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It’s been over a year since I experienced my last natural erection. Sad, isn’t it? It’s been longer than that since my wife paid any attention to me. Even sadder. I tried to take it in stride, but it’s something that never leaves you alone. Never. So, I try to just stay busy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my wife. Enough so that I have even allowed her to indulge in her interest in women without interference. Through it all, I’ve never even been tempted to cheat.

One of my hangouts is a local diner. Good food, great service, with stunning waitresses to boot. The plumbing might not work, but my eyes aren’t broken! One of the young ladies has a c***d, about two, and was having trouble finding c***d care during a wedding in which she had a part. Having reared six k**s myself, and no plans, it seemed an easy fix. I volunteered. Understand now, it’s not like I’m a stranger. I’d known this girl for several years at this point.

“How much?” , she asked.
“No need,” , I replied with a smile , “I have nothing but time.”
“I can’t let you do that!” she yelped.
“Sure you can. What time should I show up?” was my answer.

Saturday rolled around and I dressed in my usual weekend baggy clothing, figuring I’d be in the floor more than a chair. At noon I was knocking on an apartment door. The k** was a darling, and for once a bridesmaid’s dress was perfect for the woman wearing it. I know my eyes bugged out a little when I saw Dani standing there, hair brush in hand. I quickly went back to playing peeky-boo with the k**.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.” she said. “Are you sure I can’t pay you?”
“For what? Playing peeky-boo for a couple of hours?” was my answer.

Five minutes later Dani was out the door. She’d left me a gallon of fresh sweet tea, there was an old school sci-fi movie on, and the k** was a treasure. The expected four hours passed quickly. I’d just placed the c***d down for a nap when Dani arrived home, heels in hand, and a smile on her face.

“Have fun?” I asked.
“It was beautiful!” she cried.
“Shhhhh…! I just put the little one down.”
“Was he bad?”
“Hell no. We played, watched TV, and somewhere in the last twenty minutes of the movie he was suddenly asleep. No problem at all.” I meant every word. I’d actually had fun. “Tell me about the wedding.” I said, ( knowing my wife would ask).
“Let me change first. I can barely breathe.” Dani said as she ambled back to her room.

In all the time of known her i had never been able to pin down Dani’s genetic make up. Some blend of ethnicities had given her a deep bronze skin, long wavy dark hair, and green eyes that flashed brilliantly in most any light. Body-wise, she was nice. No model to be sure, but very nice. She stands about 5′ 8″ tall, strong legs with powerful thighs, a well-defined bottom with hips widened by genetics and c***dbirth. Her waist is narrow, which accentuates her breasts that my practiced eye pegged at 34C’s. The clencher, though, is the woman’s smile. She, I knew, came from a finacially poor family of hard working folk, so orthodontist visits hadn’t been high on the list. I’m glad, too! Seems everyone these days has exactly the same smile. Boring! While slightly crooked, Dani’s teeth are always clean and she smiled almost continuously.

I was wondering just that fact when I noticed that from my seat on the couch that I could see her bedroom door. Then I noticed that it was open a few inches. Through this space I could see her moving to and fro. Suddenly the space was filled with the glow of her skin. She was facing away from the door in a pair of blue panties and nothing more. Her hair was still up which allowed me to see that she had a large tattoo on her back. A compass rose. I knew she had one or two from seeing her in her short sleeves uniform. This one was new to me, and I could never mention it. She raised her arms and hauled on the chopped up remains of a sweatshirt before stepping out of my line of sight.

This is where most writers mention getting huge, throbbing erections. Even when I was fully functional I was not huge. No porn star cock here! Thick? I’ve been told so, but what is said in passion must be taken with many grains of salt! No, all I was feeling was uncomfortable. And less than a man.

It was the carpet I was staring at when she came out. Fact was that I was so lost in thought that I wouldn’t have noticed that she’d enter the room had it not been for the lovely blood-red enameled toes that suddenly appeared on the floor before me. My God! Those were beautiful toes! For a woman who worked on her feet… Hell, those feet could have been in footwear commercials! Unbidden thoughts of massaging those feet, gently kissing and sucking those toes entered my mind. Wait! I don’t have a foot fetish! But, man, those were fine feet.

“Ahem!” Dani noised.
I began to sit up. “Sorry. My mind was elsewhe…”. At the time there simply we’re no words. I took in every inch as I slowly looked up. As I’ve said.l, her feet were bare. So we’re her lowerlrgs, her knees, and her thighs. Fear rushed through me that this phenomenon might continue, but no, there was the frayed and ragged edges of denim cut-offs very highon her thighs. A good portion of the pockets hung freely below the stringy edges. Now more bronze skin. Her navel was in sight, an ‘inny’ graced by s small, bent bar navel piercing and surrounded by a filigree of tattoo ink.

“Thank God”, I thought to myself, “at least this one I saw legitimately!”

Above was the cut-off sweatshirt that I’d glimpsed through the bedroom doorway. In front it stood out from hersoft, but flat, stomach by a few inches. Supported in air, no doubt, by her young, firm breasts. The collar band had also been removed and the entirity of herneck was exposed. Even those sexy hollows just behind the collarbones. Then her amazing face came into view. Her black eyes were a mixture of concern and questioning. Another thought flashed through my mind. “I’ve seen eyes like that before.”.

“Wow! You were deep in thought.

More tea?” asked Dani.
“Uh… Sure.” I replied, still running on automatic mode.
She bent over to pick up my mug from the floor at the same time that I leaned to the right in order to do the same. For a split second we both froze. It was a perfectly natural tableau as two people reach for the same object. In this case, though, one was wearing a chopped sweatshirt, and the other was an old guy who hadn’t be the close to a twenty-something in fifteen-plus years. It also didn’t help that her loose nevkline was now at eye level. I could see straight down her shirt, all the was to her cut-off below. Both of her remarkable boobs were visible. Not hanging, they were too full and firm for that. Her nipples were about the diameter of an old school silver dollar, (remember the big ones?), and of a bronze shade darker than the rest of her skin. Even better was that her nipples sat high with the weight of the breast below. My favorite kind! All of this registered in my brain in that brief glimpse. I placed the big mug in her hand and she stood up straight once more. Just as she did I saw her nipples harden so fast and completely as though an ice cube had been applied to each one. Well, these apartments we’re built drafty.

Ice cubes. A nice thought that. I could only hope that what ever young man that caught her would have the imagination to do so.

Dani turned and walked towards her kitchen giving me a look at her from behind. I wish she hadn’t, or that I hadn’t looked. Her legs were long and gained diameter as they rose. Not fat, but not the pencils that do many women want these days. Seemingly, half of her rounded ass cheeks were visible below the cut-off and jiggled, just slightly, with every step. One happy note:. A portion of the compass rose showed clearly below the remains of the sweatshirt. Yay! Conversation fodder.

Next thing you know, she’s back with a huge mug of perfect Southern iced tea. I take the mug gratefully, and she folded one leg and sat on the couch with me. Oooo Kay!
A. Damn if this ain’t a tiny couch,
B. Those shorts are fucking SHORT, and…
C. She shaves. Well, it seems.

In the last fifteen minutes I have seen enough to make a twenty year old cum in his pants. Me? Nothing. Not a twitch, much less a rise. Right then I truly wished I was dead. I suppose that’s why, once again, I missed Dani speaking.

“Sorry. What?”, I asked.
“I can’t seem to keep your attention today.” she quipped. “What’s wrong”
“Nothing. At least nothing new.”
“You’re hurting, aren’t you?” she asked as she reached for my ruined hand.

Several years ago I had an accident that had cost me most of my fingets to the first knuckle. More mojo gone. Of course, this was not my current source of pain, but I couldn’t tell her. Yeah, she is young, beautiful, sexy, but she is my friend. Though certainly not close enough to talk about my limp dick. Shit, no one is that close! And my fingers really did ache.

Dani began a gentle massage of my left hand. Her strong, yet nimble, fingers working from the wrist towards the scarred nubs I once called fingers. I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the difference in our skin tone. I saw this woman everyday. I always admired her skin, but until just then I had never realized how much darker it was from mine. Damn, I really am very white!

“Is that helping?” she asked.
“Er…yes.” I replied. “But, really, you don’t have to do this.”
“But I want to! You’ve always been so sweet, even doing this for me today. It’s the least I can do.” she said.
And with that, she took my hand and held it to her heart. I could feel the firmness of her breast by the bit of flesh trapped between my hand and her breastbone. The warmth of her was incredible. I was speechless! Not being able to speak, I drew my gaze up to her dark, dark eyes. There was a smile in those eyes. Then the smile changed to something else. Before I figured it out, she eased the pressure holding my hand in place and slid my hand under the cut sweatshirt and placed the palm squarely over her boob, her nipple centered in my palm.

Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and a small moan escaped her lips. Me? I swear, I was vaporlocked. I just sat there while she messaged her breast with my hand. Her boob was do unbelievably firm, and incredibly soft at once. That’s all I could think of for a couple of minutes. Then two things popped into my mind at once.
My wife, and that I was horribly uncomfortable.

One glance downward was all it took to discover the cause of my discomfort. My dead cock was getting harder by the moment. Worse, if I moved at all the treasonous bastard was going to escape from the hem of my shorts!

Mmmm…!” cooed Dani, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?”
“Er… Look, Dani, I can’t…” (Was I really saying this?) “My wife…”
“Isn’t here!” she said, and releasing my hand and slipping to the floor. On her way down, somehow, maybe magically, she lost the sweatshirt.
Still trying to be an honorable man, I said “Really, I can’t.”
Her reply to that was both eliquent and undeniable. She lifted the hem of the right leg of my shorts exposing the shiny purple head of my erection. Instantly her fingers were gently stroking the swollen knob. Oh God! How soft her fingertips were! All I could do was lean back. I both wanted it to stop and to never end. Well, it did end. I had just enough time to think I’d get out of this before I felt something wet slide across my cock. When I looked down I was just in time to see her take the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirled first one way, then the other, before tickling just below the head.

Now I truly couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even grunt! Shocked, I suppose, that this beautiful woman could want an old man, and evenorr so thaty useless appendage was working!

By now Dani had unbuckled my belt and was tugging at my shorts. I lifted my ass a little, still on automatic, and they went to the floor. My cock sprang out and up. She stared. I stared. I’m not sure of what she thought in truth, but I was thrilled.

“Oooo…! That’s what I want!” Dani said, with a throatiness I’d never heard in her voice before. Then she attacked my cock like a starving woman sat before a feast. Up and down her mouth worked. Even with my dick in her mouth she looked so beautiful. Then she slurped her way back to the head and did those amazing swirls again. Letting my dick slip from her lips she looked up and said, “Take my hair down.”.
Oh, hell yes! Geez, her hair was like silk, so thick, long, and curly.

I closed my eyes as she stroked the base of my cock with her hair and then nested my balls in the silly stuff. Then all sensation stopped for a moment. I looked and saw her sit up and squeeze her amazing boobs. Then Dani nestled my hard, and very wet, dick between those bronze globes and squeeze the sarm flesh around my hardness.

“Do you like fucking tits?” she asked.
“Uh… yeah.” was my only possible reply.
“Well, fuck them. Fuck them hard. Don’t cum, though. You may get a surprise.”

As though all of this wasn’t surprise enough!

So fuck them I did. Solidly. And, boy, did I get a surprise! After about ten good ball-thumping strokes something warm and wet began running down my thighs. I stopped and looked into her face.

“You didn’t know that I breast feed?” she asked.

Without a word I pulled her onto my lap, my cock rubbing her ass through the denim, and began sucking hungrily at her right boob as I kneaded the left. Warm delicious milk stayed into my mouth and dripped off of my left elbow. Her nipples felt so fucking good between my lips!

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, she said, “and finish this properly.” So, we did.

(To be continued)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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