Fucked at Summer Camp

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Fucked at Summer Camp
**Everyone is 18 and over. This story is a slow burn, but I hope you find it worth it in the end. Constructive criticism is always welcome! I hope you enjoy as always – Alyssa**


“Oh my god mom I don’t want to go!” I threw myself back onto my bed.

“I already paid for it, so you are going” mom followed me into my room. “Next year you do not have to, but humor me one more time before you leave for college and I lose my baby girl.”

I groaned and growled, “Fine, but this is the last time.”

Eighteen years old and going to summer camp. Officially a grown up and I am still being treated as a c***d. I can’t wait to leave for college.

I stared listlessly out of the dew soaked window of our sedan. You know a two-hour drive is unbearable when you aren’t excited about the destination. The trees grew thicker and the road got rougher. I swayed back and forth with the car as we seemed to hit every hole possible in this old as dirt road. I have been coming here my whole c***dhood. I loved it when I was litter, but now I just feel too old to be going. Since I turned eighteen in May I will be one of the few actual adults at the camp, minus the counselors of course. The car stopped and I came back to reality to realize we were at the entrance to the park.

“Morning, ma’am,” the way overly enthusiastic park ranger said to my mother. “Do we have another camper?”

“Oh my god,” I muttered. “That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

Mom rolled her eyes and matched his excitement, “We sure do! Last one before she’s off to college and I never see her again.”

“Here is your park guide. Her room will be in cabin 4A. Take a left at this fork. Go about half a mile and park on the right-hand side. The cabin is down the trail from there on the right,” he said making sure he gestured the entire route with both hands.

“It isn’t too late to go home, mom.”

“I am going to act like I didn’t hear that,” her reply cold and dry.

We parked the car and I slammed the door intentionally harder than I should have. I rounded the back and grabbed my suitcase and my bag of small snacks and trinkets to hopefully entertain me for the week. Mom met me and smothered me in kisses and tight hugs as she told me to try and have fun.

“I still love you,” I winked as I spun around and looked down the wet trail.

I set off and I did not get three steps into the trail before I realized I did not wear the right shoes for this. Flip-flops were a bad idea. I trekked on having to purposefully unstick my flip flops from the muddy ground each step I took forward. The cabins finally came into view by the time my newly pedicured nails were started to be caked in the drying mud. I came up on the first cabin. There was a wooden “1” nailed to the door. It was starting to split and you could tell at one point it was painted white by the small flecked fragments left on the sides of the number.

“Morning sunshine,” a raspy deep voice came from behind me.

“I don’t see any sunshine,” I blurted out sarcastically as I turned to face the voice.

I was met with a taller stocky middle aged man. His face told of tales traveled in his forty some years on this earth. He wore a smoky the bear ranger hat upon his graying shaggy hair. Where the hair ended, the beard began. It was smoky gray mixed with black wiry whiskers. It protruded below his check almost to the neckline on his button-down shirt. He stood chest puffed out stroking his beard. His eyes gleamed with the excitement of a c***d bounding down the stairs on Christmas morning. The whiskers attempted to hide his large goofy smile to match. The dark green and white plaid button down shirt was obviously not new. The colors were faded and sunbathed. It was tucked in to show golden round belt buckle fastened to a frayed woven belt. The belt was holding up equally as frayed and muddy khaki cargo pants. To finish off the counselor outfit he had the correct footwear to be out in the forest, a pair of hiking boots.

“What might your name be my dear?” He inquired. “You can call me Rich.”


“I think I remember you from last year young lady!” His excitement was not diminishing. He continued stroking his beard and stepped closer to me. I watched his eyes dip down to my shoes and slowly come back up to my face. “Were you thinking you were going to the beach in that outfit?”

“I didn’t anticipate rain,” I replied already annoyed with this conversation.

“Let me help you carry your bags, darling. Maybe you won’t get your pretty clothes too dirty.”

I didn’t fight in turning over my bags to him as he reached for them. His callused overworked hands brushed mine as he took my bags. Smile still beaming he briskly started off toward the cabins beyond number one. I tried to match his pace and enthusiasm, but it proved to be difficult with these damn flip flops. We arrived at my cabin. The corresponding “4” was in just as much disarray as the “1” I had saw. Rich turned the knob and leaned with his weight on the door. The wooden door scratched against the floor not wanting to let anyone in. It moaned as if it had not been opened in a decade. Rich stepped into the darkened room filled with stale cold air. I stepped in after him and was greeted with an old oaken scent filling my nose. I stood in the doorway while he went around and opened only two blinds in the cabin, one on each wall perpendicular to the door. Light flooded in to the small rustic cabin to reveal dust particles swirling around from his brisk movements. As he went from the left to the right he set my suitcase and bag down on the bed.

The bed was the same as I remembered from years past. It was a full bed with a quilted cover. The headboard was dark wood to match the rest of the interior of the cabin. It was nothing special, but you spent most of your time outside in the campgrounds and forest it didn’t need to be. There was a table to the left of the bed with a set of two chairs. A wardrobe cabinet was almost pushed up to the left of the bed. A room was to the right which if I recalled right led to a small bathroom. The only thing that was not made of wood in the cabin was the couch to the right of the bed. The couch looked like it had been there for a decade or more. The dust tried to stifle the deep blue color of the cushions. The cushions were wrinkled and sunken in from the use.

“I would just leave the door open for a half hour or so to let the air out,” he returned to me still beaming. “I do believe I remember you from years past. You certainly have grown up.”

“Thank you,” I replied shyly finally letting my guard down. “This will probably be my last year here. I go to college in the fall.”

“Oh darn. Well we must make it a fun one then wont we?”

“Let’s hope so,” I chuckled and dropped my eyes to the floor.

He brushed past me back to the door, “I’ll check on you later.”

I sighed and moved to the bed to start unpacking my clothes. I unzipped the suitcase to reveal my brightly colored tops and my, probably shorter than necessary, bottoms. I opened the wardrobe and it let out a similar creak to the door. I crabbed the, surprise, wooden hangers and began hanging my tops. I moved down to the shelves below and laid out my shorts, skirt and panties. I grabbed a purple pleated skirt I brought along just in case I met a cute boy who was miraculously here against his will too. It was my favorite skirt. Mom doesn’t know I have it. She would make me throw it away because of how short it is. I held it up to my waist and looked at the mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door. I tilted my head and left my dark brown hair flow all to one side of my shoulders. I wink and smiled innocently as if I was seducing this boy I am convinced doesn’t exist. I spun around so I could see the back of me and I could tell the skirt would barely cover my ass, perfect.

I am proud of my butt. I go to the gym multiple times a week exercising trying to sculpt it and make it perfect. I think I am getting there. I set the skirt aside and returned to the mirror to inspect my top. No mud, that is a miracle. I tugged on my top to show a little bit more cleavage for my imaginary friend. Satisfied I stood admiring my work. Even though I knew it would not come in handy here. It was all just wishing.

“Settling in?” Rich’s voice returned from the doorway.

I was caught off-guard in my dream world with this cute boy. I jumped and spun around and was met with that same smile. I swear it won’t ever go away. His eyes flicked down to my chest where my breasts where still quite prevalent and back up to my face. His smile widened even though I didn’t think that was possible. He adjusted his pants and stuck his thumbs in his belt loops. Like a cowboy walking into a saloon he sauntered over to the table and sat down in a chair.

Realizing my mistake, I pulled my shirt up and felt my cheeks grow red. I closed the wardrobe and plopped myself down on the bed facing him.

“Yes, I am all unpacked now,” I said still avoiding eye contact with him.

I tried to find somewhere, anywhere, to look besides at his face. I traced the room as much as I could before I landed back on him sitting at the desk. I stared at his feet for a moment and then lifted them up to see him tapping his finger on the table. I noticed his other hand on his upper inner thigh. Then I noticed his crotch area was bulging out not like before. It dawned on me his cock must be getting hard from what he saw. My eyes grew wide and I averted them again. I looked down at my hands in my lap and just started picking at my nails hoping this situation would end.

“Good! Orientation starts in half an hour. I will see you then,” he planted his hand on the desk and used it to stand up.

He walked to entrance and shut the door behind him. Embarrassed I threw myself back onto the bed. I grabbed a pillow and planted it firmly over my face. Oh, my god, I had accidently made a forty-something year old man start to get hard. I laid there contemplating how I would face him again until the old church style bell dinged repeatedly signaling it was time for the orientation.

I sat up and grudgingly dragged myself to the door. I saw everyone walking the same direction, so I fell in line and went to the outdoor shelter house. The park benches set in rows inside were starting to fill up. On the farthest end the stage hand several counselors, including Rich, standing up waiting for everyone to be seated. I found a spot toward the back hoping he wouldn’t see me and sat down. The counselors went over what the expectations were for the camp. Just the standard stuff they do every year like morning hikes are at 8. Dinner is at 5:30. Lights out at 9. I kept my head down staring at the table the entire time. I didn’t want to look up and see Rich staring at me if he was.

They dismissed us and got up quickly. I wanted to get back to my cabin and hide out there until dinner to avoid further embarrassment. I started walking back down the trail leading back to the cabin. There were footsteps behind me, but there were tons of other campers going this way too. I did not think anything of it until a rough large hand grasped my arm and spun me around. Surprised my eyes met Rich’s. My heart spiked and I felt a lump in my throat.

“Let’s go get you checked in, dear.”

“Checked in?” I choked out puzzled.

“You know get your name tag, lanyard, and a bag of goodies.”

He didn’t wait for a response and led me off to the right to another smaller building. The word “Office” was etched above the door with signs pointing to corresponding bathrooms on either side of the building. We approached the front window of the building and another counselor pushed a clipboard towards us. Rich grabbed it and handed me a pen. His hand moved to my shoulder as he leaned over me and told me to write my name on the nametag. I started writing my name in bold letters to fill the name tag and I felt his large hard scoot down to my middle back. I froze and stopped writing for a moment taken aback by his hand. Maybe I am just crazy. Maybe I imagined it. Maybe he is just an innocent, friendly, counselor who is just trying to help. Then his hand moved again, further down. His hand stopped almost down to my butt. I tensed and couldn’t help but turn my eyes to him. He didn’t avert his gaze from the paper in front of us. I hurriedly finished writing.

“Perfect,” Rich grabbed the nametag from me.

He peeled it off and turned to me. I stood still unsure what I should do. He leaned toward me and firmly planted the name tag on the front of my shirt. I watched him frozen in place. He planted a firm hand on the name tag and pressed against me. I felt his fingers curl slightly and form around the curve of my breast. My heart beat was in my ears. My breath shortened as his hand squeezed ever so slightly. I looked up at him and his eyes met mine. His smile creeped up on one side and he winked. He removed his hand and I turned around and walked as fast as I could back to my cabin.

What had happened? Am I still just crazy? Maybe I am overanalyzing everything, but what if he was feeling me up?

I shut the door firmly behind me and just leaned against the cold wooden door. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My chest rose and fell with each breath. I went to my bed and fell face first into the comforter. Before I realized it, I had dozed off. I don’t know if I was exhausted from what happened, or just tired, but I went out like a light.

I awoke to the dinner bell ringing. I jolted up and pushed myself up with my arms. I looked around confused not understanding yet I had fallen asleep. The bell rang again and again. I pushed myself off the bed and rubbed my eyes as I walked to the door. I was almost to the door when I heard a firm knocking. Oh, no- please don’t be Rich. Please don’t be Rich. I tentatively reached for the door and cracked it open. I peered through the crack and saw him standing there smile on his face and two plates in his hand.

“Howdy Alyssa. I thought I would bring you dinner. You took off like you didn’t seem to feel well. I thought you might not feel like going to the mess hall.”

Without waiting for a response, he pushed the door open with his shoulder and made his way past me to the table. He set the plates down and pulled out both chairs.

“Come on. Come sit,” he motioned.

I walked over to the chair. My stomach was in my throat as I sat down and looked at him. He grabbed his chair and sat next to me.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes, I just was really tired. I actually fell asleep when I got back,” I was just trying to find something to say so I didn’t feel so awkward.

“Oh, well that is good news. At least you aren’t sick.”

He grabbed his fork and dug into his meatloaf. I sat there for a few moments just looking at my plate. Camp food was always good. I remembered the mashed potatoes on my plate. They are my favorite ones of all time, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat right now. Rich noticed.

“Eat. It is really good,” he reassured me.

He took his right hand and moved it to my leg. I could feel its heavy presence through my leggings. I looked down and saw him tapping his finger against my thigh like he did on the table early. I moved my eyes up to his face and he was staring deep into mine. I felt his hand drag further up my leg and more in. My heart raced thinking about what was happening. This couldn’t happen. This isn’t how camp is supposed to be. I was frozen staring at his eyes unsure of what to do.

“Maybe you aren’t hungry,” he said softly.

He gripped firmer with his hand and pulled it back towards him. My leg had no choice but to follow him making more space between my legs. I finally found my senses and scooted the chair back and tried to stand. Rich met my actions and pushed down forcefully with his hand, sitting me back down.

“No, it’s okay Alyssa. There is nothing to fear.”

A lump in my throat prevented me from finding words. I just stared at his whisker covered face.

“Maybe you are just hungry for something else?” he questioned.

I was taken aback by his question. What did he mean? What was he trying to say? His other hand dropped his fork and moved down to his pants. I followed with my eyes and saw his bulge was back. My eyes grew wide. I knew what he meant now. His fingers found his zipper and slowly dragged it down to the bottom. He withdrew his other hand to help undue his belt buckle. I stared in complete shock what was happening. His eyes never moved though. He undid his pants and opened them up while staring at me. My eyes were glued to his crotch. His pants gave way to black boxers with a very clear bulge and outline of what was underneath. He scooted his chair back so he was completely out from under the table. His hand moved into his waistband and down his underwear. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and began pulling it back out. I watch the outline move up toward his waistband. A large mound seemed to be at the end of the outline. He pulled his waistband down with one hand as he pulled his cock up and out. His cock was long and veiny. It was topped off with a large mushroom tip. I had only seen one other cock in my life and Rich’s was much larger and thicker than that one. His hand slowly moved up and down his shaft. He began tugging his thick member as he plopped his large set of balls on the outside of his boxers.

“You like that Alyssa?” his question broke my stare.

“Uh, um, what?” I was so shocked by what I was seeing I could not find words.

“I saw you giving me a show earlier with your skirt and tits hanging out. I bet they are perfect. Take them out for me.”

“What? No, no I can’t.” I stammered.

“Of course you can Alyssa. I see how you are looking at my cock. It is bigger than any you’ve seen before, isn’t it?”

“Um, well, I mean yes, it is.”

He leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. He pulled it up and nodded to me signaling for me to help. I looked back down at his cock and grabbed a shirt full in each hand and lifted it above my hand. I set my shirt on the table. He let out a soft moan and told me to take off my bra too. I hesitated, but decided not to agitate the situation further. I reluctantly took it off releasing my perky C cup breasts. I felt my nipples standing at attention in the cold air. His eyes were glued to my tits and he started tugging at his member more deliberately.

“Get on your knees,” he instructed.

“Rich I can’t,” I said timidly.

“Yes you can. You know you want to. Just suck my cock Alyssa,” he coerced.

He was right. I wanted to. It was the biggest cock I had seen. A lot bigger than my ex-boyfriends cock and he was almost seven inches. Rich must have been closed to nine inches. His cock was thick and veiny. When he’d tug down on his cock. His tip and shaft were pulled tight exposing several veins running the full length. His slit would open on his thick tip and I could see shiny precum building up. I slowly eased off my chair and down onto the floor in front of him. I cautiously reached out for his cock. Rich let go of his throbbing member and let me take it in my hands. My fingers wrapped around, but did not reach each other. He was too thick for my fingers to touch. I leaned forward with his tip pointed at my lips. My lips landed directly on top of his slit and parted to let it enter my mouth. I slowly inched down until the whole tip was in my mouth. My mind was racing. My mouth was already full from his tip. I don’t know how I would take any more of it or how it’d fit in my pussy. Rich let out a soft moan of approval and laid his head back. I slid his cock back out of my mouth and licked my lips. I opened my mouth again and this time I plunged further down onto his cock. I felt it slip in and slide down my tongue. I pushed until the tip was in the back of my mouth at my throat. I felt I was going to gag so I inched back a little bit and started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I felt his tip hit the back of my throat each time I went down. I didn’t stop though. I kept going. I tightened my lips around his cock and started to rub my tongue over his tip. I felt it get slicker from his precum leaking out. It was sweet and encouraged me to keep going. I felt his hands land on the back of my head to guide me.

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