First time with father (Fiction)

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First time with father (Fiction)
This story is fiction and wasn’t written by me.

Melody pulled on her bikini, even tho her pussy was still dripping with her brothers cum she was extremely horny. She left the room and returned outside to the pool, enjoying her brothers stickiness between her legs. Even though she had just had some of the best sex of her life she wanted more. But her brother had passed out from enjoyment, and her mom was gone. So she sat by the poolside horny with no one to fuck. She looked around and seeing nobody she pulled back her bikini to see her brothers’ jizz messily sticking to her, and it turned her on even more. Just looking at it sent a quiver down her spine. She sat there with her feet in the pool and feeling comfortable that nobody was around started to massage her sticky clit, rubbing their juices into her

She tried to remain clandestine as she did this, but it was hard for her and she let out little moans of enjoyment. She used her fingers to push their sperm deeper inside her, sometimes looking to make sure nobody was watching. The thought of what she had done with her brother was driving her crazy. It had been the best sex she has had. Her toes curled as she played with herself by the pool; and she was about to orgasm when suddenly she heard the door behind her open behind her. Out of extinct she jumped into the pool and pulled her hand away. She turned around to see her dad standing there, and hoped he hadn’t seen anything. (But in a way she hoped he did..)

Her dad smiled and ran over and jumped in the pool creating a big splash, “What are you doing in here by yourself? What happened to your brother?” Her heart skipped a beat, “I think he’s sleeping..” she said. “At this time? The sun hasn’t even gone down yet?” He said. “I guess he was tired.” She replied. “hmmmm..” he said in reply, “Well I’m here now, you don’t need to swim alone,” He covered his eyes with one hand while paddling with the other, “Marco!” He said, “Dad I don’t wanna play!” Melody insisted, still hazy from what had happened earlier. “Marco!” He said as he moved closer. “Dad!” She shouted as he moved closer. She feigned protest but he kept moving closer as she shouted. He had one hand covering his eyes and one hand blindly searching.

Melody squirmed to get away but the sounds of splashing water just made it easier for her dad to find her. She tried to get out of the pool before her dad reached her, she was pulling herself out of the pool when her dad finally caught her, and accidentally grabbed her pussy as she attempted to get out of the pool. Her dad, unaware of what he had just touched, pulled her back into the pool, “Gotcha!” He said as she kicked and squirmed.

Suddenly Melody was filled with a tempting desire, still horny from earlier. He held her in his arms as she pretended to try and get away, but she slowly and carefully rubbed against his cock, as to not raise suspicion, and made it appear as though it was part of her struggle. She felt him hold him closer for a brief moment, and she could feel his cock slightly harder under his swim trunks, but than he let her go.

They continued this game of cat and mouse for a while until the sun started to set. Melody was chasing her dad with her eyes closed now, but when she heard him get out of the pool she opened her eyes. “Damn it,” He said. At first she didn’t see what the problem was, but than she saw that he had rubbed against the concrete against the pool and ripped his shorts, and although he tried to cover himself out of decency she got a glimpse of her fathers big cock. She pretended she didn’t and closed her eyes acting as though she was still playing the game. “Well looks like the games over Melody! I’m gonna change and start dinner before your mom gets home” He laughed as he held his swimsuit together and walked inside. Melody was still horny and sat in the pool alone wondering what to do about it.

She fingered herself for a little bit, but it didn’t cut it, now that she had seen her dad’s cock she wanted it inside her. And she was pretty sure he wanted to stick it inside her as well. She got out of the pool a moment after her dad and went inside the house.

She followed the trail of water he left to his bedroom and noticed the door was open a crack.Sneakily she looked in to see him changing. Her heart was racing, she wanted him but didn’t know how to start. He was stripping out of his ripped clothes when she decided to do something very daring. She quickly disrobed out of her bikini and opened the door and went inside her parents room naked. “Melody!” He said surprised, “What are you doing in here?” She could feel her face flush red but resisted the urge to run out. He turned around and stared at her, totally naked. She could feel her pussy instantly get wet. Her Dad’s eyes moved down her body and he slowly approached. Their naked bodies were inches away from each other, but she was pretty sure he was going to open the door for her to leave.

Instead he locked the door behind her. “Wanna play with your old man some more?” He asked in a koi fashion. All she could do was nod. He grabbed her hand and led her to their bathroom. The shower was already on, “Let’s get u clean,” he said as he held her by the waist and picked her up into the shower. She smiled and her dad chuckled as he put her in. “remember when I used to give you baths as a baby?” He said. “Not like this tho.” She said as she got under the steamy water. “Nope, not like this.” He agreed as he hoped in with her and closed the curtain. “Well I don’t mind taking a shower with you dad,” she said, “How else are you going to clean?” She grabbed some soap and lathered it up and started to massage her dads back, moving slowly around his body, she put her arms around him, slowly moving the soap down his chest.

“Haha, thanks honey.” He said as she moved down his body. She got to his cock and than got on her knees, and slowly and tenderly worked it. Touching every part of it. She had thought her dads cock was erect but it got even bigger the more she played with it. ‘Mom was right, he does have a big cock,’ she thought. “Ok Melody now its your turn, I gotta make you squeaky clean.” He grabbed the bar of soap from her hand and started rubbing her down. She squirmed a bit but than settled down as her dad moved the soap around her, slowly going down her back and than reaching around and tenderly touching her breasts. He moved down and sat on the edge of the shower with her back to him. He got down and spread her pussy from behind, and let the shower hit her there.

“daddy, what are you doing,” she said in between slight moans, “Just making sure that you were clean,” he said as he stood back up. She turned around and got very closer to him and put her arms around him, “And was I clean down there?” She asked. “Yes, very.” He said, as he reached down and touched his daughters pussy. She squirmed with enjoyment as her dad played with her. She pulled herself even closer to him and she started to kiss his neck as he touched her. ‘How could something this wrong feel so good..’ she thought to herself. Her hand moved down to her dads cock which was pressed up against her leg, and she moved it towards her pussy. “Melody I don’t think we should, we’ll make a mess.” He said. “We can just clean ourselves off..” She joked.

She pushed the head of her dads cock up against her clit and rubbed it. Her dad didn’t stop her so she kept doing it. He put her arms around her and they started to kiss. She had her fathers tongue inside her mouth and his cock pressing against her, it felt so good. She couldn’t believe how great it felt. As she made out with her father she kept pressing him closer and closer to her. Slowly she positioned herself closer and started to move the head of her dads cock inside of her. “Are you sure baby?” She nodded and pushed him inside of her and let out a moan. Slowly she pushed her dad inside of her, inch by inch, he picked her up with her legs under his arms and pressed her against the shower wall, and his cock shot straight up inside her. “Get it deep inside of me daddy!”she was pressed up against the wall

They were pressed against each other kissing deeply as her daddy pounded her pussy, “You like that baby?” He asked, she nodded, “Your mom likes it like this too.” Her toes curled as she was fucked harder and harder by her dad. She came multiple times as her dad fucked her that way before he pulled his cock out of her, very slowly and helped her down. She looked at him confused, but than he turned he put his arms on her shoulders and turned her around and motioned for her to kneel down.

She got onto her hands and knees on the shower and her dad moved behind her, rubbing his cock across her ass. He than moved in underneath her and slowly pushed it up inside her again. Melody almost screamed as she instantly orgasmed from her dads cock being shoved into her again but resisted the urge. She slowly moved back and forth as her dad pounded her from behind. Every time her father moved his cock inside her she felt like she was going to cum. She pulled him close so that his cock was touching the back of her cervix. It felt amazing, even better than her brothers.

She couldn’t believe she had her fathers bare cock so deep inside of her, it was driving her wild. “Honey are you still on the pill that we got you?” Her dad asked. “Yes…” she said hesitantly, knowing where this was going. “I’m gonna cum inside you, if you want.” She nodded with anticipation. Her dad pushed himself deeper inside of her, until he couldn’t go any farther, and than she could feel the familiar pulse of his cock that she had felt with her brother. His sticky hot cum filled up inside her. She couldn’t help herself as she moaned and came with her dad at the same time.

Still facing forward she got off her hand and moved up to make out with him as he came inside her. “It feels so good daddy, keep cumming inside me..” At this point she was overflowing her dads sperm was dripping out of her and falling onto the shower floor. She had never felt this good before. After what seemed like an eternity her dad’s cock stopped pulsing and he slowly pulled it out of her, with cum exploding everywhere. “Looks like well need to get you clean again Melody.” He said.

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