Good morning…

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Good morning…
A little morning fun in the shower…

Something awakened me and I began to stir. Our bedroom window was open and the cool, fall breeze that drifted inside slid along my naked body, making me shiver. I reached for our thick, white covers first, pulling them snugly up around me. Then I reached for the warm naked body next to me…only to find a cold mattress.

My eyes opened and I looked around the dark, empty room, searching for my missing lover. It was then I heard the sound of running water and a soft smile tugged at the corners of my full lips.

I pushed the heavy covers off me, wincing as I began to move…sore in all the right places. I stood a little shaky on my weak legs and shivered again as the cool morning breeze caressed my skin once more. Chills ran up and down my arms and legs as my small brown nipples puckered from the cold.

I slowly made my way through the bedroom and down the short hallway to the bathroom. Standing outside the door, I smiled, picturing my man in the shower…hot wet skin, slick with soap. The image made me moan softly and I felt a small tingle low in my belly. I stood at the door and listened for a few moments, picturing him as he showered. Just as my fingers reached for the doorknob, they stopped. I heard a new sound coming from inside.

It was the sound of flesh against flesh…the sound of a hand briskly rubbing a hard, wet shaft. I heard his low moan over the sound of the water, his panting, his hand rubbing faster and faster.

My breath caught in my throat and I could feel my clit tingling. My mind instantly went to the image of him, one hand against the wall, the other stroking his cock in fast, long strokes. A new shiver ran down my body, a shiver of anticipation. I opened the bathroom door, shutting it behind me quietly.

The delicious sounds from the shower filled the bathroom, stirring a reaction from my body. I could feel my juices flowing, my body wet, ready, and needing. I opened the shower curtain, startling him briefly. He then grinned at me, his thick, heavy shaft in his large hand. I smiled wickedly, moving around behind him. I leaned my small, cool body against his back, pressing my firm, round breasts tightly against him.

I began to kiss the back of his broad shoulders as my hands softly caressed his skin, moving down over the curve of his ass and around his hips to his groin. Both my small hands found his cock, very hard and very ready. I wrapped my left hand around the base, pulling another low moan from his throat. My right hand wrapped around the tip, squeezing slightly as I worked my hand up and down, twisting gently. I paused long enough to run my fingers over the head, my index finger running across the slit, dipping inside ever so slightly before rubbing my small hand up and down once more.

“Mmmmmmm” I murmured against his skin, just loud enough he could hear me over the running water. “You feel so good baby. So good.” I smiled when I heard him whimper slightly. He loved it when I talked to him, especially while I stroked him. I licked and sucked the water off the back of his shoulders before moving my lips against his skin, talking softly.

“My God, I love your thick cock. I love how hard you get for me baby. Mmmmmmm thick, hard, amazing cock. I can still feel you so deep inside me, thrusting faster…and faster. Pushing your cock inside me harder and harder. I remember feeling your cock stretching my small, tight pussy wide open.” My hand started rubbing his shaft faster, squeezing a little harder. I moaned at the sound of my hand stroking him, faster and faster.

“Do you like that? Do you like that you stretch my small, tight pussy open every time?”

“God yes,” He whispered. I whimpered softly. Even after all this time, his Scottish accent made me weak in the knees. He had one hand against the shower wall, supporting his weight. His head was hanging down as he watched my hands stroking his shaft.

“Do you like watching? You do, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I love it.”

“Thrust into my hand baby. Just like you thrust into my pussy last night. Yeah, that’s it baby. Faster….faster…God your cock feel so good. So so good.”

I tightened my fist and worked my hand against his thrusts. My other hand let go of the base and began rolling his balls gently. He spread his thighs a bit wider, a signal for me he was close.

“Cum in my hand, baby. Cum in my hand, let me feel it. I wanna feel your cock throbbing for me. I need to feel it. I need it baby. Cum in my hand.”

His breathing grew shallow as he thrust faster and faster into my small fist. His thighs shook and his other hand slammed onto the bathroom wall in an attempt to hold himself upright.

Suddenly, he threw his head back and shouted “Oh fuck, yes!” As his orgasm rocked his entire body. His hips bucked wildly as his shaft throbbed in my hand, spewing stream after stream of his thick, white cum.

I held him as he tried gaining control of his body again, softly kissing the back of his shoulders and gently rubbing my hands up and down his chest in a soothing fashion. His legs trembled as he continued to pant and lean against the wall. Finally I felt his entire body relax and his chest rise and fall as he took a deep, calming breath.

“Wow.” His thick accent was slow and lazy, “Mmmmmmmm thank you my darling. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but what brought this on?”

I just smiled as he turned around and wrapped me in a loving embrace. I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Just saying good morning, cor.” I felt his chest shake as he chuckled.

“Well then. Good morning, my love. What do you say you and I get cleaned up here and then I call my boss and explain to him why I won’t be coming in today.” I smiled, feeling his arms tighten around me as he placed a soft kiss on top of my head.

“A guy could get used to good mornings like this.” He chuckled softly.

The end.

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