Carla and Mike

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Carla and Mike
Carla and Mike

Carl and Mike had been high school friends. Both were average students, Carl better in the classroom, Mike a natural jock. Carl chose college, Mike the military. After being separated a decade they were meeting again. Carl had been an introvert, often the subject of rumor of being gay. Yet never in school had it ever been proved. Mike didn’t question and had been a “girl slayer”, but they had a mutual interest in the “Old West” since Carl’s great grandfather had been an actual lawman. Carl now lived out west, 40 miles away from the last town his great grandfather last served. He was independently wealthy and a transsexual named Carla.

Mike was in flight with Carla on his mind. They had reconnected through the internet, caught up on lost time through several months of text and emails. Carla had revealed her new self which Mike didn’t have any issues with. In time, She invited him for a visit. He has spent a week with her and it went well. They visited old west towns and reenactments. Several times, many men gave Carla the once over and made passes until Mike began to see her in a different way. Carl slowly disappeared and Carla blasted into view. Mike asked did she get that treatment often? Carla replied, “more than I want”. It was late that night that Mike woke in her guest room to see a night light glow. He got up, peeped it down the hall and quietly walked to her bedroom. He peeped through her partially closed door and saw her sitting at her make up mirror. Her back to him in a log night gown, he saw her shoulder and arms moving. One hand caressing a covered breast and the other between her spread thighs. Her head dropped back then snapped forward with a loud exhale! Mike knew she had cum! A minute later, he saw her hand come up as her head dipped forward followed by the sound on lapping. She was eating her own cum. She got up, turned facing him, then crawled into bed. He trembled viewing her full body through the sheer robe, full of sexy curves and 6 inches of cock. The day he left she grinned at him saying, “you can hug me. I don’t bite”. He grinned back saying, “I might”! Carla flirted back replying, “you forget I know you’re a cunt hound! Body I have, but….”.

That night after Mike had been gone for hours, Carla sat thinking of him. She had seen his cock many times years ago. She sat now stroking her cock. She frequently indulged in masturbation. It was convenient, she knew exactly what she needed, how and when. Eating her own cum was always a quick clean up and dating had disappointed her. Too many guys wanted her finances more than her. Taking matters in her own hands had given her a curved cock, but the many attachments on her “fuck machine” never let her down. She had grown to love large insertions and stretched herself into an anal prolapse. The men who had fucked her said it was better than pussy. Carla had detected the change in Mike as he had spent most of the day checking her out. They had gone to a local watering, grabbed a few beers and came back home to kill time. Carla had been casually dressed in an average length dress. Several times as she crossed her thighs, his eyes dropped. She moved around, his eyes followed. She tested him as she got up sliding forward until her dress rolled back until she stood and flashing a pantie covered ass cheek. She grinned knowing his eyes were on her. They talked on cell almost daily when Mike told her that he was thinking of moving as his employer had been bought. She offered her place and the opportunity to find work there. He took her offer.

After 3 weeks there, they were very comfortable together. She often dressed “down” in barely enough to cover her. He caught him sneaking a peep under her skirt she laughed saying “Hey! It’s just a cock under there!… I guess I need take you to town and let you “chase”. If you’re looking at me, you’re in need”! He sat beside her saying, “Damn Carla, you’re hard on a guy”! She grinned replying, “that’s just your “hard on” talking. What are you going to do? Fuck my mouth”? Mike grinned saying, “I’d love to”! Carla locked eyes with him as she unbuckled his pants, withdrew his cock and dropped her mouth on him. Mike grunted “Oh Carla!……Shittttt Carla”! She bounced her head as he tightened lips popped on and off his cock. “Carla…Baby…I can’t hold it…I’m to close to cumming”, Mike slurred. She worked his cock harder he said “chew the head, please Carla”! She chewed it until cum oozed at its tip, Mike screamed! Carla dropped her head taking his cock into her throat. Mike came! His cum shot upward, thick and hot as her tongue fluttered on his cock shaft. “Carla!….Carla!…Oh fuck!…Carrrrrlaaaa”, Mike screamed. As his cock throbbed in her throat, she moaned. Lifting to grab a breath, she dropped back down licking the last of his spent cum off his cock. She finally sat back viewing him as he lay in bliss.

Minutes later his eyes opened to her smiling face, Carla asked “better”? Mike slowly moved her like a drunk man reaching for her. He folded her in his chest and kissed her. The kiss broke with both of them giggling, Mike said “Carla that was beyond awesome” and kissed her again. She said, “you do realize you just fucked me there”? She was madly giggling as he kissed her again. They lay hugging for an hour when Mike noticed her stiff cock tenting her skirt. She saw him looking and said, “I’ll take care of that later”. His hand slid over her torso, Carla said, “don’t Mike! No one has touched it in a very long time. I can fix it, later”. His hand drew her skirt back until her tented panties came into view. They both viewed her panties as they slowly began to show wetting, she said, “please don’t Mike. Don’t let me know the feel of another touch”. His hand swept down and clasp her cock. Carla came instantly, flooding her panties, filling his hand and oozing through his fingers. He squeezed and pumped her shaft until she cried. She sobbed several minutes until his mouth covered hers in a kiss. Carla shoved her skirt down under his hand and covering herself. Soon, they sat smiling when she told him to go his bed, she would go to hers, they could talk about this tomorrow.

It was 6:30 am, Carla felt her bed sink, she opened her eyes saying, “Mike? What are you doing”? He replied, “it’s morning”! Rubbing her eyes she told him the sun wasn’t up and giggled. He laid beside her telling her it was “talk” time, as he looked at her gown covering her breast. She said, “they’re 100% real, no silicone. Only hormones and suction. With additional treatments, she could even lactate! Mike rolled her sheet back exposing her stiff cock under her gown, she laughed saying, “piss hard”. Carla giggled as she fought his attempt to uncover her cock. She lost as he exposed it saying “satisfied now? It’s the same old cock I’ve always had”! They were in a toe to toe match, twisting until Mike’s mouth caught her cock. She gave up saying, “you’re not getting anything from that! I told you I need to pee”! Carla let him have his way for 5 minutes then said, “stop playing with me. It’s not going to happen, silly”! Mike sucked her harder, hand stroked her shaft until she groaned, “Mike, you have to stop!….Ohhhhhh Mike”! He felt her legs stiffen, she said, “No Mike!… You’re going to be sorry if you continue”! Carla felt his hand slid over her inner thigh then 2 fingers roughly jammed into her ass cunt. Carla came! Cum shot up her cock shaft and into Mike’s sucking mouth, Carla screamed! “Mike!…Mike!.. Stop now!.. You’re going to make me pee”, she screamed! Carla thrust her hips upward, twisted onto her side, pushed against him hard and Mike remained latched to her. “Nooooo”, she screamed as pee exploded from her cock! Mike swallowed as she relaxed and caressed his face saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing this” and let her pee flow until it dribbled into his mouth. As his tongue licked her soft cock she pulled him up, smiled into his face asking, “why would you do that to me? Don’t you think that’s gross”? He whispered, “there isn’t anything gross about you Carla”. She kissed him tasting her own pee.

Carla slid down his torso, locked her mouth on his cock saying, “fuck me” as she pulled his hips causing his cock to sink into her throat. Mike stroked her, feeling her throat open and close like a cunt. Minutes later she drew off, took a deep breath saying “grip my head and really fuck it! I don’t have a gag reflex! Get my throat pussy and cum in this Bitch”! Mike thrust deep and rapid! His balls slapped her chin as her hand squeezed his ass! He stroked until his breaths hissed, then she rammed a finger into his ass hole! Mike grunted when it hit his prostate. Carla pressed it until his cock slugged cum into her throat. “Ahhhhhhh” echoed through the room until his body slumped against her face. He felt her throat slid of his cock head, then her tongue lapping his piss hole. She tasted him before she felt a trickle of his pee on her tongue, she said, “come on Mike, give it to me. You took mine, I want yours”. Mike relaxed and for minutes, she drained him. Carla slid back to face him saying, “thank you” then kissing him. They were soon laughing, she said “I kind of like that! Is that wrong”? Mike hugged her replying “whatever we do, is never wrong”. Carla said, “get out of my bed, you pervert”! He moved smiling at her saying “pretty girl”. She grinned replying “I’m just a Face Fuck! I wonder what you will say when I actually give you my pussy”? He started back into her bed, she screamed “Noooo not now”! He turned and laughed, walking out her door.

Carla came out in a long sleeveless, wide striped blue and white shirt over a short, blue tight skirt and sandals. They were going up in the Sierra Mountains to ride and picnic. As she got into the car, she flashed her bright lime green panties to him. Mike grinned saying, “can’t miss those”! She giggled replying “eyes off!You already took all the “goodies” out of there”! They rode, parked at overlooks, walked a few trails as she got stares. Sitting on a short wall as Mike took pictures, cars passed by with some blowing their horns, he said “they like your panties”! She laughed, “wouldn’t they be surprised”! A truck passed by and Carla waved, Mike asked, she told him it was an old friend, Dennis. He cocked an eyebrow, she added “yes, and old lover”. As she climbed off the wall, he returned, ran to her and hugged her. After Mike was introduced, they chatted until she walked him to his truck. Carla returned telling Mike that Dennis wanted to fuck her. Mike laughed telling her that it was impossible up there. She grinned saying “not! There’s a break station ahead with refreshments and restrooms”. Mike smiled asking, “are you going to fuck him”? She snickered replying, “that my Dear is up to you. You call it? He will be in and out of me before you can use the restroom. He’s a quick pump and dump, but he dumps a large load”! Mike said “I’m pulling over, you’ll have 5 minutes”! Carla giggled, “Oh my god! You “are” a pervert”! As Mike went into the restroom Carla was standing at Dennis’s truck talking. Peeping through a window vent, he saw her climb in laying on her side, head at the window. Dennis quickly moved toward on his side. Mike saw her head bouncing a minute, then she sat up, got out of the truck standing as before. Mike came out waved to Dennis as she got in the car. She giggled to him saying, “damn full! He must have not had any in weeks! He was spraying my ass before he got in me”! Mike laughed, “wet panties”? She told him that they needed to walk around so she could dry, she had both ass cheeks soaked in her panties. They drove to the next overlook. Got out, Carla showed him her wet panties and they walked for 15 minutes, she said, “now I’m crusty”!

They pulled over at another overlook. It had a picnic table by a walking trail. As they ate, a lone hiker passed by, Carla said “porter man”, a gay term. He turned and replied “Suzie Q”, a tranny term, and walked away. Carla told Mike she would be right back and joined him. They walked down to a large tree and Carla bent over. The man dropped on his knees behind her and ate her ass. Mike saw him open her cheeks and rake his tongue up and down her furrow. His face slid under her, licking and lapping her ball sack, then press into her furrow. It was apparent that he was sucking deeply until he covered her ass then lapped her panties. Carla then stood behind him and gave him a wrap around cock jerking until he came. She walked back saying, “got it cleaned up, Dear”. Carla stopped at him, took out his cock and jerked him as traffic rolled by. Just as his cum rose, she dropped her mouth on him. With his back to traffic, he shot wads of cum into her mouth. She sat beside him saying, “thanks for the dessert”! Mike grinned saying “and you have the nerve to call me a pervert”?

They were back home, sitting on the sofa, necking after resting. Carla left him, showered, washed her hair and was drying it at bedside when Mike came in to shower. She was making the final brush strokes when he walked out nude. He saw that her night gown was at her waist, her cock laying soft between her thighs. His cock rose and Carla leaned forward with her mouth open. Mike shoved it into her mouth as she grabbed his hips pulling him deep into her throat. Mike held her head as he stood thrusting into her face. Her fingers tapped in rhythm with his thrust, slowly speeding him up until his orgasm hit. “get it Baby! Get my cum, Darling”, eh whispered as ropes of cum shot from him. “Fucking that pretty face, feeling your warm throat! Cumming like a Mutha Fucker, Baby”, he added.” He finally groaned and she let his cock slip from her mouth. They lay and cuddled.

An hour later Nike said, “I want to suck you. I want your cum”? Carla smiled relying that she wanted to cum while he fucked her pussy. He smiled saying, “finally you’ll let me fuck it”? She said “yes” but with a explanation first! Carla told him that she was afraid of him. That her life was simple before he made her feel real again. That being real had complications for her. When she was fully blossomed into the new her, she lost herself. Used, abused, fucked and loved it. She woke up to fuck, fucked any and all, she could find that wanted her. Turning her ass up was as normal as breathing. After time, she realized that she had fucked most of the men and boys in her area, so she moved and basically stopped. She had an occasional short term lover but she learned to love her hand and the best fuck machine that money could buy feed her ass. In her greed, she ruined her ass, made it more pussy than ass, stretching and abusing it. Yet, she loved it that way. She told him that she had retrained her mind and body so well that she could lay her hand near her cock and she was ready to cum. Now, with him, a real flesh and blood man lusting for her, taking her as a full woman, she was just a afraid. Mike kissed her.

Carla said “If we stand a chance, have a future, these things you will have to do”. She told him, when you fuck me, you have to break me down. Your lust has to be mean, rough and unforgiving! If I complain, don’t stop! If I scream out in pain, don’t stop! Bite me, bruise me but don’t scar me! Break my spirit, make me pure fuck flesh then bring me back. Make love to me, make me into the thing that satisfies you most. Own my mind and body! Make me Love you”! Mike rolled on top of her, gave her a gentle kiss saying “Carla, I love you”.

He lifted and she saw pure rage in his face! Mike said, “you damn fucking slut! You worthless cock sucking cum hole” and rammed his cock into her upturned ass hole”! Carla screamed! “What the fuck is this! A fucking Dick Boy with a loose cunt”! He thrust into her as if he was beating her and not taking any pleasure. “You bucket cunt! I can’t feel a damn thing! Who have you been fucking, a damn horse”! She groaned under his merciless pounding. “Look at the pretty face!You Fuck Face whore”, he shouted! Carla whimpered. “You’ve probably swallowed more cum than I’ve made in my lifetime”, Mike shouted. Carla started crying as he bowed her higher and slammed into her ass hole. “No gag reflex? Hell you fake bitch, you don’t even have a throat! You have a neck fuck tube”, he screamed. Mike nearly stood over her ramming his cock straight down into her! He grabbed his cock in his hand saying, “too damn loose you sorry piece of ass”, then grasp his cock shaft and rammed it and his hand into her ass hole! “Mike! Carla screamed, You’re hurting me”! Mike saw his arm sank inside her past his wrist and said, “sorry, slack cunt! I have to jack my cock to get off”! She felt him jerking his cock inside her ass, she screamed, “the pain Mike! You’re killing me”! Carla screamed and sobbed as his hand stroked his cock inside her ass hole. “Shut the fuck up! You She Bitch! I gotta cum somehow”! His fist popped in and out of her stretched ass hole, as he jacked off rapidly. “Gonna cum! Damn it slut, I’m gonna cum”! Seconds later, she felt his cock spraying inside her. He aimed it left and right coating her! He slumped on her saying, “Nasty ass whore”! He folded them down and rested as she sobbed. He bit her tit making her scream in pain as his hand brought pain to the other one, she sobbed even more. He had wrecked her and they both knew it! Mike let her cry until she had no more tears.

Carla felt him shifting upward then kissing her face. “Carla.. I love you… I couldn’t do that if you hadn’t requested it”, Mike whispered. She felt him lifting her thighs back as he began a slow gentle thrust into her saying “pussy Baby. I need some pussy. My body needs you”. She fully relaxed under him, feeling him taking her with love, he said “I don’t deserve you. You shouldn’t let me have the gift of your body”. Mike stroked deeper and picked up his speed “I can’t get it all Baby. You have too much pussy for me. Too much for any one man. You need more, you need to fucked more”. He kissed her and she whimpered “I’m going to have to share you because you need it! I know you missed it and I’m fine with that”. Carla started lifting to meet his down strokes, Mike said “it’s not your fault. Baby, you just have too much pussy for this body. If it’s not satisfied, you’re only hurting yourself”. Mike felt her cock thump his torso. “ No my precious Love, I’ll not have you hurting yourself”. Carla’s cock lurched and spat cum on his stomach, “give it to me my Love”, he whispered. As her cum loads decreased to oozing he said, “More my Love, give me more. My your Lady balls hurt for me out of love”. Carla’s cock started spitting again, throwing thin sprays on cum as she moaned loudly. Mike kissed her asking, “who loves you”? She smiled replying, “You love this used up old whore”.

The afternoon sun was high as they sat outside in the shade. “I swear Mike! It’s not your job to look under my dress! Haven’t you had enough of peeping me”, Carla said. Mike grinned saying “I’ve never done such a thing”! They laughed as she walked over to him, held her blouse up and stuck a nipple into his mouth. He sucked for a minute then felt a trickle into his mouth. Carla saw his face and said “milk! I told you I could do it. I’ve been taking injections for weeks. All that fucking yesterday brought it in. I trickled in the shower this morning”. Mike screamed “wow! Is it real milk”? She giggled “real milk”. He switched to the other nipple, sucking it until she took it away, saying “not bad for a slack cunt whore”. Mike laughed “I’ll never live it down”, she winked. Mike pulled her down on his lap. She faced him straddling his thighs. She giggled as his hand worked between them getting his cock out, he pointed it at her ass as she fingered her panties to the side. His cock slid into her as he raised her thighs causing her to sink lower onto his cock. Carla giggled like a school girl until she said “Mike! No you aren’t!…Oh my god! Yes, you are”! They laughed foolishly as he pissed inside her, she said “that’s enough, I’m full Baby”. Mike grinned saying “No, I need to swell you up! Gone and got yourself pregnant with those milky tits”! Carla screamed out laughing “that’s it! I’m pregnant! I don’t think I can move”! She slowly worked her leg between them until she sat side saddle on his cock. He hugged her close as she snuggled into his chest. “Comfy”, he asked. She quickly said “No! You put that “hot” baby in me”, giggling. “So, how many cocks due you think you’ve had” he asked? Carla replied, “Mr Mike! I’ve been a whore! I’ll not tell you”, Carla snickered. “OK, the largest”, he asked? She quickly said “Bucky Patterson! He had a cock like a telephone pole! He maxed me out in depth and width! I thought my hip joints were being displaced”! “How deep”, he questioned? Carla blushed beet red then lifted his arm saying past your elbow! She laughed viewing his expression. She told him to help her up, the Baby was due!

Carla came back saying “don’t look! No panties”! Before she could sit in his lap, he lifted her foot, sat it on his leg as his face went under her dress. He suckled her cock softly as she said “I love you”. Mike tasted her cock dribble as she moaned softly and sent wads of cum in small spurts, into his mouth. Eight shots and she pulled back, sinking into his lap saying, “just sweep me off my feet sometimes”. Mike snickered asking “so where is Bucky”? Carla laughed “He’s in town, why? You want to see me fuck him”? Mike was quiet, she said, “you sick fuck! All I have to do is call him and he will come running! You won’t see much, all he does is sink deep and kind of tug until he cums. He has too much cock to try and fuck with it! He would hurt someone”. Mike kissed her, she said, “I’ll have him here around 9pm? You have to fuck me before then because after him, I’m done! MaMa will be stretched for the night”!

Carla and Mike were on their bed making out before Bucky came. Mike had fucked her twice totally emptying his cum load for the day. He was kissing his way down her torso when he noticed her tits dripping she said, “don’t make me cum, I’m sure when Bucky has me I’ll need it or I’ll be pulsing blanks”. Mike latched on to her cock, suckled it a minute, then lifted her legs to eat her ass cunt. Her hole dripped with his spent cum she said, “fist me Baby. I need to loosen more”. Mike pressed his fist against her wet hole, it sank instantly, she said “deeper”. Slowly he pressed deeper watching her hole opening as his arm went inside her. “Deeper, Baby. I can take it, you’re not hurting me”, Carla whispered. Mike’s arm sank in to his elbow, she said “Yes! Now circle your arm around like your steering” and moaned loudly. After a minute she said, “Mike, I love you”. He stretched her a while longer, then slowly withdrew his arm. Laying beside her he whispered, “no, I love you”! She told him to take his seat at the foot of the bed as Bucky should be minutes away.

She met Bucky at the door nude saying “He’s waiting”. They walked into the bedroom and shocked Mike! Bucky was massive in size! Big, black, bald with a beard! Built solid like a pro nose guard of a football team! Carla walked to Mike as Bucky undressed. Bucky’s cock hung down like a third arm. Carla leaned to Mike saying “kiss me” as she bent over. Mike kissed her then heard a thump as Bucky flopped his cock on her back. He looked over her should to see him rolling it side to side on her back as it stiffened. A minute later, Bucky shuffled back and Carla groaned loudly!”He’s putting it in…Ohhhh, the head is stretching me…Oh god…Oh god..I have it, the head is in”, she whispered. Carla panted a few seconds and kissed Mike. “Uhhhhh owwww, he pressing in”, she said. Mike felt a wetness on his chest as her tits dripped milk. “Ohhhh Baby, he’s so large”, she groaned. Seconds later she looked at Mike saying “I got all of him. I feel his balls”.

They remained still a minute, then Mike saw Bucky arms wrap her, lift her, then walk backward until Bucky touched the bed. He sat, then laid back still holding Carla tight against his chest, her back on his chest. Bucky adjusted to get a better grip on her thighs, solidly planted his feet and heaved his hips upward slowly. Mikes view of her spread thighs, pale white folded back, with a black stove pipe impaling her was unreal! It looked 6inches wide with a 1inch wide vein disappearing inside her. Only an inch of it was moving up and down. Mike heard Carla moaning with each short thrust. He looked up at her and saw her tits squirting milk each time she moaned. Milk trailed over her to run down the dark skin of Bucky. “Honey…Baby…..Mike….Come get it, Love….Bucky’s fucking it out me…My cum….Come get it”, Carla said. Mike jumped, sank his mouth on her and she came! Mike’s mouth came off her completely full as he sat down on the floor inches from them. Bucky’s thrusting stopped as Mike saw his cock balloon. Carla moaned “Ahhhhhhhh….Bucky’s cumming Baby…He’s flowing his cum into me…Baby, it’s so hot”. Mike saw his cock vein pulsing slowly as he pumped his seed in her. Seconds later, Mike saw it coating Bucky’s balls. Time passed in slow motion as Mike watched. It seemed it took 30 minutes before Bucky’s load was emptied. He saw Bucky release Carla’s thighs, then her legs stretched out. She lay for a minute, sat up and smiled at Mike saying, “did you like that, Honey”? Mike smiled as she reached to him saying, “help me up, very slowly”. Mike helped up, lifting slowly until she was standing, with Bucky’s cock still inside her. Carla said, “ready Bucky”? She stepped forward pulling herself off his cock. A loud, wet “pop” sounded and Bucky groaned, “ouch”! Carla giggled, turned to Bucky saying, “thanks”! Bucky replied, “Little Lady, you are more than welcome”!

With her back to Mike he saw her ass. It appeared that her whole ass furrow was filled with glaring red pussy! Cum dripped below her splattering droplets to the floor. The ass pussy he viewed was loose, opened and glistening with cum. Carla pulled on a robe as Bucky dressed and as she walked him out, her ass cunt remained open like Rose petals.

Carla returned to Mike as he lay on the bed. She kissed him saying, “I love being your woman and your whore”.Mike caressed her ass, she said, “you can play with it if you want. But it’s ruined for the night Honey. You could easily put a 64 ounce plastic bottle in me”. Mike grinned, she said “Yes, I know that to be a fact! I’ve done it”!

******* I might add to this if it gets read******Comments welcomed*********

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