Christmas Part 6

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Christmas Part 6
Part 6 (24th)

Lisa, Ally & Heather were up early the following morning as they had a load of food preparation to do. Dan and I woke to an empty bed and rather than end up spending the morning peeling spuds made ourselves scarce – I dropped Dan off before carrying on home myself. There was no sign of Pete & Cathy but Emma & Tasha were up and watching a Christmas movie on the tele. “They’ve gone shopping” said Tasha before I even had chance to enquire as to their whereabouts “You’ve just missed them” continued Emma “Never mind – I’ve only come to escape the spud peeling and get changed” I said, turning to go upstairs. “We know you’ve been fucking Sophie” said Emma “and Charlie last night” added Tasha. “So we want you to fuck us too” said Emma, standing and dropping her robe to the floor demonstrating that she was naked beneath it, Tasha followed suit and stood beside her step-sister, before they embraced and kissed each other tenderly. I would have loved nothing better than to fuck both of them but I knew Lisa would kill me for a start. “Put your robes back on girls – it’s very distracting” I said “Both of you are gorgeous and if I were twenty years younger and not in a relationship with your mother I’d fuck you both like a shot” “So what about Sophie” asked Emma a little petulantly “If you know what happened between me and Sophie, you’ll also know why it happened” I answered her “And judging by the noise coming from your room when Chris is here you have absolutely no problems in that respect” Emma flushed a little before her and Tasha disappeared upstairs. I followed them upstairs before veering off to my room where I got showered and changed. Back downstairs I called Dan “Any news from the spud peelers” I asked “Ally just called me actually” replied Dan “ They’re nearly done so I’m going over to pick her up shortly – want me to get Lisa while I’m there ?” “Yes please “ I answered “It’ll save me a trip”

Tonight was Tom’s famous Christmas Eve party – he’s been hosting them ever since he bought his first gaff. It’s basically open house, open to friends, neighbours and relatives, limited only by the size of his house at the time. Tom had already asked me to call anybody who maybe wasn’t aware of it and invite them along, so I called Helen. ”Hiya” she said sounding a bit sleepy ”Sorry did I wake you “I asked “Yeah but don’t worry we were getting up anyway” I was about to question the ‘we’ when I realised she must be with Tim. I invited them over to Tom’s for the party – Helen said she might be able to make it, at least for a short while – she, in conjunction with her brother and his family, was cooking lunch at her mother’s house in the morning, whilst Tim was, as I already knew, staying at the riding school ready for the Boxing Day hunt meet.
I called Matty just to be polite really as I knew he wouldn’t be able to come but he did offer to pass the word around if any of the stable-girls called in. Just as I got off the phone Lisa returned. She flopped on the settee “I’m knackered babe” she said and then looking around “Where is everybody?” “Pete & Cathy have gone shopping and the girls are sulking upstairs” I explained “Sulking?” said Lisa quizzically. I explained about their earlier ‘proposal’ “Yeah you’re right I would have killed you” she said smiling “Although not so much ‘cos you fucked her, more ‘cos you’d have done it behind my back” “Right I’m gonna go have a word with them” Lisa said “ and then I want you to come and give me a nice massage to sooth these aching muscles” The massage, not unsurprisingly, ended in us making love after which we laid cat-napping until awoken by Pete & Cathy coming home. “Time to make a move babe “said Lisa nudging me in the ribs.

We were soon dressed and ready, Lisa was driving one car load of us across and leaving her car at Tom’s and Heather was coming across to pick the rest up and we’d get a couple of taxi’s or a minibus back. Lisa took Pete, Cathy and the girls over and I was left with Chris & Nick waiting for Heather to come get us. Chris seemed a little agitated “What’s up?” I asked “Well it’s just that me & Nick won’t really know anyone at this party – it’s all Emma & Tasha’s family” he replied “Rubbish” I said “You know the guys I sit with every time I’m in the pub – Dan, Tom, Stu – they’ll all be here – plus Heather and Ally and maybe a couple from the riding school” “Yeah I guess” said Chris a little hesitantly – Heathers arrival precluded any further conversation.

The party was in full-flow by the time we arrived – the music audible half-way down Tom’s street – fortunately the half that contained mainly the unfinished houses. I hadn’t realised previously that the raised decking at the back of the main living room – that led out to the rear garden – hid a fully-equipped DJ booth which Tom was currently making full use of – and seemingly having the time of his life. I soon found Lisa, who was having an animated conversation with Sophie about something. “Ears burning babe” she asked as I joined them “Should they have been” I said grabbing a bottle from the chiller. “We were discussing why you fucking Emma would be different to fucking me” said Sophie in her usual straight-forward manner “And what conclusion did you come too?” I asked “We didn’t” said Lisa laughing “You interrupted us” “I’ll make myself scarce then” I said light-heartedly. I spotted Heather greeting some people I didn’t know and once she’d finished I asked who they were “Neighbours” she said smiling “Thought we should invite them ‘cos Tom does get a bit carried away when he’s got his DJ head on – plus we get on great with them” “Ahhhh – wife swapping in suburbia – didn’t they make a film about that” I said laughing “We don’t know ‘em that well Steve” Heather replied “Yet” she continued, winking at me. “That blonde looks quite tasty” I said indicating one of the new arrivals “Yeah Tom thought that too and was in like a rat up a drainpipe when she moved in” said Heather “That’s her partner” she continued pointing out a rather statuesque, but nonetheless very attractive, brunette talking to Ally. “Not bisexual I take it” I asked Heather “Nope” she replied “She very politely told Tom where to go – which I found very amusing”

A bit later on I was talking to Dan when I suddenly thought the previously fairly crowded living room was looking a great deal emptier “Is it my imagination or have people disappeared” I asked Dan “I think some have gone upstairs” Dan replied “I know Ally and Heather are having sex with that lesbian couple from two doors down, and I’m sure I saw Emma & Tasha sneaking upstairs with their fellas a while ago – no idea who else might be up there though” “I might take a young lady upstairs myself if I could find one” he continued” but everyone seems happily coupled up tonight” Just as he finished speaking Lisa came across to join us “What’s up Dan” she said, noticing his slightly mournful appearance “He wants his leg over but Ally has deserted him” I said smiling. “C’mon then” said Lisa “The pair of you can have me” “I hope there’s an empty room” I said as we went upstairs. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall and inching the door open we weren’t surprised to see the four girls on the bed – Ally engaged in a passionate 69 with the brunette she’d been talking to downstairs and Heather very expertly taking the blond from behind with a sizeable strap-on. The cries of passion indicating some orgasms were imminent. “I’d love to join them” whispered Lisa “but I need to sort you two out first” The next room we tried contained Tasha & Emma with their fellas – both girls receiving a fierce pounding from behind. Emma must have seen the door open slightly out of the corner of her eye and spotted Lisa and I peering in – I thought I saw her smile at us but that may have just been the light.

The next room was all in darkness but was obviously occupied however the final room was free and we quickly stripped and got onto the bed. “Steve eat me while I suck Dan off” Lisa commanded fiercely. I was only too pleased to comply as she lay back and parted her legs seductively. I pushed a pillow under her arse so she was completely exposed to me and started just gently licking around the edge of her pussy. Meanwhile Dan had straddled her face and was gently face-fucking her – pushing the full length of his cock down her throat. Lisa was loving it – the sensation of a cock in her throat drives her wild anyway but with me licking her pussy she was in ecstasy and when I slid two fingers into her cunt I thought she was going to explode. I know how to get Lisa to orgasm in just a few moments and I also know how to prolong her pleasure which is what I did now – giving most of my attention to her pussy and leaving her clit alone except for the occasional caress just to keep her on the edge. Dan had pulled out of Lisa’s throat and was now enjoying a gentle tit-wank and able to speak again Lisa urged me to make her come. I did as I was asked licking furiously at her clit and fucking her hard with the fingers I had deep in her pussy. Moments later she came with her usual guttural cry. “Mmmm that was great guys – now turn me over – one of you fuck me and I’ll suck the other one off” she said quietly.

She got onto all-fours and just ‘cos I happened to be at that end I slid my cock into her wet pussy, whilst at the same time she swallowed Dan’s cock to the hilt. I was fucking her hard with the long strokes I know she loves, Dan was laid on his back with his cock down her throat and at the same time he was caressing her tits and nipples. I slipped a finger into her arse and that tipped her over the edge as she came again. I suddenly got the feeling we were no longer alone and glancing over my shoulder saw the naked figures of Ally and Heather stood in the door-way. “I need some dick” declared Ally looking pointedly at Dan’s erection. “So do I” said Heather “where’s that ex of yours Lisa?” “I dunno” she replied “I’ve not seen him since we got here” “Maybe in the room next door” I suggested “That was all in darkness but someone was in there” “Where’s Tom anyway?” I asked “Well he was balls deep in Sophie, so he’s no use to me” Heather replied smiling. She left the bedroom and I suddenly realised she’d turned the wrong way and was about to walk in on Emma & Tasha – I waited for the sudden exit but it didn’t happen. Shrugging I returned my attention to Lisa who decided she wished to get on top, Ally mounted Dan in a similar fashion. I was a little worried that due to my previous state of arousal I wouldn’t be able to last long enough to make Lisa cum again but fortunately her and Ally were gently caressing each other’s clits and both girls achieved quick orgasms. “OK guys, switch over and fill us full of your cum” said Lisa as she recovered from her climax and climbed off my cock. Her and Ally laid side by side in the centre of the bed in an obvious invitation to fuck them missionary style. I slid easily into Ally’s pussy, as Dan did likewise with Lisa. I was ready to cum so lifted Ally’s legs over my shoulders “Oooff” she exclaimed “”That’s tight” “Too much” I asked “No, no just fuck me” she begged. I was really going for it now and, rather selfishly, wasn’t that bothered if Ally got off or not. I could feel my orgasm approaching and could sense that Ally fortunately wasn’t far away. I exploded inside her but carried on fucking her until she too came, shuddering and clawing at my back. I eased her legs down but kept my cock buried inside her as she milked it with her internal muscles. “Stay there for a while and I’ll get you hard again” she said quietly “She’s not k**ding” said Dan who’d fucked Lisa to a standstill and come all over her tits. “She does it to me all the time – but it’s a lot comfier if you’ve finished in spoons” I had to admit it did feel good but I was beginning to get cramp in my thigh so I had to move.

We laid relaxing, the girls idly playing with our cocks and trying to stir some life back into them, which, surprisingly didn’t appear to be that far away. The door opened suddenly and Emma & Tasha burst in “Heather’s stole our blokes” blurted out Emma. “Calm down” said Lisa “Sit down and tell us what happened” It appeared that when Heather accidently entered the girls rooms their two fellas had just recovered from their first orgasms and were about to start fucking the girls again. They were (understandably in my view ‘cos she’s a very attractive woman) somewhat distracted by Heathers sudden entrance and even more so when she offered to show the guys how to dp a girl. “It was really horny to watch to start with” continued Emma “but then first Nick followed by Chris came inside her – so we’re gagging for it and our blokes have lost their hard-ons” “So” continued Tasha, a little reticently “We wondered if we could borrow your fellas for a few minutes” “I’m sure they could be persuaded “said Lisa winking at me. Grabbing her clothes with one hand and Ally with the other they left the bedroom.

“Come here then girls we’ll see if we can sort you out” I said. Emma was sat on the edge of the bed looking a little nervous. Tasha was far from nervous and had jumped on Dan and was already massaging his cock. “Can we go to another room on our own please Steve?” Emma asked quietly. I had no problem with that “You two be OK on your own?” I asked. The thumbs up from Dan and the muffled assent from Tasha who currently had a mouthful of cock seemed to indicate they were fine with us leaving. We wandered down to the now empty master bedroom at the end of the hall – Emma was only wearing a too short t-shirt and I was quite enjoying the view of her pert arse, although I did catch her stealing a glance towards my naked crotch “Can we get into bed Steve please” Emma said as we entered the room “Sure if that’s what you want” I replied as we slipped under the covers and she removed her t-shirt. “What’s up?” I asked “This morning you were offering yourself to me and now that you’ve got the chance you’re acting like a 16 year old virgin.” “I know, I’m sorry” replied an almost tearful Emma

 “That was just bravado this morning ‘cos Tash was there, I dunno what I would have done if you’d said yes” she said almost apologetically. “Up until we arrived here I’d only slept with two other guys and neither of them were very good so I’m a bit afraid I won’t arouse you enough – not to mention that you’re sleeping with my mum – plus I’m getting quite close to Chris – or at least I was until he fucked Heather” “Well I can’t answer the last two points – that’s for you to decide but as for not arousing me – put your hand between my legs” I said “I felt her hand snaking down under the covers and she almost recoiled when she made contact with my cock, before wrapping her hand around it and wanking me gently. “It’s very fat” she said quietly and almost as an afterthought added “And very hard” “Is that because of me?” she asked “Yeah well beautiful 18 year old girls have always had that sort of effect on me” I said throwing the covers off us. “Oh wow” said Emma as she saw my fully erect cock for the first time “Are you going to fuck me with that” “Eventually” I answered before taking her in my arms and kissing her gently. She relaxed as I embraced her and began to breathe more heavily as her passion grew and I started caressing her body. “Sophie says you have a magic tongue Steve – is that true” she asked “Do you want to find out?” I answered “Mmmm yes please” she murmured. I moved down her body but not without spending some time massaging her large breasts and licking and sucking on her nipples. I could tell by the way she was squirming and rubbing her legs together that she was desperate for more intimate contact so moved further down her body. She parted her legs to allow me access and I gently traced around her pussy with a fingertip. The shudder that went through her indicated she rather liked it and when I replaced the finger with my tongue she almost came instantly. I continued to just nibble and lick at her labia, until she was begging for further stimulation so I slipped one and then two fingers into hr pussy before targeting the area around her clit with my tongue. An initial orgasm coursed through her body and I attempted to hold her on the verge of another but her arousal was too great and she came again. “Stop, stop please Steve” she begged ”God I love what you do to me but I can’t take anymore my clit is just so sensitive now” I moved back up the bed and we kissed once again before she pushed me onto my back and straddled my body, moving down until my cock nudged her arse. She lifted herself up until the head of my cock was just brushing against her pussy lips and then slowly eased down my cock until it disappeared inside her. “Fuuuuccckkk that’s fat but it feels wonderful” Emma cried. Her pussy was incredibly tight and also incredibly wet and as she started to move up and down I could sense another orgasm was imminent. I think it took her by surprise as she slumped forward onto my chest, I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock even harder as she shook gently. ”God I felt that everywhere” she moaned. “Take me from behind now please” Emma begged me. I lifted her off my cock and positioned her on all fours. I teased her pussy with the tip of my cock before sliding it into her. She moaned again as I reached my limit and as I started stroking in and out I could feel yet another orgasm was imminent “God I’m coming again” Emma yelled shuddering as I continued to fuck her. I couldn’t decide if she was experiencing one long-drawn out orgasm or smaller ones every 30 seconds or so but I could feel my own approaching so thought I should warn her. “Just come inside me Steve – I’m on the pill” she muttered under her breath. I didn’t need urging further and really started fucking her hard “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” she cried over and over again until I climaxed deep inside her and she collapsed in a heap on the bed. She rolled over and laid there looking spaced out “thank you” she murmured “That was wonderful” “I think we should maybe go join the others” I said

We went down the landing and checked the bedroom I’d been in – Tasha was laid on the bed naked and fast asleep but there was no sign of Dan. Emma woke her by running a finger along her swollen pussy – she had that glazed ‘where am I’ look on her face initially but then relaxed when she recognised us. “Have a good time?” I asked her “Mmmm yes” she replied “He knows what he’s doing that Dan – that was easily the best fuck of my life”. I’d found my clothes and dressed but the girls were still all but naked “Can you check the room we were in please Steve – make sure it’s empty before we go in” asked Emma. I did so and the coast was clear so the girls got themselves dressed and we returned to the party downstairs. There were still plenty of people present – Chris & Nick were sat on the sofa looking a little sorry for themselves and the girls seemed to take great pleasure in flouncing past & ignoring them completely. I had a word with them later and they weren’t really angry with them – they were just making them squirm a bit.
Lisa was in the kitchen with Heather and Tom – Tom was looking a bit bored as the girls were having a long discussion regarding cooking the vegetables for tomorrows dinner. “Hiya babe” said Lisa when she spotted me “Are we heading home – it’s getting late” “I guess so – I’ll call a couple of cabs” I replied. Pete & Cathy were missing, Lisa sent Pete a text and they came downstairs looking a little dishevelled. “I wondered who was in the other bedroom” I said to Cathy “Yeah that was us” said Cathy with a smile “plus Jacob” she whispered “Oh aye” I said quizzically “I wanted some DP with Pete and a big cock up my arse – you weren’t around so I settled for Jacob and the lad does have a huge cock” Cathy explained “So how are you gonna keep that quiet from the girls” I asked “We’re not” she replied “Charlie already knows what we get up to ‘cos Sophie told her and if Tasha finds out, then Tasha finds out – she can hardly criticise us and she’s demonstrated that she’s a big girl now” “She probably knows already” I said “We forget that these lasses are never off their phones – they’re constantly sharing information – Emma knew I’d been shagging Sophie and she told Tasha – so there’s probably not much they don’t know” “You’re probably right” said Cathy with something of an air of resignation.

The taxi company had sent a mini-bus so we all piled in when it arrived, we dropped Dan & Ally off first and then headed for mine. The girls had forgiven Nick & Chris and invited them in when we arrived back however their parents (unsurprisingly really) wanted then home for Christmas so they had to decline. Apparently the four of them were meeting up Boxing Day to exchange gifts. We wished everybody else ‘goodnight’ before hitting the sack ourselves. The alarm clock just clicked across to midnight as we slipped into bed I wished Lisa ‘Merry Christmas’ and we were asleep in minutes.

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