Happy Birthday sis

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Happy Birthday sis
I don’t really consider myself a sexually-active. I don’t enjoy watching porn (that much). And I don’t even have a steady boyfriend. But mind you that I am full-fledge female. I love to dress up. I love to keep myself tidy. I love to hang out with friends.

My short story revolves around how my brother-in-law forced himself into me and how it’s changed me forever.

In hindsight (which is always 20/20) I should have noticed his advances early. Real fucking early. Now I realize that he’s a fucking perv to begin with. I was 14 back then and he was recenttly married to my eldest sister. (I was youngest if you had to do some math.) He was always so sweet to me. He would bring me sweets, gifts and surprises whenever they showed up at my parents place. Sometimes I thought he was just teasing when thong panties ended up in my panty drawer with a post it on the crotch saying cute things, as I thought of back then.

I guess this perv was really checking me out as early as then. It kind of grossed me out now that I think about it but I’m kind of turned on a bit.

For the 4 years that I now think he agonizingly waited for me to turn 18 he became more touchy feely. The hugs got more personal. I would always catch him looking at my crotch area. One time we were on the floor playing monoploy and I caught him time and again looking at it. So I kind of teased him a bit by slightly splaying my crossed-leg position to expose some panty on the side.

There were also a lot of times when I would watch TV in the den and I would be laying down on the floor with my legs really drawn apart and my feet up. And since I wear boxers all the time I made sure that I would wiggle my legs apart so he can see some panty exposed. Deep inside I may be seducing him a bit but this was when I was under 18 so sue me! (hahaha)

But the day I turned 18 it was a party celebration waiting to happen! And I knew he’d be there. The family showed up on Sunday and we were all into it. It was summer so the pool was occupied and the k**s were running amok.

I dressed into a light white summer dress but wore a brightly pink bikini top and bottom underneath to impress. He quickly latched onto me. He was making a lot of small talk. He was touching my hands and shoulders a lot. And I kept noticing how he was trying to be gentleman-like by ushering me forward by touching the top of my butt.

On one occassion I had to go up to my room as I forgot my cellphone and that’s when it happened. I did not notice him follow me and I must have not realized that the second floor was empty of folks. As I was rummaging through my drawer it happened. He grabbed me from behind and kissed me on the neck. I kinda closed my eyes as it felt nice but quickly realized who that could be.

He spun me around with a big grin on his face. “Happy Birthday, s*s!” along with his tight grip on my waist. “You look awfully nice today!” is all he said as his hands moved up towards my breasts. He cupped them as quickly as I swatted them away. But he was forceful. And it hurt. He forced himself into me by trying to kiss my neck some more but I kept resisting. I guess he grew tired of it after a while and he just took the straps of my sun dress and yanekd it down.

I was exposed. In my bright bikini. I did not want to cause a commotion which now I realize I should have. He threw me on my bed and mounted on top of me. He yanked my top away to expose my a-cup breasts and he licked them. He bit on my nipples. He squeezed both of them hard. I had tears in my eyes from the sheer pain and he won’t stop.

I was hoping the door was ajar but it was closed shut. Then he slid down a bit and pulled my bottoms down. I didn’t raise my hips to let it off easily but he pulled hard anyway. I shaved that night in preparation for my major-hood but I guess it became a fucking treat for him.

He lapped my pussy. He didn’t care about what I felt. He just wanted his tongue on my clit and his fingers violating my cunt. It was not the least bit erotic. It was a wet tongue and a thick set of fingers. I knew he enjoyed it because he muffled as he slurped on my pussy.

Then he stood and dropped his white shorts down and exposed himself to me. My god! It was huge and thick. Fuck! Yeah, was my thought. If he were to impale me with that how will I even react.

“You want this you bitch?” he asked as he lined it on my slit and rubbed it. At this point I was not resisting much anymore. I knew it was going to happen so I just let it be. “Fuck you!” was all I could say.

Then he let me have it. All 8 inches of it. He shoved it into me. I’m happy my pussy was wet, a bit from his saliva so I had some help getting it in. He thurst into me. He thrust hard. I felt his cock head hitting something at the back of my cunt that I’ve never felt before. It wasn’t long this ordeal.

A couple of minutes in. A lot of hard thrusts. A lot of heavy squeezes on my tits and he announced himself cumming. I got scared as I was not on the pill and tried to recant my pussy off him but he was prepared. He held my ass and ground himself in and then erupted inside of me.

“Fuck you bitch!” And then he fell on top of me. As his cock subsided and fell out of my pussy I felt a stream of cum rushing out of my cunt.

He stood up, wiped the sweat beads off his forehead and pulled his shorts back up. He slapped my pussy hard while slipping another finger in. “Yeah, I got you!” is what he said. I guess referring to what he thinks as devirginizing me.

“Happy Birthday, s*s!” and then he left the room!

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