Daddy’s Little Girlfriend

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Daddy’s Little Girlfriend
Daddy’s Little Girlfriend

“Daddy, can you come help me for a second?”

“Sure baby, be there in a minute.”

That’s how it all started. My daughter had just turned 18 a week ago and was getting ready to go to school; she was a senior in high school this year. She is very beautiful with long dark hair and green eyes, nice athletic body with curves in all the right places. Long smooth legs and a perky chest make her a much looked at girl. I even look at her ‘in that way’ sometimes.

I left my wife a few years back. My daughter had decided to stay with me. We had a close relationship and I treated her like a queen while her mom was always badgering and complaining about this or that. So, much to my ex’s dismay, our daughter Sonya had told her she would be staying with me. I remember that day and I smile all the time about it. We hugged and had a great dinner out that night. We were like a couple, except for the sex part.

Sonya would walk around the house in her little pajamas all the time. Either that or her cute white nightshirt, which seemed to get shorter every year. This morning had been no different. I woke up and went to the kitchen and saw Sonya standing by the counter in her nightshirt that came just below her cute little butt cheeks. I noticed her smooth long legs immediately and walked up behind her giving her a little kiss on the shoulder saying “Good morning sweetie pie.”

“Good morning daddy, did you sleep well?”

“Well as I could, it was a little cold last night.” I mumbled

“Daddy! you should have came and got me, we could have snuggled up together to keep warm.”

“That’s a good idea, to bad I didn’t think of it last night. Besides, it might look a little strange for a dad to be sleeping in the same bed with his 18 year old daughter.”

“Who would see? We are the only ones here dad, so next time just come and get me ok? It’s no big deal; we snuggle on the couch all the time watching TV at night.” She had a point, what’s the difference between snuggling on the couch and snuggling on the bed…. hmmmm. Well, I guess there is a little difference.

She went up to get ready for school as I finished my breakfast. Her words were burning through my mind. Did she just ask me to let her sleep with me? I was absently turning the pages of the newspaper thinking about our conversation, probably reading too much into it when I heard her calling me.

“Daddy, can you come help me for a second?”

“Sure baby, be there in a minute.”

I was walking up the stairs in my morning robe, smelling the sweet scented perfume in the air. She always smelled so good; sometimes I would run my nose along her neckline sniffing in her sweet aroma. She would giggle and give me a hug. I walked to her room, the door was open and I peeked in.

She was sitting on her bed, still in her nightshirt.

“You better get going girlfriend, you might be late for school.” I joked with her

“Daddddy, I don’t want to go to school today. I am caught up on all my homework and nothing is going on today, it will be sooooo boring.”

“Then don’t go” I sincerely stated.

Sonya’s eyes looked up at me with glee.

“Really? Oh my gosh, you are the best dad in the whole world!” She got up and was about to give me a hug when I added;

“BUT, that means that you have to hang out with me today. I have some chores to do around the house and would love your help. The maybe we can go out for dinner to some fancy place tonight. What do you say?”

“Sounds like a deal to me. What kind of chores? Do I need to get into work clothes?” she questioned me.

I didn’t want her to change out of that revealing nightshirt.

“No baby girl, you can wear that. Just a little painting in the living room and then hanging some pictures. Nothing to strenuous.”

She bounced up and gave me a long hug, thanking me for letting her stay home today and hang out with her dad. I could feel her perky breasts against my chest. I picked her up and twirled in a circle. Sonya wrapped her legs around my waist holding onto me and laughing. As I turned I noticed our reflection in the mirror in her room. What I saw gave me a hard-on instantly. She was wearing thong panties and when I lifted her up in a hug, her shirt had risen just a little, revealing her fine young butt.

I set her down immediately, I didn’t want her to notice ‘or feel’ the bulge growing in my robe. What I didn’t notice was that my robe had almost come undone and was showing off a little too much.

“Daddddy, I think someone is trying to escape.” She said while letting her eyes drop to my groin. I looked down and saw that my semi-hard dick was coming out the front of my robe!

“Whooops, Sorry about that baby, I, uhhh” I stammered.

“Its ok dad, I have never seen one before, it looks kind of cool” she smiled and blushed a little.

“You have never seen one before? I mean, I thought one of your boyfriends would have…you know…”

“Nope, I am still a virgin silly! Those boys were just that…BOYS” Sonya giggled. “Besides, how could I love anyone as much as I love you? I have seen one in a video once, but not in real life. So, can I see yours daddy?”

“Ummmm, wellll, I don’t know sweetie.” I was dumbfounded. I had to change the subject so I could think about how crazy this actually was. “Let’s go hang some artwork I bought, we can talk about this later.” Was I sweating?

“Yes daddy” Sonya hugged me again and we went to the living room to hang the pictures. I loved watching her walking in front of me, her ass swaying from side to side. Was she doing this on purpose? Suddenly everything I noticed about her was sexy.

I handed Sonya a poster sized picture frame with a Picasso print in it and told her to hold it up against the wall.

“A little higher…” Sonya’s shirt was rising as I told her to slide the picture higher on the wall. She had to hold the picture with both hands at the bottom, standing underneath it facing the wall. I told her to go just a bit higher and she did. Her ass was completely in my view. Oh my god, so perfect. Little round globes of love. Her thong panties were in between her cheeks, revealing her entire butt.

“That’s it, hold it right there.” I walked up behind her with a hammer and nail. “Now lower it just a little while I hammer the nail in.”

She lowered the picture a little and leaned back into me. I was about to strike the nail in when I felt her butt cheeks against my cock. My cock was in between her butt cheeks as I started hammering in the nail. With each stroke of the hammer it seemed my cock would slide slightly up and down against her pert little ass.

“Ok baby, I got it. I took hold of the frame and was placing it on the nail. She made no attempt to get out from under me. Her ass stayed right there. I hung the picture and we both stepped back.

“Look ok sweetheart? I asked.

“I don’t know daddy, you haven’t shown it to me yet…”

I didn’t get it at first. Then it dawned on me. She was flirting with me.

“I mean the picture, you bad girl” I joked with her.

“Oh. Yes, the picture looks fine. Daddy?”

“Yes baby?”

“You never answered me before, Are you going to show it to me?” She had her puppy dog eyes turned on.

“Baby, I don’t want things to change between us, and I feel that you might think I was a pervert or something if I showed …it… to you.”

“Oh come on, I think the world of you. I was the one who asked you. It’s not like you attacked me or anything. I won’t tell anybody daddy. Pleassseeee!”

“Ummm, wellll, I don’t know…”

“You have already looked at my butt for years; you have seen me naked when I was a little girl. And, I felt how much I turn you on daddy. I love you so much. Did you like when I pressed my butt into you just now?”

“You did that on purpose? Why you sneaky little girl. You deserve a spanking for that.”

“Oh really? Right now?” She shot back.

How was I supposed to argue? I would do anything for my girl. I love her with all my heart. I couldn’t say no. My willpower was dwindling. The sight of her butt, her puppy eyes, her telling me she was rubbing her ass against me on purpose.

“That’s right Sonya, right now. Bend over.” I tried to look stern.

“Oh daddy, you’re so mean.” She walked over to the couch and bent over in front of me placing her hands on the couch and pushing her ass into the air. I walked over to her and lifted her nightshirt to her waist. I placed my hand on her butt and squeezed it gently. Sonya let out a little moan as I touched her smooth tight skin. Simply delicious, I was practically drooling.

{SPANK} I let my hand fall and slap her cute tushy. Her butt cheeks jiggled as I slapped some more spanks down upon them.

“Oh daddy, I’m sorry I was a bad girl. I didn’t mean it, please daddy please!!”

{SPANK} “You want to see it baby love? Is that what you really want?”

“Yes daddy! Please let me see it, I want to hold it in my hands.” {SPANK} “Ouch! Oh god, daddy. Please, I will be a good little girl for you from now on, I promise!”

{SPANK} “Tell me what you want to see”

“I want to see it, daddy”

“Tell me what you want to see!” {SPANK}

“I want to see your penis, please, please let me see your penis daddy.” She was almost crying, not in pain, but in pure bliss. She was actually enjoying our session and so was I!

I rubbed her butt making it feel better. I told her to sit on the couch, she did. I walked in front of her, very close. I spread her legs apart with my legs. I looked down and saw her cute white thong panties covering her young pussy. I started to undo my robe. She reached to help me.

“Put your hands under your butt, no helping” I ordered. She gave me a little sigh, but did as she was told, such a good girl. She sat on her hands as my robe came undone and fell to the floor. I was naked, standing in front of my virgin daughter. Her eyes were glued to my almost fully hard cock. I put one leg on the couch and moved closer to her. My cock was only inches from her face.

“It looks beautiful daddy.” Sonya whispered to me.

“You said you wanted to see it… here it is baby girl, all for you.” I whispered back.

“I want to touch it daddy, please let me touch it, can I?”

I leaned forward and let my now fully hard cock touch her face. My tip touched her cheek, and then slid over her nose to her other cheek. I rubbed my cock all over her young pretty face. Across her lips and under her chin, along her forehead and I even touched her ears with my cock. I lifted my dick and let my balls hang in front of her virgin eyes. I let my balls rub against her nose and cheeks too. She was breathing harder now. Almost moaning as I rubbed my cock and ball sack all over her young face.

“Can I kiss your penis daddy?” Sonya looked up into my eyes. I nodded a yes. She stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of my hard throbbing cock. Sonya began to lick up and down my shaft with long loving strokes. She kissed my balls as my cock rubbed her face. I pulled her hands from under her butt, setting them free.

She took her little hand and circled it around my shaft, giving me a little squeeze. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My daughter was kissing my cock. Suddenly I felt my cum rising.

“Your gonna make me cum baby” I moaned to her.

“Oh yessss, please cum for your little girl daddy! I want to see you cum. Please daddy, can I see you cum?”

“Kiss the tip baby… oh yesssss, that’s it, such a good girl!” Sonya started kissing my cock as I started to shoot my sperm. It caught her off guard. The first squirt of cum went into her mouth as she was kissing the tip. It startled her so she backed her head up, still holding my cock, pointing at her face. My cum gushed out in long white ropes, attacking her face.

“Oh my god, daddy! Oh my!! Ohhh daddy!!” She was moving her head back and forth not knowing what to do. She never let go of my cock as it squirted out to her. She looked up into my eyes with a startled look, her face covered with my hot white cum. I smiled. I think my smile calmed her down; she smiled back realizing that what she did was a good thing.

“Oh daddddy, did I make you cum?” She said with a smirk.

I chuckled, “Yes baby, you did, very much so. I have never cum that fast. You did so good baby! Did it taste good?”

“I only got one squirt in my mouth daddy, but I swallowed it and it tasted very good. When can I have some more?” Cum was dripping off her chin, she didn’t even try to wipe it off. “Oh baby, soon, that’s a promise. But first I need to clean you up. Let’s go take a shower ok?”

“Ok daddy!” She bounced off the couch and we walked hand in hand into my master bathroom. We got into the bathroom and I took a towel and wiped off her pretty, young face. I hugged her close and told her I loved her more than anything in the world.

“I know daddy, I love you too, with all my heart”

I turned on the shower and let the water run, getting the bathroom nice and warm and steamy. I looked into her eyes as my fingers found the bottom of her nightshirt. I lifted it up over her head and flung it to the floor. Her little boobs were perfect. Hard little nipples poking straight out. I held them in my hands as she stood in front of me.

“What size are they baby girl?” “34b daddy”

“mmmmmmm they feel so nice sweetie” I squeezed and played with her nipples for a little while. I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth as Sonya moaned her appreciation. I let it pop out of my lips and licked my way to her other perky nipple and sucked it in. I nibbled on it and let it pop out of my mouth. I stood up straight and told her to take off her panties. She looked down and blushed.

“It’s ok baby, I want to see you too, I love you. Show me your pussy.”

“Daddy!” she giggled. Then slowly hooked her fingers on her panties and pulled down. When she stood back up she was naked in front of me for the first time. I treasured the sight, she was beautiful. A little patch of dark pubes rested above her glistening tight wet pussylips. Steam was swirling in the air as I came forward and took Sonya in my arms hugging her close to me. My cock was beginning to rise once again. She raised her head and looked into my eyes as our lips met for the first time. I kissed her passionately, our tongues mingling. She kissed me back with pure love.

“I love you daddy” She said as a tear rolled down her cheek. I wiped the tear away as my own eyes swelled with tears of joy and happiness and love. We held each other for a long time. Our bodies getting wet just standing in the steamy room. I squeezed her butt again. She even squeezed mine.

“I have to pee.” She giggled to me and tried to go to the toilet. I stopped her and told her to get in the shower. She walked in.

“Ok, you can go now.” She put her arms on her hips and gave me a mischievous look. She stood with her legs shoulder length apart and started to pee, looking straight into my eyes. I looked down and saw the golden stream flowing from her young pussylips. I smiled to her and walked into the shower closing the door behind me. I gave her another hug as she continued to pee. She finished and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I squirted some shampoo into my hands and lathered down her body, paying special attention to her breasts and butt, and then I started to wash her little virgin pussy. She was holding onto me as I washed her entire body, but now her hands were squeezing my arms as I wiped up and down along her naked slit. I slowly slid a finger into her hot young pussy. I pushed in a little farther and felt her cherry. Her hymen was still intact! I rubbed her cherry making her squirm in my arms.

“Are you gonna make love to me daddy?” She moaned to me as my fingers probed her virgin twat.

“Yes I am sweetheart, yes I am. But I want you as my virgin for a little while longer ok?”

“Yes daddy, whatever you want. I am yours. I promise. Forever, daddy. I am your little girl.”

{Spank} I gave her ass a little swap as my finger came out of her pussy. “Such a good girl, daddy’s little girl.”

I told her to stand under the shower and wash all the soap off her body. I stood back and watched this nubile young girl wash herself off in front of me. My cock was standing straight up now. She finished washing off all the suds and opened her eyes looking at me. She took her hand and wrapped it around my thick hard shaft. I taught her how I liked it to be stroked right then and there. Sonya is a fast learner and she had me breathing hard in no time. She kneeled before me and started to suck on one of my balls, then the other. Sucking on them like they were precious jewels, and they were, to her. I ran my fingers through her wet hair as she slowly kissed, licked, loved, studied, and memorized every inch of my cock.

I made her stop before I came again. We got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. I told her to bend over the sink. I wiped in between her asscheeks, making sure I reached every part of her body. I saw her cute little pink butthole. I had to kiss it. I kissed it and slid my tongue over it.

“Daddy! What are you doing? Mmmm that feels good…”

“Mmmmm it just looked so inviting baby, I had to show it some attention.” I stood up and swatted her rear end as she pranced out of the bathroom and jumped on my bed naked as the day she was born. Her 18-year-old body was so tight and sweet. My young virgin daughter bouncing on my bed totally nude. Her boobs bouncing up and down, her pussy looked so awesome. I laid down on my bed and she snuggled up to me.

“Thanks for letting me stay home daddy.”

“No problem my sweet innocent virgin schoolgirl.”

The rest of the day gets really freaky; do you think I should tell you about it?

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