Finally Carries Fantasy !

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Finally Carries Fantasy !
Hi All, I’m Sean 38 from Bristol married to my wife of 12 years Carrie 34. We are just normal people I guess with a healthy sex life. We have been lucky and had threesomes both ways, MMF and MFF. Loved both, so quite horny people ! lol Anyway, when fucking we talk dirty, fantasies etc and Carrie’s for many years now has been to be gangbanged or at least fucked by quite a few cocks at once ! I also find it horny the thought of her doing it and acting like that.

Last August we talked about it even more and one night I said to Carrie ” If I try and sort out a few guys for you would you actually do it !?” She said yes but would have to have a few drinks and also be mega horny!

So in the pub I asked a few mates that I knew would firstly be up for it as they are dirty minded like us and also discreet ! I got 4 definite yes’s and reported back to Carrie the lads involved, thankfully they were people she agreed she would let join in (phew!)

So we had a BBQ a few weeks later at our house and people eventually filtered off home. The last people with us were the 4 guys. Suddenly it felt very awkward and we all avoided the subject. So I went upstairs with Carrie and asked if she is deffo up for it, YES was the big reply! I reported to the lads with a thumbs up that we were on…..

5 minutes later, Carrie came down the stairs in a very short skirt, showing her tanned lush legs and a tight top also showing herself off, 34E’s in this case. She had no shoes on and had had her feet perfectly looked after in advance with a pink nail polish. She looked fit as fuck I don’t mind admitting and the lads were smiling.

She sat on my lap and we all talked etc. I started kissing her and feeling up her legs, the guys stared at every move. Then I lifted her skirt and pulled her little panties to the side so they could see he bald pussy which was already wet. This went on for a while and we were a bit unsure about the next move,,,,,,My mate Luke ended the silence ! he stood up, pulled his shorts down with boxers and walked towards us slowly wanking an impressive cock! (maybe 7 inches) This was taken as a sign to get going and the others started undressing and playing with their cocks. I wriggled out the seat and stripped off too. Eventually there was me and 4 naked guys all stood/sat around Carrie! She took her top off and then we all helped her with her bra,skirt and panties. Tom who is a really dirty bastard, took her panties and had them in his face to sniff and lick before putting them around his wanking cock.

Most of the guys were around the same size, 5.5/6/7 but Sid (nickname) must have been honest 9 inches, thick and cut. It looked huge, Carrie laughed when she saw it. Then it was a free for all ! Carrie started wanking off the cocks around her, then sucking them in turn. Tom bent down and opened her wet pussy lips and darted his tongue inside. She was loving it, her face was just pure lust, she smiled at me and I knew she was up for anything now.

I was the first to fuck her after Tom had soaked her cunt. My cock slid straight in and I held her legs up, she had a cock at each side wanking them hard. Then I pulled out and said ” Go on then guys, really fuck her, she wants to be used and just put in positions. I stood back and tossed off watching for a bit. Carl who had been a bit hesitant to now, pulled his big bell end out of her mouth and started flicking and rubbing it on her face, she looked like a lovely sexy whore ! She got fucked by everyone, sucked everyone, wanked everyone, did all she wanted and we wanted ! lol

I got in the mood and called her our dirty gangbang slut, she looked at me and smiled as I knew dirty names whilst in the “zone” really gets her going! Tom took the hint and really got involved. Pulled his cock from her pussy and went straight to her mouth telling her to lick her cunt juices off like a filthy slut that she was. All the guys were joining in and she was called every dirty name known to man, dirty cum bucket slag was my favourite !

Sid had fucked Carrie with his massive cock which she loved, he then pulled out and pulled her feet towards him and slid his cock between them and had a foot wank. With her petite pretty size 4 feet and his massive helmet it looked dirty as! A few of the guys slid there cocks between her big tits too and she was now getting basically fucked in any hole or part of her body lol. She was sucking me off whilst I laid on my back and I lifted my legs a bit and she licked down to my balls and then my arsehole, she knows I love to be rimmed ! She darted her tongue all over my shithole and made it wet before sliding her tongue in…mmmmmmm.

Tom, being the dirty bastard he is, laid next to me and held his legs up too ! I was unsure if Carrie would react, she was so loving it that she did the same to him and licked all around his tight bumhole, he loved it !! Carrie came loads and doesn’t squirt but gushes a lot, each time she did, one of us got down there to lick and taste her cum and pussy juices.

It seemed to go on for hours but in reality was probably about 45 minutes. Carries fantasy was that at the end she would be wanked over and have cum all over her. Knowing this, I told her to get on her knees on the floor. We circled her and all tossed off looking at the slut we had all used earlier. Carrie had been quiet to now but grabbed a few cocks to wank and said loudly ” All of you, cover me in spunk, you know I love it” ! That even shocked me but turned us all on no end!

Carl was first and blew his load over her tits, making a real mess. As she started to rub it in, Tom blew and shot about 4 thick ropes of white spunk over her hair forehead and tits.I was next and stood in front and shot it all into her open mouth, she swallowed a bit and then let the rest dribble out over her big tits. Luke was clearly determined to give her a facial and shot all over her face and chin, neck etc. She looked a real slut, I loved it! Lastly was Sid who was wanking slowly but now stepped forward and put his massive bell end in Carrie’s mouth to get it wet. Then stood back and literally unloaded the largest load of thick pure white spunk I have ever seen all over her face and mouth! It was like a bloody fountain, for good measure he rubbed his cock in her spunky face and then her mouth.

She sat there rubbing it over her body and licking what she good. She had just been fucked, used, abused and treated like a worthless slut which was what she wanted. We all got cleaned up and they left. I fucked Carrie nearly all night, was so hard !

We talk about a repeat and I know the guys would 100%, the session hasn’t got out either and remains our secret. Forgot to say, two of the guys are married !

I hope you like our story of our dirtiest sex ever and lets hope its not the last time

Sean x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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