Christine 3 – The drive home.

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Christine 3 – The drive home.
In the previous chapter, aunt Christine shows her very naughty side to me. Something I never suspected.

When I got up, the k**s were eating breakfast, my uncle was on his second cup of coffee and my aunt had just gotten out of the shower (needed one to wake up she says) and was in her house coat, hair still a little wet. She had taken off all her make up and her skin was glowing. She’s a real fox.

I had no clothes to change into so I was wearing the same outfit as the night before. I was really looking forward to getting home but I had promised my aunt and uncle to clean up. Except, what a surprise, the kitchen was spotless, the dining room was in its original state and the living room had also been cleaned.

“What time is it?” I asked, finding out it was almost noon. My uncle and cousins had cleaned everything on their own. Well that’s great, now I can get home.

My aunt goes over and kisses her husband, thanking him for taking care of the cleaning.

“My pleasure dear,” he says. “I thought you would clean up a little but you woke me up when you got into bed. I knew you hadn’t cleaned up, because I had just come up myself. I was so beat I fell asleep right away. Did you sleep well?”

“I was so exhausted,” she says “I took a quick shower and crashed. I feel great this morning though”, she said as she looked at me.

“How bout you Mark, sleep OK?”
“Like a baby. Sorry uncle, we did want to clean up but we were both just bushed out, we never got the courage.”

“That’s OK he says, not a problem.”

I went in to the kitchen to get a coffee and my aunt joined me. I thought last night was a one-time event and I was content to let it go at that, but my aunt wouldn’t hear of it.

“So stud,” she whispers, “slept OK I hear?” and from behind she reaches over and grabs my balls and rubs her tits on my back. She grabs a coffee, and joins her husband in the family room.

I’m standing there, bug eyed thinking I might have created a monster. Except, no monster is “created” in their forties so the monster must’ve been there all along. I grab my own coffee, join them in the same room and sit down. They’re both on a love seat; I’m sitting in front of them. My aunt is facing my uncle, sitting on her legs, and we just get the day going. You’ve been there, you’ve done that. Well, same thing here. Just an ordinary family morning.

Except when my aunt’s legs get tired she unfolds them and sits facing me, legs slightly apart and I know she’s showing me her great thighs and legs right up to … am I dreaming this… her panties. White, lace panties and I’m going to start drooling any minute now. And she knows. The little fuck knows she’s playing with my switch and there’s nothing I can do about it.

My uncle asks if I want him to drive me home and I say sure, thanks. But my aunt buts in and says she’s got some errands to run, she’ll drop me off.

40 minutes go by between this and us getting up to get ready to go. Of course, all the while, she’s showing and I’m looking. Of course, you didn’t think I’d start being a prude with her from this point on did you?

She’s going upstairs to change, I’m going back downstairs to grab my socks and sweater and we’re ready to go. My aunt comes down wearing another great looking skirt, high heel winter boots and a white cashmere sweater. I’m not sure what kind of bra she’s got on but her tits are almost up to her neck and point straight forward. Again, she looks like a fucking movie star going out shopping. She’s so great looking I can’t get over it.

She kisses hubby and sons goodbye, we make our way to the attached garage and we get into her Mercedes. Great looking woman’s car. The car is already warm, she backs out into a grand sunshine filled December morning and we head off to my parent’s house.

“So little one,” she says, “liked what you were seeing back in the room?”
“You’ve got such legs, I could just wrap them around my head until I suffocate.”

And she laughs. Out loud. “Wow, I like the image. And what would YOU do with my legs around your head like that?”

“I really love your trimmed bush aunt Christine. I loved the way it felt last night so I would smell you, I would caress your thighs, I would look at your bush and brush my mouth all over it. I would open up your lips and look into you before tasting your rose bud.”

I think this is affecting her because already her breath is shallow and her face is getting pink.

“I’d moisten you with my tongue and then lick all around your lips and get my tongue inside of you. But then I’d grab your wrist and stop you from moving. I’d control you and you wouldn’t be able to get away until I decide. I would love the feel of your smooth skin on my face but, by that time, you’d be screaming for me to make you cum. But I would hold back until you pussy flows with your juice.”

In the car, she’s now breathing real heavy. “Holly shit nephew, you’ve got me seeing the scene I swear to you. I can see it clearly.”

“Keep driving aunt Christine” I say while I put my hand on her skirt and slowly raise it until I get to the top of her nylons; the same type as she wore last night. I waste no time and grab her pantie-covered bush and start stroking her clit through the light material.

“Oh wow, this is so sexy having my nephew play with me while I can’t do a thing about it.”

“I’m going to make you cum in your car auntie, just make sure you don’t have an accident”. My hand goes in to her panties. Holly shit, she’s already wet, and I go for her clit right away.

“Hummm, oh Mark, this is so dirty, this is so sexy, I love it.” Her eyes glaze over a little bit, she’s got both hands on the wheel and she’s looking straight ahead but I’m not sure that she’s seeing anything.

I’m masturbating my aunt with my left hand and I grab her right breast with my right hand when she opens her legs real wide. “Do me, oh please make me cum.” Her pussy is flowing by now. We get on the highway, this is only a 10 minute ride to my parent’s house so I have to act fast.

Around and around my fingers go on her clit, she breathing like a horse after a race, and I can’t stand it anymore. I take my hard dick out, and I’m jerking both of us at the same time. When my aunt sees this, she’s looking at my hand on her cunt, the other on my dick when she clamps her thighs together and cums. A slow, deep cum right there on the highway but she keeps control of her driving. All of a sudden, a second cum takes over and then she screams. A high pitched woman’s scream.

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, mark, I’m going to faint. Oh shit, oh hell you’re making me cum so hard. Oh no. Not twice, I’ll faint” she’s talking away while cumming and of course, the waves roll back, she comes down a little and sits back against her back rest.

I go to put my dick back in my pants, I’ll need to finish this off at home, when she goes right by the exit to my parent’s house. “Errr, aunt Christine, you forgot to take the exit.”

“No I didn’t, don’t think you little twerp that I’m going to let you get away with making me cum like that without fucking YOUR brains out. You’re mine for the next few hours my little boy.”

And with that, she just keeps on driving.

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