Daddy’s Toy

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Daddy’s Toy

Daddy always says I was born to fuck. He should know, he trained me that
way. Seems like sex has always been a part of my life. I started masturbating
really young, and just couldn’t keep my tiny fingers out of my little wet
bald cunt. I won’t tell you how old I was when I had my first cum, but I
was YOUNG!!

Now, I was constantly crawling into my daddy’s lap and teasing his big
prick through his pants. I used to love to snuggle down and rub my bottom
against it and feel it grow hard under my panties, making my little twat
warm, too. Daddy’s cock was really big and hard as stone a lot of the
time. My Mom would look over at me in his lap and say, “Aren’t you a bit
big to be in your daddy’s lap?”. I think she was just jealous of me.
Daddy loved to play with my long red hair and bounce me up and down on
him. I know he used to cum a lot when we did that. After he’d cum, if we
were alone, he’d rub my pussy through my panties until I would shake and
cry out with my cum, too.

I knew what fucking was, cause I saw my parents fucking a couple of times.
It looked like fun to me. One time I stood there while my mom sucked my
dad off. She didn’t see me there, but Daddy did. I watched her lick his
balls and slide her mouth up and down his big shaft. He smiled at me and
let me watch until he shot his load into her mouth. I wanted to do that,
too, but Daddy said that Mommy wouldn’t like it very much.
One day I came home from school and found my dad sitting in the living
room alone, reading a letter. He looked really upset, so I asked him what
was wrong. He said that Mommy had gone away with someone and wouldn’t be
coming back. He said that it was just going to be us from now on. I cried
and Daddy pulled me up into his lap and kissed and kissed me. He said it
would be ok, but that he was going to need a new wife right away to take
care of his needs. I looked up at him and said, “Can’t I be your new wife,
Daddy?”. Daddy said that I was a little young, but I told him I would take
really good care of him, I didn’t want any other women in the house with
us. He said that I would have to do the things that I saw him doing with
Mommy, and even more than that.

I answered him with a kiss on the lips. Suddenly, Daddy put his arms
around me and started kissing me deep and hard, probing his tongue into my
little red mouth. I was feeling funny down in my pussy when he did that.
He picked me up in his arms and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom.
He lay me down on the bed and slowly took my clothes off.
First he unbuttoned my white blouse to reveal my swollen little nipples.
He sucked each one, hard, and nibbled on them with his teeth. I was going
crazy feeling my own daddy suckle on me; I could feel my little cunt start
to throb. He then sat on the bed and took off his shirt and pants, just
leaving his underwear on. I could see his swollen cock peeking out of the
top. He pulled off my plaid skirt and pink cotton panties, smelling the
panties in his hand. He said, “Your little twat smells so sweet, I can
hardly wait to eat it, but first come here and pull my underpants down.”
I felt so grown up sliding the jockey shorts down over my daddy’s thick
shaft and tossing them on the bed. I said, “Am I your wife now, daddy?”.
He said, “No not yet, but we’ll practice now…if you do everything right,
later we’ll have a nice wedding.” He was stroking his cock slowly while I
looked at him, then he put his hand behind my head and pulled it over to
it. He said, “I know you saw Mommy do this, just lick my balls and cock,
nice and slow.”

I did as I was told, licking and kissing his big hairy balls and up the
shaft of his huge cockmeat. When I reached the top, he grabbed my head and
shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged a little, but tried to keep
up with his hard thrusts into my tight throat. I looked up to see him
smiling down at me and I knew I was doing it right. I was sucking my daddy
just like a real wife! I was so proud of myself! Daddy started to moan and
talk dirty to me, saying, “That’s my good little slut, be Daddy’s
cocksucker, that’s a girl, make Daddy cum in your mouth.”
All of a sudden, Daddy’s hot sperm came gushing up through his fat cock
and started pouring into my mouth. I gagged on it at first and some of it
dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and landed on my swollen little
nipples. Daddy said, “Now honey, a good wife doesn’t let her husband’s cum
get away like that, you have to swallow it all.”. He took his finger and
took the globs of cum one by one off my tender tittiess and fed it all to
me. I sucked and licked his fingers like a good girl.
Daddy’s cock went limp almost right away, but he said that with my hot
little cunt around, it wouldn’t be long until he would be ready for more,
and while we were waiting, he needed to prepare my virgin twat for an
adult-sized cock.

He had me lie back on the bed and spread my legs really wide. He got
between my legs and took his index finger and started working it into my
pussy, little by little. He had to push a little to get it in, it felt a
little rough and I squirmed around, trying to help him get it all the way
into me. My pussy was juicy from sucking his cock, so that helped, but I
was sooo tight I didn’t know how he would get his big rod into me.
He finger fucked me for at least an hour, stretching and prodding into my
tiny pussy, finally getting two fingers into me and spreading them so I
would open up for him. My daddy’s cock was full size again by then. He
said, “I don’t think my cock is going to go in there yet, let me try
something else.”. He reached into the night stand and brought out three
dildos, each one a bit bigger than the other. The first one was about 4
inches or so. He pushed it up into my hole, and turned on the vibrator
button. I went wild, bucking and thrashing around on the bed while Daddy
watched and smiled his approval. He removed the first dildo and worked the
6″ one into my little slutty twat, and I couldn’t help it, I came all over
it, almost coming up off the bed while I screamed and screamed with

After a while, he managed to get the third one in, at 7″ it wasn’t easy,
but I was so juiced up he didn’t have too much trouble. Daddy’s cock was
so stiff by then, he said he couldn’t wait any longer, he had to have my
cunt. I spread my legs around his big body and he shoved his cock all the
way up into my pussy. He put his hand over my mouth to help muffle my
yelling as he tore through the last of my cherry. Then he pushed my knees
up to my chest and starting thrusting his cock as hard as he could in and
out of my twat. He was saying, “Oh, you’re Daddy’s little toy, you are
such a hot little thing, your cunt is so fucking tight, I could fuck it
forever”. I was still in a bit of shock from the force of his cock, but
when he told me to move my hips to help him pump, I did it, just like a
good wife. I was so happy to be giving so much pleasure to my Daddy!!
Daddy was groaning really loud and shoving his cock up so far into my
pussy I thought he would go right through it into my stomach. He was
actually lifting me up off the bed about 6 inches with each thrust.He came
almost right away from the tightness of my baby cunt and I could actually
feel his cum spurting up into my belly!

Daddy rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed. He told me to lick the
cum off his cock and clean his balls up, too. He said that all good wives
do exactly what their husbands tell them to do, so I got right down
between his legs and lapped up all the cum mixed with my pussy juice off
his cock and big, hairy balls. Then he told me that he couldn’t believe
it, but he wanted more, and I should get him hard again. I obeyed like a
good girl and Daddy’s cock was hard again after about 10 minutes of my
inexpert tonguing.

He turned over and told me to suck his cock again. I climbed up onto him
and he had me face my pussy towards him and start sucking his purple knob.
He grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his cock until I was gagging on
it. Daddy said that I had to learn to take a cock deep to give the right
satisfaction to my husband. He was pushing my little head up and down by
grabbing a handful of hair, but after a couple of minutes I was able to
keep it up on my own without his help. Daddy then started to finger me
hard. He pushed two fingers up my cunt and started twisting them around
inside me. Once his fingers were really wet, he took his middle finger out
of my little juiced-up cunt and pushed it up my tiny asshole, all the way.
I started to come up off his cock to yell, but he just pushed my head back
down onto his rod and told me not to stop sucking until I was told to
stop. He said, “We have to get this ass opened up, so your husband can be
pleasured with it, too!”. He told me to relax my ass so he could get
another finger in, but I was starting to fight him and he slapped me hard
across the ass and told me that we could do this with his cock if I wanted
without him taking the time to open me first, but that I wouldn’t like
that too much. I made myself relax, cause I knew how it would feel to get
Daddy’s huge cock up my virgin ass with no preparation at all. Daddy took
his time, working another finger into my tight bung hole, then using the
series of dildos as he had with my cunt. My little ass was being stretched
to the limit, and I started to cry a little, but I kept sucking his cock
as I was told. I could tell that he was going to fuck my ass really soon,
his cock was already as big as it could get and it was leaking precum into
my mouth.

Finally Daddy grabbed me and pulled me off him and told me to get up and
straddle him, facing away from him. He grabbed my hips and had me bend
over so that he could lube my tiny asshole before he fucked it. I felt the
lube around my ass and he even squirted a bunch of it up inside me, too.
Then he took hold of my hips and told me to get ready to be fucked. He had
me lower my ass to his cockhead, then slowly pushed me down onto him,
about an inch at a time. I felt my ass stretch as his massive head forced its
way up into my tight backdoor. I tried to not yell too much, but it hurt a
lot! Finally Daddy shoved me the rest of the way down onto his cock and I
was too surprised to scream. He pulled me back so that I was lying on top
of his chest and he put one hand over my mouth and with the other slid me
on and off his thick stiff cock. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt, but
I tried to be good for my daddy, I could tell he was loving every minute
of it. He was whispering in my ear how good I was making his dick feel,
and how if I did it good to him, he wouldn’t have to send me to live with
my mom. I wanted to stay with my daddy and please him, so I started to
move myself for him, sliding my little ass up and down his rod for him.
Daddy sat up all of a sudden and started to lift me up and down on his
cock faster and faster, while he slid over and put his feet on the floor
for better leverage. Then he grabbed me around the waist and stood up. I
slid all the way down onto his cock and daddy grunted with pleasure.

He turned around and told me to put my hands on the bed as he let go of my
waist and grabbed me by the ankles. He spread my legs wide, holding them
up to his shoulders and fucked me deep and hard. My virgin ass was on fire
from the rough fucking it was getting. Daddy said that it would get easier
every time, that the first time was the hardest, but I had to learn to get
used to it so that I could be a proper wife to him and have a wedding. I
had to pass this test he was giving me so that he could keep me. He said
that it would get him off much better if I would talk dirty to him and
tell him how much I wanted his cock in me. He had me repeat all the things
he liked to hear over an over again. I was a little embarrassed at first,
but I quickly got used to asking my daddy to fuck my tiny little
asshole, begging him to shove it in harder and deeper. I told my daddy
that I was his girl, his own private sex toy and that he could do
anything he wanted to me, that I wanted his cock in all my holes, to fuck
me all night. He had me repeat, “Fuck me Daddy!” over and over until he
had a third cum into my asshole. He then got into bed and let me lay my
head on his shoulder and sleep with him all night long.

In the morning, Daddy woke up and told me to masturbate for him until he
was ready to fuck me. He explained that we would be fucking at least twice
a day, more on the weekends. Men need lots of stimulation, he said. They
need to have lots of sex from their wives so that they’re not tempted by
other women. He had me get up onto his chest and spread my legs so that my
pussy was near his face. He told me to spread my little lips open and play
with my cunt for him. I did as I was told, of course. He took out a dildo
and told me to fuck myself with it. My pussy was still wet from his cum and
the dildo went in without too much trouble. He turned on the vibrator and had
me fuck my tiny puss with it until I came. My whole body was convulsing
and my pussy throbbed all over the vibrator as I came. My pussy was super
slick from the combination of last night’s cum and my own orgasm. Daddy
then taught me how to fuck doggy-style, with me up on my hands and knees,
my ass high in the air. He pumped me full of cum yet again, pulled out and
I cleaned him up. He then told me to get ready to go to school and he went
off to work.

Daddy wasn’t lying about his sexual appetites. He did either fuck me or
have him suck him off every morning and evening for years. He also taught
me some really kinky tricks and taught me to share myself, but that’s
another whole story.

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