Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 2

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Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 2
Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 2

Saturday, September 13

Terri and her two best friends, Cynthia and Darlene, were in Terri’s bedroom. Cynthia had mentioned the “stud” math professor, what a hunk he was and how she would like to take his class just to see him for fifty minutes, two or three times a week, and how he was definitely an older man she would like to take to bed.

Cynthia claimed to have a lot of experience sexually. Terri said that she’d only had sex with three boys. Darlene didn’t say anything when Cynthia and Terri looked at her. They kept on staring, finally, she admitted to not having had sex with anyone. Terri and Cynthia hooted, but then hugged Darlene, telling her that being a virgin was okay.

“I’m not a virgin,” Darlene admitted.

“What?” both Terri and Cynthia said at the same time.

“Dildo,” Darlene said. “I used a dildo to break my hymen. That counts, doesn’t it?

“Damn!” Cynthia said. “I did the same thing.”

“Me too,” Terri said. “I didn’t want to go through the virgin defloration thing, you know? I wanted it done and over with so when I did become sexually active… uh, with guys, I wouldn’t have to go thought that whole, uh, I don’t know, mmm, mess. Right?”

“Right,” both Cynthia and Darlene agreed.

“So, Dar,” Terri asked, “you still masturbate with a dildo, right?”

Darlene grinned. “Nearly every night. What about you guys?”

“Yeah, me too. I think I’m addicted,” Terri said.

“Well, not so much for me,” Cynthia said, “but, yeah, when I don’t have a guy I’m fucking on a regular basis.

Then a thought occurred to Cynthia, “Wait a minute, brainiac,” she said to Terri, “you’re taking that math for geniuses class, aren’t you?”

“Stop it, Cynthia. I’m just good at math. I’m not genius.”

“Yeah, well, whatever. But doesn’t Professor Reynolds, the hottie professor, teach that class? God, how do you concentrate?”

“Well, yeah, sometimes I find myself thinking about him.”

“Oh, I’ll bet,” Cynthia gushed. “And I’ll bet he’s noticed you, too.”

“Say, Terri,” Darlene proposed, “why don’t you see if you can seduce him. And then report back to us.”

“Wow! Yeah, Terri, that’s a great idea,” Cynthia said. “I’ll bet he’ll be more than happy to get your panties down.”

Terri was a bit shocked at Darlene’s suggestion and Cynthia’s comment, but she played along. “Who said I’d be wearing panties when I go to see him?”

“Oh my God!” Cynthia and Darlene squealed at the same time.

“So then you’re going to do it?” Cynthia asked.

“No, silly, I’m not going to do it. That… That would be crazy.”

“Chicken,” Darlene cried out. “Chicken, chicken, chicken. Brawk! Brawk! Brawk!” she croaked out, trying to sound like a chicken.

Darlene and Cynthia argued with Terri for half an hour trying to talk her into seducing Professor Hottie.

“Come on, Terri,” Cynthia said, “admit it, you’d like Professor Hottie to fuck your brains out and come away stupid but happy.”

“I wouldn’t put it quite like that, Cyn, but he’s definitely on my short list of older men I’d like to fuck. So yes, I definitely fantasize about getting into bed with him.”

“I have a question, Ter,” Darlene said.

“Fire away, Dar.”

“How long is your short list?”

“My short list… of desirable older men that I actually know or see? Just one. Professor Hottie.” Terri and Darlene laughed.

Cynthia, who’d been thinking of Terri seducing her math professor, snapped out of her trance. “God, Dar, imagine it!” Cynthia exclaimed. “Terri fucking Professor Hottie. She could get an A in the class for sure.”

“I already am,” Terri said dryly. “I don’t need to fuck him for a better grade. I’d just do it, well, for the excitement of it. An older man and all and being my math professor.” And the fact that I find him unusually attractive, she told herself.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Darlene asked.

“Do about it? What do you think I can do? Just bluntly ask Professor Reynolds if he wants to jump into bed with me.”

“Sometimes the direct approach works,” Cynthia said. “And besides, girlfriend, if I know men, then Professor Hottie…”

“His name is Daniel Reynolds, by the way,” Terri interrupted.

“Whatever,” Cynthia said. “you need to seduce Danny boy and…” Cynthia interrupted herself. “Say, is he married? All the profs are married. That could be a complication. Although, if he is married, God knows he would love a little college girl pussy.”

“God, Cynthia, you are so outrageous some times.”

Cynthia smiled. “Thanks, Ter.”

“Well, when the time comes, Terri,” Darlene considered, “you’ll figure something out, I’m sure.”

“If,” Terri said.

“Whatever,” Cynthia said. “But, Terri, you have to go for the prof in a big way. Be bold. Let him know what you want right up front.”

“What? Terri shook her head in amazement. “Walk into his office in a miniskirt, no nylons, no panties, no bra under my blouse and say, ‘Hi Professor Hottie, I was just wondering if you would, you know, like to fuck me, right here on your desk?’ Something like that, Cynthia?”

Terri had been rolling her shoulders, pushing out her breasts, cupping her crotch, and batting her eyes while saying that. Cynthia and Darlene were shrieking with laughter by the time Terri was done. Their laughter was contagious and the description she had just given of how to seduce Professor Hottie had Terri rocking with laughter, too.

Then Cynthia straightened up, sober faced. “I don’t know how you will approach him, you know, about having sex, but I like the idea of no bra, panties, and nylons. Go prepared girl. You might score right off.”

“Oh God, Cynthia,” Terri all but shouted. “I can’t do something as crazy as that. I mean, yeah, I’d like to. I would like to come on to him and have him take me as a lover. I think that would be exciting as hell. And, yeah, the thought of doing that is so exciting sometimes it gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

“But let’s get real. I mean, what if I did make some bold move. Tell Professor Reynolds straight out that I wanted an affair with him and then what if he refused me, straight out. Said, thanks but no thanks, or, I’m already taken. Or what if he turns out to be gay. Or what if he even got angry, was outraged? How would I be able to continue in his class? It would be humiliation to the nth degree.”

Cynthia and Darlene gave Terri a blank look.

“What?” Terri asked.

“Nth degree?” Darlene offered.

“What? Oh. That just means a very great amount.”

“Oh Jesus, Terri, don’t start into your math mode. Stay with emotions, lust, sex. We’ve got to help you figure out to seduce Professor Hottie,” Cynthia said.

“Listen, girls,” Darlene got up off the bed where she and Cynthia had been reclining. She walked around Terri’s bedroom then came back to stand in front of Terri, who was lounging in a chair by the window.

“Listen, Terri,” Darlene said, “just how do you feel about sex, in general, as well as personally? I mean, what is your philosophy about sex? Your basic beliefs?” Darlene was going to major in psychology.

“Well,” began Terri, “you know how I’ve told you about how my mom put me on the pill when I was fifteen. She said she didn’t expect me to have sex, but sometimes things happened and it was better to be prepared than sorry. She also had me read The Joy of Sex, by Dr. Alex Comfort, and several other books about sex, sexual lifestyles, a woman’s body, like that. She drilled it into me that while sex could be great, fantastic even, it could also be a horrible experience. That it was up to both partners to approach the encounter with an open mind, to treat the other person with respect and a desire to please them.

“She repeated and repeated that in her philosophy of sex there were thousands of subjective reasons why people thought sex was bad, dirty, nasty, naughty, disgusting, filthy, and just plain wrong, but that she believed that there were only three objectively bad things about sex: unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmissible diseases, and non-consensual sex. She told me that even if a man and woman were married, the man couldn’t just f0rce his wife to have sex. She would have to consent to have it otherwise it would be raype.

“Then she told me that we are in the 21st century. The latex condom was invented over 100 years ago and it’s still the best protection we have against pregnancies and disease. Every time I went out, Mom made sure I had at least three condom packets in my purse.”

Darlene broke in. “You were on the pill and used condoms too?”

“No. I mean yes.” Terri almost blurted out that in spite of all the information and protection, or maybe because of it, she’d never had vaginal sex, other than masturbation, of course. Of the three boys she’d told Cynthia and Darlene that she’d had sex with, she’d given two a hand job and one a blow job and he had kindly gone down on her in return.

“You see,” Terri continued, “it was my mother. She would say it doesn’t hurt to be doubly protected from pregnancy and the pill won’t protect you from diseases.

“And then,” Terri smiled, “you know how I found her stash of porn videos. We’ve watched them all.”

“Oh God, yes,” Cynthia giggled. “Did I ever tell you that I would go home and fantasize that I was one, or more, of the porn stars getting fucked by all those men, and I would masturbate, sometimes three or four times in a row. God! That was good, safe sex.”

They all laughed. “Well, I used to do the same thing,” Terri admitted. “What about you, Darlene?”

“Yeah, me too,” Darlene said, blushing. “But remember those four videos we watched where it was only women doing women? Do you think your mother is…?”

“I think she might be bisexual,” said Terri. “In fact, now that I think about it, I’m sure she is. She gave me a talk about that too, and it just seemed to me that while she was talking to me she was remembering pleasant times.”

“God!” Cynthia cried. “What else did she talk to you about? I mean, my mom thought that I would get all the knowledge I needed from the high school’s Health and Hygiene classes.”

“Anal sex,” Terri said.

“Oh no!” both Darlene and Cynthia shrieked and laughed.

“What did she say about it,” Darlene gasped.

“She said the man has to be very careful, that he has to go slow and let the woman tell him to proceed or stop, that you have to use a lot of good lubricant, that if the women wants to do it, is turned on by the idea of it and if the man is careful, that a woman can actually have an orgasm from anal sex. And, oh yes, definitely use condoms with anal sex unless you are 110% sure the man is disease free.”

Both Cynthia and Darlene mulled that over for a while, wondering if they would ever try anal sex and what it would feel like.

“But Ter,” Cynthia said suddenly. She had a mischievous smile. “Do you think bisexuality is inherited? I mean, if your mom is, will you turn out to be one? Do you like girls, too, Ter?” Cynthia was laughing now.

Terri shook her head and smiled at Cynthia. “Well, to actually answer your question, I do like girls.”

Both Cynthia and Darlene stared at Terri with open-mouth surprise.

Terri grinned. “I like girls, otherwise you guys wouldn’t be here in my bedroom right now.”

“No, Ter, that’s not what I meant.”

“Duh! I know that Cynthia. Listen, Mom said that any woman could make love to another woman if she wanted to. But she also said that some women are, well, more wired that way, so to speak. And she wasn’t talking about lesbians. She made that clear. She said if you really liked someone and liked sex, ‘for the pure carnal pleasure of sex,’ as she put it, and if you liked giving pleasure as well as receiving it, then why couldn’t you give sexual pleasure to a girlfriend? As long as she wanted it too, of course.”

“Fine. Fine. I like sex for the pure carnal pleasure of it too. And, hell, I don’t know, I could maybe go down on both of you,” Cynthia said.

Terri and Darlene looked at each other with raised eyebrows and smiled. “Really?”

“Yes, really,” Cynthia said without batting an eyelash. “But not now. Your mom will be home soon and besides I have to get going right away. So, for now I just want to know if you are or are not going to try and seduce Professor Hottie. That would be so cool. We can all experiment with our bi-sexual tendencies another time.”

Terri and Darlene were laughing, but both of them were thinking about experimenting with their possible bi-sexual tendencies. They both knew that they would like to see if they liked going down on a woman and having a woman go down on them.

“Cynthia, you always manage to amaze me,” Terri said. Darlene agreed.

“That’s because I’m amazing. So, Terri, what’s it going to be?”

Terri heaved a big sigh. She felt butterflies in her stomach. “Okay,” she finally said. “I’ll do it.”

“That’s my baby girl,” Cynthia exclaimed. Then she got off the bed and stood in front of Terri and took her hands to pull her up out of the chair. “And if Professor Hottie says no, then Darlene and I will audit his class and sit up front wearing mini-skirts and no panties and flash him to distraction.”

The image that Cynthia created had them all laughing again. Then Cynthia gave Terri a wicked grin as she placed her hands on the sides of her face and pulled her close to give her a big wet kiss on the mouth.

Terri was shocked at first, then she relaxed and began kissing Cynthia back. Then she was shocked to find that she really liked it. In fact, she could feel the heat starting up between her legs.

“Wow!” Terri said when Cynthia pulled her lips away.

“I’ve had some experience,” Cynthia said with a coy little smile. Then she turned back towards the bed. “Come on, Dar, I’ve got to be going. Since I’ve kissed Ter, I should kiss you, too.”

Darlene got up off the bed, almost shyly, but Cynthia embraced her and gave her a deep, loving kiss also. Darlene realized that she was moaning by the time they broke off the kiss.

“All right k!ds. I’m out of here.” Cynthia grabbed her book bag and purse. She paused at the door and gave her girl friends a quick, double eyebrow raise and grinned. “You liked it, both of you, didn’t you? Sometime soon we can do more.” Then she was gone.

Terri and Darlene looked at each other. “Well she is right about one thing. I did like it. Didn’t you?” Terri asked.

“Uh-huh,” Darlene nodded and stepped close to Terri. The two young women embraced and brought their lips close together, just barely brushing together. “Yeah, I liked it,” Darlene said then pressed her lips to Terri’s and both girls opened their mouths to each other and let their tongues explore and taste. Their kiss lasted a long time.

Darlene sighed as she pulled her lips away from Terri’s. “Like you said earlier: Wow!”

“Uh-huh,” Terri said.

“But,” Darlene sighed again, “I, too, have to get going.” She turned to get her things. “Let us know ASAP about what happens with Professor Hottie. And,” she continued before leaving, “even if it doesn’t turn out, you’ll have Cynthia and me to console you.”

“There is that,” Terri said. She gave Darlene a sweet little kiss. “See you later.”

“Right,” then Darlene was gone.

Terri sighed. ‘Professor Reynolds,’ she thought, and swallowed dryly. ‘Can I really do it? What was the worst that could happen?’

He would turn her down. She didn’t think he would report her or kick her out of his class. Although, if he did turn her down, it would be a bit awkward to continue in his class. Still, she knew she was a good-looking young woman and Professor Reynolds was a man and didn’t seem to be gay.

‘Soooo, what the hell, she would give it a try.’

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