Fiction – Wendy reveals her slutty past

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Fiction – Wendy reveals her slutty past
When we were exploring sex I had thought that me who was leading the way or was I being played all along?

We had a healthy interest in sex as all new couples do. We both enjoyed giving oral and of course receiving, although it wasn’t as frequent as I would have liked. Wendy kept her pussy trimmed and had let it grow out a little over time. I mentioned to Wendy that I missed giving her oral and she asked what was stopping me. It was much nicer when she had trimmed fully due to the unintentional hair eating. Wendy said that she would like to be more giving as well and if I followed her by shaving that we’d both be winners.

Wendy went all out and completely shaved her pussy clean. Presenting herself fresh out of the shower it was impossible not to dive right into her soft lips. Tasting her fresh pussy was divine as I eagerly ate her pussy giving her one orgasm after another. Wendy asked if I’d shaved yet, which I hadn’t. Then she offered to help saying it would be easier since my cock was erect. Wendy took me to the shower and after I washed she took the razor and began to slowly massage my balls with shaving cream, then she slid the razor easily downy erect shafts and swollen balls. Wendy was very tender and careful asking me to bend over for her to make sure that she hadn’t missed anywhere. This is when Wendy continued to shave all the hair from my ass as well, saying that she may as well do it right the first time so I should get it right when I tried.

Wendy was very excited and once I was shaved to her satisfaction she began to suck on my cock and balls right there in the shower, getting me to climax in double quick time. Afterwards telling me what a great idea I had to shave her pussy she had done a great job on my cock and she was looking forward to giving me another blowjob.

We continued on shaving with Wendy being very enthusiastic that I continued to do it properly, it was much more hygienic and well she could suck on my shaved balls all day.

On time Wendy was waiting for me, lying naked on the bed. While she waited for me to get undressed she began to massage her pussy, pulling on her clit and labia, circling her fingers as she watched me undress. As I approached her Wendy slipped two fingers inside her now glistening pussy saying that she wanted to suck my cock. She was in such a position that I was able to watch her masterbate as she licked and sucked on my shaved cock and balls. Wendy asked if I enjoyed watching her, of course my answer was yes. Wendy managed to time it so that as I shot my load into her mouth she was enjoying her own orgasm. Wendy swallowed all my cum after playing with it in her mouth for effect saying, I feel a lot more sexy since we started shaving, will you return the favour now if you’re hard afterwards we can make lobe as well? I didn’t need a second invitation as I eagerly rested my head between her widespread legs. Her pussy was slightly open and my tongue disappeared inside reaching for new depths as Wendy’s low moans was all the encouragement I needed. This time it was Wendy who was reaching a climax in double quick time, too quickly for me to have recovered and be ready for action once again. Wendy was satisfied though, giving me a huge kiss and commenting, is that what she tasted like.

Soon afterwards Wendy had taken an early shower one evening, she arrived back in the lounge using her electric toothbrush as a vibrator saying, honey I was shaving my pussy and I got carried away with things and I didn’t want to disturb you but honey I really need your cock. As I quickly undressed Wendy lay down on the floor still using her electric toothbrush and bringing herself to climax, I was do hard watching her. When Wendy looked up she said, oh good, come fuck me with your lovely shaved cock. As I entered her pussy, she was so wet she must have been playing with herself for a good while. As we made live Wendy commented it’s a completely different experience isn’t it. It’s like I’m being fucked by a different man, you’re turning me on so much. I leaned back taking a quick look at her shaved pussy, she certainly felt different and may be it was because she was clean shaven but her pussy looked different as well. Wendy slid her hand around to my ass, saying I’m feeling a little frisky, copy me. I worked a hand around to mimic her action sliding my fingers over her Anus as she massaged mine. Wendy whispered, that feels so good, you can push harder. When I did with Wendy added, oh yes honey deeper. My two fingers penetrated her ass with Wendy moving her hips to encourage me more. She could tell I was about to cum and this is when she slid two fingers into my ass saying, see how good it feels honey. I was cumming now as I thrust hard and deep into her juiced up pussy. Wendy finished herself off with her fingers as she sucked my cock and balls savouring the taste as I enjoyed the view.

Over a few weeks we continued to have sex the same way until Wendy asked if she could go on top. To my delight Wendy straddled my face making me eat her smooth shaved pussy. She knew I’d be rock hard after that especially as she made herself climax not once but twice. Sliding down my torso Wendy rubbed my raging cock with her soaking wet pussy, then guided my cock directly into her ass. Wendy moaned with pleasure as she made me fuck her ass deeper and deeper, eventually taking all of my cock as she rested, leaning back and exposing her pussy as she began to finger herself. I moved my hips slowly as Wendy concentrated on fingering her juicy wet pussy, she was using two fingers to begin with working up to three as she neared her third climax of the day. Wendy purred, I wish I could have your lovely shaved cock in my pussy at the same time as my ass. She began to move her hips fucking my cock with her ass with big long movements. It wasn’t long before we were both reaching an orgasm, Wendy milking my cock dry with her ass. As we lay there almost breathless I asked Wendy did she still have that dildo from when we first met. Wendy said that she thinks that it got dumped it a good while ago as we never used it. It would have been useful to have it I suggested. Wendy agreed saying that she might order a new one since I suggested it.

We continued to vary our encounters, sometimes just oral, others with me fucking Wendy in her pussy while she fingered her ass or vice versa. One evening I could tell that Wendy was particularly excited. She asked me to watch while she fingered her lovely shaved pussy. She sucked on my balls as she guided herself to orgasm. Wendy then had me eat her pussy as she told me that her new dildo had arrived. It wasn’t going to replace my cock. Wendy added, she’d used a dildo with one of her boyfriends and he got do jealous she may as well have been fucking another guy, did I want to see her use it. As I ate her pussy I nodded my head and gave a muffled yes. Wendy said she felt so sexy, so dirty, she was do turned on, she lower a hand to massage her clit as I ate her pussy and she had another orgasm. Like many times before Wendy lowered her ass onto my hard cock as she faced me, this time rather than using her fingers Wendy reached towards her bedside locker and took out her new dildo. Her old one had been flesh coloured, whereas this one was black and as Wendy said, honey there were two sizes, I think they sent me the larger one, I hope it fits. Wendy leaned back massaging the tip of this big black dildo over her parted labia. She looked to be struggling as she manoeuvred the black truncheon. Wendy looked right at me as she eventually guided the head of the black dildo inside her pussy. I could feel her ass tighten as she worked it in deeper, I could feel the dildo inside her as Wendy pushed it to rub against me. Wendy looked so hot, her breasts were extra pert and her nipples erect as she moved to take every last inch of the big black dildo. I began to fuck her ass harder with Wendy asking, honey it feels so good, you like it don’t you? I replied yeah you look so fucking hot. Wendy wanted to change position, I watched her delicious pussy gape when she removed the dildo, grabbing her and pulling her pussy to my mouth letting my tongue delve into her as far as it would go. Wendy moved to all fours and I moved from under her to behind her as she began to fuck her big black dildo once more. I managed to force my rock hard cock into her ass once more and was pounding her hard as I was nearing climax. Wendy said to slow down but I couldn’t delivering my load deep in her ass. Wendy commented that she thought I liked watching her with her new friend, was I just watching her with a dildo or was I thinking about her fucking another guy. She she lay on her side now playing with my balls as she worked herself towards another climax. I was getting hard again, Wendy said, I think you like it a lot, we should have done this before, pretending I’m fucking another guy. The more she teased the harder I became. Once I was fully erect I slipped in behind Wendy watching her in a mirror now as I rammed my cock into her cum lubed ass. I banged her ass until I was too sore to go on any longer, watching Wendy have one climax after another as she continued to work her pussy with that big black dildo. Damn it was hot.

As we lay there afterwards Wendy asked if she could share a story with me the next time. I replied of course. She had me thinking about what her story could be for days, really dragging it out.

Then on a Saturday morning Wendy got up early had a quick shower and simply put on a pair of strappy high heels, saying I think it’s time for your story. Pulling back the bed covers Wendy asked if I remembered her telling me about the exchange year she took while she was at university, spending a year in Paris. Of course I did, we’d even been there for the odd weekend getaway. Wendy continued, well we never really talked about our previous conquests but seeing you get so hard thinking of me with someone else, well those Moroccan guys didn’t just make me tea. Wendy was standing at my side of the bed a heel hooked over the headboard massaging her pussy as she spoke. She reached over and rummaged under her pillows retrieving her big black dildo, she continued, seeing this big thing reminds me of those guys. They would often show me their big cocks, each of them trying to be the first one to sleep with me. Wendy could see that my cock was growing, twitching as it became more engorged. It sludge in easily this time as Wendy was using the big black dildo to fuck her pussy. Wendy asked me if I wanted her to continue, which I did. Wendy moved to lie beside me, her pussy at my head level a heel still hooked over the bedhead exposing herself to me in the most revealing way possible. It wasn’t fair to make one if them lose their bet, so I made sure that I visited them on my own one evening, Wendy reached out to her bedside locker and pulling out a second black dildo said I had to have both of their big Moroccan cocks at the same time. Wendy now sucked on one dildo and fucked the other. Wendy looked at my crotch and noticed that my cock was fully erect. Wendy was reaching a climax as her rhythm quickened, saying can you imagine me alone in a Parisian apartment entertaining two well hung Moroccan studs. After her orgasm Wendy withdrew the big black dildo asking if I’d eat her freshly fucked pussy while just going to cleaned his huge cock. I moved my head to meet her beautiful gaping pussy, lapping at her hole letting my tongue explore her depths. Wendy says, they always made me suck their cocks after they fucked me, the last time I tasted my pussy off a cock was that year, damn I was a real slut if I remember correctly. Wendy was reaching another climax as I concentrated on her swollen clit, her hips moved to match my sucking and licking, culminating in her locking her thighs around my head and placing a hand on my head to increase the power of her grinding against my tongue, moaning loudly as her climax finally hit. Wendy paused for a moment, recovering maybe, then she moved to straddle me rubbing her smooth juicy pussy against my raging cock. They both fucked me that night, Wendy showed me the two dildos side by side, the second one was even bigger than the first. Wendy said, I don’t think I’ll find a real cock as big as his was again, he measured it for me one time, thirteen inches long, the other guy was ten inches just like the first dildo. My seven inches seemed do small as she now compared her dildos to my erect cock. She placed the biggest one on my leg holding it in place while she mounted it, her labia stretching as her pussy struggled to accommodate the girth at first, then as Wendy rode it deeper she slid down it’s length more easily. Hold it still for me honey, Wendy directed. She held my balls in one hand and steadied herself with other, making no effort to suppress her obvious pleasure in taking something do big in her pussy once more. Wendy closed her eyes, saying hmmm that feels so good, just like I remember his cock was so big, so big, that big Moroccan cock is going to making me, yes, yes, that’s it. Wendy was having another orgasm, but not like before thús was coming from a different place and she wasn’t stopping any time soon. She had the huge dildo balls deep in her pussy, grinding so hard against my leg it hurt. Her climax only ended with Wendy saying, my legs have gone to jelly. Wendy lay back on the bed her legs spread wide and her gaping pussy exposed, I want to taste my pussy on your cock she directed once more, dip it in my pussy do I can taste it. My cock slid in easily, her pussy was incredibly wet and juicy, I could feel her wetness against my balls, I massaged them against her wetness. Wendy said, I want your cock in my mouth honey. I switched position with Wendy eagerly licking and sucking her juices from my cock. I could see her rubbing her clit now as she said dip that cock in my juicy pussy again then put it back in my mouth. As I covered my cock in her sweet nectar, Wendy said I remember how much I liked this part now. They’d take turns dipping so I’d always have a nice big Moroccan cock to suck. Wendy used the ten inch dildo to demonstrate along with my own cock. Tell me when you want to cum honey, Wendy said softly, I’ll let you finish like they did. Wendy sucked my dipped cock five or six more times before I told her I was going to cum. It was then that she spread her legs wide hooking her knees under her arms presenting her ass to me, after the first night they always said that they would only cum in my ass never my pussy. Fuck my ass honey, just like they did. Wendy enjoyed the ending more than any other time we had made love, even rubbing her clit to arrive at her own climax as I delivered my load into her ass.

Wendy asked if I enjoyed that as much as it looked like or more than I was letting on. Unusually I was still as hard as a rock, as I looked at my tell tale erection I replied, I think a lot more than than it looked like. Wendy said, that’s what I wanted to hear, I spent a whole year there so we’re going to be enjoying ourselves a lot more.

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