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His Mother’s Fulfillmentbyqualitywheat©
Dear reader, this is a story of an unfaithful wife, with her son’s best friend, and turns into an i****t story with her son.

Mia was laid on her back and trying to recover from the tremendous shattering explosion that had just rocked her beautiful body for the second time in the last 10 minutes.

She was also trying to reconcile what had just happened and how. Less than 45 minutes ago sad but so sexy woman had been in her kitchen looking forlornly out of the window, a cup of coffee in her dainty small hand. And wondering why her life seemed to be a treadmill instead of the feeling of fulfilment she used to have. All she was now it seemed was she was a skivvy to her family.

Her husband had gone to work, bag in hand, he wouldn’t be home for 3 more days, barely a word spoken at breakfast, her 18 year old son had come down, grabbed a piece of toast, a drink from her coffee and was gone, shouting over his shoulder that he wouldn’t be back until late in the afternoon. she couldn’t remember him speaking either apart from that, her life had been degenerating for some time now.

What’s wrong with him, she thought, here I am, I wait on him hand and foot, and off he goes to work with barely a civil word, it would serve him right if I took off for a while and did my own thing!

`I know I’m beautiful looking, people always take a second look at me, men try and seduce me, he has me here at his beck and call and now he hardly comes near me, and last night was a disaster, he just went to bloody sleep on me!` She raged to herself.

Mia was 5″ and a little bit, but she was all woman, she was perfectly formed, gorgeous chestnut hair parted sexily down the middle and framing her beautiful full lipped face, it slid down between her shoulder blades, 37 years old and still well in her prime.

Her huge wide brown eyes could stop traffic, over the top of which were 2 very elegantly arched eye brows, between them a pert upturned nose, small white even teeth that lit the sky. Her body was still in great shape and was still sensitive to the touch, not that it was touched very often these days, she thought sadly.

But today her life was going to take a dramatic turn, one that would knock her senseless, stupefy her totally. She was leaning against the sink looking out of the window into her garden. She wasn’t thinking of anything in particular except that she needed some TLC from somewhere?

She was wearing her short dressing gown it finished about 4″ above her shapely knees, a woollen towelling one that was tied with a loose bow at the front. She just brushed her hair to a shining gleam, nothing on her feet; she really was at her tiniest.

Under the dressing gown was the sheer see through negligee she had worn last night in the futile attempt to get him up and running.

Suddenly her back door opened making her jump. In walked Curt Hanson her sons best friend, he treated her house as his own, and so did her son at his house, they had palled around for the last 10 or more years, and she had watched them grow into fine and very handsome young men.

`Huh` she thought `what I wouldn’t give for a fine young man right now,` and giggled to her self.

`Hi Curt,`she greeted him.

`Hi yourself Mrs T` he said back, he always called her that instead of Mrs Tinder.

`I think its time you started calling me by my first name Curt, you are old enough now, don’t you think?`

`Sure thing Mia, no problem.` He answered her confidently. She peered up, aware of him.

Mia didn’t know how much he had the hots for her, he would love to try his luck, but was too scared in case it went tits up! That’s why he was here this morning; he knew Si was away for the day, so he just wanted to be near her, to look at her, think how beautiful and so sexy she was. He knew Mr T was away too, so he would have all day if he could work it out.

Something in her way this morning told him there was something wrong, he wondered what it was, he was just about to ask when she poured and gave him a coffee.

Curt sat at the breakfast bar facing her, Mia sat down too, facing more or less his way. She couldn’t stop the sad look spreading around her face. Her mouth was part open, he could see her teeth, her full bottom lip a straight line, her pouty upper one curving over the top. It made his prick lurch.

The look she had made him want to sweep her into his arms and make her feel good. He asked, `what’s wrong Mia, you look so sad?`

`Oh,` she said, `a bit of this and that, I just feel a bit down today, maybe a tad lonely?` Mia`s vulnerability was shining like a beacon, Curt felt something, not sure but he knew she was on a downer, maybe he could help her? He thought.

`Oh I’m sorry,` he answered, `please don’t be like that,` not knowing that his next move would lead him to her bed and her pussy!

He simply reached out his hand and cupped her cheek in a gesture of solace; he stroked an imaginary tear from below a wondrous eye with his thumb. Mia in a state of automatic response turned her cheek further into his soft hand and rested her lips against his palm, she kissed it, a brush of her soft lips, it tingled his hand, it was an appreciation of his caring nature to her. Her desperate need for someone to be nice to her was more than she could stand.

Curt’s cock nearly split his trousers, Mia sensed in him that he was excited some how, not realising it was her that was causing his excitement. She kissed his palm again, put her hand to the back of his and rubbed it gently across her cheek. Mia was seducing herself with no help from Curt.

He stood slowly and moved to her, closing the small gap in one step. He put his arm around her shoulder keeping his hand against her smooth soft cheek and told her it was alright, that he was here and would take care of her. Then he kissed the top of her head, Mia felt it and raised hers a little to see him looking down at her in such a soft loving caring way, she melted.

She raised her head a little more and said to him in an almost inaudible whisper, `do you want to kiss me Curt?`

He made no reply other than to do what she had just said. He bent his head and their lips met, he almost fell over such was the intensity he was feeling.

Mia adjusted her lips a little and the kiss was made completely, soon tongues were chasing each other, sucking and licking, it was turning into an all consuming over powering kiss neither could break just yet, and neither wanted to. Mia rose slowly from the stool and wrapped arms around him, Curt stepped to her now, pushing his undoubted hard on into her.

Mia moaned into his mouth, she couldn’t fight what was taking place, she already knew it was wrong but it was so good and so right at this moment to be in the arms of a strong man, one who had a huge hard on for and caused by her, and was sticking it to her in a way she knew she could never deny.

Curt got a little brave then, he dropped his hand from her cheek but stopped at her tit, he could feel it through her dressing gown, the nipple was poking at him through it, his fingers closed over it and he squeezed, Mia knees buckled slightly.

`Ugh,` she gutturally moaned into his mouth as her grip around him tightened. Feeling for the bow at the front of her gown he found one end of it and slowly tugged, the gown fell open, his hand went straight inside and found the sheer covered tit and nipple.

His touch was electric, unrecoverable resistance was gone, she was his at the moment he had touched her cheek. She grabbed at him as he worked her rock hard nipple, she silently screamed in arousal into his mouth as her body shivered and jumped as he squeezed and pulled, then twisted it.

Mia needed love like she never had, she managed to slightly break the kiss and mumbled in his open mouth `upthairs now!`

He pulled away and Mia went to lock her door, as she turned back to him, her face was flushed and her lips were red blood filled in utter lust for him, her gorgeous eyes glared with wanton desire. He bent and swung her up off her feet, she was so light he hardly felt her weight.

He took the stairs 3 at a time, he had her on her bed in moments, Mia was searching for his cock, no airs or graces, she wanted it in her hands, in her mouth, and definitely in her already uncontrollable steaming pussy.

Curt was busy kissing her and Mia was returning his kisses, but she was also grappling with the belt of his trousers, soon it was undone, the button opened and the zip was down, she reached in and claimed her prize, Curt groaned into her mouth now, she squeezed him, pulled it to her.

`God he`s gorgeous, it feels so thick and long,` she forced him over onto his back and got to her knees, she undressed him in seconds, and took immediate possession of his cock again.

Being a lot older than him, and him being so young, she knew he wouldn’t last too long so Mia climbed on him and thrust her slick sloppy wet through pussy down on him. Curt yelped in gratefulness, he thrust up as Mia drove down, 4 or 5 times she did this, then she felt him tighten, he was going to blow and as he did, he hammered up into her, and Mia drove down, her own orgasm joining his.

It bent Mia in half, the power of it bent her out of shape, it crashed and thundered its way through her, it was so intense she lost the power of her speech, her pussy was boiling and spewing forth her juices, it felt volcanic.

She aroused her mind to find herself laid prostrate on top of him, his prick still lodged tightly in her pussy. She kissed his chest and murmured, `Oh Curt, oh Curt, that was fabulous the best ever ever!`

`Yes Mia, I have never felt so good, you are wonderful, this is so good, and something I have wanted for as long as I can remember.`

`Really?` she asked.

`Yes Mia, really, I have lusted for you, and loved you from afar.` he told her.

Then Curt took control, he wasn’t that experienced but he knew how to fuck, and the very thought of looking into his best friends mothers eyes as he made love to her was more than he could ever have imagined. And being his age he knew his prick was already good to go again. He rolled Mia off him and onto her back going with her, still keeping himself in her, he hooked his hands under her shoulders to hold her and began his total demolition of the wondrous sexy beautiful woman beneath him.

He kissed her as passionately as he have ever kissed anyone, including his girlfriend, who had taught him a lot in the love stakes, she was 2 years older than he was. His tongue its way into her suction powered mouth, Mia took him hungrily.

Then his hips took the control they were looking for, he powered smoothly in and out of her, his prick had hardly gone down. Mia´s mouth was hanging open as he thrust strongly but evenly in and out, unknowingly building her up to the crescendo her body was seeking.

She reached around him letting him take her, her arms and legs like fixtures across his broad young back, her nails raking paths over his pulsing shoulders. Her mouth fastened itself to his shoulder, her teeth digging wonderfully into him, it forced a growl of arousing excitement from him.

He dropped his head beside hers, and bit into her neck, Mia was too far gone to worry or care if he marked her. His chest on hers and hands holding exactly where he wanted her to be, he smashed his loins against hers again and again, his prick thumping open her pussy, driving in where a decent prick hadn’t been in years. Mia cried out in painful submissive endurance, her arousal so far above any feeling that could save her from this, he thundered back and forth, then that interminable unassailable building of the tsunami that would take her to hell and heaven at the same time.

She blew like a whale at sea, her orgasm beat her inside out, it decimated her body, she went rigid, lax, tight, loose, every way she could go inwardly, she went. Mia cried out loudly, beseeching him to fuck her, love her, hurt her, give it to her, make her give in, force her submission. Luke more than obliged, his prick was pile driving him and her onwards, his own ejaculation on its way he crashed into her for the final time and erupted what seemed like a gallon of cum into her pussy, she felt it burning its way up her channel, it made her feel dreamy, almost u*********s as he filled her to full, it squirted out between them mixed with her own cum.

The soft beautiful girl woman beneath him loved him in a way he didn’t know existed, her beauty beguiled him totally, he was in awe that she had given her very heart and soul to him this day. Mia held him in her arms, and asked him, `if he was okay?`

´Oh yes Mia, the world is wonderful with you in it, and here with me like this.`

Her heart swelled with gladness, someone was giving her the love she was craving for, it should be her husband, `but he isn’t here, and he isn’t bothered about me anyway,` she said to herself, as she rolled to face him, she kissed him and he nearly died with excitement, the touch of her lips sent him dizzy, her hands felt his chest and drew patterns around him. He had never been with a woman before, girls yes, but never a woman so beautiful, so knowing and so needful of him.

She kissed his neck, then began to work her way down his body, he was giddy, trembling, her hand found his balls, squeezing and tugging, gently on them. He watched in amazement as her mouth closed over his half limp prick, she began to suck it, his cock felt so warm and hot as her breath and mouth heated him up. Her lovely chestnut mane swaying about on his flat stomach, then he felt something unusual, he realised her finger was probing at his tight ass hole, he squirmed under her as she continued her ministrations, his prick was rising to the task, there was no way it would remain dormant, not when she was doing what she was doing.

Minutes later he was ready again, Mia couldn’t believe it, 3 times in less than an hour and a quarter and he was hard for her once more, this in itself caused a ripple of an orgasm to roll through her, raising her own excitement almost to fever pitch.

´Do me on my knees from behind Curt, I want you to make love to me that way.´ she told him, with utter lust and re arousal in her quivering voice.

He jumped to his knees and was waiting behind her ready to start before she even got to her own knees, as she got up he slapped her rump with a resounding smack, Mia yelped but accepted it. Curt saw her reaction and walloped her again 3 times more.

`Ooooh Curt, Oh Curt, Mmmmm,` she mumbled, and bent her head in acceptance of what ever he was going to decide to do.

He rammed his engorged cock hard into her and took off with such powerful thrusts she sk**ded up the bed, only to come to a stop when her hands and arms prevented her from going any further, Curt absolutely hammered into her, her knees were lifting from the bed such was the unadulterated ferocity of his fucking of her, his hands on her hips stopping her from being thrown off his prick. Mia was calling out to him. ` Oh Curt, Oh my God, How can y… Oh no… Arggh… ple… CURT!.. CURT!… She orgasmed then, it hit her so quickly and so unexpectedly she lost power, she went limp, but Curt kept up his onslaught. Mia was the recipient of a fucking she had craved for for years, and it was her sons best friend, a boy she had seen grow into a superman.

Then Curt unknowingly pulled back a little too far, his cock slipped out and before he knew what he was doing he had rammed into Mia´s defenceless and unprotected ass! He felt the difference, the tightness; the slick inners of her were trying to eject him and yet, at the same time, was swallowing him up.

Mia couldn’t speak, she was still in concussion from her huge orgasm, she was too weak to get away. Curt continued fucking her, it wasn’t until he looked down after several gigantic thrusts into her that he saw where he was. But in the state he was in he had no power of his own to desist from it. He just kept going and going, Mia found her voice but it wasn’t begging him to stop, it was urging him on to greater heights.

` Oh yes Curt, oh yes my love, do me Curt, do me baby, do what you want, oh my god yessss… yes… yes… Her knees slid slowly back, she took him down with her, she was totally under him, his 6ft plus frame was completely over her petite beautiful 5ft one. She was laid fully prone at the alter of his love.

He suddenly gripped her tight, his prick bottomed out one last time, he was going to cum, she felt the urgency for it flood from to her. He pumped shot after shot into her, Mia could feel the warmth of it spreading in her bowels, it was wonderful, that very act caused another rolling orgasm to follow his around her body.

After what seemed like an eternity they uncoupled, Curt fell off, his prick popping out with a soft but audible pop. Mia never moved, her breath was still ragged, he was still breathing deeply, this was brand new to him, `if this was making love to a woman, then bring it on,` he guffawed inside.

He pulled her to him, he just wanted to be close to her, to wallow in the after glow of her love, her smell, her closeness, the feel of her luscious sexy body naked next to him was unbearably good.

`Would it be alright to tell you that I love you Mia?` He whispered almost silently to her.

`After what you’ve just done to me Curt, anything you said would be alright with me baby,` she told him gently.

He nuzzled the side of her face, he wanted to capture her lips again, those orbs of love that sent him dizzy with love for her, the firm softness, the capture of his lips by hers were tantamount to robbery of his very soul.

The next 2 hours were spent in, on and around each other in every way they could imagine, Curt was in love, but he knew in the back of his mind that this would not, could not last. This was his best friend’s mother, their families were friends, they did things together. But he hoped he could continue to see her at every opportunity.

As they showered together, both working the other into a frenzy of excitement, culminating in her swallowing his very last load of cum down her throat while on her knees before her boy god, he said to her.

´ Mia, I know this is going to be difficult, but I want to keep seeing you, only at your permission, when and where, but I’ll do anything you tell me if you let me still see you, I need to love you whenever I can, please Mia?

Mia had already gone through the scenario, and she was going to tell him that sadly it had to stop. But when he said that, it changed her mind.

`If you promise to me you will keep your word, that discretion is paramount, then yes Curt, I will still see you, I have your number I will text you, and you must delete any texts I or you send, nothing must be left to chance. And you must never try it on anywhere at any time, only I shall give the go ahead, and don’t worry baby, it will be as often as I can manage okay?` She kissed him, whispered, `I love you too Curt, I think?` she told him, surprising even herself.

Two days later found them in the back seat of her car in the country, she was on her back, knees raised, Curt on top of her giving her a tongue lashing of monumental proportions, his face pressed tight to her pussy, the whole of her pussy lips were in it, and he was pulling her apart. Her mouth clamped tight over his prick, she was trying to gain some sort of ascendancy but it was impossible, she couldn’t defeat him. Her orgasm finished the contest, although Curt didn’t know one was taking place, all that was in his mind was the fact the this woman of extraordinary beauty was underneath him wailing and crying, and humping about as he loved her.

He hadn’t cum yet, he didn’t want or need to just yet, all he wanted was to satisfy Mia, to make her happy and want him again. He was in first place on that score. She climbed into his lap as he sat upright on the car seat, pushing her knees under his arms, her small body fitted him perfectly, she pointed him at her and sat down with a deep sigh of satisfaction. His prick filled her to splitting point, she could feel the head at her cervix, and as she lifted and dropped she was sure it had entered her.

He kissed the wondrous sexy beauty before him, her soft chestnut hair framing his own face as they did, she smelled of woman, he almost tore her nipples off, reached behind and thundered another slap onto her taut tight ass. Mia yelped in surprise and some hurt, but she knew it was who he was, and she wanted him to be that man, she would endure whatever it was that he wanted to give her in the terms of his growing passion.

Curt took her wrists in his hands and pushed them behind her back, and using her own light weight he lifted and dropped her onto his enormously hard prick, it near severed her in two, she was being cleaved on his prick, she had no option but to let him fuck her as he wanted to fuck her. An orgasm hit, it forced Mia´s mouth onto his shoulder, she bit deep, her teeth sinking in on the tendons that joined head to body, Curt moaned, it pleased her immensely.

She sucked and bit hard, leaving a huge hickey there, she moved her succulent mouth to his left side and did the same thing, now she had branded him, deep large blood filled hickey`s were on each side of his neck.

`Just letting the world know that you belong to some one Curt, you belong to me,` she said lustfully, with a massive amount of satisfaction.

Curt dropped his mouth onto her upper left tit, and right above her super sensitive nipple, he hoovered in the huge deep red blood filled nipple. she tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her, then transferring his mouth to her other mound, he took her senses away from her.

`Just letting your husband know that you belong to another man now too!` he smirked.

`Oh Curt, oh Curt, yes yes yes I do baby.`

He fucked at her then, fucking her was the utmost task this boy could ever have, it was a labour of love, his prick was solely for her,

`I’m cumming Mia, I’m cumming!` he yelled.

´Oh baby oh baby yes, cum baby, cum, cum for me, fill me, oh Curt, oh yes OOOOOh!` Mia flooded love juice all over him, and onto the seat of her car, he pumped tons of fluid into her, half of which slid down with hers, both were dripping in cum. Mia´s pussy was in wonderful tatters, ripped, torn, beaten and battered, this boy wonder was the ultimate love warrior to her.

They stayed where they were for minutes on end before Mia tried to lift herself off him, she couldn’t manage it, Curt waited until he was ready to stir, then he gently lifted her up, only to drop her ass back onto his reinvigorated prick, Mia sank all the way down, there was no strength in her legs, her own body weight, light though it was, was enough to sink her all the way onto his thick and hardening body meat.

Mia just collapsed on him, his prick filling her ass to overflowing, she swore that she would shit all over him such was the feeling of desire to empty herself, Curt bent his head took in a nipple and Mia was done for, orgasm after orgasm ripped through her, her young lover was becoming a master of loving, he was inexperienced, but his inert desire to please her gave him all he needed to complete the loving he had for this small compact, petite beautiful sexy woman. This woman who had him reeling everyday of his life for her.

After the afternoon of plain hard fucking in her car they left for home, Mia`s pussy and ass was as sore as they could be, but it was a sore that replenished her brain, she almost didn’t want it to stop hurting, it was a vivid reminder of her young lovers strength and growing expertise.

They met at her home, his home and in the country whenever she could get away, over the following week.

As Mia dropped him in the car park one afternoon where she had picked him up, they were observed giving each other a passionate goodbye kiss that lasted for several minutes. The observer was more than astonished, he was raving bloody mad, how could she be doing this, how could he be doing this! It was obvious even to a blind man that they were lovers, and it wasn’t the first time either, he decided to keep a close watch on them from now on.

The following Monday morning Curt walked down the drive to Mia´s house and went in through the back door. Only Mia was in the house today, it was a secret meeting of the two. He waited for 30 minutes then walked himself down the same route Curt had taken, turning the handle on the back door he found it locked. Now he knew what they would be doing, going round the front he used the key he always had in his pocket, it was his home after all!

He silently entered and waited for a few moments until his ears adjusted to the house, then he heard soft sounds from upstairs, making his way up, he glanced through the crack in the door to her bedroom, she was on her hands and knees, her gorgeous chestnut mane hanging down and swaying back and forth as he rear ended her mercilessly.

She was totally naked and Curt was behind her fucking her absolutely senseless, he was also giving her an occasional slap, he suddenly realised he had obtained a massive hard on at the spectacle of her being fucked like this, but he was also consumed with annoyance, and a little jealousy and some hatred for them both that they would do this to him!

Walking quietly away Mia´s 18 year old son Jed walked to his bedroom, picked up the digital video cam he always had on standby, and went back, holding it up to the door crack he began to film, he would end this that was for sure. He filmed for the duration of the one hour length of the tape he had inserted, not bothering with the card, he knew he wouldn’t have the time for that, and anyway, he needed to jack off sharpish!

He left the house, and went home at the allotted time, walking in he was greeted warmly by his beautiful mother, he wanted to lash out at her, but he controlled himself and knew his time would come later this week if not sooner.

`Something wrong honey?` she asked him, being his mother she knew his moods.

`Nope I’m fine thanks,` he replied, and went upstairs, but his mother knew better. She followed him a few moments later, there was only them at home her husband was away again.

She knocked on his door and walked right in, Jed was just loading the tape again, he wanted to watch his mother’s debauchery in her own bed with his supposedly best friend.

`Jed what is it, I know you, so come on tell me or else?` she smiled at him, bit it was an awkward smile, she had her own secrets too didn’t she?

He hit her with a bombshell. `How’s your ass mum?` he said loudly.

`My, my, my ass, what do you mean?` she stuttered and went defensive, `Jed you are behaving in a funny way, I know you, what’s wrong, come on you can tell me honey.` she asked.

He looked at her and saw her in a new light, she was his mum yes, and she really was the best looking woman around here or even anywhere, he had always loved being close to her, he loved her smell, her way, he loved her, but his eyes this day were seeing her as the person she really was, a beautiful sexy tremulous woman. He knew Curt had the hots for her, he had told him lots of times, `Jed if she was my mother I would be fucking her morning noon and night!`

`You go near her and I’ll kill you,` he had said laughingly, well he had hadn’t he? `And he has been fucking you,` he said to his mother in his head.

`Do you like being spanked mum?` he asked pointedly.

Her mouth opened and closed, she was stunned, gobsmacked, she could only get a stammer out, and say. `Jed what are you talking about, have you lost your mind?`

`I know what you are doing mum, you and Curt are fucking each other, or should I say he is fucking you wholesale!`

If Mia hadn’t been sat down on his bed beside him she would have fallen over such was the shock of his revelation.

`I wonder what the old man is going to say when he finds out about it, you’ll be gone mother, you know what he’s like being religious and all that.`

`Jed oh Jed, I, I, I, I don`t know what to say about this, you are wrong, I don’t know where you or why you should even think of such a thing, me and Curt, you are joking with me aren’t you?` She tried a condescending laugh.

Jed now had his own agenda now, `this is going stop right this minute mother, you will never go near him ever again, that’s an order, one you had better obey!` He yelled at her as she sat there mortified.

`Jed please, I don’t know what you are talking about,` she got up to leave, and said over her shoulder,` and I don’t want to hear any more of this stupid thing you have in your silly head!`

‘Stay right there!’ he shouted. ‘Come right back here and watch this, right now!’

Mia turned to see him pressing buttons on his PC.

‘What are you doing Jed?’ She asked, now fearing the worst.

She saw him press play and the screen flickered to life, what she saw horrified her, there she was as naked as the day she was born on her hands and knees on her bed, being royally rogered from behind by her young 18 year old lover Curt.

Mia flopped onto the bed, all resistance, all her strength, all her denials were gone. She watched as she heard herself moaning, then Curt slapping her ass, and telling her how she loved it, and horror of horrors, she heard herself saying, ‘Yes Curt, oh yes baby, slap me some more,’

Jed stopped the tape, he had jacked off several times watching her getting fucked, it wasn’t the sight of Curt fucking her, it was the sight and thought of his beautiful, long chestnut haired mother in the throes of it, it was that that excited him, his mother, no one else, Curt didn’t exist in the film as far as he was concerned, just his mother, his so fucking sexy and adorable mother.

‘Right, like I said mum, you and Curt are history, never again, you can call him right now and tell him, he never ever comes to this house again unless I’m here, is that clear?’ he told her forcibly.

Mia’s head dropped in defeat, she would do as he told her, in a way she was glad because it was getting serious and it would only lead to total disaster, she knew that now, it already had!

‘I’ll do what ever you tell me Jed, I promise, can you delete the tape please?’

‘Not a chance mum that’s my insurance and it’s backed up so even if you delete it, it’s saved elsewhere.’

‘Go and call Curt, tell him it’s over.’

Mia left to make the call, he was stood next to her as she spoke. Curt wasn’t happy and wanted to come right round to see her to talk, Mia made it more than clear, and her words brooked no further argument, he accepted it and told her she would always be in his heart and mind, but he would do as she told him.

Jed pointed to the stairs; she looked at him, lowered her head and did as he told her, wondering what was going to happen now. He locked all the doors; he didn’t want a surprise from Curt, not with what he had in his mind. Jed took her into his bedroom and closed the door behind him.

‘Now mum, there’s no other way to say this so I’m going to come right out with it.’

‘What is it Jed, what’s on your mind honey?’

‘Get your clothes off mum, and get on the bed.’ He told her.

To say Mia was struck dumb was an understatement, she just stood there mouth wide open, and looked at her young son.

‘Do you want me to write it down mother, which part of ‘get your clothes off mum’ don’t you understand?’

Jed pulled his top off, that’s when Mia realised what he had in mind, she found her voice then.

‘Jed are you crazy, I am your mother for god’s sake!’

‘Now, or that tape will be e mailed to the old man in 2 minutes, and to Curt’s parents’ He roared at her.

He pulled down his shorts to reveal a hard on of humongous proportions, he had never been harder, this power trip was getting to him. His threats hit her like a hammer, this was the very result she had worried about, but this was not what she had considered a dangerous scenario.

She stood looking at his prick, she hadn’t seen it in 10 years, but now there it was sticking out at her, pointing to her in fact.

‘Come on mother get your gear off right now, you like young cock don’t you, and you’ve had plenty of Curt’s prick haven’t you?’ He taunted.

‘Please Jed, stop it, let’s talk honey, I’m so sorry you have found out, but it only happened because your dad has lost interest in me and I was feeling so lonely, Curt was here and it just happened, please darling talk to me?’

He pushed her down onto the bed and stood in front of her, kicking his shoes off and stepping out of his shorts, his prick waved around in front of her pouting lips.

Mia had no choice but to see it, it was there 6″ away from her. She tried to keep her eyes off it, but it drew her to it.

‘Please baby don’t, I’m so sorry, Jed honey please don’t make me do this?. Her soft brown eyes filled with huge tears before they fell down her face in big drops.

Jed was in no mood to compromise, he was on a high, and he wasn’t going to pull back until he had got what he wanted most of all in the world, his mother. She was going to be his whether she liked it or not, and at the moment she did not.

‘Last time mother! My way or the highway, which is it to be?’ he demanded. ‘The old man gets the film and Curt’s parents in the next 5 minutes.’

Mia did the only thing she could do, she reached for his valiant young prick and stroked it.

Jed almost whooped with joy, he had won, she was giving in, and if he could get her to enjoy it after a while, all the better. He had one thing in his mind at the moment that might, he hoped, turn the tables his way, and he would do it as soon as opportunity presented itself.

Mia began stroking his cock, the foreskin rolling back as she did, it was hot in her hand, flexible, yet tight, stiff, soft, pliable rigid, pulsating, throbbing, and all powerful. She, without knowing, began inspecting it as her hand slid up and down the living shaft.

Her mind took her back 18 years or so to the time when she cleaned him and cared for him, ‘my how he has grown’ her mind told her. ‘His cock is huge;’ she was talking to herself, her mind blank because of the situation she was in.

She suddenly realised that it was growing redder and redder, it was getting hotter, harder, and beating as if it had its own heart within it. It seemed to be leering at her as she watched the eye opening and closing as her hand ran over it.

‘Jed,’ she whispered hoarsely, ‘are you er, I mean, are you going to er do it baby?’

His answer was a forward thrust of his hips, it was a yes!

‘Oh mum, Jesus yes I am Oh oh, oh, oh Arggh! And he shot a salvo right into his mothers wide open mouth, the next one hit her chin, she dove forward in auto and wrapped her lips around the bright burning red head of his cock. Mia sucked it all down, swallowing and drawing his cum from his boiling balls. His knees gave way and Jed sank to the floor, to be gathered as he went by his loving mother.

‘Jed, oh honey, are you okay baby?’ she begged him, holding him in her arms, then wiping cum from her chin.

He looked up at his mother’s ever wondrous face, and said, ‘Mum, that was better than good. I love you mum.’

Mia was in total shock, she had just jacked of her son while sat on his bed, and she had gallantly and wantonly swallowed just about all he had blown at her. She was feeling hot, real hot. The fact that to all who knew her, knew she was hot never entered her mind.

‘I love you too Jed, but I don’t know where we are with this, mothers shouldn’t be like this with their sons.’

‘Yes they should mum, especially if it’s me and you, and they love them as you say that you love me.’

‘But Jed, we shouldn’t, you shouldn’t make me do this, it’s wrong baby.’

Jed struggled to his feet and pushed her down; Mia complied not because she wanted to but because she didn’t know how to respond. Jed reached around her and began removing items of clothing, she twisted and turned, but this only aided her disrobement. Soon she was down to knickers and bra, the bra went quickly. Jed left the knickers; he wanted to leave her with some semblance of modesty.

He attacked his mothers nipples straight off, he had seen how responsive and sensitive they were, he was sat on the side of the bed and facing her. He wasn’t disappointed, Mia struggled with her emotions, her son was taking more than advantage of her, but her nipples felt like they were going to break into bits and pieces and explode. Her innate desire to submit to a strong male, an alpha male was battling with her inborn knowledge that this was wrong, this was her own son. But her inborn desire to submit was winning the battle.

But it became for her the reason, it was not about what she wanted, it was about what her son wanted, he wanted her, he needed her, and being his mother, another inborn desire to care for him, please him, take care of him, feed him, and indeed mother and love him, and it was more powerful than any other primeval evolution theory that she had learned in the past.

She saw her hands go above her head, ‘why,’ she asked herself, ‘what am I doing?’ she thought. What she was doing was giving away her motherhood, her womanhood to another man, the fact that he was her son was of no consequence, he was in her eyes in that moment in time, the superior male. One who was dominating her, and making her submit, there was nothing she could do. She was now in full submissive form, she was inviting him in and on.

Curt had brought this unknown and inbred need to be loved, taken and used to the fore. Now he had been cast off to be replaced irreversibly by another, and the another was her son! Jed saw the silent message in his mother’s eyes, her hands above her head in sublime submission was enough for him to relax and take in the situation. Although his experience with women wasn’t enough for him to understand what had just taken place.

He leaned down and sucked in one of her nipples, one he hadn’t had in his mouth for nearly 18 years. It was gorgeous, the little ridges he could feel with his tongue sent shivers down his spine, the hardness, the vitality of it, he quickly switched to the other one and got the same response, Mia moaned, it was too much for her seeing her baby suckling her again after all these years. An orgasm broke through the surface and rippled around her to finish quivering in her pussy.

She saw a hand rest gently on the back of his head to guide him, it was hers, she watched in a sort of detached fascination as he roamed from one thick hard nub to the other. Jed started kissing his way slowly down her, biting bits of skin and flesh as he went; this had the sole effect of keeping his mother up the ladder. He was doing everything like an expert, a pro, a man of sexual knowledge unrivalled, the only thing was, Jed didn’t know he was doing it, it was all natural selection to his inner being. He needed to please and satisfy the beautiful goddess that he was worshipping and he would not give way to anything other than that, her happiness and her satisfaction.

Mia moaned and mewled as he wormed his way around her sexy body going lower and lower, she knew where he was heading and her body reacted like a c***d being offered gorgeous treat, her anticipation of his goal was driving her to distraction, her son was doing things to her no son should even think about, let alone do! And Mia was sinking into the pit of love, lust and arousal for which she would find no salvation, no rescue, no way back, he was taking her body and soul, and all she could do was race headlong with and to him.

He was at her pussy entrance, Mia couldn’t breath, she knew what was coming and yet the sensation of never encountering this was uppermost in her heart and mind. Her lips were glistening with her moisture leaking around them; The flaps of her pussy were opening to him like a flower in the morning sun. Jed raised her perfect legs and placed them over his shoulders, he was now right underneath her, with only his face above the object of his desire. He was preparing himself to attack his mothers pussy in a way he didn’t know of, but he would accomplish the deed. His mother would capitulate fully and completely.

A kiss was firmly planted right in the centre of her, her hips drove off the bed in total surprise and yet she had watched him do it, it threw her head backwards, her body arched, dropped back and her hips thrust up to meet their lovers lips. Jed sucked her in, held them, then dipped his tongue all the way right into the middle of her wondrous love pot, her furry cup. Mia cried out in ecstasy, another orgasm drove through her, her hands were in his hair holding, pressing him to her, she felt his teeth grinding her, tongue swathing around, and his mouth pulling her up to him.

More orgasms followed, Jed was on a high he was on full power, all he wanted to do was give his mother the love he had for her, and the pleasure and delight he now knew he could and was delivering.

Wiping his face of her cum, and drinking down her nectar he slid up her body, her hands and arms held and encircled him. He leaned in to kiss her, unbelievably it was a nervous kiss, neither really sure about it. Jed felt it was one thing to do what he had just been doing, and another to kiss your own mother like the lover she now was. He wasn’t certain how to do it, he remembered how his last girlfriend had told him.

‘Any powerful man can take anything from a woman, but he could never take a kiss, it has to be given, yes it can be forced from her, but her mind had to give it, and nothing on Gods earth could force her do that, only her.’

‘Mum,’ he whispered, ‘I want to kiss you.’

Her words lifted and broke his heart at the same time.

‘Yes baby kiss me, kiss your mother, your mum, and now your lover, kiss me honey, kiss me with your love.’

Their lips met in a kiss that would end all kisses, it sealed the union they were about to enter into passionately and wholeheartedly in the next few seconds.

Mia had gone from the lover of her son’s best friend, to the lover of her son, she knew inside it was to be the final resting place in her life. He had made her do this, but he hadn’t been bad about it, coerced her yes, but now she was willingly giving herself to him.

Jed rose above her, Mia slipped her hand down to grasp him, looking him in the eye certainly, she said.

‘This is the moment darling, are you sure it’s what you really want, truly?’ She was giving him a way out if he wanted one.

‘Yes mum, oh yes, but it’s not all I want, I want all of you for the rest of my life, unequivocally, totally, completely, and forever, and I won’t settle for anything less.’ He told her with a guttural certainty that belied his immature years.

Mia guided her sons prick into her heaven, his heaven, where they would find nothing but light, love, passion, and each other. It over whelmed Mia, she had been in love a few times in her life, she had even mistakenly thought she loved Curt, but it can’t have been real love, not to have pushed him out of her mind so easily.

Jed plunged in, Mia howled, her legs and arms wrapped him up, her mouth on his neck, she was holding him so tight to try and prevent the orgasms that flooded her from escaping and causing her doom. As soon as his prick had filled her pussy she was over the edge. They crashed through and over her, Mia was a woman experienced in multi orgasms, but not like this, what was he doing to her? Was it just him, was it his prick, his knowing of her totally somehow, being her son, her own flesh and blood that was causing her such wonderful grief, it and him consumed her senses, orgasms were hitting her far and wide, her cum was squeezing out between them, she lost control, nothing could save her, and the intensity of him made her cum even harder, she was crying for him, loving him, her body thrusting back as hard as he came down onto her. Jed gave her all he had, he swamped her with his fucking, his prick a stunning jack hammer that wouldn’t budge until it had broken open her walls if there were any left.

Then the ultimate sacrifice from one to the other, both came in a bruising thudding conclusion. Jed had never known anything like this, it beat him into the ground, he had nothing left, no more, no strength, but the power of his love for her would be forever undiminished.

Mia was catatonic, seemingly comatose, laid there under her son as if asleep, but with a smile on her lips that told him whatever she had gone through, he had caused it, he had been the catalyst for that smile on her trembling pouty lips, he kissed her softly. Mia opened her eyes slowly and said.

‘Jed baby, please just let me lie still for a moment, I don’t want this feeling to go away just yet, I need it, please babe?’ Her words were honey thick with love and arousal.

He held himself still, never moved, his prick still lodged in her succulent juicy vagina that was now his, he had full ownership, of that he was 100% certain. And no one, but no one would ever get her again, he would take her away from his father, but that was down the road. He would still be Curt’s best friend and he would never know of these events, he would never mention to Curt anything about anything as far as he and his mother were concerned.

Mia stirred softly under him, her eyes opened like the petals of a rose growing into full bloom. She smiled up at him with a light in her eyes that blinded him.

‘How can I have not been aware of her before this, why did Curt see it and not me?’ he thought.

He eased himself away from to let her move and breath properly, but she prevented him.

‘Don’t you ever try getting away from Jed Tinder, you are not going anywhere again but right here,’ she told him, indicating her body with her eyes nodding downward.

He fell into those eyes all the way down, he kissed her with a softness he didn’t know he had. Her tongue popped into his mouth.

‘I suppose we are going to have to get used to this hey?’ She sniggered into him.

‘You bet mum, you bet,’ and he banged his limp but solid prick into her, Mia gave a small moan.

‘Please babes, let me get over this, don’t worry, I will never say no to you ever, when ever you want me, I’ll be available.’ She kissed him with her promise.

With her legs over his thighs, and him snared in her arms she twisted him over and lay face to face with him.

‘Jed,’ she said lips to lips, ‘do we need to discuss anything baby?’

She was referring to Curt, as far as she was concerned that door was shut tight now, never to be reopened unless he wanted to open it.

He looked at her, and murmured, ‘no mum, there is nothing to be discussed about anything except me and you, what happens now, and in the future, but you had better get used to me and this, because I’m not going away.’

His words were strong unequivocal and concise, he meant them, she knew that.

‘That’s good enough for me darling, we have a lot to learn about each other now haven’t we, we are starting a period in our lives that we had no idea we would find for us?’

‘I will say one thing though mum, I will still be Curt’s friend, nothing will change that, as far as I’m concerned he never happened, and you will return to being the person you used to be, end of, okay?’

‘Yes babes, it’s all in the past, never to be brought up again.’ She swore to him, kissed him with another promise, and closed her eyes with contentment. She was where she wanted to be without even knowing it, she had been searching for love, looking for it from her husband, but the fool had looked the other way, Curt had found her in her most vulnerable moment. Then Jed had taken her to where she knew she wanted to be from now on.

Her husband wasn’t due home for two more days and they lived as man and wife, they used her bed, and slept the sleep of lovers. The following morning when Mia was taking care of his morning woody, working him with her soft hands, looking deep into his eyes with a look and a promise of tomorrow in them, she sucked licked and nibbled at the fire red raging bulbous head of his prick, she swallowed it all as he spouted, every drop of his precious cum went down into her body.

After resting, he made her lie flat facedown, not knowing what he had in mind, she happily complied. He climbed over facing away from her, captured her arms under his knees and sat heavily on her upper body. Mia asked her son what he was up to. In answer he began to wallop her pert, tight and toned backside. Mia yelped, tried to turn away and found no escape, there was no movement to be had. Jed smacked her hard, using both hands and both cheeks, she was crying out to him, begging him to stop until the moment she knew would arrive, the burning hurt turning to burning arousing pleasure.

‘Jed, oh Jed, Arrrgh, Ugh, Oooooh, Mmmmm, oh baby, oh yes darling, oh please abby I… Oh… JED JED JED…she was screaming into her pillow to deaden her cries. While spanking one cheek then the other, he jammed a middle finger into her ass, this added to Mia’s utter arousal, streaming orgasms, and total submission to him, she had wanted a sexual master all her life, and now here he was in the shape of her darling son, a product of her very own flesh and blood. Her feet were flopping up and down, he stopped and slid his hand under her and tweaked her clit, she descended into heavenly hell, she went limp, Mia had passed out momentarily. He got off her, got behind and in between her knees and waited for her to snuffle her return.

When she opened her eyes, she knew something had happened, her orgasms were still rolling around her, she could feel Jed between her legs, she hadn’t told him about Curt fucking her in her ass, and she never would, she wanted him to take her, use her, and know her ass was virgin to him. But would he know after ramming his finger up and decimating her senses totally?

She slid her knees up slowly rising to them, her ass was now on view, her pussy was dripping her cum down onto her sheets. Her head resting on her arms, she waited, she wanted him to do whatever came to him, she wanted everything he could give her, her love for him was insurmountable now. She knew he was no longer her son, he was her man, she relished in the knowledge that she belonged to him, no other man would ever possess her ever again. Least not her husband, he would be turned away until he gave up trying, if he ever did!

Jed got behind his mum, and pointed his turgid prick at her ass and pushed in, a loud squeal emitted from her lips, a soft moan of submission and utter delight; he had found her most secret place, the one that gave her the utmost pleasure with a cock deep in her. Jed pushed all the way in in one fluid motion; he bottomed out and held her hips, his balls tight against her wet pussy. He started slowly in and out, but steadily climbing in speed and determination.

He watched mesmerised as his cock slid out covered in her beautiful shit, it even smelled great, he made a mental note to get his tongue and mouth around there big time. Knowing he was in an area that was personal and as private as this made it all the more exciting, he hesitated to bang her, but that took him over, his pace got faster as his mother crowed louder.

‘Jed, Jed Oh ,Jed Hah, oh yes baby, what are you doing to me, oh Jed, this is too much baby, I can’t stand it, oh babes, Jesus Christ Oh yes honey, My God… Jed took heart from her, she was pleading with him, he took up the challenge as he heard it, his tempo increased, and soon he was in and out faster and faster. His hands holding her in place preventing her from falling down flat, he fingered her clit bringing further loud cries and moans from her as her head bounced up and down on the bed.

Jed knew by now that he wasn’t going to last very long, it was too good, too hot to withstand the pleasure and arousal he was going through, he felt his prick tighten somehow, it seemed to get harder if that were possible, then came that unmistakable grabbing of his balls as his cum reached boiling point and erupted in a volcanic ejaculation into her beautiful sexy mothers ass, Mia cried out again as she felt the first spurt and then more as she filled with his cum, which triggered the orgasm that almost killed her.

‘AAAAAAArgh,’ she screamed out in fabulous emotion. Jed pressed down on her back and forced her flat and beneath him, she really was being covered like a mare, his mare, he was the stallion, he was in stud. His cock still pulsed in her ass as it drained itself of the last remnants of his cum. He raised himself up on his hands and slowly pulled back, he swore he heard it ‘pop’ as the bigger head came out.

He lay next to her pulled the covers over them and went to sleep, Mia never moved, she slept too, content in the knowledge that her son, her man, her lover would be there when she opened her eyes again. When she wakened Jed was still slumbering, she moved gently to put her arm around him and lifted herself over him, she was looking down directly at his eyes and face, she wanted her to be the first thing he saw when he awoke. She tossed her beautiful but very scraggly mane of chestnut over the side of her gorgeous face and waited patiently.

Jed opened one eye and then the other, he was met with a sight from heaven, his beautiful mothers face was 12″ above him smiling gently and lovingly at him, it dazzled him absolutely, his heart burst with love and desire. She leaned down slowly, her mouth closing over his, she knew that for all his manly power she could hold him with her kiss, he would always defer to that.

‘I’ll never let you go mum, you know that don’t you?’ he said quietly.

‘Yes baby I do, and I have no intention of ever going anywhere without you.’ She responded just as quietly, but definite in her statement.

‘Come darling, we need to bathe, you stink!’ she said laughing heartily and so daintily.

Jed laughed too, and said, ‘yes mum, but are you going to bath me like you used to do when I was a baby?’

‘You had better believe it honey, I have several places to dig into and clean out, I want you sparkling clean everywhere, okay?’ Her raucous sexy snigger made them both laugh.

They made love while in the bath, Mia on top, the cum and juice floated about on the surface, there was so much of it, they showered, Mia drained it and refilled with fresh hot water, it was over two hours before they climbed out.

In the kitchen while she prepared a meal, he asked her. ‘Mum are you on the pill?’

‘Yes honey and it’s a good job I am what with all the sperm you’ve pumped into me in the last few days.’ She giggled softly, her face reddening because she was talking to her son in this way.

‘I want you to stop taking it, I want you and me to have a baby.’ He told her. Mia was astonished.

‘But darling we can’t do that, how would we cover it?’

‘We wouldn’t, we would either leave and go elsewhere, or you refuse to admit who is the father.’

He stood and took her soft warm body in his arms, ‘I mean this mum, the pills go, okay?’ This was said with a certainty that she already knew, and she also knew he wouldn’t change his mind.

Mia had never even considered this, she had run things around in her head, she knew her husband would never get another shot at her now, he had had his chance and ruined it, he was history now as far as her love and sex life was concerned. She had her own money so that wasn’t a problem; her parents had built a trust fund for her to mature at 25, and it was still in the bank earning interest and still untouched, no one knew about it, no one.

Mia pondered while kissing hin softly on his lips. ‘Jed,’ she murmured into his ear, ‘I will do as you ask, if you want a baby with me, then I will do it, but you had better give me lots of this!’ she giggled as she grabbed his cock through his shorts.

She ran away from him and headed for the stairs, Jed raced after her and caught her at the top, he tapped an ankle and made her trip, she landed on her knees 2 steps down, he pulled his prick out and rammed it straight unto her pussy. Mia squealed in surprise and surrender. Picking her up at the waist he carried her to bed, his prick lodged secure in her. He fucked her unceremoniously and blew load after load into her.

Afterwards, they went downstairs to finish making the meal, she told him. ‘Jed baby it will take at least a month or maybe more for the effects of the pill to go away, so don’t expect me to announce that I’m pregnant next week will you? I don’t want you to be disappointed or feel you have to try harder, I love you babes, and I will have our baby, I promise on my life.’

‘Mum I believe everything you tell me, and I will trust you and your judgement, I love you too much not to.

Nine weeks later she took a home pregnancy test, they did it together, it turned blue, she was pregnant! They laughed and danced around, their joy was overwhelming.

The following weekend she told her husband, he couldn’t speak, when he did, he shouted, ‘how can you be, we haven’t had sex for about 5 months or more?’ Realisation dawned, ‘you, you, you’ve been unfaithful?’ his amazement was there right on his face.

‘Yes I have, and next week I am leaving this house, you and all that’s in it.’ She announced, Jed was outside the door listening with joy as she mentioned that, they would go away, this is what he wanted, but had left the choice of their future to her.

‘Hah,’ he shouted, ‘and how will you mange for money then, I earn it not you!’ He thought he had scored a telling point.

‘I have more money than you can shake a stick at Donald, so get used to being alone you fucking loser!’ Jed was stunned he wasn’t used to hearing her use language like that.

She left the room and bumped into him, giving him a quick kiss, she said, ‘start packing baby, we are off as soon as possible, I hope you are ready for this darling.’

‘I’m as ready as I will ever be mum, er Mia?’ He laughed, and kissed her back, his dad walked out and saw them, lips locked, he didn’t know he was watching lovers. He stormed past and shouted, ‘your slut mother is leaving us Jed, she fucking pregnant! Can you believe that?’

Jed contained his rage, and said, ‘yes I know, she’s told me, and guess what, I’m going with her.’

They left to pack, moved into a guest house a 100 miles away, as Mr and Mrs Tinder. And looked for a home to buy, 2 months after that they bought a house on the coast 600 miles away from everyone, no one knew where they were. And 7 months later Mia gave birth to a beautiful chestnut haired daughter, who looked exactly like her mother and father.

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