Fucked Seductive Babita Aunty

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Fucked Seductive Babita Aunty
Once my aunty Babita came to my house in Mumbai along with her son and daughter. At that time I was in Second year of My Graduation. In fact they had come for her son’s admission for Degree. I was alone at home, because parents went to attain a wedding of priya. Priya is summit uncle’s daughter, who is my paa’s best friend. I was very happy that the fact was she is going to stay with me and alone.

We had a nice time in the morning when we went to my cousin’s college for admission. Continued my brushing in the auto and the taxi while we were coming back. It was evening. She had changed into a nightie and she was smelling fresh after the evening bath.

She was looking much more sexier. I had my dick half aroused all the time while she was around. In the pretext of helping her in the kitchen I managed to touch her tits and her ass. Once my dick pressed against her ass while she bent down to take something.

I was waiting for a chance. My aunt suggested that my cousin (boy) sleeps with me in my bedroom and she and her daughter sleep in the other room. I had my computer in the other room where she chose to sleep. All went to bed.

I told them that I had some work to do and was sitting and fiddling around with the computer. Hours passed. I was so nervous. My aunt was in deep sleep. I could her snore slightly…Her nightie was almost above her knees and showing a small portion of her sexy thighs.

I was sitting a big time hard on. Finally I took all the courage and touched her foot. There was no reaction from her. She was in deep sleep. I slowly slid my hands up her legs. Her skin was so smooth and I like each and every bit of it. I was sweating in the cold Mumbai weather.

I touched the lower portion of her thigh…She suddenly turned. In one motion she pulled down her nightie to her feet also. I was scared. I left the room. Went to my room and slept. The next night, the same routine followed.

This time I was determined that I will advance a little bit more. This time the nightie was not so revealing. My first task was to slowly push it up….centimeter by Centimeter. It seemed like ages to me. Finally I managed to see some skin. I touched her.

This time I was a little courageous. I slowly slid my hand up her thighs. I gave her thighs a gentle squeeze. I could see a small wriggle from her. I didnt know whether that was an approval or an involuntary reaction, but it encouraged me.

I slid my hand a little bit more….I could feel the heat of her pussy…Suddenly she took hold of my arm, pulled her towards her and held me in a tight embrace. I was shocked and was happy. I didnt what exactly I was feeling that time.

She was whispering in my ear…”So you were the one who was tickling me last nite?” I said “Yes”. Then she took control. She asked me not to make any noise as her daughter was sleeping next to her.
Without any introduction, she pulled down my shorts and took my dick in her hand. She said that your dick looks nice. Then she took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I squeezed it. She was smiling and that smile revealed that she was excited.

She started stroking my dick. Then she was asking me then why I am doing this to her. Then I said you are the sexiest woman I am seeing from my c***dhood and I have always fantasized about you.

She asked me straight…”Do you want to fuck me?”. I replied “Yes Aunty” She got up from the bed and guided me into the kitchen. She made me stand leaning to the wall. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it aside. She took of my shorts also.

I was naked like an new born in fact. My dick was fully erect. She got on her knees. She looked at my dick and slurped. She was telling me that my dick is so good and my balls were equally good. Her eyes had that hungry look. She asked me whether I like her to suck my dick.

I said I would be disappointed if she would not. She gave me a smile. She held my dick in her hand….Looking at me she slowly licked lower side of my shaft. She licked my balls and suckled on it. Gently biting the skin of my balls.

Finally she started sucking my dick. She was so rhythmic that showed all her years of experience. I was about to come. She was so talented that she sensed it without even me telling her.

She squeezed by balls and stopped sucking and suddenly the feeling of orgasm in me stopped. She started kissing my thighs. She then stood up. In one flash she took off her nightie. She was not wearing any bra. She had a pink colored panties on her.

I had a good look at her naked body. Slowly she took off her panties. She then asked me to touch her. I touched her all over. She didnt let me touch her pussy. She slowly turned around showing beautiful ass.

She told me “You were so fond of my ass from c***dhood. I have realized it whenever you touch them. I should have blasted you then. But I didnt. Now I am going to give you a punishment”. I was wondering what she was getting into.

She continued “Slowly kiss & bite my ass…both. One after another. Insert your finger in my asshole while you are doing that” I was happy to oblige to that punishment. I started kissing and biting her ass. I fingered her asshole after putting some saliva on my fingers.

She was enjoying each and every moment of that. I was getting equally excited by doing that. Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her crack. Licked her crack and kissed her asshole. I never felt anything bad doing that.

She was my sex goddess. Why should I feel bad. She knelt down in a doggie style. I started licking her pussy. She was very wet and I could see small droplets of her wetness shining on her pussy hair. She had a small but good cunt.

I licked her, sucked her vulva, bit her cunt, inserted my tongue inside her hole. She was moaning loudly. Her breathing was heavy. She asked me to fuck her…She started talking dirty, which excited me even more.

Finally she turned around, lying on her back. She spread her legs exposing her dripping pussy and an inviting look. I dove into her. I inserted my throbbing dick into her pussy. I couldnt hold on much. But before that she had come.

In fact she had told after the incident that she came twice before the fuck. Once while I was licking her asshole and the other while I was eating her cunt. We washed together and went to our respective rooms and slept. I enjoyed the same way the next 3 days she was with me.

Now whenever I go for holidays, I visit her house and if no one is there at her house, we will fuck, fuck and fuck till we drop dead. I had many experiences like this with other girls as well. I will Post all my experiences one by one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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