Enjoy my Hot Wife

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Enjoy my Hot Wife
Since I’ve introduced Andrea to the hot wife lifestyle she has been so passionate. Her choice of daily wear has also changed for the better. The one thing I haven’t been able to enjoy is actually watching another man fucking her. After the first time Tim had sex with her she and I set up some rules each of us must follow ,so that each of us are comfortable. She informed me that she had spoken with Tim about letting me watch them fuck. She said it wasn’t easy to convince him and that she ended up having to tell him he could fuck her in the ass.
After telling me this I was very excited and couldn’t wait to watch my pretty little bride acting like a whore.

Friday evening just as I was closing the shop Andrea called and asked me to stop by the liquor store and pick up some vodka. I ran my errands and headed home, as I came down our street I saw Tim’s white Ford pickup in our driveway and I knew I was in for a treat.

When I walked in the kitchen carrying the bottle I could see the backs of Andrea and Tim’s heads as they sat on the back porch facing the pool. I walked out to kiss Andrea and greet Tim. As I walked around in front of them I was shocked to see my with setting there topless. She was wearing a red bikini bottom and nothing else. I stopped in my tracks and said are you comfortable to her. She smiled and said yes . She stood up and said did you get the vodka ? I sat it on the kitchen counter I told her. Well go take a shower she said while Tim and I have a drink.

She followed me in the kitchen while Tim stayed on the porch, once inside I kissed her on the cheek and asked if I had missed anything? She said not much, Tim has played with my pussy and gotten me all hot and wet. I ran a finger up the front of the little nylon bikini bottom pushing it between her shaved pussy lips. She wiggled her hips and we both looked down at her crotch, the thin material was stuck in her folds and she had the most awesome Camel Toe. Oh baby I whispered that is hot, leave it like that for Tim to see. She smiled and said go shower !

I showered and shaved my already hairless pubic area as she had told me to, in our bedroom I found the shorts she had laid out for me. I was heading out to the porch to join Andrea and Tim but they had come inside and we’re in the den. As I entered I saw Tim setting on the couch with my wife kneeling between his legs sucking his cock. I walked on pasted and into the kitchen to mix myself a strong drink. I sat in my recliner and kicked it back , after killing about half my drink I looked over to watch my personal porn show.

From my angle Andrea’s hair hid Tim’s now hard dick but the motion of her head still made me hard . After several minutes she looked up from his crotch and said let’s fuck. I looked down and for the first time I saw Tim’s hard cock. Andrea was holding it in her left hand , her fingers didn’t reach all the way around it. Wow I thought to myself, I’ve always thought I was well hung but I had nothing on him. After she released her grip it fell almost reaching his navel. She stood to remove the bikini bottom and as she did she glanced over to me, you ready to see your wife’s pussy stretched around that thing she said softly.

Tim put his legs together and Andrea straddling them began to squat over him. Her little hand guided him between her pussy lips. She worked his dick back a forth between her wet pussy lips, then she paused and started bending her legs allowing the fat cock to push the lips apart. It took her a moment to get the head inside her but once it was in I saw her put all her weight on it forcing herself down on him. She gasp out loud and cooed as she stood up just before slamming herself back down taking more of him. I saw Tim’s cock bow that’s let me know he had hit bottom. Andrea leaned down to kiss him and when she did I had a perfect view of his dick buried in my wife’s pussy. She was in fact stretched tightly around him. She very slowly rocked her hips as they kissed passionately. I guess she was allowing her poor pussy time to adjust to it’s intruder.

It wasn’t long before Andrea was fucking him like a whore. Her ass cheeks formed dimples as she squeezed his cock with her pussy. She was in heat as she lost control bucking like a wild woman. When she had her first orgasm she sat up straight on his meat and arched her back, her nipples were rock hard as she screamed out.

Tim rolled her over and soon she was under him as he pushed her legs up onto his shoulders. He beat her pussy hard for a long time, there was a ring of Andrea’s pussy foam around his cock. She was cumming over and over and began to sware. She kept saying fuck me you horse cock mother fucker.

I couldn’t help myself I actually came in my shorts without touching my dick. I got up and went for a refill of my drink. When I came back Andrea was on her knees on the couch and Tim was standing behind her sawing his cock in and out of her . As I passed behind him I said hey Andrea are you going to let Tim fuck your ass? She looked around at me as I sat down, her eyes half closed when she said yes, go get the lube she ordered me.

I handed the lube to Tim as he was still fucking her pussy. He leaned back and squirted some on her butt hole. Then he pushed his thumb up her ass. She was contentiously orgasming. He pulled out of her and guided his foamy covered dick up to her little brown hole. He pushed it in and Andrea gasp then every muscle in her body tightened up. He stopped and remained still while she relaxed. Soon he started slowly fucking her ass , each stroke going a little deeper. Soon his balls were resting on her pussy lips. I said baby your ass is deeper than your cunt, you have his whole cock up your butt. How does it feel? She looked at me and the look was one of a mixture of lust and hate. Her teeth were tightly clenched together. The alcohol I had consumed was taking affect on me because I was saying stuff without thinking. I said I bet that hurts don’t it? She said shut up. Tim laughed and then asked if she wanted him to stop. Hell no don’t stop she barked out loudly, fuck my ass and make me cum. He held tightly to her hips and started slamming his cock into her. Every thrust in causing a loud grunt from Andrea. After a few minutes of this she yelled out God damn it I’m coming fuck me harder. My wife was at that time a well seasoned whore, she had the largest cock I’ve ever seen in person being savagely beat into her asshole and she was orgasming from it.

I saw Tim’s ass cheeks tighten up and I knew he was pumping his balls into my wife’s bowels. He stopped moving and then he pulled his dick out of her. He stepped away from her and headed to the restroom. I walked over to see what Andrea’s ass looked like, she still had her head buried in the sofa cushion. I took her hips in my hands and placed my lips over her spasming sphincter. I kissed it gently and then I pushed my tongue past the opening. She moaned into the couch as I licked her slit and tongued her now partially gapped butthole. I heard the toilet flush so I quickly stood up. I slapped Andrea’s ass and just as Tim entered the den I said baby don’t be rude. Tim laughed and said hey I can see your butt. Andrea fell to her side and told me to help her get her bikini back on. After pulling the little nylon bottom up I patted her on the pussy and asked if she wanted a drink. She moaned yes.

We sat around for several hours talking and drinking the entire time Andrea was topless. I had grown relaxed about the situation and I asked Tim if he wanted more of Andrea’s pussy. She jokingly said you can’t give my pussy away. I said OK then you do it. She looked at Tim and asked if he would care for some of her pussy? We all burst out laughing. He replied yes, maybe a little more. She stood and pulled down her bottoms then sat on the couch and scooted to the edge. She let her legs fall apart, come and get it she told Tim. He ended up spending the night and we all three slept in out bed. The next morning I was woke by the bed slowly rocking. I opened my eyes and I was face to face with Andrea, when she saw me awake she gave me a sexy smile then she mouthed OMG…. I mouthed back is he fucking you. She smiled big and as she closed her eyes said yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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