lost the bet. The second bet. Not
only would he now not get the obscene photos of him licking dick back, but
as a loser, he had to lick Mark’s ass. That’s right. that had been the
bet. whomever shot the least cum had to lick the ass of the other dude.

Caleb had been tricked into losing. How stupid not to have realized
something was wrong when he got those filthy emails and had jerked off to
them. While mark had masturbated his fat dick until a huge spray of fuck
filled the entire bottom of the glass, young Caleb had produced barely a
trickle. And now he had to pay the consequences in front of a room filled
with lauging college boys.

Mark was in his glory. he strutted around the lounge totally
naked with his half hard fuckmeat and low hanging balls swinging. He was so
fucking proud of himself as a man, he had no qualms about showing off to
other dudes. It seemed like he was always the last one in the locker room
to dress. He carried on long conversations about cunt or sports totally
naked, even reaching down now and again to finger his meaty fucker or
nutsack. Everybody knew about Mark’s fuck record with the chicks. So did
many of the girls at the near by high school where Mark like to do his
cruising. Now, in the dorm lounge, he did a kind of victory lap, muscled
arms raised in the air, that killer smile on his face, fucker swinging,
while young Caleb also naked, knelt with his head hanging. He now had to
face the penalty for losing. But how could he? How in Heaven’s name could
he pay his debt? He was a normal, healthy All-American boy.

Mark spun on the balls of his feet and faced the kneeling college boy. “Are
you ready? Are you ready to pay the penalty for losing? Are you ready to
lick my ass?”

WHY? Why had he agreed to such a stupid bet in the first place? Second
place! First he had lost another bet and had been forced to lick Mark’s
dick. It had been the most humiliating moment of his entire young life. It
was more humiliating than when his high school buddies had thrown him as a
prank, naked into the Girls’ Locker Room. Thirty half dressed girls had
seen his dick and balls. But hell, that turned out all right, didn’t it? He
had gotten lots of dates and lots of decent fucks from the event. His big
dick became famous around the high school.

But how could this humiliation turn out positive? There was no positive
side to this. Mark and his buddies still had photos of Caleb licking dick
and balls.

It wasn’t just the dick and nutsack licking that had gotten him in this
mess, it was the unexplainable fact that when he was licking Mark’s
fuckmeat and sack, Caleb had seemed to enthusiastically get into the
act. He had put Mark’s dickhead right into his mouth and even sucked a
little bit. A lot actually. He had sucked dick! Why had he sucked dick?
Caleb could not for the life of him explain it. It was like Mark’s superior
attitude had taken over. Young Caleb actually felt submissive to the other
college jock. As Mark;s big fat sweaty fucker grew and leaked, Caleb became
more and more submissive in his licking, until it had turned to sucking.

And now he was labelled a “cocksucker!” That wasn’t true, of course.
Caleb had sucked dick, that much was true, but he was not a dicksucker. At
least in his head, having sucked one dick once did not make him a
“cocksucker.” Cocksucker, dicksucker, such ugly terms. So demeaning. IN
these days of Gay Equality, one ought not feel bad about being a
cocksucker, but still, Caleb felt it somehow a slur against his
manhood. But Hell, if licking and sucking a dick had demeaned him, how
would he feel about having to lick a dude’s ass?

“Well, should we get to it? My asshole feels kind of itchy!” Mark said with
a nasty grin, and the boys in the room roared with laughter.

“Go to the bathroom and shower first!” Caleb said. The words barely came
out, his mouth was so dry.

Mark wrinkled his cute nose and his grin became larger. “I don’t recall any
part of the bet saying the winner had to clean his ass before the ass
licking. Do You?” The room erupted in more laughter. “In fact, I just came
from a good sweaty gym workout!”

Caleb felt sick to his stomach. He feared he might vomit in front of the
guys. That would be the worst thing that could happen. Imagine the ridicule

Mark motioned one of his leering buddies to hand over the chair on which he
was seated. Then spinning the chair around sideways, Mark lifted one large,
well formed jock foot and set it on the chair. this opened the crack of his
muscular ass. “There, now you can really get in there with your tongue!”

The room grew terribly silent. It was like the silence that fills the arena
before a basketball player takes a game deciding free-throw. Mark stood
there with his muscular chest puffed out, one leg raised, foot on the
chair, his magnificent muscular jock ass on display.

Caleb slowly crawled toward the ass. He didn’t get up and walk over for
fear that his legs would give out. He felt as if he might faint at any
moment. He smelled Marks’ sweat before he even got to the other boy. It was
that sweet pungent sweat that comes from a young man after a grueling
sports games or an exhausting workout. Up close, Caleb could see that
Mark’s ass was not devoid of hair entirely. The ass globes contained
countless very tiny, soft hairs…like almost invisible fuzz. And if one
looked closely, one could see that there was longer, darker hair in the ass
crack itself.

“Come on, Caleb, stick your face right in there and chow down! I can’t tell
you how much I love to have my ass licked, and it is so damned hard to find
a cunt who wants to do it. Ask a bitch to lick your ass, and nine times out
of ten, she’ll whimper…’But that’s DIRTY!’ Fuck, of course it’s
dirty…that’s why it’s fun!” Some of the jocks in the room applauded.

Caleb put his face up to the almost glowing sweat slick ass! The strong
sweat smell drove him back. He screwed up his handsome face and looked down
at the floor. He was sure he was going to be sick.

“Come on, Caleb, baby…pretend it’s a big old cunt you are about to lick!”
Mark was in his element. The guys in the room idolized the jock.

“Can’t we…can’t there be some other losing penalty?” It was a stupid
request, I know, but Caleb had to try it. He truly wasn’t certain he could
go through with this.

“Of course not! You lost the bet, and now you have to lick my ass!” Mark
sounded quite cheerful. He arched his back and wiggled his ass at
Caleb. The guys busted a gut, laughing, and then grew silent once again as
the trembling boy brought his handsome young face up close to the smooth
slick ass cheeks.

Caleb bit the bullet. He began to lick the ass cheeks. He licked sweat off
the ass cheeks. The globes rolled and bounced under the administration of
the boy’s tongue. Caleb hoped that if he gave the other boy’s ass cheeks a
really good licking, that might fulfill the conditions of the bet! Foolish

“You fucking stupid Twat! Stop playing around and get your tongue into my
ass crack,” Mark barked, growing impatient.

The smell was strong! Strong isn’t a strong enough word. The smell of the
ass was overwhelming. Again, that sickly sweet after-workout sweat smell.
Caleb trembled. He made his hands into fists, leaned forward and plunged
his face in between the cheeks of Mark’s hot ass! He sc****d his tongue up
the ass crack from bottom to top. Once, twice, three times. Sweat gathered
on his tongue. As his tongue moved over the asshole itself, he felt the
raised ridge of the ass lips. Mark was pushing out. Pushing out like a
dude did when he took a dump! Caleb licked the ass crack again.

“Enough with the crack…lick the asshole! Get your tongue up into my
asshole!” Mark yelled. Caleb was about to, for the first time in his life,
lick the asshole of another dude! It changes you. It makes you into
something else. Something worse even than a cocksucker. It makes you into
an ass licker! How many straight dudes can boast that they licked the
asshole of another guy? Caleb’s tongue worked it’s way through the sweat
slick asshole hair. He felt the picker with the tip of his tongue. He
flicked his tongue back and forth over the asshole pucker.

“Oh yeah…he’s licking my asshole guys! The fucking faggot is licking my
asshole!” Mark shouted to the other guys in the room, and the cheers that
erupted could be heard in the adjoining corm buildings. Mark pushed back
with his ass, the muscular cheeks engulfing poor Caleb’s face.

“Now, come on, Caleb baby, be a good boy. Stick your tongue up my shithole!
Get your tongue as far up my shithole as you can!”

“Thathhhs noaa par ohhh the beeeeth!” Caleb tried to protest, but his
tongue was wedging itself between Mark’s tight, ass lips!

“Get your fucking tongue up my asshole, Shitface!” One of the other jocks
in the room rushed over and held Caleb’s head deep into Mark’s ass! Caleb
had trouble breathing. He had to try to lift his head to get what little
air he could. He face was mashed into Mark’s ass! He had no choice. His
tongue forced its way into Mark’s asshole. He could feel the soft wet

“That a boy, Caleb. That’s a good boy! Get that tongue way up my rectum!
Oh Guys, you need to try this. This faggot’s got a tongue made for ass
licking! Come on Caleb, you can get that tongue deeper! Oh Christ, that
feels good!”

Mark’s thick dick was once again fully hard. It stood out proudly from the
boy’s groin and now and again reared up to slap his belly. Caleb worked his
tongue in and out of the other boy’s ass. When he tried to pull back, the
college boy holding his head, allowed him a slight bit of air, and then
pushed his face deeper into the jock ass.

“Yeah, lick the inside of my asshole. Get it real clean!” Then Mark
suddenly pulled away, his hard fuckmeat leaking all over. Caleb thought it
was over. He had paid his debt!

“Wait a minute. We need to get you a better angle.” He grabbed Caleb by the
neck and pushed the boy down onto the floor. “Lay on your back…” he
ordered. And then, like it was the most natural thing in the world, he
squatted down over Caleb’s face. He squatted down like he was taking a dump
in the woods, his big sweaty balls dr****g Caleb’s chin and neck, and he
planted his asshole on Caleb’s now wet face. “Here you go, Faggot, now you
can get what you want. Now you can get that tongue way up my shithole!”
The guys in the room went nuts.

Caleb was smothered by ass! He felt Mark’s dick dripping on his chest. He
saw no light, he smelled nothing but jock ass, he tasted only rectal sweat!
Mark grunted and ground his ass around on the boys face. “Come on Caleb get
that tongue up there. And while you are at it, use your lips to suck on my
ass! SUCK MY ASS, CALEB!” Caleb sensed that some of the guys were taking
photos of his ass licking. But what could he do? Now they had two sets of
photos with which to blackmail him! He just wanted it over with. He began
to suck on the jock’s asshole, still thrusting his tongue deep into the
inner rectum.

“That’s it. That’s it! Oh, he’s sucking my ass now, boys! This faggot is
sucking my asshole really good! This boy was born to suck ass. I think he
should be the official Dorm Ass Sucker!”

Caleb’s mind was a blur He was sucking ass. He was an Ass Sucker! He was a
Cocksucker and and Ass Sucker. What had happened to him? What had he turned
into? He lay there on the floor slurping on the asshole of another college
jock! It was the dirtiest thing that a person could do…wasn’t it? And
then, Caleb had a horrifying realization. HIS DICK WAS HARD! Yes, his own
dick was as hard as Mark’s was. His own dick was hard and leaking. Pre-fuck
ran down the dick stalk and soaked the public hair.

One of the guys in the room bellowed….”Look Mark, the faggot has a boner!
He’s got a boner from licking and sucking your ass!” Suddenly Mark stood
and turned around. He gave his massively thick dick a few tugs, and the
fucker shot it’s load all over Caleb’s face! The ass licker’s face was
covered with ass sweat and cum. thick gobs of fucksauce ran across the
boy’s nose cheeks and lips. The guys in the room cheered wildly. Caleb lay
there gulping in air, semen seeping between his lips, into his mouth. cum
clogged his nose and sealed his eyes shut. He began to cry. He began to
cry, but his dick was rock hard and dripping. WHY? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HIM?
He rolled over and cum dripped from his face onto the floor.

Mark strutted around the room, his big dick dripping. He was the champ!
Caleb tasted nothing but ass! Would he ever get the taste of male ass out
of his mouth?

“Well, Caleb, buddy, you paid your debt. You did a good job too. That was
the best ass licking and eating I ever had. Once again, you went further
than you had to. When you had to lick my dick…you sucked it. When you had
to lick my ass, you ate it like a pro! Shit, I would love to have my ass
eaten like that every day! That is how I would love to be awakened in the
morning…a nice tongue up my asshole! But we still have a problem, don’t
we, Caleb. The problem is this. We have two sets of rather compromising
photos of you. My buddies insist on sending those photos out to all the
chicks and dudes on campus, and some of them even want to send them to your
Daddy, so he can see what you are up to at school! But never fear…I am
going to give you a chance to get them back. Let’s make a bet, shall we?
And if you win…we delete all the photos!”

Caleb, his face slick with ass sweat and coated with gobs of sperm looked
up at Mark. “And if I lose?”

Caleb now knew that the “bets” were rigged for him to have a disadvantage,
but what could he do about it. His only hope was for him to win one of the
bets, or for his enemies to tire of the stupid game and to move on to other
things and leave him alone. Cute young Caleb knew that after a while, a
Bully will seek some new poor subject to torment. He also knew that he had
to somehow get those compromising photos of himself deleted.

Did Caleb ever question his own actions? Did he ever consider that perhaps
he was a submissive type of person, the kind who unknowingly attracted
dominant bully types? Was this really all his own fault? He beat himself up
mentally for ever agreeing to that first bet. He loathed what he had been
forced to do. He loathed the fact that he had licked another dude’s dick
and balls and ass. His mouth had been on Mark’s ball sack and his tongue
had been up Mark’s asshole. Would he ever get over the personal shame and
humiliation? Was he “Marked” even if he escaped from the abuse?

“Don’t worry, Faggot,” Mark said with a smile, “this new bet gives us both
an equal chance to win. I always want to be fair.” The ten college boys in
the room laughed at that, as all of the bets thus far had been somehow
“rigged” so that Caleb would lose. One of the guys produced a long piece of
leather string about the width of a shoelace. Mark took it and smiled, and
then he tied one end of the leather tightly around his huge dick and full
ball sack, making it stand out even more than it normally did. Mark had one
of those dicks and ball sets that just naturally pushed out forward, so
that even in trousers, his junk was always quite visible. Girls loved his
masculine jock dick lump. Now with the leather tied around it, the dick and
sack looked obscene. Caleb could have kicked himself for staring at it.
Mark passed the other end of the leather sting to Caleb. “Here, tie this
tightly around your dick and nuts.”

“What kind of bet is this?” Caleb asked, but when he got no answer from his
opponent, he tied the strong leather band around his own chunky cock and
full young scrotum. There they stood, with about four feet of leather
connecting each of them to the genitals of the other. Then one of the jocks
stepped forward and drew a chalk mark on the tiled floor on which they
stood barefoot.

“Okay, we’re going to have a simple tug-o-war! Using only our dicks and
balls. The dude who drags the other guy across the line, wins. Simple as
that. We’re about the same size and weight, and although I am a bit more
muscular than you are and my dick is probably a bit larger, you have a good
chance of winning this!”

Caleb looked down at his tightly bound fuckmeat and sack. This was going to
hurt…no way around that. But it was going to hurt both of them
equally. He did indeed have a good chance. Caleb had strong legs and
powerful thighs. It boiled down to whichever guy could stand the pain in
his dick and nuts. It was another stupid college boy prank type game…but
Caleb knew he had to win.

“Beer anyone?” One of the watching jocks shouted, and ten hands went
up. He began to pass out cups of beer from a keg in the corner of the
room. This was going to be quite an event.

Rich, the guy who was going to act as referee for the contest stood at the
chalk mark and placed Caleb and Mark an equal distance from it on each
side. Rich was a thick set jock, dressed in only small white briefs. His
meat formed a lump in the front of the underpants. His chest was pretty
massive and his pecs sported two abnormally large nipples. On a young man
with less powerfully formed pecs the tits would have looked feminine and
“cunty,” but on his sculpted chest, they looked impressive. Rich’s hair was
cropped short and he had a handsome but slightly bulldog face. He was the
kind of dude you just didn’t mess with! If you were a cunt, he was the
kind of dude who left you with more than a few black and blue marks on your
body and a stretched open pussy that ached for days. Rich was all “Man!”

“Okay, you two…on the count of three! One…two…” At just that
moment, Alex, a short slender swimmer walked by bearing two cups of
beer. He seemed to trip in slow motion, sending the beer splashing down
onto the floor right in front of Caleb! The guys roared with laughter.

“That’s not fair…I’ll slip on the beer…somebody wipe it…..” Young
Caleb’s protests were drowned out by the roar of the guys in the room and
Rich shouting “THREE…GO!”

Caleb had no time to consider how this contest too had obviously been
rigged for him to lose. Mark stepped back, stretching his ball sack and
dick our horizontally. The leather string grew taut, and Caleb felt a hard
tug on his own meat and fucksack. His body began to move toward the chalk
mark. He pulled back hard and felt extreme pain in his scrotum. His large
nuts were squeezed into the very bottom of the fleshy bag. His toes however
touched the puddle of beer and began to slide along the floor toward the
half-way point. Caleb let out a scream and pulled back harder. Mark
grunted and pushed his muscular ass back to cause his genitals to move and
yank Caleb’s body. Caleb’s feet were now in the beer, and he had no
purchase at all on the tiled floor. He slid toward the chalk mark. He
leaned his body backward and mark groaned in pain as his own nuts were
horribly stretched. Then, Caleb’s feet slid out from under him and he
crashed down to the wet floor on his naked ass.

Let me tell you, there were more than a few full leaking erections in the
roomful of jocks watching the contest. Rich’s eight inch prick pushed out
the front of the small white briefs, and a wet spot stained the pristine
white material. Some college boys leak more than others, and Rich was a
“Leaker!” Slime began to hang in long strings from the soaked material of
the white briefs. Some of it ran down his muscular leg and clung to the
hair. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the stretched dicks and ballsacks
of the two suffering jocks. But Mark had a dry floor to work with, while
poor Caleb was now sliding around on his ass, his cock and nuts stretched
grotesquely from his body. Caleb’s ass began to slide toward the chalk mark
line. If his toes crossed over the line, he was the loser. He lifted his
legs and brought them back over his head, so his legs would not cross the
line. He was now on his back, being pulled by the cock and balls nearer and
nearer. The uproar of male shouting in the room was deafening. Several of
the guys were masturbating themselves. Mark, still on his feet grunted and
stepped backward, one painful step at a time. He was dragging Caleb’s body
across the beer slick tiles by the cock and balls. Caleb screamed bloody
murder at the pain in his dick and nuts. And then…he was over the chalk
and had lost the bet! Just like that! He lay on the floor sucking in air,
his chest pounding, his balls and dick feeling half-torn from his body,
while mark raised both hands in victory.

“It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair…” sobbed Caleb, making a total pussy of
himself in front of the jocks. Rich with his leaking erection pushing out
the front of his underpants kicked Caleb with one naked foot.

“It was totally fair. Are you calling me an unfair judge?” As I said, you
didn’t cross Rich. The room erupted in angry shouts. Everyone seemed
against poor, young Caleb. “Wait….wait guys. If Caleb thinks it was
unfair…let’s give him another chance. Bring out the glasses of beer.”
Caleb knew all of this was planned, but he was now grasping for straws. He
needed somehow to win.

Mark untied the leather from his genitals. They looked even more bloated
and angry. His dick and nuts were red and swollen. “Caleb, I am going to
give you a second chance. But if you lose, I warn you, the debt you will
have to pay is quite extreme! You see before you two huge glasses of
beer. We each select one and chug it until the glass is empty. That’s
it. Except that, one of the glasses is filled with beer, and the other one
is filled with piss! It is a mixture of piss provided by several of our
fellow classmates. We must both drain our glasses. The dude who picks the
glass of piss, loses!”

What kind of fucking sickness was this? What kind of person drinks the
piss of other guys? Caleb felt sick to his stomach at the very
thought. But what could he do? The poor young man sat on the floor, naked
in the puddle of spilled beer, the leather strap still tight around his own
dick and nuts. “I..I don’t know…I…” He stammered.

Mark said,” It’s your choice, Faggot. Either you pay the penalty now for
losing the tug-0-war, or you try to win with the beer contest.”

Caleb studied the two huge glasses filled with amber liquid. The piss must
have been extremely strong to have such a dark yellow color. Could he beat
Mark? His odds here were fifty-fifty. “Okay…I’ll play!” he managed to
say at last. The guys in the room applauded.

“Okay, great! Now since I won the tug-0-war, I get to pick first. I choose,
glass A.” Mark reached out and took one of the tall glasses. Then he took
the second one and handed it to Caleb. “Okay…let’s chug!”

Both young men brought their glasses to their lips and began to drink the
contents. Caleb knew at once from the smell that his glass contained the
piss! He gagged and piss filled his mouth and backed up into his nose. Piss
from from his nostrils. His eyes grew waters as he tried to chug the glass
of piss. Why didn’t he simply stop and admit defeat? Why did he continue
drinking the urine? Several reasons! The guys in the room were chanting,
“CHUG!” The power and rhythm of the yelling seemed to drive him
on. Somewhere deep inside of himself, he felt that if he finished the
glass, if he pretended it was beer, he might have some chance. How stupid,
you say, but people under stress justify things in strange ways. Or
perhaps it was that Caleb knew inside that he was a submissive, a loser, an
underling. Perhaps he knew he was not as manly as the others in the
room. Maybe he was a dweeb, a sissy. Caleb knew that he loved girls, but
somehow Mark’s constant calling him “Faggot” seemed to get to him. Was
there something wrong with him? Caleb also knew that if he didn’t finish
the large glass of male piss, the photos of him would most likely be sent
out not only across campus, but to his family and friends back home as

So he drank the piss. He forced the vomit that backed up into his mouth
back down, and he gulped down the stinking yellow piss of Rich and some of
the other boys in the room. His shoulders slumped in defeat. His eyes half
closed. He stared at the tile floor, piss coating his lips and dribbling
from his chin.

Mark held up his empty glass. “Well, mine was beer!” he proclaimed, and
the room shook with the cheers of the jocks. Tears ran down Caleb’s cheeks
and mingled with the piss on his lips and chin. His breathing was
labored. He sat there on the tile floor, unable to stand, naked and

“Well, buddy, I’m afraid you lost another bet! So, now you have to pay the
consequences. This consequence could be considered absolutely horrible, or
not very bad at all, depending on your attitude. You have already licked my
dick and balls and ass and had me shoot my load over your face. You already
sucked my dick as a little bonus gift you gave me, and I thank you for
that.” The guys laughed remembering how easy it had been to get Caleb to
go from licking dick to sucking dick. Caleb was a cocksucker! FACT!

Caleb gently shook his head from side to side. He felt so tired, so weak,
so defeated. He felt as if he were nothing!

“So, this consequence is not much different from the ones you have already
had to do. So it could be no big thing for you. You need to choose one of
the bathrooms on one of the dorm floors. It’s your choice…the bathroom on
floor one, two, three, or four. You are to go into the bathroom and into
the shower. You are to go on your hands and knees. And you are to lick the
dicks, balls and asses of anyone you encounter in the shower. You are to
beg them to allow you to wash their dicks and balls and asses with your
tongue. You are to service any dude who comes into the shower for one hour!
If the dude chooses not to have your tongue service, you are to beg him! If
he still refuses, you are to thank him politely and move on to another guy.
Do you understand?” When Caleb didn’t answer, Mark nudged the boy with his
naked toes. “Do you understand?”

“I understand…” croaked Caleb, the taste of piss numbing his lips and
tongue. Caleb chose floor three. Mark dressed and went along to monitor
the action. Caleb was not allowed to dress. He walked down the hallway of
floor three bare assed naked. His chest heaved with tension. Mark laughed
and called it anticipation. When Caleb entered the floor three bathroom, he
heard at once the sound of the shower spray. Someone was in the shower. He
made his way to the shower room. There were enough shower heads for twelve
men to shower at once. At present only two students were washing
themselves. One of them was a slightly overweight k** with a huge fat ass,
and the other was a well built jock type. They were soaping themselves.

“Hey, Dudes….Caleb here lost a bet, and so he has something to ask you!”
Mark shouted over the sound of the cascading water. then he nudged Caleb.

Caleb dropped to his knees and crawled into the shower room. The heavy boy
backed away, totally freaked out, but the jock laughed. Caleb lifted his
head. “May I please lick your dicks and balls and asses for you and clean
them with my tongue?” He asked.

I ask you. If you had been the college boy in the shower…what would you
have done? The fat boy giggled and asked, “For Real????”

Mark smiled. “Absolutely for Real! He is a first class ass licker. He gets
his tongue nice and deep up the shitter!”

As Caleb crawled toward the two boys whom he didn’t even know, he heard a
loud noise behind him. He looked over his trembling shoulder to see all ten
guys who had witnessed the Bets coming naked into the shower. They had all
decided to join the game. Twelve naked men in the shower room, and Mark now
stripped to make it thirteen.

Caleb shook his cute young head in despair! This could not be happening to

“Come on Caleb…tongue out and get LICKING!”

Donald “Buster” Morgan leaned back in his chair and sighed. He was
having a fucking hard time understanding this history stuff. It was so
dense, and Buster himself was a bit dense to boot, so that didn’t help. He
had gotten his nick-name “Buster” back in high school from all the virgin
girls he had “busted” with his enormous cock. He had been the Captain of
the football team two years in a row. Here at college, he was making a name
for himself in sports, but he was struggling to pass the academic portion
of his commitment. Not to worry though, Buster’s coach had promised him
that as long as he did well on the football field, somehow, magically, he
would pass his classes. After all, the coach had a lot invested in
Buster. He had lured the boy to this school by giving him a brand new car,
a healthy stipend, and some delicious quite young cunt to fuck. Too bad
Buster had to live in the school dorms for the first year. It was a school
rule even the coach could not overturn. Next year, a very nice apartment
would sweeten Buster’s deal even more.

Buster slid a bit further forward in his chair, allowing the naked
young man on the floor below him better access to his huge dangling
scrotum. Like the young ball licker beneath him, Buster was totally
naked. Buster had one of those ball sacks that hung low and swung when he
walked. The nuts themselves were the size of hard boiled eggs. Buster
squinted at the World History shit in front of him, some crap about the
British Imperialistic control of China way back in the late eighteen
hundreds, and how this led to what was called the Boxer Rebellion. Buster
had thought this might be interesting because it was all about opium and
d**gs and shit like that, but it was just too fucking dense and boring to
interest him. He raised one naked foot and with his toes nudged the
handsome young man on the floor beneath him to do a better job licking his

Make no mistake, Buster would have preferred to have a young cunt
lapping his ball sack. He was in no way…absolutely no way queer, but
cunts were not allowed in the Boys Dorm. Of course once in a while some
buddies would help to sneak one in, so one or another or sometimes several
of them at once could plow her with their dicks. But if they were caught,
there was hell to pay. So in order to relax, Buster made use of the young
freshman “licker” to ease his tensions. He did not feel awkward or queer
doing this as most of the dudes on the dorm floor, and many on the other
floors as well made use of Caleb the Licker.

Caleb’s wide tongue lapped at the hairy, hanging orbs, so that they
swung gently in their flesh sack. Above the testicle bag, the jock’s
enormous fuckmeat expanded and stretched into erection. Caleb knew that
eventually he would have to lick and then suck the thick veiny dick. Caleb
too sighed. He still had four more jocks to service tonight, and then he
had to do his own homework for classes tomorrow. Not that he was doing at
all well in his schoolwork. He was barely passing. Not the same as the
bright young Caleb who had started the semester with such high hopes.

“Come on, you fucking faggot dweeb, lick those nuts!” Buster
bellowed. “You are doing one shitty job tonight. Put some enthusiasm into
it, or would you like me to report to Mark that you are slacking off?”
Caleb shook his head to bring his mind back around to the job at hand…or
the job at tongue to be more accurate. He lifted one of Buster’s big balls
with his tongue and sucked gently on the nut while his lips worked the
fleshy skin of the ball sack itself. Caleb’s tongue and lips were usually
numb and swollen by the end of the day. He currently serviced ten to
fifteen jocks each evening after classes, and another four or five in the
morning before he left the dorm. He was being blackmailed you see by Mark,
who had been Caleb’s classmate in high school. Mark had it in for Caleb,
and was now taking his sweet revenge. Caleb had lost a series of dumb bets,
and incriminating photos taken of him were now being used to control his
life. But that was not what was chipping away at Caleb’s tortured mind. He
probably could have withstood the abuse. What was gnawing at Caleb was how
quickly he had accepted his submissive role and how he had “gone further
than required” in servicing the hunky jock college boys. He had sucked dick
unbidden. He had been ordered to lick…not ordered to suck! But once the
college jocks had discovered what a compliant cocksucker Caleb was, well of
course they wanted to unload their cum loaded nuts down his throat.

Caleb lifted his head so that his nose became buried in the
fleshy underside of Buster’s ball sack. He inhaled the sweaty sexual stink
of the nutsack, as his tongue lapped harder at the nuggets inside. Abruptly
Buster stood up, the testicles slapping his upper thighs. ” I hate this
fucking History Shit!” he barked, slamming the cover on the book. He
stepped over the naked boy on the floor and threw himself onto his bed. He
popped a pillow behind his head and looked down at Caleb on the
floor. Caleb knelt there naked with his tongue hanging out of his teenage
mouth. He looked like some kind of pet.

“Get on up here and lick my asshole!” the jock snapped, and Caleb
crawled toward the bed. He knew the rules. He knew how to behave. If he
didn’t do it perfectly, he would be punished. If he refused, those photos
of him licking dick and sucking cock would go on line to hundreds of
college students and would also be sent to his parents and friends. The
age of social media has landed more than a few young people in hot water.

Buster spread his strong, meaty, hairy legs. He lifted his
big feet in the air, giving the licker better access to his dark, moist,
hairy asshole. Caleb plunged his cute young face deep into the jock’s
sweaty ass. He extended his trembling tongue as far as he could and began
to lap at the corrugated asshole lips. Buster grunted and lowered his feet
to rest them on the naked boy’s back. Caleb was now totally ensconced with
ass. The muscular ass globes closed around his face, making it difficult to
breath. When Caleb did breath, he sucked in foul smelling sweaty ass
air. He let out an uncontrollable little sob, but continued licking. Next,
he pushed his tongue into the tight asshole ring itself. It was even more
moist on the inside. Some of the asshole hairs got stuck in Caleb’s teeth.
He hated doing this! It would take a long time to get the smell of ass off
of his face and out of his mouth. He fervently hoped that the next jocks he
had to service only want a dick and ball licking or suck. He didn’t mind
so much having to lick sweaty armpits. Most of the jocks enjoyed that. But
asshole stink somehow got into one and was hard to remove. Caleb had his
tongue deeply embedded up the jock’s asshole. That was one of Caleb’s
gifts, having a nice long tongue. A guy can’t get a decent ass rimming if
the licker has a short tongue. Caleb wiggled his tongue, wetting the inner
rectum with saliva. The saliva mixed with ass juice and flowed back into
Caleb’s mouth. The boy had learned early on to tolerate the taste of ass
juice and slime. The important thing was to totally please the jock. Caleb
already got enough guff from Mark and the others, he didn’t need any
further “punishments.”

Caleb inhaled to breath, blinked to clear his head and
reminded himself to pay attention to his work, and that was when Buster
lifted one leg and farted! This raises the question, what did these
college boys think of Caleb? How can supposedly normal young men get off
on using another human being as a slave…no worse than a slave…as
something inhuman? Caleb was nothing to them but a dick dump. A face cunt!
They never thought twice about using another human being in this way. How
could that be? And worse, what did it say about him that Caleb put up with
this treatment? Why didn’t he report them? Was it the photos….or perhaps
worse, was it something in Caleb? Buster farted, and Caleb was forced to
inhale in order to breath. How fucking sick is that?

Buster never even apologized. If asked, he would have not
even considered why he should apologize. So, who cares if he farts in the
licker’s face. In fact, it was kind of funny. And it certainly wasn’t the
first time. Just the other night in the bathroom, five jocks had taken
turns farting in Caleb’s face. He had to judge which farts smelled best and
pick a winner. That night, Caleb had selected Sean Flaven as the best
farter, and had been given eight inches of Irish dick down his throat as a

Caleb pulled his ass sweat slick face from Buster’s
cheeks. Buster raised his head from the pillow to glower at the boy.

“Sir, I’m already ten minutes late to my appointment with
Mr. Garcia!” Caleb had to call all of the jocks Mr. and use their last
names now. Jorge Garcia was a husky Latino with a real mean streak and a
thick uncut dick.

“Oh, for Fuck’s sake, Okay! Jesus…you got to manage your
time better, faggot! Get on up here and suck me off!”

Five minutes later, a still naked Caleb crawled down the
long fourth floor hall of the dorm. His throat was clogged with jock
sperm. Buster always shot a huge load. Caleb wanted to wash the ass stink
off of his face. He knew Jorge would complain if he smelled bad, but he was
already so late. As he crawled, he kept his head down, staring only at the
carpet in front of him. He crawled as he had been taught to do, back
arched, ass up high, legs spread slightly so his own large balls and hefty
dick were fully on display. He was rather like a well trained a****l. In
fact there had been some talk among the footballers of making Caleb the
team mascot! Caleb prayed this plot would fall through, as he knew it would
end with terrible humiliation for himself.

He was thinking so hard on this, he didn’t see the pair of
flip flop clad naked feet in front of him, and he bumped into them. He
looked up to see Mark with nothing but a large white towel around his
waist, looking down at him. Mark carried a bottle of shampoo and a bar of
soap. Mark was a muscular, sculpted, handsome young god. He had everything
any young man could want. He cocked his good looking head and looked down
at Caleb and grinned.

“Hey why the fuck don’t you look where you are going?” he said
in a pleasant voice. He raised one flip flop clad foot and pushed Caleb on
the shoulder, causing the boy to topple over onto his side. “You are so
fucking helpless, you know that? Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Garcia, Sir, but I’m late, and I wanted to wash
first, but there isn’t time!” The words tumbled out of Caleb’s mouth. It
was a little like he was at a confessional and Mark was his confessor. Mark
leaned down and inhaled.

“Yeah, boy, you do stink a lot like dick and ass! Here, open
your mouth!” Caleb complied and Mark shoved the bar of soap into the young
man’s mouth. The taste was horrible, but it would help remove the flavor
and smell of sweaty ass “You know, I’m glad I ran into you, Caleb. I’ve got
a little job for you. You need to help us out. You see, Arnie, the janitor
for our dorm, needs to cut his shift a bit short because his wife is sick
with something or other. So I told Arnie…you go on home after you finish
the floor number three can. We can take care of the bathroom on our
floor. Right I mean…to help Arnie out. So…after you finish servicing
the last dude tonight, I want you to meet me in the bathroom. After
tonight, I won’t need to supervise, but I want to make sure you get off to
a good start…you know?”

“I’m not sure I understand, Sir…” Caleb said, taking the soap
out of his mouth. His lips were caked with foam and soap chips.

“What’s top understand, Asswipe? You are going to clean the
bathroom for a few weeks to help Arnie out. You are going to clean the
shower room floor…and the sinks and the toilet stalls and the toilets! ”
“oh!” Caleb said in a very small voice, wondering how he was
going to fit in time to clean the bathrooms. It meant neglecting his school
work even more.

Mark scratched his chin and grinned. “The only thing is,
Arnie didn’t leave his cleaning supplies behind, so you are going to have
to clean the toilets and so on WITH YOUR TONGUE!”

“OH, NO!” was all Caleb could say. It was stupid, I know, a
c***dish response. But it was all he could come up with. He shook his cute
head from side to side. Foam from the soap dripped onto his chest.

“Oh yes, and I am going to be there to make sure you get a
good start. You know it can be so damned difficult to clean up under the
toilet rim. All kinds of crud splashes up there and collects and gunks
up. But I know you, what a good guy you are. I know that you are going to
do an absolutely thorough job on each and every toilet. And don’t forget
all the pecker tracks on the stall doors. I wish the dudes would stop
jerking off in the stalls and spraying it all over the fucking stall
doors. It is so fucking gross. But I know you will lick it all off and get
those doors spotless. ”
Mark chuckled and continued his walk down the hallway
toward the bathroom.

“But my tongue is already swollen and sore…” Caleb
croaked after him.

“Don’t worry, k**…it will get used to it. You’d be amazed
at what we can get used to! I wonder what we’re going to do if some jock
has taken a dump in one of the toilets and not flushed it?”

Just then, a doorway at the end of the floor swung open
and a husky Latino stuck his head out…”Where the fuck is that
motherfucking Licker? I got a hard on leaking all over my fucking room!”

Poor, sweet, innocent young Caleb was getting fucked up the ass! And not
just by any old college cock! No, Sir! The dick plowing into his formerly
virginal teenage asshole was a beer can thick black one, ruthlessly
stretching the boys rectum almost to the tearing point. Caleb begged,
pleaded, sobbed, screamed, and in an ironically humorous moment bellowed
out to his attacker, “I am LICKER! I lick! Please don’t fuck me. I just
LICK and SUCK!” For cute Caleb to finally accept the fact that he had
become a dick licker and cocksucker was a giant step, but was it a step
forward or a step backward? This remained to be seen. Caleb’s evening had
almost ended peacefully. He had almost avoided this painfully tragic

He had just finished licking the toilets clean in the fourth floor bathroom
of the college dorm. I know, I know, such a simplistic way of stating such
a totally depraved and degenerate act!

But believe me, Licker Caleb had had quite an internal struggle bringing
himself to the point of being willing to clean dirty toilets with his
tongue. It’s one thing to lick sweaty Jock asses, balls and dicks. It’s one
thing to crawl on your hands and knees from dorm room to dorm room to suck
dick! These were dudes that Caleb knew…college classmates, and Mark had
spent considerable time explaining to Caleb that Jocks, in order to
properly do their school work, needed to empty their big bloated sweaty
balls. Cunts weren’t always available for the task, so it fell to the loser
Caleb! Oh, our boy had protested, but his naturally submissive steak had
been growing stronger and stronger. He now actually thought of himself as
somewhat inferior to Mark and the other jocks. His mind had been fucked
with by countless bets and games and threats and promises. Mark truly had
the young college boy in his control. Was Caleb a true submissive? Would
you or I have buckled so quickly? Who can say? But that is neither here nor
there. The fact was that Caleb had eaten male ass, had licked huge swinging
ball sacks, and had sucked cock!

Did that make Caleb a faggot? We can’t be sure. Certainly the muscular
jocks on the receiving end of Caleb’s tongue massages were one hundred
percent straight. They fucked cunt!

But what truly masculine secure straight dude would refuse a good dick and
ass suck from a sniveling little wimp? Mark was The Campus Ladies Man, and
yet he was serviced by Caleb more than anyone else. He even made Caleb
sleep some nights with the cute boy’s face pressed into the jock’s sweaty
ass crack! Can you imagine how emasculated Caleb felt? What if his old high
school friends could see him now? What if his family knew? What about his
brother who was a Minister for Christ’s sake?

And yet, sometimes when he was sucking ass or licking dick or balls, Caleb
found his own fuckmeat erecting. That’s right. He got hard. And don’t think
this little event went unnoticed by Mark and the others. It was Caleb’s
increasingly common hard-ons that convinced the jocks that he was indeed a
faggot and belonged with a dick in his mouth. Straight jocks have an
unusual way of looking at males they perceive to be faggots. They think of
them as non-human dick dump receptacles! As an ashtray is to a cigarette,
so a faggot’s mouth is to a fat, needy, leaking dick! It’s nothing
personal. Jocks need to unload their balls, and faggots were meant to suck

But toilet licking was another matter. It arose, Caleb was certain, from
Mark’s innate sadistic streak. To Mark, Caleb was not just a dick dump face
cunt faggot. No, he was a TOY…an object with which to play. Something to
abuse, mistreat, hurt and corrupt. Mark felt more masculine, more the MAN,
when he abused Caleb. And so he had ordered Caleb to clean the fourth floor
bathroom…WITH HIS TONGUE! Absurd! OF COURSE! Sadistic…for sure. How
can a human being lick an entire college dorm bathroom clean? How can any
human being be expected to lick clean a filthy toilet? To make sure he did
a good job, Mark and some of the other jocks supervised at first. They put
a large naked foot on Caleb’s neck to push his face deeper into the toilet
bowl, yelling at him to lick harder! They zapped his ass with a cattle
prod if he didn’t lick up under the porcelain rim…up where the waste
splashed and dried.

The taste! How to describe the taste? Caleb tried to put it out of his
mind, but it came back to haunt him when he ate his meals. The sour strong
taste of piss and the bitter dark taste of the other waste, even worse. His
tongue became coated with the dumpings of the jocks. And as everyone
knows, especially the janitors whose jobs it is to regularly clean
university toilets, College boys are not very neat when they piss and shit!

A nightmare for poor cute young Caleb? Of course. He didn’t think he could
do it. He refused. He was punished. He was threatened with exposure to his
family and friends as a cocksucker. He broke down. He tried to clean the
toilets with his tongue and got sick. He puked. Mark was not very
patient. He warned Caleb that he would have to clean his own regurgitated
mess up as well if he vomited! Caleb trembled so badly his body would not
support him. His poor young mind became so twisted that he almost welcomed
licking out the urinals. At least they didn’t have remnants of…of that
other stuff. And if he had to eat the occasional piss soaked cigarette
butt, at least it wasn’t as bad as having to eat the soaked toilet paper
and what it contained from the bottom of an unflushed toilet bowl.

Caleb was convinced that Mark had instructed his fellow jocks to not flush
the toilets. You see, Caleb had been ordered not to flush them but to eat
and lick the waste from them.

His bathroom duties also included licking the floor clean around each
toilet, and licking the pecker tracks off the stall doors. Lots of Jocks
masturbated while on the can, and they shot their loads right onto the
stall door.

Now all of this of course, altered Caleb’s personality. And yet, he did
nothing to rebel! He didn’t drop out of school or run away. He never
reported the abuse. And there were those damned erections. IT WAS TRUE, HE
to him? What sick, latent side to himself had Mark unleashed? He searched
on line for websites and blogs about faggots who licked toilets and drank
piss and even ate that other waste matter. Some of these men were normal
humans during the day. They worked in banks, taught school, were high
powered lawyers…but at night, they went on line to hook up with Alpha
Males who would abuse and use them in the most disgusting ways. No two ways
about it…the sex was filthy! Filthy and perverted, and these men sought
it out. Surly Caleb wasn’t like that. He hated what he had to do. He hated
sucking dick and licking balls and eating ass. He hated cleaning the shower
room floor with his tongue. Then What?

Caleb had just finished cleaning the bathroom. He was crawling back to his
own room, thinking about how he should do some studying before sleeping,
but ungodly tired from his dorm chores. His lips were slightly swollen and
his tongue was a bit raw. He had lost some weight, but he was still a
pretty damned cute k**. He was totally exhausted, though. He had sucked

eleven cocks on this evening and swallowed eleven loads of thick jock
sperm. If these muscular college boys were such cunt fuckers, why were
they always horny to unload their big balls down Caleb’s throat? Just as
Caleb got to his room and was starting to crawl in, he heard a voice
calling him. The door to Caleb’s room had been removed, so he would have
no privacy. Even his clothing had been removed. He was allowed one pair of
loose gym shorts, one much too small tee shirt and a pair of old
sneakers. He had to go to class wearing these.

“Hey, Licker!” the voice called to him. It came from the room near the end
of the hallway…Mark’s room. Mark came out into the hall wearing nothing
but a towel around his waist. His buff muscles rippled in the overhead dorm
hall light. He was fucking gorgeous. But Caleb had already sucked Mark’s
dick earlier in the evening. What could the jock want now?

“I want you to go over to Johnson Hall, room 302. I lost a lot of money
playing cards and can’t afford to pay it, so I offered you instead. Make
sure you do an excellent job. Whatever the fuck the dude wants. He doesn’t
take shit from anyone! Go on, get your ass over there!”

“But Mark, our…arrangement is only for guys on this floor. I don’t…I
can’t…I’ve got schoolwork to do. I am so fucking tired.” Caleb knelt
there, naked in the hallway. Mark walked up to him and with one bare foot,
lifted Caleb’s testicles. He gently slapped at them with his foot.

“Get the fuck over there, now! I don’t give a fuck about your problems. I
owe that nasty fucker a hell of a lot of money, and if you don’t do an
excellent job…he’ll come after me! So my ass is on the line…and so,

Shoulders slumped, chest heaving with resignation, Caleb went into his room
and put on his gray gym shorts and his too tight tee shirt that didn’t even
come down to his waist, and his dirty, torn sneakers thrown out by some
other student. As he came back into the hall, Mark confronted him.

“Loose the sneakers and the tee shirt!” Mark snapped, a cruel smile on his

“Come on, Mark, Johnson Hall is way the fuck across campus.” Mark grabbed
the think cotton tee shirt and ripped it from the boy’s body. Caleb fought
back the tears welling up in his eyes. He kicked off his shoes. Mark
stepped back and sized up the slightly smaller boy. He had a nasty
smile. He walked into Caleb’s room and returned in a moment with a pair of
scissors. Laughing like a little k**, He reached down and cut the legs of
the shorts off so high that the gym shorts were turned into nothing more
than a loin cloth of two flaps. Then he cut the rear flap off entirely so
that Caleb’s entire ass was naked.

“Please,” Caleb moaned, but Mark wasn’t quite finished. Now he attacked the
front flap of the almost non existent loin cloth. He cut the front panel
smaller and smaller until it just barely covered Caleb’s dangling dick and
balls. The flap now hung less than an inch longer than Caleb’s dick head.

Mark cocked his head to one side. “See what happens when you don’t listen
to me?”

And that was how Caleb approached room 302 of Johnson Hall. The guys in the
downstairs lounge and hallways had hooted and whistled when he
entered. Some called him names like “Pussy Boy” and “Faggot!” Some
commented on what a sweet, pretty ass he had. Caleb was already pretty
shaken up. He had been stopped by a burly campus policeman while trotting
across campus, but the cop had just smiled, and with his nightstick lifted
the front flap of the loin cloth to show Caleb’s dick and balls, and said,
“Fraternity hazing stunt, huh? And the general public think we don’t allow
that any more!” He laughed and swatted Caleb on the bare ass with the
night stick. “On your way, cocksucker!”

If only the cop had known how close to the truth his name calling was!
Caleb was a cocksucker and a dicklicker and a ball tonguer, and an asshole
eater! He performed oral duties on hunky young college males!

He knocked on Room 302, and then remembering how he had to behave on his
own dorm floor, he sank to his knees. He made sure to keep his legs wide
apart so his dick and balls behind the loin cloth hung full and free and
could easily be seen. Sure he was nervous. Sure he was scared. He didn’t
know this guy at all. He felt like some cheap street hustling
cocksucker. The door opened and Caleb almost fainted. The sight that
greeted him almost knocked him over! Standing there was the biggest, most
muscular black man Caleb had ever seen. The guy must have been six foot
eight inches tall! His pecs were like slabs of stone with large purple
nipples. His stomach was hard and rippled. He was totally naked.

His skin was very black and actually reflected the light of the hall. And
his dick! Caleb doubted he could possibly duck a dick like that. It was
like no dick the college boy had ever seen.

It hung over nine inches flaccid. It was as thick as caleb’s wrist. Thick
foreskin covered the head, and beneath gently swung two lemon sized nuts in
a sack of wrinkled skin covered with short black curly hairs. The giant
black man had a very handsome classic black face. He grinned, standing
there with his hands on his hips, knowing he not only intimidated but also
scared the hell out of Caleb.

“It’s about fucking time! GO YO’ MOTHERFUCKING WHITE BOY ASS IN HERE!”
Caleb crawled into the room, which smelled of sweat and musk, and weed.

“Hello, Sir,” Caleb said looking up at the giant. “Mark said I was to come
over here and lick your dick for you!”

The black man sucked on a tooth and shook his head. “No he didn’t, little
white boy liar! He didn’t say nothing about you licking nothing! That your
idea. Maybe you wanna lick this fucking huge licorice stick of mine, huh?
Maybe you want to suck the juice out from under my thick foreskin? You
think you gonna get away with just licking me? Shit! You got any idea how
much Mark owes me? He didn’t say lick. What did he say? ANSWER ME, ASSWIPE,

Caleb trembled. He could hardly form the words. “He said…he said…
whatever you wanted.”

The black man smiled. One hand went down and began to play with the
gargantuan fuckhose. “You know what I want? First, yeah, I let you lick
my fuckmeat and my balls. I even let you lick my armpits and my ass. I bet
you will love that, won’t you, white boy, licking and sucking on my tight
black asshole? But then…then…get ready. Cause then I am going to shove
this motherfucking cuntbuster up your virgin little white asshole. Mark
promised me a virgin boy!”

Taylor Woodson was a massive black dude. He was one of the stars of the
college basketball team, but he was also no slouch in the classroom. He had
an impressive grade point. He also had a more than impressive dick. As many
of the campus cuties could testify, a girl’s cunt was stretched all the
hell out of shape after Taylor fucked them. Lots of girls wouldn’t even
accept a date with the jock because they knew how the date was likely to
end, and they didn’t want their pussies and assholes stretched all the fuck
out of shape. You can hardly blame them.

But a hot black stud like Taylor needs to empty his boiled egg sized nuts!
He needs sex several times a day. And a young star athlete of Taylor’s
status doesn’t want to simply spend his nights beating his own meat! The
agents who had recruited Taylor for the college promised him all the cunt
he wanted. But they had a hard time rounding up willing twats. Aside from
having a freakishly huge hunk of fuckmeat, Taylor was extremely rough in
the sack. He was not content until he was balls deep and plowing with all
of his might, and a poor cunt’s cervix can only stand so much
battering. Not only that, but Taylor was a fucker with what we call
Catholic tastes…a yen for wide variety. He was an ass fucker and a face
fucker, and he loved to have his ass eaten.

Caleb was presently learning that. Mark had passed on to Taylor the
news that this “faggot” was great at licking and sucking asshole. Sure,
Caleb’s skills had improved, having to lick and suck the asses of the jocks
on his dorm floor, but he was not read for the big muscular hairy black ass
that sat on his face for forty-five minutes. That’s right. Taylor sat down
right on the young white k**’s face. He texted and played around on
facebook, and sometimes bounced to remind Caleb to stick his tongue deep up
into Taylor’s rectum. Caleb tried to explain to his large muscular black
friend that it was all a terrible mistake. That he was not gay! That he
didn’t lick dick and ass willingly. That he was the victim of a terrible
series of games and events.

Taylor bounced harder, his ass globes squeezing Caleb’s face, and told the
faggot to shut the fuck up and lick asshole! Let’s face it, any dude
getting his ass licked, doesn’t want some stupid sob story from some little
white sissy boy! He wants to feel a tongue probing his shitter and lips
sucking on his assring. To say Caleb almost suffocated several times would
be an understatement.

But that wasn’t near the worst of it for our poor young hero. Oh no!
Getting Taylor’s monster hunk of fuckmeat rammed up his virgin ass was the
highlight of the night! Caleb begged, cried, tried to negotiate. Explained
that he was a Licker not a faggot who got ass fucked. Taylor just laughed
and said that Mark had promised him virgin white ass! Caleb tried to run
out of the room, naked and all, but Taylor grabbed him by the scruff of the
neck and hurled him onto the bed.

“Yo, Pussyface, kneel wit yo face buried in da matress and yo back arched
and yo cunt nice and high so I can see it!” Taylor did not have to speak
with street slang. In fact, he hardly ever used it. But it came in handy
when intimidating white boys and sometimes when picking up white cunt. When
Caleb didn’t move fast enough, Taylor slapped him along side the head with
one gigantic hand, which could hold a basketball like it was a cantaloupe.
Caleb knelt on the bed. He pressed his face into the mattress. The bed
sheets smelled musky and of sweat. He couldn’t stop crying. His lithe
young body shook with what…excitement? Surly not! This was horrible. This
was terrible! He was about to get dick up the ass!

“Rach back wit yo hands and spread dem cheeks. Show me dat pussy hole!”

“Please, it’s not…I never…I can’t…” Caleb reached back and grabbed a
melon like asscheek in each hand and spread. His pinkish brown asshole
winked in the light of the desk lamp.

“Please, don’t hurt me! Please, don’t hurt me!”

“Stupid Asswipe. Look at dis dick, Mutherfucker. How can it NOT hurt? Look,
I got nothin’ against you, but when I gots to empty my balls, I gots no
choice in da fucking matter! Oh my, dat is one pretty fucking asspussy
hole! I gonna haf ta use my fingers to spread dat hole jus’ a bit before I
fucks it!” Caleb could see and smell the sweat glistening on Taylor’s
black body.

“Why? Why do I have to do this?” Caleb squeezed his eyes shut as he felt
Taylor’s thick fingers poking at his tiny asshole.

“Because you such a fuckin’ pretty boy, dats why! You pretty as any cunt
on campus! Spread dem fucking cheeks wider!”

The pain of the fingers opening his asshole was terrrible. But it was
nothing compared to the dickhead! Taylor had a moment of kindness and
allowed Caleb to wet the big purple cockhead with his mouth to lube it
up. The thick foreskin pulled back and the dripping purple dickhead filled
Caleb’s mouth. Caleb’s nostrils flared as he tried to breath. Inch after
inch of black dick filled his mouth and snaked toward his throat. He tried
to cover the cock with saliva as Taylor had suggested. Caleb’s mouth was
stretched wide by the fuckmeat…how could his asshole ever take it?

“Now, you be a good girl and give me a good time!” Taylor swiveled his
hips and the dick shoved Caleb’s jaw and filled his cheeks. No human could
take a dick like this!

Then the wet fucker was out of his mouth and nuzzling Caleb’s asshole. His
hole throbbed from being stretched by two of Taylor’s thick fingers, but
two fingers didn’t come near to the girth of the blackman’s dicknead! The
fucker probed and prodded.

“I leaking like crazy, so dat going to make it easier fo you!” Caleb
sarched his back more as he felt the dickhead stretch his asslips.

“I can’t! I can’t take it!” Caleb screamed and Taylor slapped the back of
his head.

“Hush up, Pussyboy, dere’s students tryin’ to study in dis building! You
can take it! A few months ago, I had it balls deep in da ass of a high
school girl…so don’t you worry none! I get it in!

Taylor’s hands clawed at the bedsheets which were growing wet from the
sweat of the two young men, and also from Taylor’s leaking dick! The black
youth started to grunt as he pushed harder and harder with his hips. Caleb
tried to moved away from the fucker, but Taylor grabbed him by the hair and
held him still.

Later, when Caleb thought about it, he couldn’t decide what was the worst
part of the fuck. Was it when the plumb sized dick head finally popped into
the boy’s assring? Was it when the negro pushed six inches of dick into the
rectum in one thrust? Or was it when he followed with four more inches? Was
it when he felt as if his ass hole had been ripped open? Was it when he
felt the cock prodding at some wall inside of his guts and forcing it’s way
through..up into his bowels? Was his intestine being stretched by cock?
Caleb threw himself on the bed. finally Taylor lay on top of the boy their
sweat mingling. Taylor was breathing hard from the effort of getting all of
his black meat up Caleb’s ass. Caleb was breathing hard from the pain and
the exertion.

“Take it….take it out…please!” he half whispered, half groaned.

“See, I tole you you could take it! NOW WE START FUCKING!”

The fucking lasted twenty minutes! For twenty minutes, Taylor pulled his
dick out of the boy’s swollen sore asshole until only the head was in, and
then shoved it back balls deep. He shoved so hard, the sound of his huge
balls slapping Caleb’s white sweaty body filled the room. Caleb twisted his
face from side to side, gulping air. At one point, Taylor, with his dick
buried deep in the k**’s bowels, grabbed Caleb’s face in one giant hand and
twisted it around. Caleb’s eyes grew wide with horror as he stared up into
the black man’s sweat slick face.

Then Taylor sniffed and spit a huge gob into Caleb’s face. He took one
black hand and scooped the thick saliva from the boy’s nose and cheek and
forced it into Caleb’s mouth.

Caleb could tell from the taste that Taylor had recently been smoking
pot. He had no choice but to swallow the thick pasty spit. Then Taylor
continued to fuck!

Did Caleb eventually grow numb to the sexual attack? Yes, somewhat, but
each time he almost drifted off in a safe place, Taylor would nudge his
dick head into some as yet unfucked spot in Caleb’s insides, sending new
waves of pain through the k**. Caleb never noticed, but at some point
during the fucking, Taylor pointed out to the little white student that his
“little” dick was hard! It was! For some reason, Caleb’s own cock was
thick, erect and leaking! How could it be, when he was taking such a
beating? It must have been from the black dick rubbing on his prostate!

Finally Taylor shot his massive load up Caleb’s ass! The black athlete
grunted like a pig and slammed his hips against the boy. Fuck filled Caleb
to overflowing! It squirted out of his ass around the thick sausage like
dick buried up there. It ran down onto the back of his nuts. It clotted in
Taylor’s wiry pubic hair. It caused Caleb to have cramps. Finally it was
over! OVER!

Taylor pulled out , and that burned like hell. The asshole was terribly
raw! When the dickhead popped out, Caleb felt air hitting his obscenely
stretched asshole. He collapsed on the bed, almost drifting off into a
blessed sleep.

“Hey, Cunt…clean my dick!” Caleb was too far gone at first to hear the
command. Taylor slapped the boy back to reality. “Lick my dick and balls
clean, Mutherfucker! You got ass crap all over dem!”

Caleb smelled the dirty dick before his eyes focused on it. It hung there
still thick and nine inches now, drooping and covered with slick slime of
various disgusting colors. Cum and ass slime coated the fuckmeat. Taylor
sat on the bed with his huge legs spread wide. He grew impatient. He
grabbed Caleb by the back of the head and forced the boy’s face down onto
his dick! Caleb had no choice but to lick it clean! The balls too! Yes,
the balls of course. Slime had run down onto them! Big, hairy, fleshy sacks
coated with sperm and ass slime.

“All right, get yo ass outta here! But from now on, until further notice,
I gonna fuck yo ass every Tuesday and Thursday at eleven o’clock at night!
Don’ worry none about da pain.

You gets used to it. Soon, you gonna love my dick up yo cunt!”

Caleb tried to say something, but no words came out. He didn’t know what to
say, anyway. Sperm hung from his lips and strings of it ran from his
nose. His ass offered a sharp pain, and he farted and felt cum squirt out
of his asshole. He was a fucking mess!

“Get da fuck outta here! I don want you messin’ up my crib!”

“I’ve…I’ve….got…no…clothes!” Caleb held his stomach to prevent
shitting out more cum.

“Like I give a shit! Get the Fuck out!”

“May I use the bathroom? I really need to…”

“No! We don’t want no faggots in our bathroom! Squat on da grass outside
and shit out my cum if you has to! ”

” I don’t know if I can hold it!”

Taylor threw a size large tennis shoe at him! Caleb dodged it and limped
out into the hall, where his legs gave out and he fell to his knees. It
took him three hours to make it back to his dorm. Needless to say, he did
have to squat and evacuate the cum up his ass onto the grass. When he got
back to his room, he saw a note taped to the door.

“Caleb, my Buddy!

The guys and I decided that we ought to give you another chance. After
all, you have been suffering pretty much these last days and maybe we have
been a bit too hard on you!

So, tomorrow night, we will meet in the lounge and have another little
contest. Another chance for you to erase the debt and go free! You win, and
we destroy any evidence of your perverted acts. And, because you don’t seem
to have any luck beating me in these contests….your opponent will be a
Freshman boy from another dorm! A much better chance for you to win. You
can’t say I’m not being more than fair!

“Caleb, come on in, don’t be nervous…” Mark, dressed in ass hugging
jeans and a loose tee shirt ushered the totally naked College Freshman
Caleb into the lounge. There were already a dozen college jocks d****d all
over the spacious room, sipping beer and eating snacks. Caleb still felt
totally ashamed to have to be naked in front of these young men, although
by now, he had already licked the dicks, balls and asses of most of
them. When you lick a dude’s genitals, it puts you in a certain submissive
relationship with him. Caleb didn’t ever talk to any of his dorm mates. He
spent most of his time on his knees serving them. But Mark had promised him
a chance to get out of this mess…another game, and if Caleb won, the
incriminating videos of him licking fuckmeat and ass would be erased and he
would be free. Was Caleb stupid to fall for this same old ploy? Perhaps,
but what options did he have? He felt he could not go on with things the
way they were.

Caleb shuffled into the room, his hands cupping his dick and balls. Mark
leaned in and whispered. “Don’t embarrass me, Caleb, put your hands at your
side.” No doubt about it, Mark certainly enjoyed degrading the hunky, cute,
youthful looking Freshman. Caleb glanced nervously around the room and was
shocked to see another naked boy at the far end. The k** was smaller than
Caleb, with a slender build. He looked very scared, and he kept licking his
lips nervously. His hands too were held stiffly at his side, and his fat
chubby dick hung over a nice full scrotum. In the past few weeks, Caleb
had become something of an expert on cocks and balls. The k** shifted
nervously from foot to foot and his dick and balls wobbled.

“Caleb, I want you to meet Peter. Peter come on over here!” Mark was
gregarious to say the least. The naked boy named Peter walked shyly over to
Caleb and Mark. He looked down at the floor a lot. Caleb’s heart leaped
with hope. Could it be? Could it be that they were tired of bullying and
harassing Caleb and they had moved on to another boy?

Was Peter their new toy? He looked the type. He looked rather submissive,
very humble, and totally lost. He blinked a lot and looked around at the
leering jocks in the room. Caleb and Peter were the only two naked…every
other dude was dressed. That, of course, increased their awkwardness.

“Peter here is in a similar position as you, Caleb. He too wants to win a
game, so that he can get out from under the thumb of his dorm
buddies. Peter is from Mitchell Hall. Now here’s the deal. The two of you
are going to have a contest. The boy who wins the contest, gets all videos
of him erased and is totally free. The boy who loses…well, you don’t want
to know what faces him.” Mark and a bunch of the boys in the room
laughed. “Caleb, say hello to Peter.”

Caleb had to clear his voice. “Hello Peter,” he said with a low throaty,
thick sound.”

“Hello, Caleb.” Peter replied, his voice a higher tenor sounding
instrument. Both boys were trembling with nervous fear. Peter hesitantly
held out one hand and Caleb took it and shook it. The jocks in the room
chortled with laughter.

Mark put one hand on each boy’s naked shoulder. “I hope that you two boys
become steadfast friends from this contest. After all, one of the things a
college education can do is help us make friends for life. Think of this as
a bonding experience.” Then Mark turned to face Peter. “What’s your
girlfriend’s name again, Peter?”

Peter looked really uncomfortable at the mention of his girlfriend.
“Brittany,” he said finally.

Mark grinned. “We’ve seen her photo and she is a fine looking piece of
ass!” He turned to Caleb. “Peter here is quite the cunt fucker, Caleb. Not
like you.” Peter began to chew his lower lip. Were those tears in his
eyes? “Does Brittany know you are here with your buddies tonight, Peter?”

Peter stared directly at the floor and answered in a very quiet voice. “I
told her I had a meeting.”

“I see. Well, Peter, if things don’t work out between you and the fine
Brittany, tell her she is welcome to suck my dick any time she wants.
After all, she might be read for a bigger cock!”

Caleb felt both sad and relieved. He felt sad for the bullied Freshman, but
he felt relieved that the animosity was not directed toward him.

“If Brittany would like to see a photo of me naked, I’d be more than happy
to send her one. I’m not shy about my dick, like you two little pussies
are. I mean, maybe she’d like to know what a real man feels like up her
cunt and ass!” He laughed again and playfully slapped both Peter and Caleb
on their naked asses. “All right. On with the contest. Are you boy’s ready?
Hands behind your backs please.” Caleb and peter both put their hands in
the small of their backs and felt metal handcuffs enclose their
wrists. This made Caleb uneasy, and it obviously terrified Peter. They both
now felt even more vulnerable.

“It’s really a very simple contest. All you two boys have to do is get to
know each other. You have to kiss each other on the mouth and insert your
tongues into each others’ mouths. Just gt real friendly. If you remove your
tongues from each other mouths or break the kiss before the contest is
over…you automatically lose.”

The thought of deep kissing another boy horrified both Peter and
Caleb. Caleb had sucked dick, licked balls, eaten ass…but he had never
been forced to be intimate with another male! He was not queer! There was
something totally sick and perverted about having to make out with another
guy. Caleb could see from the sick look on Peter’s handsome face that he

“Okay…now, while you are kissing. The first dude to shoot his load of
cum…the first dude to have an orgasm…to blow his wad, wins! It is that
simple. Oh, but, I’ll bet you are wondering how you can make yourselves cum
with your hands cuffed behind your backs? Easy. You will bring yourselves
off by rubbing your dicks together! You may not break your kiss until one
of you empties his balls!” Both Peter and Caleb looked like they wanted to
throw up. The guys in the room cheered and applauded and guzzled beer.

“All right…ready? Understand the rules? You bring yourselves off by
rubbing your dicks together. Okay now….KISS!” The cheering and taunting
began almost at once. Caleb brought his face close to that of this slender
boy he didn’t even know. Peter had a really sad look on his face.

“We gotta do it…” Caleb said quietly, and peter nodded. They leaned in
and opened their mouths. Caleb could feel Peter’s hot anxious breath. He
placed his mouth over that of the slightly smaller boy. He inserted his
tongue into Peter’s mouth. Saliva began to swirl instantly, and they knew
they would have to swallow each others’ spit. He felt Peter’s tongue
probing his mouth. Peter had his eyes closed and was pretending that Caleb
was his girlfriend. The guys in the room encouraged then with jeers and

“Come on Girls, suck face! ” “Put on a good Lesbian show for us!” “Get
those tongues deep, Faggots!” “Swap Spit…!”

Caleb realized at once that this was not going to be easy. They could not
now break the kiss until one of them had shot his cum! Caleb was determined
that he would be first He thrust his hips at those of Peter. He felt the
other boy’s limp dick brush up against his soft cock. He pushed his body
harder at the other boy…shoving his tongue into the k**’s mouth. It
looked like the two boys were doing some kind of primitive mating
dance. Their ass cheeks rose and fell as they pushed against each
other. They rubbed their dicks and balls together. Peters’ dick started to
erect before Caleb’s and it got a cheer from the jocks. Caleb knew he had
to do something. His cock was still soft. He slid his handcuffed hands
lower and began to finger his own ass as he kissed the other boy. Their
breathing grew heavy and saliva dripped from their chins onto their
chests. They picked up cues from each other and planted their feet wide, as
they ground their genitals together. Peter’s dick was now fully erect and
had started to leak pre-fuck. It coated the lower bellies of both
boys. Caleb had a finger deep up his own ass, and it caused his fuckmeat to
stiffen and throb. Peter turned his head slightly and the boys almost lost
their kiss! Caleb sucked at Peter’s lips to keep their mouths
together. Snot ran from Peter’s nose can mingled with their spit. Caleb
commenced a round kind of motion with his dick, rubbing it in circles
against the thick cock of the other boy.

The room rang with the cheers of the jock audience. Caleb went up on the
ball of one foot and bent one knee in, so that he could shove his hard dick
harder against his competitor.

Peter sucked at and then bit Caleb’s lower lip. Peter’s fat cock was
leaking like a running tap. Both boys gyrated wildly with a****l like
moves. Caleb’s dick began to quiver and he felt a tingling sensation on the
underside of his dickhead. He was close. He had not cum in a long time, so
he was ready! His breathing grew short and ragged. He huffed and puffed
into Peter’s mouth. Spit sloshed from boy to boy. But then, Peter grunted
deeply, like something rising from his very guts. He sucked at Caleb’s
face, and his thick dick pulsed and sprayed both boys with wads of teenage
boy cum! Caleb had lost again! Caleb fell to the floor in emotional agony!
Peter’s dick kept shooting cum, splattering Calebs’ face and body. Peter
was so relieved he had won, that he burst out in tears, gulping back sobs
of air and saliva. His dick gave four more little spurts of fuck slime,
most of it landing on Caleb’s body.

“I’m sorry, Caleb…but you lost again,” Mark said, snapping several photos
of Peter’s dripping dick hanging over Caleb’s prone body. Caleb pounded the
floor in frustration and agony.

What Caleb did not know of course was that shortly before the contest,
Peter had been fed two viagra!

Mark patted peter on the shoulder. “Peter my boy…as the winner of today’s
contest, you get…TO SUCK MY DICK! And Caleb, as the loser, WE HAVE A

The less we dwell on Caleb’s penalty for losing the contest, the better.
While Mark enjoyed the relatively unused innocent mouth of young Peter, who
was appalled at what had happened to him his Freshman year at college,
Caleb was introduced to Soldier, the Great Dane belonging to one of the
jocks. You can easily imagine how Caleb’s encounter with a very well hung,
very horny dog dragged him even lower into the maddening cycle in which he
found himself. His self-esteem was totally shot. Young Peter was learning
the fine Art of cocksucking on Mark’s magnificent hunk of leaking fuckmeat,
but poor poor sweet dear young Caleb was having his mind and body twisted
by his first encounter with a non-human companion.

The next morning, Caleb was a fucking mess. Mark was quite disturbed when
three young men on the dorm floor complained that Caleb had not shown up to
administer a morning licking and suck. After all, these young men have
needs. How the hell can they concentrate on their morning classes when
their balls are sloshing with unspent jizz? Even on a college campus, cunt
is not so handy that a young jock can just place a phone call and get a
bitch to run over to suck dick. So, some of these young men had come to
rely on Caleb’s sweet mouth, wide licking tongue and nice full cocksucker
lips. But Caleb was absent from his duties that morning. Since the door to
the Freshman’s room had been removed, Mark was able to sail right into
Caleb’s “abode.” Somewhere along the line, some of the boys had decided
that Caleb didn’t require a mattress, so the naked boy now had to sleep
right on the bedsprings. He had gotten used to that. Mark who wore only a
jock strap, raised one naked foot and kicked at the sleeping Caleb. Caleb
groaned and then jerked and uttered some kind of strangled cry.

“Asswipe, why the fuck aren’t you licking and sucking? I got three angry
jocks on my back because you are slacking off!” Mark barked at the cute
young Freshman.

“Oh, God, Mark, I can’t. I just can’t! My ass hurts so fucking bad, I can
hardly move. I think my ass was ripped or something!” Caleb looked totally
wiped out. His slender but muscular body stretched and tried to move to a
comfortable position, but each extension or twist of his limbs, send jolts
of pain shooting through him.

Mark stood there, hands on his hips, his huge dick bulge pushing out the
front of the jock strap. “What the fuck has your ass got to do with your
licking and sucking?” “Mark, It hurts so bad, I can hardly move. I feel
like my guts are churned up. I don’t have proper control of my bowels!”

Mark laughed. “That’s what happens when a giant sized black basketball
player shoves his fuckmeat up your pussy! You better get used to it.”

Caleb shuddered and groaned. “it wasn’t just that. It was…It was…the
other…you know… Soldier!”

Mark walked closer to the bed. He reached down and slapped Caleb hard on
the bare ass cheek. “Well, you better get used to that too, if you’re going
to keep losing bets and contests. We gave you a chance to get out of this
mess, and once again, you blew it! I heard that Soldier enjoyed your
licking skills too…is that right?”

Caleb gagged at the memory. He felt sick to his stomach. But the pain in
his cute little ass was his priority problem right now. “I can hardly
move…” he whined.

Mark shook his head. “All right, all right, all right, you fucking sissy
dweeb. As soon as you finish sucking off Clint and Dan and Jacob, get your
ass over to the Campus Clinic.” Caleb looked up, his eyes round with fear,
his mouth hanging slack. “Oh, God, no…I can’t go to a clinic. They will
know…they will know!”

Mark laughed. “What, that your new boyfriend is a Great Dane? Or a giant
black jock? Don’t worry faggot, we protect our own. You will see Doctor
Langdon. He’s our team sports doctor and one of the gang! I’ll call ahead
and arrange everything. Your little secret will be safe. After all, we
don’t want to ruin our fun!”

And that is how Caleb found himself at eleven that morning tenderly perched
on the edge of a chair, waiting to be seen by Doctor Kyle Langdon. Every
time the boy moved, the pain in his asshole was excruciating. To anyone
glancing at him, he was one pathetic sad-sack. They made him wait that
way, on the very edge of the chair for almost two hours. At last an
attractive young female nurse called his name, and groaning, he gingerly
rose to his feet and with a kind of waddling step, followed her down a busy
hallway to a scale. The nurse weighed Caleb, saying nothing when the boy
had trouble even stepping up onto the scale. Next she pulled out a clip

“What exactly seems to be wrong with you, Caleb?” She asked, only partially
interested. When he didn’t answer, she tilted her pretty head and stared at
the youth.

“I was…eh…told I could see Dr. Langdon.” He could not bring himself to
tell anyone what his problem was. His face grew red with shame. This
seemed to amuse the nurse.

“I have to get down the preliminaries. I have to know why you are here to
see us.” She waited, glaring at him.

“I…there is this…I have pains in my…down there.” He nodded his head
toward his lower regions.

“You have pains in your penis and testicles? Like a hernia, you mean?”

“Ah no…in my…back there. My behind.” Caleb felt faint. The room spun
around him. He had broken out in a fear sweat. Then, a soft, mellow, yet
deeply masculine voice broke the awkward silence.

“It’s okay, Nurse Jenkins. I had a call about this patient. I’ll handle it
from here on. He has a severe pain in his rectum from extreme anal sexual
activity…is that right?” Dr. Langdon’s voice carried. The heads turned
of several passing student patients of both sexes and those of a number of
staff. Caleb didn’t know what to do. he stared at the gray carpet. “That
is right isn’t it…eh…Caleb? You are Caleb, right? And you complained of
extreme inner ass pain? Why don’t you come back here into one of the
examination rooms?

Caleb raised his head and got his first look at Dr. Kyle Langdon. Christ,
he was like a doctor from some fucking television show. Six foot two, About
twenty-five years old, handsome as hell with a head of curly hair. He was
every girl’s dream come true. He wore a white lab coat open, so the tight
white tee shirt under it could be seen stretching across his broad well
defined pecs. He wore blue jeans that hugged his thighs and crotch, and the
bulge down there was intimidating. Caleb shook his head. Fuck it, he was
straight, why was he noticing such things? What was happening to him?
Still, if ever there was an Alpha Male, Dr. Kyle Langdon was it! Caleb
silently followed the young doctor into a large examination room. The nurse
tagged along. She was clearly smitten with the young doctor. Caleb tuned
into what Dr. Langdon had been saying.

“…..get some blood work done, after we take a look at what is ailing
you. We can then do other tests as needed. So why not strip off your
clothes and let us have a look?”Caleb didn’t like the “us.” It meant the
female was going to stay. That made everything somehow worse. He stood
there dumbly staring at the doctor. “Look, I am doing this as a favor to
Mark, and I don’t have all day. So get your fucking clothes off!” The
doctor suddenly barked at Caleb. Spit flew from his mouth and sprayed the
young man’s face. Caleb was too scared to wipe it off. Caleb began to
remove his clothing. The handsome young doctor continued talking. “I can’t
say I approve of your activities, and maybe the pain you feel is justified!
Nurse, please write down on the clipboard that the patient has an extensive
and quite perverted sex life. His interests include sodomy with overy-well
hung men, and, although this may be hard to stomach, liaisons with members
of the, if you can believe it, a****l KINGDOM!”

Caelb who had removed his shirt and was about to unbutton his jeans
froze. The room was quite cool, and his nipples had grown hard, yet sweat
ran from his armpits.

“That’s disgusting, Doctor Langdon!” The nurse blurted out. Nurse Jenkins
desperately wanted Dr. Kyle Langdon to fuck the shit out of her. Short of
that, she wanted to suck his big fat dick. But thus far, he had treated her
in a strictly professional way, much to her chagrin.

“These college boys nowadays get into all kinds of crazy things. It’s these
liberal times.” That sounded a bit weird coming from a doctor as young as
Kyle Langdon. “Take off your pants, Caleb…how can we examine your asshole
with your pants on?” After he said this last thing, Dr. Langdon gave a
small crooked smile.

Caleb was totally disoriented and shaking terribly. He kicked off his shoes
and peeled down his jeans. He had not worn underwear. Mark forbade Caleb to
wear underwear. So, now the cute teen stood totally naked before the doctor
and the nurse. He self-consciously put his hands over his genitals. The
doctor laughed.

“Don’t worry, Stud, we’re not interested in that little peanut prick of
yours, are we Nurse Jenkins?”

“No, we are not, Doctor!” She said, looking intently at the huge bulge in
the doctor’s jeans. “Peanut Prick” was not a fair acronym, as we have
already established that young Caleb had a quite impressive fucker and
sack. True it was somewhat shriveled from nervousness. The boys’ breathing
grew labored.

“Okay, Caleb, climb up on the examination table and lie on your back
please.” Doctor Langdon slipped off his white lab coat and now wore only
jeans and that tight white tee shirt. Nurse Jenkins and Caleb both saw the
large brown discs of the doctor’s nipples through the thin cotton of the
tee shirt. “Please put your feet in the stirrups. It will make it more
comfortable for you.”

Jesus…it was a “gyno-table” like doctors used to examine women!!! Caleb
hesitantly put his heels in the metal cups. To do this he had to raise his
legs and spread them. Both Doctor Langdon and Nurse Jenkins stood at the
foot end of the table watching the suffering, humiliated boy.

“There we go, Caleb. Now, I’m going to just strap your feet into these, so
they don’t slip out. We don’t want you to hurt yourself. Now, we raise and
spread the stirrups!”

Oh Jesus, God…Caleb’s legs spread wider and wider, opening up his ass to
show his teenage asshole. “I…I…don’t know if…please…” the poor k**
protested as his most private parts were put on display.

“Caleb, I’d better strap your body down as well. You are shaking with
nerves, and we don’t want you falling off the table.” Doctor Landon

Meanwhile, Nurse Jenkins, also known as the Campus Cunt, was having a
second look at Caleb’s privates. “Doctor, that isn’t such a peanut prick
after all. Sure, it’s all shriveled and wrinkled from nerves, but look at
how nice and thick it is. I’ll bet he could fill a girl nicely.” “Well,
Nurse, from what I hear, Cunt is not exactly what young Caleb here is
interested in…right, Boy?”

“No…I mean…yes! I mean, it’s all a mistake. They forced me to do
certain things…they made me…” Caleb’s voice trailed off.

“Are you saying your were forcibly fucked in the asshole? Are you saying
you were held down and ****d?” The doctor suddenly became very

“Eh…no, not exactly!” Caleb was so fucking confused. How could he
explain the bets and everything?

“I didn’t think so! **** is a serious thing, and too many sluts pig out on
dick and then cry **** when things don’t go their way! I’ve had several
cunts try that shit with me. Besides, Mark said something about a Great
Dane, and I hardly think one can accuse a dog of ****!”

Nurse Jenkins leaned in over Caleb. “Eccchhh! Did it put it’s dick in your
mouth too?”

Caleb lost it. Tears spilled down his face. “Jesus, they made me. I
didn’t…I didn’t want to…They all made me…”

“You didn’t answer Nurse Jenkin’s question. Did it put it’s big greasy dick
in your mouth as well?”

Caleb scrunched up his cute face. “Yes. Yes! All Right? I had to suck it,
and then it fucked me in the ass!” He blurted this last out, and then
disolved in tears.

“Nurse, we’d better check his mouth for disease as well. Can’t be too
careful. Now, let’s get a look at that asshole. How many dicks have you
taken up your pussy, Caleb? I mean, is this a new hobby, or something you
have been doing for quite a while? Were you the high school butt boy? ”
“No, I…I only had one. Only one guy. A big black basketball player. He
was really…he is very big down there.”

“You mean he has a really big fucker?” Doctor Langdon leaned down to look
at Caleb’s asshole.

“Oh, God, yes, believe me, I didn’t want to do it.” “Whose dick was
larger, the black basketball player’s or the Great Dane’s?”

“I…oh please…the…the basketball player’s was larger. Thicker and

Nurse Jenkins lit up. “Does he go to school here? Is he someone I might

‘Your asshole looks pretty raw and ripped up. I don’t think it will need
stitches though, just some rest. You may have to be satisfied sucking dick
for a week or so.”

“You don’t understand…It’s not like that.” Caleb didn’t know what to say.
Then Doctor Langdon reached out and with his thick finger prodded the boy’s

“Oh my yes, this has had dick up it. You don’t need a doctor to see
that. Look, Nurse, at the puffy ass lips. Look how the hole itself seems
red and raw and somewhat forced open. I think we need to get a look for
damage inside. We are going to insert a speculum into your anus, Caleb. Do
you know what that is? It’s what we use to open up and look at a girl’s
cunt. Nothing to be afraid of. I use them quite often with female
patients. We insert this metal clamp, which may be a bit cold, into your
asshole. And then, I turn this screw and it opens, giving us a clear look
at your insides. Now this is going to be quite uncomfortable, but that
can’t be helped. Where did I put it?”

“Where did you put what, Doctor?” the nurse asked.

“The CUNT STRETCHER? Oh my yes, here it is in the refrigerator. Let’s just
get it up into your fucked asshole and have a look.” “Doctor, aren’t you
going to lubricate it first?” Nurse Jenkins was getting flushed.

” I don’t think that’s necessary in this case. Caleb here is a strapping
young college boy, not a little sissy. Here we go,nice and easy, the tip
goes up into your asshole!”

Caleb howled…not from pain, but from the cold. If anything the cold
numbed the asshole, so the pain wasn’t present, until later. Once the
doctor had the stretcher about seven inches up in Caleb’s rectum, pretty
damned far, as it is only usually used on the outer cunt, he began to turn
the screw, expanding the metal instrument.

“Oh…OH MY GOD!” Caleb bellowed, turning and twisting on the table to no
avail. His legs, feet, torso and arms were strapped down.

“Tell me, Caleb, when you think we get your ass opened about the way it was
by the big black dick!” “Oh God…Oh God… I don’t know. I don’t know…”

“Well, you must have some idea how thick his dick was. Here let me give it
another twist!” Caleb hoped the walls were soundproofed. “Well, that’s
pretty fucking wide. Your asshole is open now like a totally stretched
cunt. Now, let’s just grab a flashlight and have a look inside. ”

Just then there was a knock at the door. Caleb snapped his head to one side
to look at the door! Surly the person would go away.

“Come In…” shouted Doctor Langdon cheerfully. And the door opened and
about a dozen Freshmen students of both sexes were ushered into the room!

Cute young college freshman, Caleb, lay strapped to an examination table
with his legs lashed into gyno-stirrups, his knees almost back to his
chest, legs totally spread, so that his young ass was on complete
display. He had a cunt stretched shoved up his asshole and opened up wide,
so that his entire inner ass clearly showed. He was currently being stared
at by a dozen young freshmen medical students. Needless to say, Caleb
wanted to die. He wanted the earth to open up and swallow him.

Handsome hunk Doctor Kyle Langdon smiled at the young girls and
boys. “Well, this is a surprise. Come on in. Taking a tour of the clinic
are you? This case is perhaps a bit advanced and extreme for some of you
newbies, but I guess there is no time to learn like the present. This is
Caleb. Say hello to our young med students, Caleb.”

Caleb was aghast. He could say nothing. A dozen young men and women were
staring at his naked cock and balls and stretched asshole. Caleb couldn’t
believe such a thing was happening.

“Be polite. Caleb, say hello!” Dr. Langdon’s baritone voice grew just a
big more harsh. When Caleb still said nothing. The very attractive young
Nurse Jenkins jabbed the boy in the arm with a needle. The poor k** jumped.

“Hello!” he squawked. The dozen students dutifully responded, “Hello!”
Then one freshman girl, a pretty thing with long straight silken hair
leaned in closer.

“Oh my God, Caleb, is that you? It’s me. Emma!”

Jesus, how bad could things get. Emma was a girl that Caleb had dated for
several months and fucked! She knew all the same people that Caleb did. If
she told them, it would be a disaster. Dr Langdon smiled, and raised the
head rest a bit so Caleb’s face looked right at the group.

“Is this a friend of yours, Caleb. How nice. It’s always more comfortable
during stressful times to have friends around. The look on poor Caleb’s
face was one of stark terror. His toes curled and his hands made
fists. “Well, on to work. Caleb here has come to us because of severe
irritation in the rectum and bowels caused by extreme anal intercourse.”
Poor Emma turned red.

“Caleb is a faggot?” she gasped, and several students laughed.

“Now, now, we can sling those kinds of insults around any more nowadays. We
have equality, remember. Caleb has chosen a sexual lifestyle which involves
large dicks being shoved up his asshole and into his mouth! That is clear
because of the stretching of the ass ring and lips, and also because of the
slightly swollen lips on his mouth. One of my first duties as a doctor,
while not labeling or judging the patient, is to warn him to perhaps slow
down just a little in his obsession with penis! ” The k**s all
laughed. “If you will move in closer k**s, you will be able to see how raw
and irritated the inner ass canal is. This boy has endured some totally
rough fucking! And I hate to say it, but it might even have involved some
a****l dick, like a large dog or a Shetland Pony. ” Most of the observing
k**s made a disgusted sound. Some of them even moved away from the ass on
display. “Now, Now, k**s. if you guys and gals are going to be doctors, you
have to get used to encountering some truly bizarre things. If Caleb here
is hungry for canine cock, that is his business, although he might not be
quite so aggressive about it.”

“It’s not true. I was forced to do it. I’m not like that…” Caleb
protested loudly, his entire reputation and self-esteem at stake.

Doctor Kyle Langdon leaned his handsome face over Caleb. Caleb could smell
his expensive cologne. “Are you saying you were ****d by a dog? Or that
someone forced you to do it? If so, we should report it to the authorities
at once. College campus **** and forced sex is no laughing matter. Of
course the story would make all the newspapers and cable television
stations. But still…Nurse, Jenkins, kindly call Campus security!”

“No….WAIT! PLEASE, NO! I…It wasn’t ****. Please don’t tell anyone!”
The young people in the room were fascinated. Many of the female students
had pussy leak in their panties, and many of the young male students had
raging hardons pushing against the front of their jeans.

“Ah, so it was consensual. I thought so. If any of you students want to
probe Caleb’s asshole to feel the puffy swollen skin, please feel free, but
kindly put on rubber gloves first. You don’t know where that ass has been!”
Everyone except Caleb had a good laugh at that. Caleb turned red in the
face. “You will also notice that the boys balls are a bit swollen,
indicating that he may have been beaten in the testicles recently. Is this
true, Caleb? Has one of your sexual partners beaten your nuts?”

Some of the students had taken out their phones and were taking photos of
Caleb’s naked stretched body, including his face. Caleb threw his face from
side to side violently.

“Now, now, Caleb, don’t throw your head like that, or we’ll have to
restrain you further. This is all for your own good. You are the one who
came to the clinic. Some of you may have notices how swollen Caleb’s mouth
looks. That usually occurs from excessive cocksucking. You are a
cocksucker, aren’t you, Caleb? Please open your mouth and stick out your
tongue for us.”

Caleb felt the pressure of the needle on his arm again, and opened his
mouth and stuck out his tongue.

“Oh yes, as you can see, young Caleb here has an irritated tongue and inner
mouth. That comes from taking in too much dick orally. Caleb here probably
started being a cocksucker early in high school. Perhaps he was the
football team “suck boy!” Maybe he started as early as middle or even
grade school. Perhaps his passion began at home with an older brother, or
father or grandfather or uncle…or perhaps all of them. Tell us Caleb,
strictly in the name of medical research, how many cocks do you suck a

What was the use of protesting? If Caleb told them he had been forced into
this situation, no one would believe him. And besides the whole thing was
his own fault anyway. HE WAS A LOSER! He had foolishly made those bets
because of his rivalry with Mark. Part of Caleb even began to believe he
deserved what he was getting.

“Ah… about….fifteen.” The gasps in the room were only too audible.

“So then, I’ll bet you are the dorm floor cocksucker. You dudes who don’t
live in the dorms…see what you are missing?” Good natured laughter
filled the room. “Again, this is the kind of thing you have to get used to
if you want to be doctors. I’ve had Fraternity pledges come to see me with
wine bottles shoved up their asses. College k**s are just naturally into
that kind of fun. Well, I’ve got a few tests to finish here with Caleb, so
you students had best move on to the next examination room. I dare say, it
won’t be as interesting or amusing as Caleb here!”

As the boys and girls filed out, Emma lingered to look sadly at her old
boyfriend. What had become of him? Caleb in deep shame and despair, turned
his head away and closed his eyes.

“Nurse Jenkins, why don’t you escort these fine young students on their
tour. I’ll finish up with Kyle here, and then perhaps later, we can go for
a coffee,huh?” Nurse Jenkins pushed out her ample tits and glowed.

“Yes, Doctor, I’d love that.” She spun on her white shoes and tripped
gaily out of the room. Doctor Langdon once more closed the door and this
time locked it. Caleb lay there, on display, with his head turned and his
eyes squeezed shut. He couldn’t take any more! Then he felt Doctor
Langdon’s large strong hands turn his head. He kept his eyes closed. Kyle
Langdon used his thick fingers to open the boy’s mouth wide, and then Caleb
felt the head of a huge leaking dick slide over teeth and lips and tongue.

“Come on, Cocksucker, Dick Licker, you know you want it!” The young Doctor
fed the whimpering boy more and more fuckmeat! Saliva and pre-cum spilled
from the k**’s mouth and puddled on the table next to Caleb’s cheek. The
dick kept coming. A long, amazingly thick hunk of fucker, almost as large
as that of Taylor the black giant that Caleb had been forced to
endure. This cock tasted clean and soapy. It sawed back and forth in the
boy’s mouth, each time probing deeper. It hit the back of Caleb’s palate,
choking him just a little.

“That a boy…almost half way there! A lot of cunts won’t take this, say
it’s just too big. Of course I don’t let them get away with that shit. But
you, pretty boy, you can take whatever is dished out…can’t you?”

Caleb tried to protest that the meat was too thick, too heavy, too long for
him to be able to swallow, but all that came out of his stuffed mouth were
choked grunts.

“Yeah, you like that, huh? Does little baby Caleb like that? If you were my
boy toy, Caleb, I’d keep you in diapers in a playpen and feed you dick
three times a day!” Then suddenly Doctor Landon pulled his throbbing,
swollen fucker from the boy’s gaping mouth. Caleb’s tongue wiggled in empty
space and a string of dick slop and spit hung from the heavy dickhead and
connected to Caleb’s tongue. The bridge of leak broke, and a string of
slime fell onto Caleb’s chin and neck. Doctor Langdon moved around behind
Caleb. He quickly unscrewed the cunt stretched and roughly pulled it from
the boy’s gaping hole. The, he plunged his pulsing prick deep into the
boy’s bowels. Caleb screamed in agony. He didn’t hold back at all. He
fucked balls deep into the irritated ass. Caleb felt the burning in his raw
inner ass, as well as the pressure from the massive fucker.

“Usually I like to fuck slow…spending a half hour or so plowing a
pussy. I like to go from pussy to mouth and back and forth. When you report
to my apartment this week, I’ll show you just how slow and powerful a fuck
can be. Being a doctor, I also enjoy playing various medical games with my
sex partners. Mark said you were very co-operative.” While he said this,
he pounded roughly into Caleb’s sore boycunt. “I’ll give you some salve
for your fuckhole! It doesn’t need stitches yet, but if you keep up your
activity with dogs and well hung blacks, your cunt will soon either rip or
get turned inside out. I suggest you beg Mark and his friends to go just a
bit easy on your pussy. Of course, that might mean double-duty for your

Oh Shit, your pussy is warm and wet! I’m gonna’ cum!”

The handsome doctor arched his muscular back, pushing out his pecs, his
large erect nipples clearly visible in the tight white tee shirt. Caleb
stared at Kyle’s beautiful, chiseled face.

The Doctor’s hair flopped about as he threw his head in ecstasy. Caleb
felt the fucking cock pulse deep in his ass. It hurt even more as the big
prick throbbed and squirted. Caleb’s ****d ass filled with cum. Cum
squirted out around Doctor Langdon’s fucking dick. The doctor’s huge balls
swung and pulsed like a heart. The Doctor grunted, groaned and growled!

Caleb had never been so thoroughly ass fucked. Even Taylor had not made him
feel this full of dick. The doctor pulled out, ass juice and cum slopping
from the hole and coating the fuckmeat. He walked around to Caleb’s head
and grabbed the boy’s face.

“Clean it…Cunt!” Caleb dutifully opened his mouth and licked the dirty
dick. His licker sc****d fuckslime and ass juice off of the still swollen
fuckmeat. Cock drool dripped from the boy’s slack mouth. His swollen tongue
flopped about like a fish out of water. He felt his feet being lowered, and
cum squirted out of his ass.

“Here’s a prescription for some cream for you pussy. Here’s my address. Be
there at eight o’clock on Tues. I want you in gym shorts, and nothing
else…no even shoes. Now get the fuck out of here. You disgust me!” But
there was a smile on Doctor Langdon’s lips as he said that, and a twinkle
in his eye. Caleb stumbled for his clothing. He could barely walk, and his
ass was leaking cum all the down his legs. Caleb looked around for his
clothes, but all he saw were his jeans. Nothing else. “Just the
jeans… that’s all you need.”

“Could I, at least…eh…use the toilet to clean…to…”

“I told you to get your fucking jeans on and get the fuck out. Or do you
want me to take away the jeans too? You can clean back at your dorm. And I
almost forgot. A message arrive for you from Taylor Woodson, that mean
negro son of a bitch. He says your you to meet him and his basketball
buddies over at the field house right away. He does not like to be kept

Doctor Kyle Langdon, the “dream doctor” of many of us, stood there arms
folded over his muscular chest, watching the just fucked Freshman boy
struggle into his jeans. He liked the way the boy’s lithe body rippled as
he worked at the trousers. The k** lost his balance trying to get one leg
in, cum had now reached his ankle and spilled onto the floor. The foot
slipped on the puddle of cum and Caleb fell onto his ass, one leg in and
one out of the pants.

“Holy Jesus, you are pathetic! I think all that cock has gone to your
head!” Doctor Langdon admired the sweet youthful look of the boy’s face.
He wanted to fuck that face a lot more.

He wanted to piss all over that darling face. He wanted the k** for his own
personal cum dump! He resolved to see what he might be able to do about

Caleb finally had his jeans on. He looked rather obscene in the tight jeans
and nothing else. His bare feet were strangely sexual that way. He looked
at Doctor Langdon with a dumb, glazed look in his teenage eyes. He knew
this man was superior to him!

“Go on, Get the fuck out!”

The Campus Field House had a certain sound as well as a certain smell.
The smell was of sweat mixed with soap and showers. It was the smell of
unwashed jock straps wet towels. The sound was the echo of bouncing
basketballs, squash balls, and tennis balls. At one end of the large
central court, Six tall black men were shooting hoops. Three were dressed
in body hugging sweat soaked tee shirts, while the other three were
topless. Sweat sprayed from their lean muscular bodies as they flung
themselves to and fro after the ball. Tallest and most muscular of all was
Taylor Woodson. He was dressed in nothing but small white gym shorts that
were soaked at the crotch and ass with sweat, and athletic shoes and
socks. Sweat dripped from his wiry armpit hair and ran in rivulets down
between his pecs over his belly and into his crotch hair. In the tight
white shorts, his ass looked hard and muscular, and beneath the jock strap
and cotton shorts, his negro fuckmeat looked enormous.

Caleb limped across the gym floor toward the black men. Caleb’s ass hurt so
badly he had trouble walking. Every step was agony. The cute college
Freshman looked like a little boy next to the tall black athletes. Taylor
tossed the ball to a teammate and turned his head toward Caleb. Beads of
sweat rand down his dark face and dripped from his chin. “Cocksucker!” He
shouted to Caleb, loud enough that the other guys stopped to stare. “Go
into the locker room and wait for us!” Then he went back to the game.
Caleb wanted to protest, to say something, to make up some excuse why he
could not stay to service the negro and his friends, but he was ignored, so
he turned and limped into the locker room.

Here, the smell was stronger, and the sound was of clanging locker doors
and the spray of the showers. Caleb, for some reason, always felt awkward
in locker rooms. He didn’t like the easy, naked camaraderie of jocks. He
felt nervous and shy. Perhaps this was another sign of his emerging
submissiveness. Perhaps he had been submissive by nature all along and
simply never knew it. A totally naked jock crossed him padding on bare
feet toward a row of lockers. The jock was blond and six-feet three inches
tall. He was well muscled and had a huge thick dick that swung when he
walked and slapped his thighs. Caleb wanted to look away, but it was as if
he were hypnotized. He thought about all the cock he had been made to lick
and suck in the last few weeks, and he couldn’t help but wonder what the
the huge fuckmeat of this jock would smell and taste like. What had
happened to him? What had Mark and the others done to him? A sudden burning
in his teenage ass hole reminded him of some of the things he had been
forced to undergo…sick, perverted things.

The blond jock got to his locker and stood with his back to Caleb. The
abused submissive boy studied the ass slabs on the athlete and imagine
himself on his knees face buried between the globe hunks, licking the
jock’s asshole. He had been forced to do so much of this recently, that the
thought no longer even repulsed him. It was just a task he had to
perform. It was almost like he was meant to do this. How? How could this
have happened to him, a normal healthy heterosexual teenage boy? The oddest
thing was that, as Caleb watched the jock drying his fucker and balls and
ass, the boy’s dick began to thicken and twitch, and the pain in his ass
throbbed. A small compact college boy, also totally naked, brushed passed
Caleb and went to a nearby locker. This dude was only about five feet eight
inches tall, but he had a nicely toned body. Caleb was struck by the large
nipples on the k**’s well formed pecs. Then Caleb let his eyes drift down
across the black hair covered stomach to the not very long but quite fat
fucker that dangled over a full round, hairy scrotum. The k** caught Caleb

“See something you like, Faggot?” the naked jock asked.

“Ah…what? No… I mean…I wasn’t…” Caleb lowered his eyes.

“You were looking at my junk. Looking at it and if I am not mistaken,
drooling a little!” The k**’s fat stubby fucker twitched a bit and seemed
to grow and inch or two. He laughed and put one foot up on the bench,
which further accentuated the male meat and fucksack.

“No, I…I’m sorry, I was just thinking about something. You are mistaken,
I wasn’t staring at you.” Caleb wanted to run, but how could he?

“Listen, I’ve had faggots drool over my dick before. No big deal. We had a
faggot in our dorm last semester that sucked all of us!” The k** smiled
and scratched his balls, which jiggled and danced.

Jesus! Caleb was reminded of his own situation in the dorm. He had been
forced by Mark to become the dorm cocksucker!

“You want to smell my dick and balls? I just showered. Nice soapy dick and
balls stink!”

“Ah…no thanks. You’re mistaken, I wasn’t looking at you. I’m not…a…”
“Got a problem with the faggot?” The deep voice of the blond giant across
the way cut through the locker room. It seemed to bounce off the walls.

“Yeah, he’s drooling for my dick, but doesn’t want to admit it. I told him
he could have a free smell!” the dark haired athlete laughed and rubbed a
towel through his curls.

“Go on Faggot. He’s offered to let you smell his fucker and nuts for
free. Take advantage of it!” The blond jock had slipped on a pair of light
blue boxer briefs. His meat looked obscenely large in the tight undies.
Caleb felt like he was hallucinating.

“Ah, no thanks, I’m just waiting for someone. I eh…”

“Yeah, waiting for someone. Dudes don’t just wait for someone in the locker
room. Admit it, Faggot, you are trolling! Looking for some juicy dick,

It was a fucking unending nightmare. Everywhere that Caleb went, he was
forced to commit degrading, filthy acts. Why? Was it written on his
forehead or something? He stood there, looking from one jock to the other,
not knowing what to do.

“Go on, Faggot, get on your knees and smell my buddy’s dick and balls!” the
blond reiterated. As if hypnotized, Caleb sank to his knees. One hand on
the wooden bench, he knelt there, defeated, looking across at the dark
haired college student standing totally naked at his locker.

“I don’t really want to…there’s been a mistake…I…” words didn’t
form, sounds couldn’t come out. Caleb was trembling.

The dark haired jock laughed. “You don’t really think I’m going to come
over to you, do you? You think I’d walk over to a cocksucker faggot? Oh
no, girlie, you crawl on over here.” Crawl? Had the naked athlete said

“Snap to it, Cuntmouth!” the blond college student barked, and obediently,
Caleb crawled. He crawled across the wet locker room floor. On hands and
knees he crawled toward the naked boy.

“STOP!” the blond giant shouted, and Caleb stopped. “Why not crawl on your
stomach, and while you are crawling lick up the puddles of water from all
those naked feet?”

Caleb lifted his cute head to stare at the blond jock. He wanted to plead,
to beg for mercy. He wanted to find some excuse to get out of this new
degrading situation. He wanted to explain that he was already abused and
humiliated non-stop, that he had just come from a doctor who had shoved a
cunt stretcher up his asshole in front of a group of students, but he knew
it would do no good. There would be no sympathy for him.

The blond grinned and leaned over at the waist, his muscled rippling. “Down
on your tummy and lick as you crawl!”

Caleb sank onto his stomach, his tee shirt at once soaked from the wet
floor. He began to slither toward the bare-assed dark haired boy, whose
fuckmeat seemed to be growing by the second. It now stood out partially
erect a good six inches with plenty of wrinkles to yet be unfolded. The
ball sack hung low and full, and seemed to have a life of it’s own. Each
nut seemed to move independently of the other. The fleshy scrotum was
sprinkled with black hair. Hair also trailed between the k**’s legs and ran
up his ass crack. He looked to be about twenty years old.

Caleb suddenly felt a naked foot on the back of his neck. The bare foot
gently but insistently pushed Caleb’s face into the tiled floor. It was
the blond athlete. “You are forgetting to lick the floor clean. Dozens of
guys have walked with their bare feet across this floor this morning.” The
large bare foot pushed Caleb’s nose and cheek into the floor. The boy
turned his head to relieve the pressure, and found his nose and lips
rubbing up against the blond dude’s toes. The muscle man forced his bare
toes into Caleb’s mouth. He wiggled his toes and pushed deeper and deeper
into Caleb’s now gagging mouth. Then he pulled out. Caleb began at once to
lick the wet floor. To escape the blond bully, he pulled himself on his
stomach toward the dark haired k**, lapping at the puddles of water on the

I know there are many of you out there who shake your heads and mutter,
“How disgusting! I would never be forced to do something like that…” but
if you were indeed trapped in Caleb’s situation and doubting your own self
worth, how low might you sink? Caleb reached the black haired k**. The boy
stood with one foot up on the bench. His fuck meat was now a good seven
inches long and throbbing to beat the band.

“Come on up and get a good smell!” the k** grinned. Caleb pulled himself
up onto the bench. His face was right at the height of the k**’s swollen
circumcised pick and testicles.

Caleb trembled with fear and stress. He pretended to take a sniff. “Oh
come on, Faggot, you can do better than that. Don’t be afraid to get your
face right in there, so you can get a good whiff of my cuntstuffer and bag!
The black haired handsome dude put one hand on the back of Caleb’s head and
brought it in, forcing the teen’s face right into the erect, pulsing dick
and swollen sack. “Now let’s hear you really inhale that dick smell!”

Caleb breathed in. He smelled soap and also cock. A cock never ever totally
loses its unique smell. He smelled the jock’s nutsack. His face was pushed
right into the ball bag. For almost two minutes, he was held there,
smelling the dick and balls.

“You like that, huh? Do you love my genital stink? Too bad I showered
first. If I had known, I would have let you smell me before I showered. Or
too bad you couldn’t have smelled me last night right after I finished
fucking my girlfriend. Then you could have had cock and cunt smell! ”
“Pleeth…I can’t breattthhhh…” Poor Caleb’s face was mashed right into
the jock’s dick and balls. The dick was leaking pre-fuck all over Caleb’s

“Hey, Derek, maybe he wants to smell your ass too? Do you think he wants to
smell your asshole?” the blond offered.

“How about it, Faggot, do you want to smell my asshole?” The jock grabbed
Caleb’s head and swung one leg over the boy, flipped him over,…then he
pressed his ass crack down on the teenager’s cute young face. The blond,
seeing that his buddy was having a bit of trouble with the faggot, moved in
to help. He held Caleb still, while the dark haired k**, spread his own ass
cheeks and situated his asshole right down on Caleb’s nose and mouth.

“Come on…smell! Smell that asshole! Smell that fresh ripe jock asshole!
Poor Caleb felt his nose wedged right into the tight asshole pucker. The
ass hair got tangled in the boy’s teeth. The blond stud held Caleb
immobile, while the dark haired k** bounced on the boy’s face. Then, just
as Caleb thought he would pass out, the k** rose up a little, letting
Caleb’s nose withdraw from the asshole. “I’ve got an idea. Let me feel some
tongue up there. Stick your tongue way up my shithole!”

Caleb’s legs flopped about like fish out of water, as the blond bully held
his torso still, and the dark haired jock forced his ass back down on the
boy’s face. Caleb stuck out his tongue and pushed it against the rosebud
asshole. His whole face smelled like ass!

“Get your fucking tongue up there, Faggot!” The k** screamed, and Caleb
forced his tongue deep into the soft pliant flesh of the k**’s rectum. Ass
juice coated Caleb’s tongue. The k** grunted and farted right into the
boy’s mouth.

‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” The deep voice of Taylor Woodson cut
through the humid atmosphere of the locker room. He stood there with five
other tall black men, stinking of sweat, staring at the sight. “Is that
cock hungry faggot at it again?”

Caleb was a fucking mess. Our young college boy Freshman had crawled
across the wet locker room floor on his tummy. His tee shirt was soaked as
were his jeans. While servicing two hunky white jocks, he had been
interrupted by the arrival in the locker room of Taylor Woodson, the giant
black college basketball star and five of his team mates. Caleb had not had
a very good day so for. His humiliation at the clinic had only been
exceeded by what the young doctor had done to his poor ass in front of a
group of medical students. His ass now throbbed with the pain of being
horribly stretched, while at the same time being raw and sore. Sweet young
college boy Caleb wished he had never left home to attend this major
university, and he felt as if his entire life had spun out of control.

He currently had his tongue buried deeply up into the asshole of a
muscular black jock whom he didn’t even know. The blacks had come off the
court stinking to high heaven with a sweat smell so strong it filled the
locker room, and you knew they were there before they even appeared. These
were big boys, tall and sinewy, with gleaming black skin. The two white
jocks having fun with Caleb backed off at once. They knew better than to
mess with the black athletes. Taylor announced that Caleb was going to
give all six Negroes a total “TONGUE BATH.” All six black jocks stripped
out of their wringing wet tee shirts and basketball shorts. they kicked off
their shoes and peeled off their damp socks. Caleb knelt there looking at
them. He felt very lost and alone right then. The six black basketball
players peeled down their stretched out, sweat soaked, rank jock straps to
reveal enormous black fuck tubes swinging over ball sacks containing nuts
the size of hard boiled eggs. The stink made Caleb dizzy.

Caleb, in a stuttering, halting voice explained humbly to Taylor
that they could not fuck him in the ass, as he had just some from the
clinic and his rectum was in pretty bad condition. Taylor assumed that it
was from his big black motherfucker, and Caleb did not mention his
encounter with the dog at the hands of Mark and the other bullies.

On size f******n bare feet, Taylor sauntered over to Caleb. He grabbed
the boy by the head. He could hold Caleb’s head like a melon in one of his
giant hands. He forced Caleb’s cute face back, so that the boy’s mouth
opened, and then he stuffed his stinking wet, ball sweat filthy jock strap
into Caleb’s mouth. Caleb knelt there trembling, the strong flavor of the
dirty jock strap filling his mouth.

“You do not tell me when to fuck you and when not to fuck you, Fairy
Asswipe!” Taylor growled. Then he sniffed in and hawked a huge gob of spit
right into Caleb’s face. The other black boys roared with laughter, and the
two white jocks peeking around from behind a row of lockers laughed as
well. At the end of the room, Milton, the perverted janitor who practically
lived in the locker room in order to watch all the naked college boys,
chuckled and rubbed the crotch of his stained work pants. Martin had a wall
filled with photos of naked jocks entering and exiting the showers. He had
several cameras secreted about the locker room. He could tell you which of
the college boys had a huge, thick hunk of fuckmeat, and which boys just
didn’t measure up. Martin had keys to the lockers, and he would often go
into them and steal the stining stretched out jock strap of one of the
really well hung handsome jocks to suck on and smell when he was alone in
his apartment at night. So he could relate now to our young hero Caleb
having to suck on the pissy, cum clotted, ball sweat soaked elastic jock

“You do what you are told to do, White Faggot, and you don’t dare
sass back! You got that, Shitface?” Taylor spit a second large
yellow/white gob of spit into Caleb’s face. Caleb could not only feel the
spit running over his face, but he could smell it too. Another of the black
athletes, Andre thought that looked like fun, so now also totally naked,
with coke can thick dick swinging, he strolled up to Caleb and leaned down
and hawked a loogie right in the k**’s face. To say that Caleb felt sick to
his stomach is a gross understatement, but he knew he dare not
vomit. Besides, if he got puke on Taylor’s jock strap, the athlete would be
even angrier. Caleb attempted to blink the spit out of his eyes. But the
other black boys, seeing the fun time Taylor and Andre were having, also
approached the kneeling white Freshman and gobbed liberally in the boy’s
face. Spit ran down the k**’s cheeks, dripped from his nose, and some of it
covered his lips, mingling with the boys saliva and loosening up some of
the dried dick crud on the jock pouch.

Martin shook his head and rubbed his dick lump harder. That
white Freshman boy sure looked stupid, kneeling there on the floor, his
clothing soaked from crawling on his stomach, the ass straps of a sweat
soaked prick pouch hanging from his full young teenage lips, glistening
spit covering his handsome face. Damn, college boys were into some kinky
stuff! Which reminded Martin that he had to check his cameras before the
weekend, when busloads of high school boys would be visiting the campus and
using the field house for various sports contests. If there was anything
Martin enjoyed more than college boy dick and ass, it was high school boy
dick and ass! A wet spot formed at the front of Martin’s green work pants.

Well, one thing led to another, and eventually, after Caleb had
had to suck on the filthy prick pouches of several more jock straps, and
after he had had to kneel with his mouth wide open, so the black athletes
could all take turns spitting into the k**’s mouth, they eventually got
down to having him give each of them a full tongue bath, including their
stinking feet and their rank armpits. To say that Caleb’s tongue grew
swollen and sore wouldn’t half describe it, but the boy had become a
champion Licker in the last few weeks, and so he did a really commendable
job on the sweat slick black bodies.

And this explains why he was currently kneeling with his tongue
buried up Andre’s asshole! “Come on, White Trash, get that mother fucking
tongue up my shithole!” Andre yelled, drawing the attention of four or five
more guys in the locker room. There was a crowd gathering. Andre bucked his
ass back into Caleb’s face. The sweat stink of the jock’s ass made young
Caleb reel and almost pass out. The after-game smell of the young black
male bodies was overwhelming. Caleb felt Taylor’s large hand on the back of
his head, pushing his face further into Andre’s ass. Andre reached back and
grabbed one of his own ass cheeks in each large hand and spread the
globes. Caleb could now get his face deeper into the black jock’s ass, and
he could bury his tongue deeper into the Negro rectum.

“Come on, Licker, show us what you is famous for!” Taylor yelled,
grinding the boy’s nose and mouth into the asshole. Caleb wiggled his
swollen tongue back and forth, in and out, tasting the inside of the black
boy’s shithole! He was so exhausted, he honestly thought he might pass out,
and he still had five more assholes to go! How could they use him in this
way, with no care or respect for his own well being? What was wrong with
them? Or was it him? Caleb had begun to reason that so many supposedly
normal, healthy college men and boys had abused him, that the fault must be
in him! Maybe he attracted bullies. Maybe he asked for what he got? Maybe
the whole thing was his own fault? Maybe he was fated to service real men,
to be their sex toy and slave? It certainly seemed like that. Where were
the normal college boys who loved to drink beer, talk sports and fuck
chicks? And how and why had Caleb been designated the k** who would spend
most of his campus life servicing the dicks, balls and ass of perverted,
raunchy sex-sick jocks? Did this kind of thing go on at other colleges?
Caleb had read about hazings and initiations online. There had been any
number of recent scandals at major universities involving sexual abuse,
bullying, and hazing. But what about Caleb’s personality had made him a
victim? Was he a victim by nature?

“What the fuck are you doing, sleeping?” Taylor barked, slapping
Caleb on the back of the head. Caleb’s face was now coated with ass juice
as well as his own spit and the spit of the black jocks. He pushed his
tongue deep into the asshole until it hurt from being stretched so
far. Then he wiggled his tongue against the soft, moist inner asshole
flesh. Andre began to wiggle his hips. His huge balls swung back and
forth. Suddenly, he let out a huge fart. Caleb fell back, stunned and
shocked. The room erupted in laughter. Caleb started to cry.

Somewhere along the line, they stripped Caleb naked. One of the
blacks observed that a “white slave boy should be naked!” Taylor got a
good look at Caleb’s sore abused asshole, and then all the blacks wanted to
see. So Caleb had so spread his own ass cheeks and give them a look!

“Dat fuckhole more raw den a whore’s pussy after pullin’ a train!”
One of the black dudes observed. Taylor prodded Caleb’s asshole with one
large finger, and the pain caused the college boy to scream out. “But
lookee here! All dat ass suckin’ done got the white bitch’s clitty hard!”

Oh God! It was true! What a total loser Caleb was. His dick was
fully erect and throbbing and bobbing up and down. Sucking on the black ass
had given him an erection! What was happening to him? The next two hours
were a kind of blur. Caleb licked huge wrinkled ball sacks, picked curly
black Negro ball hair out of his teeth, licked and sucked on the thickest
dicks he had ever seen, ate more asses, slurped the sweat from armpits, and
endured more black jocks spitting on his face and into his mouth. He was
reduced to a whimpering mass of pale white naked flesh, sitting on the
locker room floor, his tongue out of his mouth, licking at whatever was
presented to him. At one point, Taylor stuck a finger up his wide black
nose and produced something totally gross and green…and then fed it to
Caleb. Caleb ate it like a baby gobbling up baby food.

In the end, no one did fuck him, so I guess you might say it was a
really good day for Caleb after all. He didn’t even have to suck any of
the huge juicy black dicks to orgasm! No Sir! In the end, the black jocks
stood in a circle and all jerked off onto Caleb’s face! That’s right. They
shot their seemingly endless loads of thick yellow/white sperm right onto
the k**’s sweet, innocent face. The boy’s face became completely covered
with dick slop. Jism coated his cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. It covered
his lips and got into his eyes, which really stung! It seemed an inch
thick and had the consistency of wall paper paste. He was not allowed to
wipe it off!

Taylor smiled his killer white toothed smile. “Look, Faggot. I
just called Mark over at yo’ dorm. I tole him you coming back across campus
to the dorm now! When you gets to the dorm, that dick juice better still be
on yo’ little white face! You don’t wipe off a single drop…you got that?
Mark better find yo’ face coated with our nice cock snot!”

They wouldn’t give Caleb his clothing back, but handed him the
sweat stinking wet basketball shorts of the biggest dude there. He had to
use both hands to hold the shorts up. And wearing that and nothing
else…not another stitch of clothing, and with his face coated with Black
Dick Fuckslop, poor little Caleb was forced to leave the Field House.

He wanted to run, but he was just too fucking tired. Besides, his
ass was burning something fierce. So he limped across campus toward the
dorm. He was seen by an estimated one hundred and twenty students. It’s an
estimate because classes had just let out, and many more k**s must have
crossed his path in one way or another. There was much laughter and taking
of photos on cell phones.

“Way to Party, Dude…go for it,” one young k** yelled to him, but
the boy wouldn’t high five Caleb, cause no one wanted to touch a cum
covered pervert. Other boys yelled some not so pleasant things. Many a
female student laughed, but most of them didn’t verbally abuse the
boy. Caleb would limp one way and then spotting a group of k**s coming his
way, he would turn and try another route to the dorm. His face felt like
it had a mask on it, and as the clotted cum began to dry and harden, it
took on a glisten. It also clotted in his nostrils and made it hard for him
to breath. Caleb had to hold the basket ball shorts up, or they would have
fallen around his ankles, further embarrassing the otherwise naked boy.

“Pants a little big for you…aren’t they?” another k** yelled,
and much laughter ensued. Caleb had had such a promising future when he was
a high school senior. He was popular, he was bright, he was one of the high
school’s most famous girl fuckers…and look at him now! Just look at him
now! But the thing that plagued the k** the most as he limped almost naked
and covered in sperm across campus was…WHY HAD HIS DICK GOTTEN HARD WHEN

Licker knelt naked in the dorm hall, outside of the door to Mark’s room.
The boy looked quite different from the bright-eyed young college freshman
who had eagerly started school only a few weeks before. Then, he had had a
handsome face with sparkling eyes and an All American boy freshness. Any
girl at the university would have been proud to date him…and most likely
would have loved to have sucked his big dick and allowed him to fuck her
cunt. But the boy who knelt in the hallway now, looked weak and beaten
down. His once broad shoulders were slumped and rounded. He hung his head
in defeat. His hands and arms had a tremor about them. The toes of his
feet, wrapped beneath his legs, were curled up. His eyes, when they looked
up from the floor, darted back and forth seemingly in fear. Sweet, young
Caleb was a fucking mess. His throat was almost swollen shut from sucking
dick. His tongue was thick and raw. His lips too were swollen from having
to slurp on cock and balls and ass. The boy’s asshole felt as if it were on
fire, Hi rectum felt stretched out of shape which indeed it was. Caleb
felt confused and lonely and lost.

He had been ordered to wait outside of Mark’s dorm room until
called. While he knelt there, several of the hunky jocks passing him on the
way to the shower and bath room had stopped to speak with him.

“Hey, Asswipe, don’t forget to come by my room tonight. I need my
balls licked.” One of the jocks said with a huge smile. He nudged the
kneeling boy with his bare toes.

Caleb nodded his head and muttered, “Yes, Sir!”

“Cocksucker…get your licker down to my room as soon as you are
free. I need to unload my balls,” a short but cute college stud remarked,
swaggering by, dressed in nothing but a towel. As if remembering something
he had forgotten, the k** spun around and opened up his towel to reveal an
average length but very thick dick, resting on a bloated set of almost
hairless nuts.

“Here…smell this before I shower. It will get you all hot to lick and
suck!” He stepped up close to the kneeling k**, almost pushing his
fuckmeat into the boy’s face. The sweaty smell was overwhelming. Caleb
inhaled the dick smell. It made his head spin. He had smelled so much
sweaty cock and balls in the last days, that he was almost drunk on the

“Yeah…you want to lick that, don’t you, Fuckface? That dick and ball
stink gets your saliva flowing,” the small but compact jock laughed. He
threw his handsome head back and let go with a thick wad of spit which hit
Caleb in the face. The thick spit ran down the boy’s nose and onto his
lips. Caleb looked as if he might cry. But his dick gave a lurch and began
to stiffen. Why the fuck did that happen? Why was he responding sexually to
this verbal and physical abuse? What was wrong with him? The jock
re-wrapped the towel and continued on down the hall. Caleb knelt there,
watching the boy’s ass roll beneath the white towel. This particular jock
was a notorious girl fucker, known all over the campus for his many sexual

He was affectionately called “Fucker” by his buddies. And poor young Caleb
was called “Licker!” Fucker entered the bathroom and shouted hello to
several other college boys showering.

Caleb looked down at the floor and waited.

He heard sounds coming from Mark’s room, grunting and groaning. Mark
had a girl in there. Caleb heard the bed squeak and pound. It was obvious
Mark was fucking the girl.

Mark seemed to be fucking some girl or other every single night. Caleb
wanted to fuck girls too. He had come to college with dreams of picking up
and banging sex hungry chicks.

He wanted to be a stud. But Mark had destroyed all of those dreams and
hopes. Mark had demeaned, humiliated and degraded him. Now, as Caleb
listened to Mark pounding his big cock into tonight’s date, Caleb found
himself almost hypnotized by the sound of the fuckmeat squishing in and out
of cunt, and the big balls slapping pussy mound. And again, Caleb felt an
uncontrollable lurch in his on fat dick. It thickened and lengthened with
each fuck grunt from behind the door. Why was Caleb aroused by the sound of
Mark fucking? A drop of thick, syrupy pre-fuck formed at Caleb’s wide
pisshole and dripped from it in a long string. Caleb was beside himself
that he was responding to his kneeling outside of the door and listening to
the brutal fuck. And a very brutal fuck it was too. Caleb heard the girl
moaning and sobbing and shouting. “it’s too big, Mark. Please, it’s too
big. Please take it out. Go slow! Please!”

“You know you want it, Cunt! You know you want my big dick!” Mark’s
voice was low and thick. He grunted and must have slammed his fuckmeat into
the stretched out pussy even harder, for the poor girl gasped and sounded
almost choked. Caleb looked down at his now fully erect cock. It was red
and swollen and the cock leak had increased. And then both Mark and the
girl howled. It could be heard halfway down the dorm hallway. Mark must
have pumped three or four spurts into her, because he grunted loudly four
times. Then silence.

“Licker…get the fuck in here!” Mark shouted at last. Licker turned
and still on his knees, raised one hand and opened the dorm room door. He
crawled into the darkened room, which was lit only by the moonlight coming
in through the window and a small desk lamp. Mark was seated on the edge
of his bed, legs spread, head slumped. The naked girl was curled up on the
bed. Mark was beautiful in the moonlight. His large muscled jock body
rippled, and he had an a****l kind of magnetism about him. He looked like
a lion or tiger in repose. He had his head buried in his hands. “Get the
fuck over here, Licker, and clean me up!”

Caleb, still on his hands and knees hesitated. Had he heard
correctly? Had Mark just ordered him to clean his cuntslime and sperm
coated dick? The dick that he just fucked into this girl? Did he really
expect Caleb to put the filthy hunk of fuckmeat in his mouth? “You heard
me, Licker! I am not a patient man, as you know. Unless you want to get
punished, get your faggot ass over here and lick me clean. Get every drop
of cum and cunt juice off of my dick and balls!”

Caleb gagged. He crawled closer to the jock seated on the edge of
the bed. Mark adjusted himself and spread his strong legs wider apart. The
half-hard fuckmeat hung limp over the large loose hanging balls. The
nutsack and prick stalk glistened with cum slime and cunt juice. The smell
of sex was overwhelming. The girl on the bed rolled over and cupped her
just fucked cunt with her hands.

Caleb extended his tongue. He was used to licking. He had been
licking genitalia for weeks now. He touched the tip of his tongue to
Mark’s fat dickhead. A string of cum and cunt juice stretched from the
dickhead to the boy’s tongue Caleb slurped the slop into his mouth. It was
so thick that it would not separate, and more fuckslime bridged the
distance between

boy lips and cockhead. Caleb’s lips were now coated with fuckslop. He
tried to hold his breath to not inhale the foul sex smell. His tongue
lapped at the sausage thick cockmeat. He scooped cum and cunt juice from
the prick stalk. He swallowed globs of sex residue. The dick was still
leaking slightly, and Mark pointed that out to the boy. Caleb took care of
the cum dripping from the pisshole. He sucked that into his mouth by
slurping on the cockhead. It made Caleb feel low and dirty and sub-human,
but it also made his teenage dick rock hard.

Caleb gave in, submitted to the moment. He began to lap hungrily at the
muscular jock’s fuckmeat. Mark grunted with satisfaction. He put one naked
foot into Caleb’s crotch and rubbed the boy’s erection with his toes.
Caleb’s breathing grew heavy. The massive dick was now clean and wet and
shining with spit. Caleb raised his face slightly and sucked clots of cum
from Mark’s pubic hair. He sucked on the wiry hair and cleaned the jock’s
crotch. Then he lowered his head and began to lap at the huge swinging
nutsack. Trails of cum and cunt juice ran down the ball bag. Caleb gently
bathed the big balls with his lips and tongue. He had learned in the last
few weeks that he had to be careful when working on a dude’s scrotum. The
balls were extraordinarily sensitive. The velvet soft skin bag contained
really delicate nuts, and while almost all males loved to have their balls
licked and sucked, even slurping just a bit too hard could be painful to
the jock. Licker had become something of a ball licking expert. He licked
down under the balls as well. He had often been punished at first for not
licking down under the sack and in the area of the taint, where the balls
connected to asshole. Sure enough, some cum and cunt slime had run down off
the bottom of the balls into the ass crack itself. Caleb licked the ass
crack free of sticky crap. He tasted and smelled ass sweat. Mark lifted and
spread his legs a bit to give Caleb better access to the asscrack.

There is a difference between a licker and a licker who takes initiative. A
Good Licker or a Great Licker is creative and enthusiastic. Caleb had
learned that he had better be a Great Licker or he would be punished and
abused. As Caleb licked his way up and down the dorm hall, stopping each
night at each door to lick the dicks and balls of the college students who
wanted service, he learned the details of exactly how to properly lick a
ball sack.

Caleb’s tongue now teased Mark’s tight puckered sweaty asshole. The more
bitter taste of asshole filled Caleb’s spit slick mouth. Tasting a man’s
asshole truly made the licker feel submissive. Nothing quite as slow as
having to lick and suck on a man’s sweaty ass. Caleb knew. He had sucked
and licked his share of male assholes. Again up until a few weeks before,
he would never even have imagined that he would ever lick male ass, but
through a series of bets and taunts and some leverage, Mark had put Caleb
into a position where he now had to lick the asses of most of the boys on
the dorm floor and other males around campus as well. Caleb was not only a
cocksucker but an ass licker as well. It was one of the filthiest acts a
human being could perform.

Caleb made his tongue pointy and pushed it up in between Mark’s asslips and
into the warm moist asshole. He knew that no Cock slop had gotten in there,
but he was being creative.

He fucked his tongue in and out of the jock’s rectum. Mark seemed
pleased. He sighed. Then he suddenly pushed Caleb’s head away. Caleb looked
up from the floor at the popular jock.

He was a bit confused. He didn’t know what to do next.

“You stupid sow, I don’t want to get this bitch pregnant! Crawl over and
suck my cum out of her cunt!” Mark grabbed the still whimpering girl and
dragged her to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs. She had shaved her
pussy and Mark’s sperm glistened on her stretched cuntlips.

Caleb began to cry. For some reason, he lost it and he began to cry. He
gently shook his head, NO. He wasn’t sure why. Did he feel it was
disrespectful to the girl? Was he repulsed by the act? In high school he
had gone down on a girl a few times. But here, in this case, he had been
ordered to suck the cum of a jock out of the cunt of the poor girl, who
still seemed to be in extreme pain from the big dick. He hesitated too
long. Mark lifted one leg and put his naked foot on Caleb’s face and
pushed. Caleb fell onto the floor, amid the girl’s clothes and Mark’s jock
strap and socks and sweat pants. Mark stood up and grabbed Caleb by the
hair. He literally dragged the boy over to the girl on the bed. He shoved
the k**’s face into her slop bubbling cunt.

“Lick and suck! And don’t stop until she is squeaky clean!”

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