Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 3

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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The Date
The next morning, a leisurely Saturday at 9:00 AM Adrian was seated in the Café Metropolitan in the business district. Most of the early breakfast tourists had already finished and were off to their tours and explorations for the day. He sat outside alone at a table in the middle of the café enjoying the morning sun and a coffee as he read the morning newspaper. He looked up and saw a smiling cute blonde boy wearing an orange/yellowish beret over his curly blonde hair which came down to just below his ears. The cute boy wore a stylish white form fitting chemise and very tight pants encasing the boy’s slim legs, outlining a boy cock and lovely round bum. The French style light pantalon material was a matching colour with the beret. On his feet he wore stylish leather sandals with his professionally manicured toe nails lightly painted. His cute sun tanned face was accented with blue eyes, a warm mouth with full lips and sparkling white teeth. He walked with an effeminate gait which accented his slim hips and very round bubble bum. The final accessory was a stylish light brown leather man purse hanging on the left side which was held up with a strap over his right shoulder.

The remaining cafe patrons mostly tourists looked at this lovely creature as he approached or saw his behind depending on where one was seated. But make no mistake everybody looked some more than others. The boy approached the table where Adrian was seated and said a very cherry “Good morning”. Adrian was startled and half rose to greet him but Joie touched his arm in a greeting and whispered “no need to get up, sit down.” As he lifted the shoulder strap of his purse over his head he stretched his arms upward and Adrian saw the slim sculptured firm torso with the nipples protruding against the white tight fitting silky shirt and caught a glimpse of the outline of his boy cock in the tight trouser. “Very cute” Adrian mused to himself. “How are you enjoying the morning paper” the boy asked Adrian? “I do so like a man reading the newspaper.. such a mature look” and touched the handsome man’s arm lightly.

As he sat down he crossed his slim legs and Adrian noticed the slim but nicely formed strong thighs as he did so. “Have you ordered breakfast yet” Joie asked. “I am famished as I just swam for an hour and haven’t had time to eat. A growing boy needs his nourishment for the busy day I have planned for us Adrian”. He waved to the waiter and asked for a menu for Adrian as the boy knew exactly what he himself wanted to order. The waiter seemed to know the boy and said hello pleasantly. “Breakfast is wonderful here Adrian such delicious bagels and the yogurt and berries is to die for.” He ordered the thin lightly toasted 12 grain bagel with strawberry cream cheese on the side and a yogurt with fresh berries, a tall glass of Perrier with lemon and ice and a large Americano black. Adrian was impressed and said he would have the same.

“What do you need to do today Adrian? Anything important on your agenda or do we have the day to explore?” He sat with his elbows on the table and his lovely manicured fingers with light colour polished nails joined steeple like together under his chin holding his head up as he looked at the man’s handsome face excitedly. “No, nothing urgent other than to visit your mother’s other gallery” replied the handsome man looking at the cute boy . “Wonderful” said the boy as he touched the man’s arm lightly “we can do that together as I have to go there to pick up some art work and then deliver it to a restaurant in the same neighbourhood”. The boy was certainly full of life and was at ease in this situation meeting an older man for breakfast. He crossed his legs again a bit slower this time and noticed that Adrian was looking as he did so. The boy thought to himself I so do like a man checking me out as I cross my legs and smiled as he was looking at the handsome man.

Adrian asked about Joie’s oblivious like of swimming and the boy told him that he was a member of the school’s swim and soccer teams and hoped to do the same at the new college he was attending this year. “He loved the swim training but not the swim meets” he said “and was a good soccer player, a striker in fact as he had a good “touch” around the net” and smiled and gently caressed Adrian’s arm as he said that. He continued saying that “his teammates appreciated his scoring talents and as he was not tough player they protected him. They accepted him for who he was and no player ever mentioned in a negative way that he was a bit “effeminate”. When asked about a girl friend Joie replied that he “unofficially went out with a girl on the volleyball team who was more interested in other girls than guys and that seem to work in both their favors.”

They ate their breakfast and chatted about art, music and lots of interesting subjects. Numerous times Adrian looked with delight at the lovely boy who sat with him and noticed how his nipples would push out the material of his silk chemise from time to time. He also looked casually at the boy’s nicely formed legs and Joie would cross them at the right moment so as to provide a look at his package while not all that big it was nicely outlined in his tight trousers purchased while in France on a recent holiday. The boy thought for a moment about the man he met in Paris. In a brief reverie of the night with the French man he smiled as he recalled the distinguished man and his hard cock and the exquisite punishing he took from it.

Joie had recently thought about the encounter with the French gentleman M. Leblanc on a number of occasions and had masturbated several times when alone. It was less than a month ago that he had travelled to France on a business trip with his mother to meet with other gallery owners and private collectors. It was at an auction that he first saw the distinguished looking man dressed stylishly and with his silver hair and handsome looks making bids on expensive art work. Their eyes met briefly and the man looked with interest and smiled at Joie at that moment. It was the following day that they met again in a café nearby the hotel where they were staying and friends and acquaintances of his mother’s were having lunch and the gentleman was seated at the next table. Joie’s mother and friends were going to visit other small galleries but he was not going to accompany them. He stayed behind finishing his coffee and attracting the interest of the mature gentleman which was easily accomplished. The distinguished man loved the company of boys like Joie and was hooked immediately when Joie slowly crossed his slim legs and well proportioned thighs showing a view of his boy like cock and smiled at the man.

The gentleman saw the production and immediately said hello and asked if they had met previously. Joie said that he thought that they both were at the auction the day before. They chatted a bit longer at the café and then took a stroll along the bank of a small river in a park in central Paris. They sat on a bench and watched the activity of the busy city and the man learned of Joie’s interest in art and his seemingly interest in older men. He invited him to come to a cabaret dinner club for that evening. The early show and dinner started at 7:00 and the later one would be sold out even mid week. Joie texted his mother informing her about his invitation to dinner with M. Leblanc. The man had an apartment in central Paris not far from Joie’s hotel and came by to pick the boy up to accompany him to the restaurant.

They entered the establishment located in the theatre district and Joie looked around at the twenty or so tables noting that most were occupied by couples mostly older men accompanied by a much younger guy or boy like Joie. At two or three tables the young boys were crossed dressed as girls and looked very pretty. Joie thought on first glance that they were young girls. There were three or four men sitting alone at tables or older men as a couple. The maitre d’ brought Joie and M. Leblanc to a table not far from the small stage. Joie noticed some couples sitting close together kissing and holding hands. At a table close by a cute young boy smiled at Joie as he was caressed the cock of an older gentleman. Drinks and supper were ordered and M. Leblanc was a delightful host chatting and touching Joie’s hand at times. He asked Joie if he like the ambiance of the restaurant. The boy replied that he was and found it exciting as he had never been to such a cabaret before and touched and caressed the man’s hand.

There was just enough light for M. Leblanc to see clearly when Joie crossed his legs and showed the outline of his semi swollen boy cock when doing so. He did this when he was sure M. Leblanc was paying attention. The mature gentleman told Joie that he invited him there so that they could enjoy the caberet and to show the boy his desires and tastes for young boys. He hoped that Joie was interested in fulfilling those desires. They enjoyed delightful and tasty French cuisine, exquisite French wine and were treated to an amusing show of young gay boys, older men and some very pretty cross dressers presenting a play in French but with enough animation so that anyone could follow the theme. After the supper and the show M. Leblanc invited Joie back to his apartment. There he made passionate love to the boy. Although 70 yrs old M. Leblanc had the youthful libido of a man much younger. The mature man had a nice cock which he used to pound the ass of the young boy. Joie was so very excited by the whole event being especially excited as the man was so distinguished looking and had a great cock to pleasure the boy. M. Leblanc had two organisms as he really fucked the cute American boy with the tight ass before he put Joie in a taxi sending him to his hotel to recover.

After breakfast the Adrian and Joie walked for a couple of hours through the downtown market and looked at art and all of the items that were being offered for sale. They took a caleche, a horse drawn buggy to the gallery where they both had some business. Joie introduced Adrian to Simon the manager of the gallery and local art critique for a weekly magazine on the arts in the area. The two men met while Joie spoke to another worker who was in the process of changing one of Joie’s paintings for a more recent one. The others he would be taking to the restaurant around the corner and called ahead to say he was arriving with 2 more painting to hang for display and for sale on commission to the restaurateur. An hour later Adrian and Joie finished a bowl of delicious soup and a small salad for lunch at the same eatery. They then wandered back to Adrian’s hotel where he had some emails waiting on his laptop.
He offered Joie a glass of wine but the boy declined and sat on a comfortable chair with his legs crossed and a hand at his hair or neck from time to time in a very girly pose. When Adrian finished Joie stood and approached the man and put his arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth and touched the man’s lips with his tongue. He responded by kissing the boy using his tongue to explore his mouth and then kissed his ear and said how lovely he was. Joie then started to unbutton the man’s shirt exposing the broad chest and very sensitive nipples that he started to kiss and lick. He pinched one and caught the other with his white teeth and bit very gently as the man moaned quietly. With some more effort the shirt was removed and the boy stood back and viewed the wonderful specimen that he had imagined from the moment he saw the man.

Licking his lips of his sensuous mouth he then kneeled and started to unbuckle the belt on the man’s trousers and unzipped them slowly and lowered them looking at the bulge in the briefs. He looked up at the man and licked his lips and said “That looks very promising” and smiled and blew a kiss to the man. Then he lowered the briefs and looked at the thick uncut cock unfolding before him. “Oh my heavens that is beautiful” he said and leaned in and kissed the tip while holding it in the palm of his small soft hand. The cock length stretched past the boy’s wrist started to come to life very quickly as the soft delicate hand caressed it moving the foreskin back and forth over the head. He then took it in his mouth and sucked it for a minute or two.

He stood and leading the man by his cock took him into the bedroom and pushed him on the bed and said “Don’t move”. He then went and retrieved his purse and returned to the bedroom and entered the bathroom. There he took off his clothes and stepped in the shower and quickly washed his body all over using the lovely smelling orange flavoured body wash. He wanted to feel clean and fresh as he planned to followed out the idea he had in mind. He took out a thong from his purse and put it on adjusting the thin strap and then put on some nice scented lightly coloured lip gloss. There was a pinkish coloured silk robe hanging in the bathroom so he put it on as it smelled fresh. He exited the bathroom and saw that Adrian had lowered the bed covers and was lying back on the silk sheets on the huge bed. “I told you not to move” he said smiling “but you did make an improvement so you are forgiven”. He stood at the side of the bed and opened the robe and then did a pirouette lifting the robe as he did so. “You like” he asked as he approached the bed. Adrian relied “yes” nodding his head “very much indeed”.

The boy discarded the robe and crawled up on the bed and started to kiss the man prone on his back across the bed. He started kissing his mouth and then continued with his neck and the nipples biting each one as he moved down the body. Soon he arrived at the flaccid big cock which he kissed and licked and took into his soft hand and started to caress and stroke. The cock started to harden and the boy started to suck it with enthusiasm. He then kneeled over the man putting one leg on either side and moved his lovely round bum toward the man’s face while he licked and sucked the hard cock. Adrian looked at the two round smooth orbs presented to him and took hold of the hips and pulled them closer to his face and mouth. He pulled the strap of the thong aside started kissing the smooth thighs straddling his head. The boy maneuvered his body so that the ass cheeks were within the reach of the man’s mouth which he kissed and licked vigorously with broad smooth gentle strokes. Soon the boy craned his neck turning toward the handsome man smiled and said “you are very good with your mouth. Come and taste more” and kneeled on the bed with his bum in the air and face down on a pillow. Adrian took up the invitation moved behind the boy and started to kiss the cheeks and again adjusted the strap of the thong and spread the cheeks allowing him to kiss more deeply between them. He smelled the aroma of the orange body wash and kissed the lovely coloured pink anus which was tantalizingly awaiting him. He licked and sucked at it amoung the groans and moans of the boy. He then lavished it with lots of saliva and poked at it with his broad tongue. He managed to enter just a little and then resumed licking it making it so much wetter as it seemed to respond by opening just a little bit more.

The boy then lifted his body and moved from the bed and stood on the floor at the foot of the bed. Then he beckoned to the man with his slim finger inviting him to come and kneel. Seeing the man kneel before him the boy stood with his hands on his hips and invited the man to kiss the bulging thong. Answering the invitation he started kissing the smooth hip bone and thighs around the thong. The boy moved it to the side exposing his hard cock and then lowered it now showing his totally smooth body. Perfectly shaved no hair at all even the pubes had been totally shaved not a trace of hair or stubble anywhere. “Absolutely beautiful” murmured Adrian as he looked in awe at the lovely slim body with roundness in just the right places allowing the boy to look so effeminate. He started to kiss the flat stomach and then quickly lower his mouth to the 5 inch uncut cock with a small mushroom head. He started to suck it with enthusiasm and licked and kissed it and the ball sac which hung between the smooth thighs. The boy held the man’s head and moved his cock in and out of the willing mouth. He didn’t want to cum yet so pulled the cock away from the saliva drenched mouth and he then kneeled up on the bed with his head down and as in the air and said “come and fuck me you splendid man”.

Adrian crawled up on the bed and proceeded to lick and kiss the ass presented to him making it as wet as possible. With his large hard cock he then proceeded to push against the fine young boy ass presented to him. He spread the lovely round bubble cheeks and proceeded to push his engorged cock head against the pink coloured anus. With a bit of pressure and some help from the boy pushing back he was able to gain entrance and the foreskin on his cock slid back as he entered the tight hole. He was soon riding the boy who moaned as he found the rhythm with the older man. After several minutes the boy looked back and said “I want to ride you I want to sit on that wonderful cock.” The older man then laid on his back with his hardening cock sticking straight up. The cute boy climbed up facing the mature man and backing his ass onto the big cock. He was soon mounted and felt all of the man inside him and moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He sat up straight and leaned back licking his lips and mouthing moans and closed his eyes and raised his hands back over his head touching his hair in a girly pose.

The older man looked at the boy and mouthed how wonderfully cute he looked and how lucky he was to have met him and to fuck him like this. As the boy started to lean forward he took his own hard cock in his hand and stroked it the precum lubricating the strokes. He leaned forward and kissed the handsome mature man as the cock was moving in a piston like fashion filling the excited boy. He moved backward taking more of it in his young ass. Soon the man was bucking and shaking and announced that he was going to cum. The excited boy looked at the man’s eyes and acknowledged the message just as they closed and he held the boy’s hips as he shook and came shooting several huge squirts of cum into the tight asshole. He slowly slid out as the boy leaned further ahead easing the man out of him.

Shortly after cum was dripping down his thigh as he was kneeling on the bed. The man looked at the pretty sight and decided to kiss and lick his thigh. The boy turned and lay flat on the bed and the man then looked at the hard cock and leaned in and kissed it and started to stroke it. The boy put his hands over his head imagining that they were tied to the bedpost and let the man do as he pleased pleasuring him. He soon bucked his hips and his legs quivered as the hand masturbated him to a climax. The cum shot up in a high arc landing on his chest and stomach and much more dripping over the man’s hand like hot molten lava. “Oh my heavens”, the mature man said as he saw the action of the climax and the cute boy withering on the bed under his hand. He leaned in and kissed him hotly on the mouth…….
To Be Continued…

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