Cuckqueaning with the Secretary.

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Cuckqueaning with the Secretary.
It was Friday afternoon and the office party was that evening. My young 22 year old secretary was joining us that evening and i had been flirting with her for weeks. She was returning the flirting with a stunning size 12 body but with a large set of boobs supple arse that just perfectly sets out from her body with brunette hair just passed her shoulder. She had come dressed to impress with a short pencil skirt half way down her thigh stockings with a low cut top and the edge of her red bra just peaking above her top. She knew I was married but had heard the rumour around the office that my wife fantasised about her husband with other women and wanted to see if it was true.

We finished work and the office left for the pub but I had the last bit to finish off with my secretary waiting for me in case I needed something more. As I was closing down the computer she came into my office and sat down on the edge of my desk and said “are you ready boss?” I said “yes let me just tie my shoe lace”. As I start to sit up I noticed she had opened her legs just enough to reveal she was wearing red crotch less panties and not a hair in sight. I was thinking to myself this is going to be a good night the wife wont even like that I don’t turn up home.

We head down to the pub and talk along the way she reveals she is single and staying in a hotel near by. I ask her about her room and she mentions about the lovely view she has of the city as shes stayed there before on nights out in town. We discuss many things but with no time at all we are the pub. I ask what she would like to drink and she says champagne at which point i buy the expensive bottle. My wife never gets the expensive bottle she prefers the cheaper stuff. We sit down and start to drink the bottle between us.

Our colleagues are around and we chat to them during the night but my eyes are fixated on her. She keeps biting her lip when she looks at me rubbing her lips with her finger. You can see shes teasing for more. Before long it slims down and most of the people have gone. We change drinks to vodka and coke before we go to the dance floor. She pulls my hand and lead me to the dance floor she pulls my arm up over her shoulder and pulls me close into her back my crotch against her arse as she starts to dance and wiggle. My cock starting to enjoy the feel of her bum rubbing against me. She turns round and pulls me close our eyes locked as her hands run over my body and down to my trousers.

She felt my cock getting harder but knew not to get me to hard in the pub she kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear lets go sit down and finish our drinks. We wonder back to our seats and sit down. She sits facing me and the last of our colleagues leaves. With that her legs open again slightly showing that smooth hairless pussy through those crotch less panties. My hand starts to touch her knee and she opens a little more as my hand runs up the inside her inner thigh. She quickly closes her legs and questions me “What about your Wife?” I reply “She likes that I get pleasured by other women as she doesn’t do it for me any more”. “Sure she will love to know the details of tonight”. As wink at her. She quickly says “lets take this privately to my hotel”. With that she grabs my hand and leads me to her hotel. I quickly message the wife “Don’t wait up for me I wont be coming home I’m taking my secretary tonight”.

Our hands running over each other on the way to the hotel. In a few mins we arrive and jump in the lift. As soon as the doors close she pushes up against me undoing my belt and slides her hand down my trousers to rub my cock getting it ready. Instantly it goes hard. with that we reach our floor and she opens the door to her room. As she turns the light on and turns round i push her against the wall pick her up to my hips and strip of her skirt and top revealing her sexy red bra holding those perfect tits in and that naughty red crotch less panties with suspenders. Good shes hot i thought to my self as my trousers and boxers feel down and my cock was rock hard and poking straight at her perfect pussy. It rubbed gently on her perfect clit and she moaned and started to drip with passion and wanted more. she pleaded glide inside i need to feel you.

With that she lowered herself down and my cock pushed at her tight little pussy. With a little more thrust my cock pushes deep into her wet warm pussy. With this she lets out the biggest moan as i start to bounce her up and down on my cock. I knew the wife would never approve but she would be thinking about what I’m up to right now. I noticed there was lots of messages and missed calls on my phone but i was to busy seeing to my needs. She felt so good my cock dripping in her juices. With that i pick her off my cock and tell her to get on her knees as she sucks my cock taking it deep into her throat as i hold on the back of her head making her choke a little. She made my cock so wet.

After a few mins i pick her up and push her onto the bed push her legs back and plough my tongue deep into her pussy. She tastes so sweet and that supple Pussy is so smooth. I run my tongue up to her clit and swirl my tongue round. she cant resist the feeling and moans louder and louder. I run my tongue down to her tight little virgin bum hole and she says I’ve not had anything round there as she moans with deep pleasure. My tongue delves deep into her perfect little butt hole as she moans so loud with pleasure. She doesn’t want me to stop as my tongue moves up across her pussy and back to her clit. With the feeling of my necklace rubbing up across her arse and my tongue on her clit she cant resist but starts to cum over my face. The sweet taste of her pussy is clear. With that i pull away and kiss up her body taking off her bra and sucking her nipples and rubbing them hard. Her nipples erect and hard her moans soft as she enjoy the feeling of my tongue on her nipple. Sucking it into my mouth before biting gently. I continue to kiss up her body, kissing her neck nibbling on her ear before kissing her soft gently lips which she enjoys the taste of her pussy.

I lift her up and turn her over on to all fours. Before gliding my soaking wet cock into her tight virgin butt hole. She screams in a little pain but doesn’t want me to stop. She wants to please me and let me take her anal virginity. As it pushes in a little more she gets used to it she pushes back on my cock. I pull on her hair and force it deep in her arse as she moans in pure pleasure. before long she starts to feel the warming in her pussy again. I pull out of her arse and slam back into her pussy. After a few hard pumps at her pussy i feel the urge to cum deep. She starts to moan I’m going to cum. With that we both let out a loud moan and cum together. Her pussy full of my thick white cum. I take a quick photo and send to the Wife so she knows I’ve had a good evening.

With that we collapse in a heap and she says I’m not on the pill. I said that is OK you can move in and the wife can take the spare room if you are pregnant. We lay there and cuddle up for the evening before blissfully falling to sleep. Snuggled up in bed comfortable shes still in her stockings and crotch less panties. The wife will have to wait for the details in the morning. This will certainly make her horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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