Daniel 5

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Daniel 5
We are all pretty stoked as we boarded the bus that would take us
for the first time to the state swim finals. Sean and I got on the bus
first in order to get back row seating, knowing that the coach and the two
chaperones always rode up front. The ride was going to take 3 hours so we
all had to be on the bus by 7am to get there in time. It was great to see
all the guys having just gotten out of bed. You could see that most of
them had only pulled on a pair of sweats as their cocks were swinging
freely as they walked down the isle of the bus. It made me horny just
thinking about them; sleeping naked or with boxers, and how they all had
morning wood not that long ago.
I, of course, was one of those with just sweats on, having gotten
out of bed just as I heard Sean ring the door bell. It had been a very hot
night in my house last night, and my ass was feeling it this morning.
David had made his usual nightly visit, which was wonderful. He was
becoming a great lay and I knew I would miss him tonight. But then my
father came in around 12 or 12:30 and fucked me for over 30 minutes, just
pumping and humping my ass slowly, sinking his huge hard cock in and out of
my ass. I came twice on my sheets as he worked his magic in my ass. When
he left, my ass was so full of his cum I could feel it dribbling down my
balls. But I was too tired to clean up, so I laid in my own cum and fell
fast asleep. Until, once again, I heard my door open and realized that
David was back for more. I tried to protest, but his cock was in my ass
before I could say to much. And this time he really fucked me and boy did
he ride me hard. He pulled me up on my hands and knees and shoved his cock
in and out of my ass so rapidly that I had to reach for Sean’s underwear
that was still under my pillow. I quickly put them in my mouth to soften
my gasps and groans as he pummeled my ass with his cock. His hands had a
firm grasp on my hips as he pulled them into him and pushed his hard 10
inch cock deep inside me. My own cock was so hard, and being tossed about
you could hear it being slapped against my stomach as his body forced it
self inside mine. When he finally couldn’t hold back and longer, his body
shook with each spasm, and he shot his load of hot cum deep inside my ass.
I don’t even remember if I came again or not, all I know is, when I
head Sean ring the door bell, I was lying on my stomach, my hard cock stuck
to the bed sheets by all my dried cum shot there during the night, and
Sean’s dirty cum drenched underwear still in my mouth. But I was on the
bus now, on time, in the back row, and with Sean sitting next to me.
The bus was filling up fast, we were both watching as the guys
boarded and took their seats. The two guys seated next to us were juniors,
they paid little or no attention to us as they got settled. But Sean and I
kept our eyes on them, their asses got so close to us you could almost
smell the musk from there crotch. Sean was on the aisle and as the one guy
turned to go into the seat, his cock swung so much it would have hit Sean
right in the face if he hadn’t backed away.
The team was settling quickly, without to much noise. Ipods and MP3
players were being donned and guys were falling back to sleep. But not
Sean, he was snaking his hand inside my sweat pants and fondling my now
growing cock. I looked over at the two guys seated next to us. They
weren’t paying attention to us or the stroking going on in my pants.
By the time the bus was rolling, my cock was stiff as a board and
leaking pre cum all over Sean’s hand. His sweats were noticeably tenting
by this time too, and there was a large wet spot on the top of Sean’s
sweats, that was soon running down the sides, his cock was really putting
We both began to look around at the same time, our minds were right
on sink, as Sean began to lick his fingers of all my pre cum. Not a sole
was stirring, 90% of the bus was asleep. Even the guys next to us had
there eyes closed and looked happily in dream land.
Sean lowered his head as I pushed my top of my pants down below my
balls exposing my rock hard swollen cock that was now fire engine read from
the last 10 minutes of jerking off. Sean’s lips quickly engulfed my cock,
the warm moist sensation moved down from the head of my dick down the shaft
to my balls that were soon drenched in drool. His head soon began to bob
up and down on my stiff cock, sending shivers down my spine. Not to long
after that my cock began to swell, as my cum began to boil. But Sean was
not ready yet, it was a three hour ride and he was going to make this one
He released my cock and took my left ball in his mouth, and sucked
on it gently. Then he took my right ball with is hand and guided it into
his mouth. My whole ball sack was now being engulfed my Sean. It felt
warm and wet, as he tossed my balls around his mouth with his tongue. It
was a fucking hot sensation knowing that this man had my whole life in his
mouth, my sperm producers, my t bag.
“Hey, remind me to shave your sack when we get to the hotel
tonight” Sean said as he released my balls..
He went back down on me with gusto, knowing that he couldn’t take
it any more, he want my cum, he was hungry and he had played enough. Well
it didn’t take to long, my shaft began to swell and soon my balls were
exploding with hot white cum, sending it up the long shaft of my cock and
spewing it into Sean’s throat. His Adam’s apple was now what was bobbing
as he swallowed each large gush of sperm that I was pumping into his face.
My head was back against the window and my eyes were closed as I had the
most intense orgasm, which was subsiding but ever so slowly. Sean’s hand
was now wrapped around my cock milking the last bits of cum that were still
lingering in my dick.
“Oh my god, Sean that was fucking fantastic” I whispered as I began
to come back from the ecstasy I had jut experienced.
He looked up at me and smiled, just as something caught my eye next
to us. I looked over at the two guys in the adjacent row, they both had
there own hard cocks out of there sweats and were beating off, as they
watched Sean lick that drops of cum of the head of my cock that he was
extracting from my shaft with is hands. As I watch they both began to
tense and soon the back of the seat that was in front of them was being
covered in their cum, as they both shot load after load of hot white cum
out of there hard cocks.
Sean quickly caught on to what I was watching, and before the
jizzum of the guys could run off the seat, he reached over and scooped up a
large hand full of both the boys ball juice. He offered it to me first,
which I took a large swipe with my tongue. It was still warm and salty,
and slid down my throat with ease. Sean put his whole face in the palm of
his hand and quickly consumed the gift of the other guys jiz.

The meets were progressing nicely, both Sean and I had won our
preliminary, and now in the semi finals, which would be later this
afternoon. We were up in the bleachers watching the guys in there Speedo’s
swim there hearts out. It was pretty hot, but at the same time very
boring. My mind was wondering. I knew what I wanted and Sean’s cock was
right there next to me. I could see the shape of his head as it laid
against the skin of his suite. Soft and flaccid, I had no doubt that I
could get it hard in a spilt second with less than 4 words. My ass was
twitching, I wanted his hard fat cock so far up inside ass that his pubic
hairs could tickle my ass cheeks. My own boner began to swell, as I
reached over to Sean’s leg and slowly ran my finger down his thigh to his
knee, and then back up the inside. Resting at his ball basket between his
He looked at me and then at the bulge beginning to grow in my
Speedo. A smile quickly appeared on his face and I knew it wouldn’t be
long before his hard manhood was fucking my ass with all that he had to
give me. He grabbed my hand as he stood up and we made our way out of the
bleaches and into the hallway of the building.
It was pretty deserted once you got away from the pool area, but we
had no idea where were going, all I knew was the my boner was growing fast,
and the head of my cock would soon be seeing the light of day if we did get
someplace private quickly. As we turned the corner down yet another empty
hallway, a door was opening at the far end. We could see to guys in
Speedo’s emerging from a room and heading our way. As they walked towards
us you could see that they were adjusting themselves to get there packages
nice and neat. When they were about to passed us, both of them looked
directly at our swelling crotches. My cock was pretty hard and off to the
side. There was no sense in trying to hide a growing 9 inch cock that was
rapidly filling with blood in a Speedo. I looked at them and smiled as we
passed, and the tall boy on the left licked his lips an said.
“Enjoy it guys!” And they turned the corner to go back to the
We found the door that the guys had come out of and it opened right
up. It seemed to be and empty storage room, with a one small light and
some shelving. As soon as we entered you could smell the lingering odor of
sweat, cum and anal sex of the boys that had just left.
Before I could close the door Sean had his hands on my bathing
suite and it was being pulled down to my ankles. My cock sprang to
attention as it welcomed the release. I stepped out of the Speedo as I
spread my legs and leaned up against one of the book shelves, giving my ass
to him completely.
Sean got a large amount of spit and natural lube from his mouth and
coated his hard cock for the ride it was about to undertake. He pushed his
hard cock in between my ass cheeks found my twitching hole right away. The
swelling mushroom head of his cock penetrated my ass hole with one slight
push and soon his hard dick was riding its way up my ass. I moaned with
pleasure as he filled my ass cavity with his rock hard man tool, what would
soon shoot my ass with his sweet hot seed. I pushed back on his cock,
sinking it all the way into my fuck hole trying to make him a part of me
that I would never have to let go. His cock was hot, I could feel the heat
permeate through my body as Sean lay dormant against my body. His hard
cock just filling the void that my ass had been longing for.
I turned my head and he kissed me, our tongues met and played as he
slowly began to slide his cock in and out of my ass. Oh how wonderful that
felt, my ass was gripping his cock as it slid back and forth against my
body. His hands were gently stroking my nipples that were as erect as my
cock. I was in heaven as he continued to fuck me slowly and steady.
I was stroking my own meat gently not wanting to ever let this
sensation end. He moved his lips to the back of my neck and began to kiss
and suck all over. Sending me into a fit of quivering, at the same time he
picked up his rhythm of humping my ass. I looked down as he began to
vigorously fuck my ass, and saw the splashes of cum left from the boys
before us. Then I noticed by the corner of the room a small tarp type
matting. I gently pulled his head to mine.
“Fuck me Sean, shove that hot cock inside me till it hurts boy. I
want you to fuck me so hard that I scream with pleasure.” I was making him
so hot, he was about to blow his load, and I really wasn’t ready for that.
I pulled away from him and his cock came out of my ass with a pop.
He looked at me questioningly, as I reached for the tarp and opened it up
on the floor. A smile came across his face as I laid down on my back and
pulled my knees up to my chest exposing my pink fuck hole to him. He was
standing over me, his hard cock sticking straight up against his stomach.
As I looked up at him, I realized that he was so beautiful, a light dusting
of hair covered is legs, his balls were shaved and tight against his body.
His cock was fat and stood perfectly erect, no lean or curve to it. His
pubic area was covered with a light brown coating of hair that was trimmed
and had a trail that lead to the cutest belly button. But all that was
being hidden by his ever present boner. His chest was smooth and defined,
and you could see the beginning of a nice six pack developing on his abs.
He was just so hot, I was really in love with this guy. I reached
out my hands and helped him as he kneeled down in front of me. He took my
legs in his hands and held them up as he guided his hard cock to my ass.
Again he was inside me, his hard cock slipped up my ass with ease as I let
out a moan of pleasure. But this time he was ready and he pushed my legs
up against his shoulders as he laid over me and began to pump his hard cock
in and out of my ass. He was really riding my ass, and there was no mercy
coming from him. Again our lips locked as he worked my ass hole with his
cock. I could feel his cock swell and I knew he soon would be filling my
ass with his first load of hot cum.
“uh yea, Daniel, I am going to shoot this load up your ass, oh
yea….uhhhhhhhhhhhh” he was cumming hard and his face and muscles all
tensed as his body jerked with every spasm and ejaculation his balls were
The warming sensation hit me almost immediately as his cum flowed
freely into my ass hole. His fucking motion had slowed down but not
stopped, so I knew that this was just the beginning. And I was right, his
pace began to pick up again, not once letting his cock leave my ass, but
now he sat up right and pulled my legs up as he slowly began to stand. He
pulled my body up making sure his cock was still deep inside my cum coated
ass. Now he was slightly standing and my cock was now directly over me as
he pushed down with his hips sinking his hard cock lower inside me. My
back bent and now my cock was right above my mouth, I reached out my tongue
and could just hit the tip of my swelling cocks head. Sean kept his hips
humping my ass in a slow be steady pace. His cock was sliding in and out
of my ass hole with great pleasure to us both. But I was ready to explode
with cum, and he must have known because he withdrew his cock from my ass
until his mushroom shaped head was just at the soft lips of my ass, and
then it began. He came down on me with such force that my cock hit me in
the face, my body bent and contorted to shapes that I never knew it could
do. I grabbed a hold of my own hard cock and began to stroke it while he
pushed and pushed my cock closer and closer to my face. Our cocks began to
swell at the same time, I could feel his cock pressing against the walls of
my ass as it was being filled with yet another load of his hot white male
seed, that soon would be filling my ass with a warm wet feeling. My own
cock was leaking so much my face was actually wet, the pre cum that was
sweet to the taste, but I was waiting for the mother load and I knew I
wasn’t going to have to wait much longer as I stroked my hard on to climax.
It began with a quick jerk from Sean, his cock hit me in a way that sent my
orgasm streaming out of my cock. My mouth was open wide and I almost
choked as my mouth was soon flooded with my hot sperm that poured out of my
cock like I was taking a long needed piss. And when I tried to swallow my
face got covered until I could open my mouth again to accept the next
spurts of cum my cock and balls were producing. Sean was still humping my
ass pretty good, as his own orgasm continue to fill my ass with sperm. He
watched as my face was being covered in cum. when the cum was overflowing
in my mouth and down my chin I finally had to swallow the load again. This
time when I opened my mouth again to accept another my load that was still
flowing from my cock, Sean pushed hard on my ass and the head of my cock
slipped into my mouth, I quickly locked my lips around it and began to suck
the cum right out of my own cock. I think I began a new orgasm right then
and there. Having my own cock in my mouth was the hottest sensation, just
the feel of my lips around the skin of my cock was sending me into a
ecstasy that I had never felt. My body responded quickly and I was once in
the misted of a full orgasm for the second time in less than a minute. My
cock was flooding my mouth with my sperm but I swallowed it all not letting
any go to waist this time.
“Daniel, you are so fucking hot, I can’t believe what you can do to
me. I am going to cum again inside you right now…………oahhhhhhhhhh
yea, yea, I am filling you up for the third time with another load of
fucking juice my balls are shooting out of my hard cock that is so far
inside your ass”. And he was, I could tell his body was tiring as he
pumped his groin into my ass slowly but deeply. His ass could only move up
slightly as he pushed his hard cock deeper into my ass. Finally Sean
stopped humping and just laid on top of my ass, letting his cock rest
inside my ass. Cum was everywhere, my ass hole was bubbling with sperm
around the base of his cock. My face was covered in my own cum and my
mouth was full with the head of my cock which was still leaking the last
bits of cum from my two orgasms.
Slowly, Sean began to pull his cock from my ass, I watched as it
emerged from deep within me, it was covered in white cum and still quite
hard. I began to relax my legs as the pressure was being lifted from my
body. My cock came out of my mouth as Sean gently lowered my legs. When
they were back on the floor he laid his body on top of me, he cock which
had never completely left my ass, was now being pushed back up inside me.
I could feel the power of his fuck tool subside as it became flaccid inside
of me.
He kissed me hard and long, our tongues gently stroked one another
as we were too exhausted to be wildly passionate. Then he licked my face
clean of the sperm I shot all over my self, sharing my own seed with me by
kissing me again with a load of still warm cum in his mouth. I excepted
his offering with vigor as my tongue sucked my own cum out of his mouth in
into my own hungry throat. We stayed there for a while, just kissing and
holding each other. His cock was still in my ass, and mine laid between
us, it was like we were one and didn’t want to let each other go.

“Daniel you were great, I couldn’t believe how you took that guy in
the last lap and beet him to the finish line.” Jon said in his strong
Slavic type accent as we were making our way to the hotel room.
The semi finals had gone quite well and Daniel had pulled off a
great victory for the team. He knew it was the sensation in his ass that
was so full of Sean’s cum that had him swimming like a fish. He could
still feel Sean’s cock inside him as he pushed himself on that last lap to
the finish line. Everyone had come up and hug him or slapped him on the
ass. He was their hero for this race and he was quite proud.
But now they were heading to the room where they would spend the
night to be ready for the state finals tomorrow morning. Sean and Daniel
were to bunk with Jon and his brother for the night. Jon was a junior and
his brother was a sophomore. Their family had just moved to this country a
few years back from one of the Baltic countries in Europe. He had many
brothers but only two were on the team and the coach had paired us up to
stay in the room for the night. When we got into the room, both Sean and I
through our bags onto the same double bed marking our territories quickly.
While we were doing that both brothers immediately started to undress,
their shirts came off first and they tossed them on the other bed. We
didn’t pay much attention to the boys we’d seen them many times with just
there Speedo’s on; Sean turned on the TV and I was thinking I needed a
shower. It seemed that the fruit of our love making this afternoon was
starting to run down my leg. Sean and I didn’t pay much attention to Jon
and his brother when they removed their shirts, but when they both pulled
down there pants and their bathing suites came down too, we took notice
right away. They both step out of their sweats and suites at the same
time, and walked to their bed stark naked.
Jon and his younger brother looked just alike, both had slim
swimmers builds, and wash board abs. Their bodies were hairless, except
the small patches under there arms and around their cocks. Both boys had
uncut cocks that looked to be a good 5 or more inches, with a small bit of
skin hanging off the end making a nice little point. It is always so hard
to tell the actual size of an soft uncut cock. But what we were looking at
now was certainly big and their oversized balls just hung there as a
cushion for there soft cocks to lay on. Their balls were brown and hairless
as the rest of their bodies. The boys had no tan lines, their pubic hair
was trimmed and soft brown just enough to out line there crotch, but not
take way from the beautiful package of balls and a nice hot looking cock.
Sean and I just stood there staring at these hunks and they
lingered just long enough for us to get a good look at them. Then they
tossed themselves on their bed with their feet by the headboard, their head
in there hands as they watched the TV. Sean looked at me and then back at
the naked boys and there cute asses and just sighed. By now my legs were
quite sticky and I walked to the showers leaving Sean to gander at the
naked German hunks.
I emerged from the bath room with just a towel wrapped around my
waist. The boys were still naked in the same position on the bed watching
some sort of sports new cast and Sean was gathering his stuff to head into
the bathroom for a shower.
Jon and his brother paid little or no attention to us as we
maneuvered around the room. So I grabbed a hotel magazine and sat up
against my head board on my bed with my knees propped up and looked through
the rag to see what was up with this town. I looked up every so often to
see if the boys had moved but no luck there eyes were both glued to the TV.
But just as my eyes were going back to the article I was reading, they
scanned the mirror in front of my bed above the desk. There in the mirror
looking right back at me was a nice view of my package that was hanging
between my legs. That’s when I noticed Jon looking right at me through the
mirror, or should I say my soft cock that was hanging between my legs and
resting on my freshly shaved balls. His brother was also taking in the view
of my manhood. Neither took there eyes off my cock especially when it
started to fill with blood and as it moved up off my balls. My cock was
hardening with blood fast, and the head of my dick was now pushing at the
top of the towel.
The boys didn’t make a move, they just laid there on there stomachs
with their naked white bubble butt just waiting to get fucked. I was just
about to get up and drop the towel when Sean came out of the bathroom. He
was completely naked, except for his towel that d****d around his
shoulders. Jon turned to look at Sean as he walked closer to them with his
semi hard cock swinging from side to side.
When Sean looked at me and saw my hard cock sticking up inside my
towel, he turned and in the blink of an eye he jumped right on our bed and
his head was inside my towel, with his mouth going down on my hard
throbbing cock instantly.
“ooohhhhhhhhhhhh, woe that feels fucking fantastic.” I said as
Sean’s moist mouth slipped down the shaft of my 9′ hard cock. He was an
expert at swallowing large cocks, and my cock slid down his throat with out
any interruption. His lips were tickling my balls in no time.
“uh yea, suck my cock Sean, you give the best head. Suck it till I
cum so deep in your throat, just the way you like it.” He continued to
suck and slurp my cock just as he had done hundreds of times before.
I looked over at Jon and his brother, and they had quickly turned
in there bed and were sucking each others hard cocks, and you knew right
away that they were pretty experienced in this sexual play.
Jon was looking over at me as Sean was sucking on my cock. His
brothers leg was bent and Jon’s head was in his crotch resting on his
thigh. His brothers cock was deep in his mouth, but his eyes were watching
every move that we made. Before long the groaning noises started and soon
Jon’s mouth filled with his brothers cum that he was spewing into his mouth
and throat. It could have been intentional, or not, but Jon let a little
dribble of cum slip out of his mouth and run down the side of his face. It
was hot, my own seed began to erupt when I saw the cum leaking from his
mouth as his Adams apple was moving violently trying to swallow the
offering his brother was producing for him.
“Oh god, Sean I am gunna to cum, fill you mouth with my sweat
fucking cum, auhhhhhhhhh.” And with that my cock exploded in his mouth and
like always he didn’t let a drop side anywhere but down his eager throat to
his stomach. I pumped my ass up and shoved my cock deep into his mouth as
I let go of every ounce of sperm I could push forth. As I did that he
pushed his face into my crotch sucking my cock and cum deeper into his
throat as he ingested every bit of sperm my balls could sent through my
hard cock into his mouth. He swallowed eagerly as I kept pumping my hard
cock into his face.
Jon who was now on his knees with his brother mounted to him from
behind, was bobby back and forth on the bed with each thrust his brother
made into his ass with his hard cock. I looked over and got very envious.
“Fuck me Sean, I want your cock up my ass like Jon is getting from
his brother. So stop suckin my cock and fuck me.” I said desperately.
With that Sean pulled his head out of my crotch and with one quick
move he pulled my ankles up over my head as he pulled himself up on his
knees. His hard cock found my ass and he was inside me in an instant. I
moaned loudly as his fat cock slid further and further up my warm ass hole,
and he was fucking me with his hot hard cock. I pushed my ass forward so
fast, his hard cock hit areas that I didn’t know I had until know. I
jerked my ass back and forth with such motion that I almost made him cum.
“Daniel stop, you are going to make me cum right now. You are so
fucking hot, and horny that I can’t control myself when I am inside of
you”. He panted as he was trying to hold me back for sliding up and down
on his fuck tool. Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and let it flop
back up against his pubic hair.
“Hey, I wanted that, what are you doing” I said to him as he pulled
back a little.
“Daniel, I don’t want to cum yet, and you are going crazy on my
“Hey, boys I’ve got and idea”. Jon said as he was trying to pull
away from his brother who had him in a firm grip around his waist, as he
continued to thrust his cock in and out of his warm fuck hole.
“Why don’t we fuck Daniel like you guys fuck me at home. I bet he
would love to have more than one cock in his ass at once.”
“Yea” I said all to quick. “I would love to have all your cocks
inside me at once, but how do you guys do it.” I was ready and really
willing to have them all.
Jon directed his brother to lie on his back on the bed, which he
did. Then Jon got Daniel to mount his brother on top of the bed and side
is upright cock into his ass. Then Jon had Sean get on up on the bed and
stand over Daniel with his legs spread so to get up over his ass.
“Now put the head of your cock next to my brothers cock and slowly
side it into Daniel’s ass.”
“AHOOUUH” Daniel screamed.
“Slowly, I said. You’ve got to let him accept you and your hard
cock into his ass hole.
Again Sean tried but this time he put the head of his cock up
against Daniel’s ass and rested it on the cock that was stuck in there.
Then gently Sean applied pressure and soon Daniel’s ass opened and ever so
slowly Sean’s hard cock slid into Daniel’s ass.
“OH my god, OHHHHHHHH my god, does that feel fucking fantastic.
Sean, go slow but keep it cumming. I can’t believe I have to hard cocks up
my ass right now. I am in heaven.”
“Just wait guy, you haven’t felt anything until you’ve got three up
there. I love it, my brothers fuck me like this all the time.” Jon said
while he was stroking his hard cock watching Daniel as he was accepting the
second cock into his warm fuck hole.
“Now Sean, while my brother stays still, I want you to move your
hips in and out slowly so Daniel can get used to two cocks fucking him at
the same time. My brother will start when he thinks Daniel can handle two
cocks in motion.”
With those instruction Sean slowly pulled his cock back a little
and then forward. Daniel moaned with great pleasure as the motion started
to increase. And soon both cocks were sliding in and out of his ass with
ease and Daniel was riding them like he was at a rodeo.
“OK, boys I think he is ready for a third. What do you think?” Jon
said as he applied some lubricant on his cock.
“Yea…he’s ready; just like you Jon, he loves cock.” His brother
said with a smile as he pushed his ass off the bed to plow his hard cock
into Daniel’s ass.
Jon got on the bed and gently sat on his brothers thighs and
supported himself by putting his hands behind him on the bed. The motion
had stop and everyone was still as Jon directed his hard moist cock in
between the two cocks sticking out of Daniel’s ass. All three of the boys
were looking at him as he lifted himself up with his legs and arms and
pushed his cock forward. Jon’s cock went between the others and with out
much effort sank into Daniel’s ass. Soon he had three hard cocks
completely in his ass. Daniel couldn’t speak, he just moaned and took deep
breaths, as the exotic pain was intense.
But soon enough he was moving ever so slowly up and down on the two
boys below him and the one above.
“Auh this is auh my god, this is wonder….ah ah ha” Daniel
couldn’t even talk as he and the others started to move in and out of his
ass. The motion was not a lot but extremely deep-felt in Daniel’s ass.
Jon was actually doing push ups with his hands to get his hips to pump his
hard cock deeper in his ass. Sean was riding pretty well as his ass pushed
down to sink his cock into the ass he fucked so many time. And Jon’s
brother was having no problem slipping in hard dick up Daniel’s ass. He
was an expert, even though he had never fuck anyone but his brothers. But
he had a lot of practice from them. And he knew just what to expect, as
his face was right in line with Daniel’s cock and he knew from experience
that once a third cock starts to fuck some ones ass he wouldn’t have to
wait long for Daniel to start spewing cum everywhere.
And it happened with such force that not only did Jon’s brother get
drenched with hot white sticky cum but the wall behind him had streams and
streams of cum sliding down it in seconds.
Sean couldn’t resist. He saw the cum Daniel had shot on the wall
and wanted it, so he pulled forward to lick it all off the wall, bring his
cock complete out of Daniel’s ass. Daniel fell to the side as he was no
longer being supported by Sean hard cock, and as he did, both cocks
remaining in his ass fell out and the boys all fell back on the bed.
The wall was clean and Sean was working his tongue on Jon’s brother
licking as much of the cum that remained.
“Boy this guy really loves cum” Jon said “kinda like my older
brother. He can’t get enough so we all cum on him at once shooting our
loads at his face so he can have us all mix up in one lick”
That’s all Sean had to hear. He jumped over to the other bed and
laid on his back with his mouth open. Giving everyone an invitation to
shoot what ever they could down his throat. We all moved off the bed and
over to him as we stroked our hard cocks to entice a huge climax. Daniel’s
cock was only semi hard as he had just shot a large load, but he was
stroking his cock feverishly hoping to give his boyfriend another load from
his balls. He moved in between Jon and his brother as they stroked and
pumped there hard cocks over Sean’s face. Jon looked over at Daniel’s semi
boner, knowing that he would need some help, he placed his free arm around
his back. Jon moved his hand down Daniel’s back until it found the warm
fuck hole they had just invaded. Before long he had all four fingers deep
inside Daniel’s ass and he was beginning to probe his thumb around the
edge. Daniel’s cock began to grow to a full 9 hard inches as he stroked it
with great drive. The cum stated to shoot out of the head of his cock
straight into Sean’s mouth, as Jon’s full hand probed deeper and deeper in
Daniel’s ass. Then it started, once Daniel began to cum, Jon’s brother
blew his load as did Jon, all over Sean who was lapping up the cum as fast
at he could. Before all the cum was gone Sean took his finger and gathered
a mixture of the cum and offered it to each boy and they all ate it
hungrily enjoying the seeds of each other.
Daniel bent down and kissed Sean. There lips met and parted
allowing there tongues to explore the passion that they had just
experienced. Jon and his brother just looked at them. They both shook
there heads in disbelief, it was one thing to fuck another guy, or suck his
cock and swallow ever last drop of his cum….but Kiss, they didn’t get


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