Foreplay with real sister

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Foreplay with real sister
This is a real life story happened with my sister.

I have being fantasizing her since c***dhood & wanted to kiss her passionately so much that I finally took the courage to ask her & made her to do so.

My s*s has beau soft lips & average breast size, which I just love so much to suck. She is married but I could have given anything to be her husband.

We both were visiting our relative in a small town & have been put to stay in one room. At night my sister wanted me to go out of the room so that she could change into nightwear. I took this opportunity & hold her hands & looked straight into her eyes & said I want to kiss you. She wasn’t shock & gave a smile saying that she knew I wanted her so much. But she said she can’t do it as it is not correct.

I still held her hands tightly & said today you have to do it for me. I was so desperate that I instantly pulled her towards me & hugged her tightly & started moving my hands around pressing against her back. My s*s felt the sexual urge & gave an instant moan. Then I released her from my hold & asked her again, Please kiss me.

This time she moved forward & touched her lips with mine & backed off immediately. I said thats not fair. She said that is enough. I told her that I dont want to have intercourse. I want to passionately kiss her. I said you dont kiss me but I will. She still was hesitant. I picked up her duppatta & placed on her face & kissed her softly on her lips. Our body was still apart but our lips was sealed in her duppatta. Finally she moved towards me & started to embrace me like a lover. All this while I was doing all the smooching & her mouth was still closed in same way.

Slowly I opened my mouth & started mouth kissing her lips hard. The feeling of duppatta in our mouth was very irritating & I finally removed it from her face. I saw my s*s face with her eyes closed & mouth almost open for passion. She now opened her eyes & gave a smile & instantly pressed her mouth to mine. We were doing intense mouth-to-mouth kissing for some 15-20mins & in all this heat of action we had forgot to lock the door.

She went towards the door to lock it & went behind her & instantly told her from behind. I started kissing her neck & moved my hands around her waist, thighs & her breast. She was wearing salwar kameez & hence I couldnt slide my hands properly inside her clothes. She turned her head a little towards me & I loved that angle to kiss her from behind. We did mouth & tongue kissing for almost half an hour standing right next to the door. All this while she was caressing my head & I was pressing her breast through her salwar.

I finally stopped kissing her lead her towards the center of the room under fan as we were sweating in our action. We both looked into each others eyes & gave a smile. She said I am a very good kisser & she wants me to do so every time possible. I was laughing at her & reminded her that it was not correct as per her. she too smile & said forget it lets not waste this night & we started to do intense kissing once again. I departed our mouth & told her that I want to undress her. She raised her hands immediately & I removed her salwar. She untied her pyajama & she was in her 2 piece white underwear.

For the first in my life I saw a cleavage from such a close distance & a woman in 2 piece. I dropped my lustful mouth into her cleavage & started to such them hard. My hands were pressing her back & entering her bra straps, panty & ass. I unhooked her bra after some attempt & pulled her bra out of her muscular balls. With my left hand I was holding her from behind & with my right I was pressing, teasing & walloping her left breast up & down. I started mouth kissing her while appreciating her fulsome breast in my hands.

I turned around & lifted her up & I sat down on the edge of the bed & made my sister to sit on my lap. She was feeling the heat of my erected penis inside my trouser on her panty covered ass. I slowly started to give thrusting from below & kissed her chest hard. I moved my right hand inside her panty & immediately asked her are you padded? She said lucky that she is today. We both laugh & I placed her on bed & started kissing her from top to bottom. When I reached her thighs she gave a moan so intense that she must have cum inside. When I asked her she said you made me to cum without intercourse.

I said I just love to kiss passionately & suck breast. We were doing our show for almost whole night without intercourse & she must have cummed 2-3 times. Since I wasnt stroking I did not felt the need to cum but finally I made her to come with me inside the bathroom were I removed all my clothes & underwear & started to stroke my penis inside the commode. She started to mouth kiss me intensely while I was stroking myself hard. Time came when finally I was out of breath & couldnt kiss & ejaculated but my s*s still was kissing me passionately.

The sight of her bare breast & panty gave me immediate hard on & she started to stroke my penis. I was so out of energy that I hardly could ejaculate. Still after 10mins or so she made me to cum all over me by stroking me. I finally asked her can we take a bath together? She switched on hot water, removed her panty & pads & we started to kiss each other hard. My cum was passing on to her body in the embrace but her kissing was getting better than earlier.

I started to kiss her full nude body from front & behind. Gulping her huge ass into my mouth & biting her hard. She was very sensitive in her thighs area. She instantly cummed when I bite her thighs passionately. I saw her cum dripping down for the first time since she removed her panty & pads. During frontal kissing she cummed totally on my face like a jet spray

We finally gave each other a nice bath & went to sleep.

We both are waiting for next possible opportunity to experience this intense sexual encounter. Ladies from Delhi/Mumbai can email me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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