Cunt Control

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Cunt Control
I can never go back! I don’t understand why I did that! All I know is I will never see her again; the girl I have always been in love with. Goodbye my love, goodbye Samantha, Courtney cried.

Courtney was walking aimlessly down the dark alleyway. She didn’t know where she was going and she didn’t care. She was a broken woman. She had destroyed a friendship that she cared more deeply for than her own life. She didn’t cry she couldn’t; tears were not enough to quell her pain. Her heart hurt and yet she continued walking. She looked up and stared into the vast darkness of the night sky. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her.

“Courtney?” His voice was deep and haunting.

Courtney quickly spun around and saw that nobody was there.

“You look like you’re in some pain.” Suddenly a man appeared before her, out of the shadows. He was dressed in a black silk robes and his hood covered his face.

“Who the fuck are you?” Courtney yelled, preparing herself for a fight as she stepped back in fear.

“I am Sarco the Snake Man” His voice echoed through the empty alleyway.

Suddenly a woman appeared next to him. She was wearing tight black latex bodysuit and she looked like a dominatrix. She had long bright red hair and a psychotic smirk across her face.

“Hello Courtney, my name is Monicana, the Dominatrix. Trust me. Feel me! Do what I tell you to!” Her voice was soft yet overwhelming.

Courtney could feel herself losing control. “Come with us Courtney, we will help you. We will give you a way out. Trust us. Trust me. Feel me! Uhhhhh” She sighed seductively. “We can free you from your pain.”

Courtney’s lip quivered as she lost her will, “…Ok” Was all Courtney was able to say before following them back to their lair.


Samantha just stared at his huge nine inch cock. Words wouldn’t come out of her mouth and her mind raced as she started to get wet.

“Mr. Franks, what are you doing?”

“Now Samantha, you have told your story like you have some sort of special power that makes people have to have sex with you, but you and I both know that you really just seduced all of those men and women, and that you will fuck anyone who asks. Isn’t that right, Samantha?” His voice was smooth and calming.

“Ya, that’s right.”

“Don’t worry Samantha! No one outside these doors can hear you.”

“That’s too bad! I want them to hear me cry out in ecstasy when you slide your big dick inside of me!”

Samantha reached out and grabbed his hardening huge cock. It suddenly sprang to life in her hand, whipping her in the face. “Ouch!” she yelped. Mr. Franks looked pale until the blood began to circulate again.

Mr. Franks pounced on her, forcing her down, he began tearing off her clothes. Shorts were a bad idea, she complained to herself as her favorite blue shorts were torn from her body. “Ahhhh!” She screamed as her ass stung greatly from her shorts sudden removal.

“Slow down!” She shouted.

Mr. Franks suddenly started moving very slowly. “No! Just be gentle.”

Mr. Franks delicately removed her panties while Samantha pulled her shirt over her head. Her bare DD breasts fell free. Mr. Franks reached up and groped her gently. Samantha grabbed a hold of his cock at her opening and guided it in. He let out a deep gasp as he felt her walls slowly expand. Their heat intertwined. He slowly pulled back before slowly forcing it in again. Her clit tickled and burned with excitement.

“Faster!” She moaned, shuddering.

Mr. Franks increased his rhythm. She became wetter and wetter. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulling him in deeper. She moaned as her pussy was filled completely by his large dick. “Faster! Harderrrr!” She screamed.

He rammed into her as hard as he could causing her to grunt as she was thrown back. She closed her eyes as he continued to slam into her. Pussy juices burst at the edges of his cock, with every thrust. She cried out as she felt herself about to squirt. Suddenly she felt his dick slide out of her. She opened her eyes just as he came hard, cum shot all over her face making her gasp. He fell u*********s on the floor.

“God dammit!” She screamed throwing herself a mini tantrum. She didn’t even get to squirt, God did she love squirting.

Samantha looked around the room and gathered her things. She pulled her black tank top over her head, and put her panties back on. She lifted up her torn shorts and sighed. How the fuck will I walk outside wearing just my panties, some ankle boots and a black tank top?

Suddenly the door burst off its hinges and flew out the window. Glass shattered and rained down three stories onto the sidewalk. Three men dressed in black military gear, wearing gloves and carrying machines guns stormed in. Samantha screamed for help as one of them wrestled her down to the ground, where he hand cuffed her and put tape over her mouth.

“Target acquired. We’ve got the Logan sister.”

“Excellent, bring her too me.” Crackled a deep voice over the radio.”

Wait! sister? What did he mean by calling me the Logan sister? Bam, suddenly the soldier behind her went flying out of the window. John fazed into view and Theodore appeared behind the other two and hit them both on the head with a baseball bat, they immediately fell u*********s. Samantha just stared wide eyed at her saviours.

“Samantha Logan! We’ve come to rescue you!” John said triumphantly.

“My name is Theodore Logan and this is John Logan, and you are our twin sister.”

John reached down from behind Samantha to remove the tape. As soon as his hand touched her his eyes changed. She sighed through the tape as she was thrown to the ground about to be fucked by her twin brother who she had just met.

“John? What the fuck are you doing?!” Theodore shouted as he ran to stop him.

John violently tore her panties from her, leaving a red mark on her waist. She screamed out in pain. The world around her became a white blur. She felt John’s dick fill her ass hole. It fit perfectly, not too big and not too small. John plunged into her, back and forth on the coarse carpeted ground.

Suddenly she could feel Theodore’s hands on her, trying to save her. His intensions were quickly clouded as he lifted her to her feet. John followed and continued to plunge into her ass. Theodore threw down his pants and shoved his dick into her soaking wet cunt. She cried out as she was filled completely. John and Theodore could feel each other’s cocks through her separating wall. They shuddered but they were too overcome with their lust for their sister.

She was lifted violently up and down onto her brother’s dicks. She felt an intense orgasm like no other. Her whole body began to shake. With one final drop she felt them both cum at the same time, filling both of her holes. She tensed up and began squirting uncontrollably, wave after wave burst out of her. Covering Theodore in her hot juices. John, Theodore and Samantha all fainted.


“God dammit. What is wrong with k**s, using their powers for sex, sex, sex?” Captain Gordon said as he ordered his men into the room. They carried the exhausted bodies of the triplets out of the office.


Courtney followed Sarco and Monicana into a dark cave and then down a long tunnel, countless passage ways lead off in other directions. They finally reached a large metal door, with a hatch. Sarco raised his hand and the door slid open into the rock. They walked into what seemed like a laboratory. There were five people in the room; all of them were naked except for an old man wearing a lab coat who was mixing chemicals.

“These are your new friends, Courtney.”

Courtney looked around the room, trying only to look them in the eyes. One had a huge nine inch penis and another was just a little bit fat with blonde hair. The others all looked ordinary.

“So you brought me a new one?” The Scientist asked as he walked over, he had a Russian accent.

“Today you become one of us Courtney.” Said Sarco as he stepped away from her.

Suddenly the scientist grabbed her arm and injected her with a needle. She felt dizzy and fainted. When she came to she was lying on her back. Her hands were bound and her body was stretched out making an X shape. She felt a body on top of her. She could hear people laughing and cheering. Suddenly she felt something at her entrance; it was a giant cock. It slid into her virgin pussy.

5 minutes later:

“Good job Jenkins. Courtney, you are now one of us.”

Courtney stood up; she looked around to find a crowd of naked people, soldiers and other freaks, all cheering her name. She felt her body become numb and her emotions fade away. She extended her arm, following her instincts. Suddenly fire burst from her hand and slowly dissipated into smoke. Her sexual longing had awakened. She lowered her hand and looked behind her as she heard a voice.

“I am Sarco! The Snake Man! You are my army!” His voice was deep, haunting and echoed through the cave like room, filled with people, “In 3 days our war will start. In three days you will be free! In three days the world will be ours!!!” He shouted.

The crowd erupted into cheers and chanting.


John awoke suddenly and looked around the room. The room was brightly lit and everything appeared white. The air was stale and he was lying in a bed. John turned his head to find Samantha sleeping peacefully in a bed next to his. He looked to his other side and saw Theodore sitting up; he looked like he was trying to think.

“Hello?” John said as he waved to his brother.

“Oh, John you’re finally awake.”

“So… did we just have sex with our sister?”

“Ahhh… yes we did.”

“Um… Why?”

“I can answer that.” A new voice announced.

The door closed behind her.

“Liz!” Theodore called out in an excited tone.

“Wait! That’s Liz? The girl you told me about, the one with glasses and perfectly shaped C-cup breasts, who you had sex with for a year while training and stuff?” John announced, causing Liz to blush.

“Yes… That’s the one!” Theodore said cringing angrily.

Liz snapped out of her daze. “You told him about us?!” She shouted in an angry tone.

“Uh, it was a brotherly bonding thing…”

“I heard you had some sisterly bonding too.” Liz remarked

“Uh….” Theodore was at a loss for words.

“How did that work anyway? It was like as soon as we touched her we needed to have sex with her.” John admitted.

“Well I think I can explain that? You see, I believe her ability is to force herself mentally onto people she touches. Right now the strongest psychological urge she has, is her sex drive and that is what she can control people with. It’s unfortunate side effect is that it intensifies other peoples urges as well, causing them to go on a sexual rampage. The sudden wave of psychokinetic energy causes them to faint soon after ejaculation though.”

“So that’s how my power works.” Samantha thought aloud.

“Hello Sam!” John said c***dishly.

Theodore started talking while blushing. “Hey Samantha, about earlier…”

“It’s fine, forget about it.”

“I see the c***dren have woken up.”

“Captain Gordon! Sir!” Liz saluted him.

“At ease soldier.”

“Hey! Sorry about running away before and beating up a bunch of people.” Theodore said while smirking.

“That doesn’t matter now; what’s more important is that our sources have determined that Sarco and his army are on the move.”

“What does that mean?” Theodore asked.

“It means war! You are our only hope.”

“We will do it!” John announced, his fist thrust into the air.

Theodore and Samantha just stared at him, wide eyed.

“Who’s Sarco anyway?” John asked

To Be Continued…

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