Dont mix with bad lads.

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Dont mix with bad lads.
I was always told to stay out of trouble. Ever since growing up I always made sure of that. I had just turned 18 a few months before and was walking home from a mates birthday. I was on cloud nine having just arranged a date with a very attractive girl. I couldnt control my emotions as I skipped down the street. I guess if I was thinking better I would have chosen a better way to walk home. But I didnt.

I took the mistake of walking through the park, then the council estate. Bridging the two was a underpass. As I walked through there I could hear load music playing, some Rap track echoing through the tunnel. At the far end were four lads. They were roughly about 20 and were each clutching a can of beer and smoking.

The lad this story is all about was 6’1, short grade 1 haircut. He sported a white Nike cap and a stud in his right ear. He work a blue and white Kappa jacket and sported blue addidas trackies with a white stripe. On his feet he had Vans trainers and a gold chain wrapped around his neck and wrist. I was to find out his name was Luke Bains.

He was a lad who had previous and was the leader of one of the cities Asbo gangs. He was puffing on his ciggy when he spoted me walking by

‘Oi…Oi…got any spare gum bruv?’


I know I should have ignored him. That would have been the wisest thing to do. But as I said I was on cloud 9. I passed him the gum and he placed it in his mouth as he stumped out his ciggy.

Luke: ‘What you doing round these parts?’

‘Oh just on my way home’

One of his friends was pissing against the wall and shouted ‘Luke dont bruv…We gotta start that job tomorrow early’

Luke just ignored him.

Luke: You know this aint a fucking walkthrough pal

I hesitated with a simple ‘Sorry?’

His friend started up again ‘Luke…just leave it for tonight.’

Luke: We got time, I aint had a pop all evening

I was confused like a rat in headlights. His mate just nodded. Luke walked over and put his arm around me. And quick as a flash he pushed me up against the wall.

Luke: Whats ya fucking name?

I uttered my name and started to breathe heavily. I looked around as his mates had started to crowd round.

Luke: Well Christian…I think you just pulled.

Luke leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He pulled away and muttered ‘thats all the romance ya getting’

He pushed me to my knees my jeans soaking up the damp. I felt his hand tightly on my forehead as he tussled with his trackies pulling them down. He swiped his boxers down and a semi 8′ cock flopped out.

I was shocked at the rapid speed and the sight of my first cock. Before I could utter a word my mouth was squeezed open for another kiss. As I knealt with my mouth open his stale cock started to ease in.

Jason: Fuck Luke how do you do it.

His cock started to slide into my mouth. My first blowjob experience. He started to buck his hips and dribble was pouring out of my mouth. My nostrils filled with his stale cum and I gagged on his cock.

Luke just grunted and I should have been fighting back. Why wasnt I? Was I gay? Or was it fright? Was it both?

Unbeknownst to me his mates were filming it as he started to pump my face.

Luke: Fuck this bender is good.

His bellend was pushing my cheeks wide. I started to feel something slimy down my throat. He eventually pulled out. But before I could say anything a bigger cock replaced it.

Luke stood to one side as his friend Danny started to pound my mouth.

Luke: Hey he aint a bad fucker. Risking it but he took it.

Luke eventually pushed his mate aside and picked me up.


Luke: Just shut it. Now I suggest we get your kit off.

He slid his hand under my shirt and tore it practically off my back.

He started to unbutton my jeans.

I started to protest at this point. Making it clear, almost begging. But I knew my mind was telling my cock to grow hard. It was what he first saw as I shivvered naked in my socks.

Luke walked over and put his hands on my waist.

Luke: I like a slim fuck buddy.

‘Im not your fuck buddy!’

Luke: Oh I make that decision.

In one swoop he picked my up and slide me up the cold wall. Wrapping my legs around him. I moaned as the cold made me cold. This stopped me from concentrating and fighting back. But Im glad I didnt. My mind started to race again as I slowly dropped down the wall onto his raging cock.

His face started to grin as I felt it graze my asshole.

Luke: Your so fucking getting it prick

I started to feel like I was on fire. His bellend started to push in to my asshole. My nails dug into his shoulders. He had gritted teeth. His cock inched further up my ass.

Luke: Fuck I think I’ve picked up a straight guy he’s so fucking tight!

The jaws of his mates dropped and they all whooped.

His full 7′ were pushed in and thats when he started to fuck at a fast pace. He pounded and pounded me against the cold wall. I started to squeel and moan loudly.

Luke: You fucking deserve this

He started to pump his juices into my asshole and at the same time a jet of hot cum streamed upon his chest. With a few more grunts and shoves he pulled out.

I lay on the floor a wreck. Mixed emtions running through me. His other fuck buddy rolled me over and as I was on all fours rammed his cock into my asshole.

Luke: Ha go on bud he’s worth a pounding.

I can still see him rubbing his crotch as all his mates took turns to dump their load in my asshole. The third lad showing me that I can take 10′.

I dont know how I made it home that night. But one thing I knew is I didnt have my date with that girl. I chose to prowl the estate every weekend in the hope of finding the same lads.

Maybe I’ll have some luck again one day.

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