Cindy’s panties chapter three

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Cindy’s panties chapter three
I had a golf game scheduled for that Saturday morning and, in a way, it was a relief to not be hanging around with my niece all day. The little minx was obviously enjoying the sexual games we were playing and I had to remember that she was my brother’s k** for heaven’s sake and I shouldn’t be fucking her. No, I shouldn’t be but it seemed like that was where we were heading. Cindy seemed to recognize the power her panties held over me from the way I caved in whenever I came into contact with them…especially those see thru pink ones.

So I hit the links and did my best to keep my mind on the golf and not little Cindy’s virtually hairless pussy. But every time I did think of her, my cock began to harden in my pants and I tended to miss two foot putts! Cindy was, of course, not from my neighborhood so she didn’t know anyone. Her plans were to just hang out by the pool. It was now November so, even in Southern California, it was getting cooler.

When I got home Cindy was not out by the pool and I wasn’t surprised by that. Unfortunately, she’d discovered my stash of porno DVDs and was watching one!

“Oh, Cindy, honey, that’s not for you to be watching!” I gasped. “Let me find something more…suitable.”

She rolled her eyes and quickly shot back, “Oh Uncle Matt, don’t treat me like a baby! Don’t turn into my dad who wants me to be eight years old for the rest of my life! I wasn’t just a little k** last night was I?”

“Well, no but I’m uncomfortable with you watching this kind of material right here in my house.” I had no excuse. I couldn’t very well insist the DVDs weren’t mine.

“I liked this one,” she commented holding up “Hairless Young Honeys!” “Now, why did all of those girls shave their…their pussies?” She asked innocently. Well, kinda innocently.

“I…I don’t know.” Was all I could think of to respond. “I think maybe they know boys like to see all that a girl has down there.”

She gave me a knowing look. “Uncle Matt, do you think I should shave my…my pussy?”

“Ahh…Well, I don’t know Cindy, that’s a very personal decision. I think you look real good just the way you are and…”

“Oh, but you like to watch young girls with no hair on their pussy. I…you know, I want to look nice for you.”

Now I was really in a quandary. How did I get all the way to here in this discussion?

“I know some of my friends shave down there, but I’ve never tried it. I wan’t boys to like me Uncle Matt. Maybe you could help me out!”

“Help you out how?” I asked, knowing what was coming but I wanted to hear her say it.

Maybe we could go upstairs in the bathroom and you could help me shave my pussy. You know, so I’ll look like all the girls in your DVDs! I’m afraid I might cut myself or something. You wouldn’t want that, would you Uncle Matt?”

With a deep sigh of resignation, I took Cindy’s hand and led her up the stairs and into the bedroom. I snapped on the CD player and Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” came on. Cindy was dressed in shorts and a cute little top that said “If you love me, let me sleep!” I helped her undress and, when we got down to her white cotton panties, she waited for me to remove them. Yes, she understood the power her panties held over me. I pulled the waistband down exposing her sweet young pussy with just a sprinkling of hairs that had recently sprouted. It really seemed like a shame to cut them. The natural reddish hue of her pussy hair was quite endearing and it accented her youth.

Completely naked now, Cindy climbed up on the bathroom tile counter and opened her legs. Yes my cock was rapidly hardening in my pants as I viewed my little niece’s bare pussy, wide open now. With trembling fingers, I managed to coat her vagina with shaving gel. I smoothed it around which brought an involuntary gasp from little Cindy’s lips and then I began to slowly and carefully shave her soft red pubic hairs from her loins. There really wasn’t much to shave so it didn’t take long.

“Maybe we should check in back to see if there are any hairs back there Cind…” I said evenly. Cindy looked a bit surprised but she quickly moved to her knees on the tile exposing her spectacular rear end to my excited gaze! Just look at that! I thought to myself, her unspoiled nudity was overwhelming! Her tight little asshole…just a simple pink dimple in the center of her ample ass cheeks and, just below, her hairless young pussy!

“Okay honey…” I told her after clearing my throat, “Now we just need a bit of aftershave lubrication to prevent any irritation and then we’re all done” I grabbed a tube of Astroglide and applied a dab to my hands and began to rub it all over little Cindy’s anal crevice and then all over her pussy. The little minx began to rotate her completely exposed loins in response to my digital manipulations. She was clearly enjoying my little massage of her rear end.

“Oh, Uncle Matt…that’s so nice!” She gasped as she looked back at me. “That feels really good!”

I took that as an invitation and i took my finger and dragged it sensuously over her pussy lips and then up to tease her never before touched little asshole. “Ooo! Oh, that’s so nasty!” She whispered back to me. I didn’t need any more encouragement. No, I pushed my finger directly into my niece’s sweet young asshole!

“Oh, Uncle Matt!” She cried out when she felt my penetration of her nether hole, “Not back there!” But I continued to slowly and deliberately saw my finger in and out of Cindy’s incredibly tight young asshole until she began to accept my lewd fingering of her virgin hole. And then…then a barely audible moan escaped her lips. The pretty redhead turned her head to face me, her curly red hair hanging down on her face. “Uncle Matt…? She said hesitantly, “Can we…can we do something?”

I didn’t verbally respond but I pulled down my golf slacks and freed my bloated hard on. Cindy shot me a little glazed over smile when she saw my cock, knowing we were going to “Do Something” now. I dropped a bit more Astroglide on my shaft and then moved up directly behind my niece. I nuzzled my cock into the groove of her ass and then told Cindy to take hold of my cock. She quickly followed my instruction and softly grabbed my prick.

“Now, Cindy,” I began, “We don’t want to get into trouble right?” She nodded her head from side to side, an inquisitive look on her face. “So we’re going to do something that cannot cause either of us any problems in the future.” Another inquisitive look…

“Cindy, I wan’t you to take my cock and put it in your asshole!” A gasp followed my order but Cindy reached back and took my cock in her little hand. “I…I think it’s too big Uncle Matt!” She complained.

“It will seem that way at first but, tell you what, take your panties and rub your pussy with them. That will get you all ready for your first sexual penetration.”

The gorgeous young redhead did as I’d instructed and, taking her white cotton panties in her hand, she began to work her freshly shaved pussy with her panties, bringing raw jolts of pleasure to her young body. I let her masturbate for at least a couple of minutes and then I felt her hand reaching out for my cock. The youngster had decided to follow my lead and softly took my penis and brought it to the desire swollen lips of her pussy. She dragged it up and down her sex lips until it was well lubricated and then slowly brought it up to the tightly puckered hole just above.

“Go ahead Uncle Matt.” She said unsurely, “I’m ready to take your cock in my…my asshole!”

My cock lurched upon hearing her words and I began to push the head of my cock into little Cindy’s virgin asshole!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” She called back to me as she felt her penetration begin. I knew there was no other way so I just let her have a minute when I got the head in and then drove it home with one balls hilting stroke! She moaned but didn’t object as I began to fuck her asshole with all I had. She’d done plenty of teasing but now it was my turn for satisfaction and she took all of my hard cock in her asshole over and over. I knew I couldn’t last long after all the stimulation I’d had so I just made the best of it and rhythmically fucked little Cindy’s rear hole until I was ready to cum.

“Cindy…honey, I’m gonna cum!” I announced, “I wanna cum on your shaved pussy honey! Hurry, turn over!” With an audible pop, I jerked my prick from Cindy’s anal depths and pushed her to the bath mat on the floor in front of the shower. My sperm had already begun it’s journey and soon, with Cindy holding her legs open and her completely hairless pussy anticipating it’s cum bath, I began to splash hot gism onto her reclining body.

“Ahhhh!” I gasped as jolt after jolt of pleasure rifled through my body as my orgasm thrilled me to my core. Beneath me, little Cindy moaned in appreciation as all of my sticky white semen drizzled down from her bare pussy to her no long virgin asshole!

“Oh, Uncle Matt! that was so…so sexy!” Was all Cindy could come up with. I was relieved that she apparently held no ill will for bypassing her excited young pussy. But I still had plans for that wonderful part of my panty teasing young niece as well!

To be continued.

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