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Teresa and I had been invited to my friends evening wedding reception. I had been looking forward to this night for some time and we’d even come home from holiday earlier in order to go. It was a chance to see some old mates I’d not seen for a couple of years since Sturmey shut it’s gates for the last time. A chance to see how people had changed and adapted to “life after Sturmey”. It was the people that made that place, and you never know what you’ve got ‘till its gone.
Babysitter, my mum had arrived during the afternoon and we’d said the c***dren could stay up late as a special treat. Originally we’d planned to take them with us but thought the late night and smoky atmosphere would do them more harm than good. Anyway its not often Tree and I get out on our own. We estimated that it would take us about fifty minutes to get there, just a blast down the A38 according to the AA road map web site.
The problem of deciding what to buy the bride and groom had been eradicated by them requesting gift tokens instead, a good idea seeing as they’d been lived together for the past couple of years and had already got most of the stuff newly weds would need to set up home.
It was a cool August night, cooler than usual, which was disappointing as the weather recently had been fantastic. It meant Tree had to cover up the best parts of her tanned body, as well as her arms and ankles.
We thought we’d have plenty of time to get there for eight to eight fifteen if we set off at 7:15. It was still light. Straight up the A38, took a 5-minute detour to show Tree where I work, then back on track to the wedding.
At the end of the A38 Tree said take a left, which soon took us through a sleepy village. “This can’t be right?” I said questionably.
We carried on what we thought to be the correct route, by now it was 8:30 and dusk was I switched the car lights on.
“Well they’ll think we’re not coming now.” I said to Teresa.
She didn’t say anything.
It wasn’t any ones fault we were lost, the main thing was to get back on course.
All we could see was fields.
I think we’d resigned ourselves to the fact that we were never going to get to the wedding tonight.
I needed a toilet quickly.
“We’ll have to stop soon Tree” I said. “Look out for a pub”.
The next pub was in a village that seemed to consist of just the one street, half-a-dozen houses.
“It’ll be full of old fogies,” Tree said
“Just so long as it has got a Gents,” I said paniclly.
I pulled into the gravely car park and sk**ded into a plot, jumped out and made our way into the pub; trying to look calm.
It was dead, not a sole in the Bar and just a three old gents in the Lounge area, and of course the barmaid and she was serving both Bar and the Lounge, not that she was rushed off her feet.
I asked Tree to get us a drink each while I headed for the loo.
When I returned a coach full of guys had just arrived while I’d been in the Gents.
I couldn’t see Tree.
Eventually I saw her she was still at the bar surrounded by these guys.
I made my way towards her when I realised they all thought she was on her own.
One or two of them were trying to chat her up and touch her up at the same time.
I saw at least one guy grope her boobs from behind, whilst another took a handful of her arse.
Excuse me guys I said bravely and ushered Tree to a table away from the bar.
“Lets go” Tree said
“We can’t just yet, they might follow us,” I said.
So we sat sipping our drinks for what seemed like an eternity.
We were nearly at the end of our drinks when two of the guys came over and introduced themselves as Josh and Frankie. They explained they were part of a gymnastics team returning home from a display at a concert that they’d just won and were in high spirits.
They all looked larger than life, fit and healthy which seemed to add up.
They offered to buy us a drink as an apology for earlier.
“That’s alright.” I said, but Tree said OK I’ll have a double G & T.
As the guys went to get Tree her drink I said “What you playing at?”
“It was me you left at the Bar when they all came in, I didn’t know what to do, they would have been all over me if you hadn’t of come in when you did, I need a drink!”
I wasn’t sure if she was complaining about the fact that I turned up when I did or that I turned up at all?????
“I’m sorry,” I said trying to be sympathetic.
Moments later the Josh and Frankie returned with Teresa’s drink.
After a couple of minutes the rest of the group gathered round, there was about twelve of them; all six foot plus, muscular and fit looking.
One of them asked what we were doing in such a remote place.
We explained we were on our way to a wedding and got lost and that we’d given up any chance of making it now.
“That’s a shame.” Said another “Anyone close?”
“Just an old mate” I replied.
His eyes never left Teresa’s stare as I spoke.
Just then one of them appeared with another drink for Teresa and me.
The conversation soon turned to the competition they’d won earlier that day.
“It’ll be on telly next Saturday” Josh said, “Look out for me in the vault.”
“I WILL” tree said.
It wasn’t long before another double G & T was on the table.
And thy kept coming, one after another.
Before long Tree was getting very light headed, and she was offering information that would normally take me days if not weeks to drag out of her. Like her fantasies, her dreams, and her wants and needs.
The conversation had turned into a sexual confession with the guys admitting to how many girls they’d each fucked and comparing notes when they discovered that more than one of them had slept with the same girl. It turned out that four of them had had the same girl within a month of each other.
Did she swallow one of them and not another?
Tree didn’t know which way to cross her legs. She was embarrassed, but at the same time immensely turned on by there openness.
“Lets see if Teresa is up for a game of Pass the Parcel?” Jim said
“What?” Tree said.
“Pass the parcel, you’ve played it at parties, haven’t you?” Josh said nonchalantly.
The barmaid disappeared into the lounge part of the pub to attend to the three old men
“We’ll let Steve be in charge of the music” one guy said as he produced a boogie box from beneath the table.
“Hope you like Bon Jovi?” Rich said.
The guys’ re-arranged twelve chairs in the bar back to back. Each sat down. Josh beckoned Tree over to sit on his lap.
“Start the music Steve,” he yelled, and they all cheered as Josh passed Tree onto Barry, who was sitting next to him. I wasn’t sure what was happening…
Barry passed Tree onto John…. who was sitting next to him…
He passed her onto Phil…
I stopped the music…..
“Yeh! They all shouted”
Josh explained,” You’re the parcel Teresa, Phil has to take a layer off you”
“We’ll have your knickers Teresa” Phil said. His hands raced up her skirt and returned seconds later with Tree’s knickers.
I now had the jist of the game, and started the music..
“Stop!!!” Teresa said abruptly
The room went silent …
“If he’s gonna take a layer off me then I want a layer too”
The guys cheered with excitement as tree peeled off Phil’s shirt.
He was very well built as all of them were I guess, being gymnasts.
I re-started the CD and shut my eyes so as not to be bias in any way.
I stopped the music and opened my eyes.
She was sitting on Marks lap.
“Lets have that nasty bra off” his hands fumbling with the strap pretending to think that it was a front fastening bra while he caressed Teresa’s breasts.
The crowed cheered.
After more fumbling and arm movements Mark produced Tree’s warm bra from beneath her jumper.
Tree responded and demanded the removal of his trousers she dropped to her knees and began to seductively undo his belt, putting on a show for the rest of the audience. As she unzipped his fly the outline of Marks cock was clearly visible through his briefs, Tree took a second to reflect the sight, he was at least nine inches when called upon.
Whilst none of her flesh was exposed ……. I was very aroused knowing that the next layer would reveal sacred flesh. I gazed around the room trying to guess when to next to stop the music, but no cheating.
I started the CD again, it was quite apt really the Bon Jovi track was Livin’ On a Prayer the lyrics sang “We’re half way there….Ohhh we’re livin’ on a prayer”
Tree was certainly half way to be naked in front of a dozen guys she’d never seen before.
I pressed the pause button randomly; the room stopped still….
Carl said “ I just neeeeeeed that skirt Tree”
She stood up and he slowly released the button and zip…. The skirt fell to the floor….Tree’s pussy was on show. It looked great. She’d obviously trimmed it before we came out. I’d like to think it was for me but I was sharing this moment with twelve other guys.
“Then I want your jeans” Tree said
“You want them, you take them” Carl said
Tree didn’t need telling twice, like a true pro she was attacking the buttons on Carls Levi’s.
He was a big lad too.
Tree traced the contours of his big cock with her hand.
I thought he was going to erupt there and then so I started the music.
The next time I stopped the CD I knew it would be matter of seconds before she’d be totally starkers in front of everyone.
I was getting a right HARD ON just thinking about it.
The guys were clapping in time to the music.
I shut my eyes and waited, she must have been passed around at least twice; I thought I’d tease the guys with my wife.
I hit the pause button.
Tree was sat on Sam’s lap.
She looked him in the eyes “If you want my top off you’re gonna have to take it off” she said.
“It’ll be my pleasure,” he said as he slid his hands over Teresa’s torso lifting her jumper as he did so, his hands coming into contact with the sides of her tits, her nipples hard and stiff like I’d never seen them before.
“My turn now” Teresa said “Lets have you’re undies
This seemed like cheating as Sam still had his jeans on but he didn’t complain.
He stood out of his jeans and offered his boxers to Tree
Undeterred Tree pulled them down….
Another nine incher was in her face.
Josh and the guys clapped Tree’s performance with tree fully naked the game was effectively over.
“Just a minute” Tree said, as she stood up confident in the fact that a dozen pairs of eyes were ogling her body.
She went to the bar and spoke to the barmaid the disappeared.
She returned a couple of minutes later and threw a handful of condoms into the air.
As soon as the guys realised what was happening there was a mad scramble…
“The more you get …..The more you get ??????” Tree announced.
The guys grabbed as many condoms as they could.
They arranged themselves in such that Mark was holding her hands above her head, as she was flat on her back. Two of the other guys each took a leg and spread them as wide as they could.
Sam rolled his condom onto his nine and a half inches of solid, rock hard cock and stood between Tree’s legs.
He slowly lowered himself towards Tree’s cunt, rubbing his cock head against her clit.
She was soaking wet in anticipation.
He slid the head into her, she frowned…
“Do you want some more?” he said
“Yes….Yes” Tree replied
He slid another couple of inches into her
“More…..More…..More” Tree screamed
Another couple of inches went in
“I want all of you” Tree gasped “Give me all of it”
And with that Sam thrust the rest of his hard cock up her.
His balls slapping against her as he penetrated deeper than ever.
Tree was in heaven.
Then Mike stood up he shagged Tree for a good six minutes before coming.
The guys started fighting as to who’d shag Tree next.
“Josh” Tree shouted “Your turn”
Josh got down licked her pussy as if to say hello before slowly entered her, he pulled out to his cock head then viciously thrust it back in his balls slapping between Tree’s legs.
Some of the lads couldn’t wait there turn and decided to have a wank as they watched Tree get fucked again and again.
“Let me help you” she said, and she took hold of two of the biggest cocks she could find and began to pump them vigorously. Because they were so big Tree’s arms started to ache after only a few strokes so she began using both hands on one guys rod, rolling her palm over its swollen head, lubricating it with his pre-cum.
Not wanting to leave the other lad out she took him in her mouth and began sucking so hard that his knees were buckling. Her lips moulded around his throbbing bell end.
Tree sensed his knob wrench in her mouth and pulled free and saw him shoot his excitement across her tits, it hit with such force that it shook the shin at the side of her left breast.
Tree shook as she orgasmed.
Josh thrust into her as deep as he could, as he reached his crescendo his cock jerked, it lifting Teresa’s hips of the floor, again and again as the convulsions ran over both their naked bodies. Another orgasm hit her as he held her, suspended in pleasure. The guy she was giving a hand job to started to moan then he came Tree wrestling with his cock as it spasm after spasm shook it back and forth. Spunk flew everywhere and just seemed to keep coming and coming.

Then I Woke Up………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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