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Moving into our holiday unit we meet our neighbours. “Hi, I’m Trevor and this is Sue, can we give you a hand shifting in?”
“Sure, that would be great! I’m Adrian and this is Patrice.”
“Peter, come help us” Sue calls and their son walks out to help.
We unpack and get on well with our neighbours. As the days go on we have been doing lots with them, having picnic lunches going touring, generally having fun.
Sue drops over. “Would u like to have a spa Patrice?” I watch u quickly get changed and charge off to the spa. “Peter, bring a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine for me.”
You settle into the spa as Peter walks over, chatting to Sue and having a great time.
We have a great first week of our holidays, enjoying time with our neighbours.
I have been watching Peter as he has taken a great interest in you, watching you as you walk around in the warm weather, staring at you as you sway in your thin summer dresses.
Friday arrives and Trevor, Sue and Peter have started to pack. “I wish I could stay mum, I still have a week of holidays” Peter moans, “I have really enjoyed this place!”
“We have a spare room and are here for another week” I say to Sue, “I am sure that Patrice won’t mind if Peter stays here and we can drop him off after the week.”
“Ohhhh please mum, can I???”
“I suppose so, but make sure you are a good boy”
“Sure, he is a lovely guy, we’ll take good care of him!” I say as Trevor and Sue leave.
The first day is uneventful although I do notice that you have started to leave your bra off as you walk around the unit. I give your lovely soft tits a gentle squeeze as you walk past me, kissing you passionately not realising that Peter is in the next room watching us.
“I wish we hadn’t asked Peter to stay. I’d love to fuck you right now!!!” I say as I grab your sexy ass.
I leave to get something out of the car and you walk into Peter’s room. As you open the door you see him laying on the bed, stroking his big hard cock. You stop in your tracks, staring for a second “ohhhh, I’m sorry” watching him going bright red as you watch his hand. You rush out of the room, both of you embarrassed at the situation.
You spend the rest of the day thinking of the image that you saw, staying quiet horny for the day. That night as you changed into you nightie you kept thinking of his young hard cock, sliding your panties off and imagining him seeing your lovely bald pussy. You walk into the lounge, sitting on my lap as you have every night, kissing me passionately, sliding your tongue into my mouth, making me very aware that you were horny and I was in for a lovely night of making love.
We sat up with Peter for a while before leaving for bed. Peter was watching the television as we left and I jumped into bed waiting for you. I lay down and noticed the door open a little and was surprised that you didn’t shut it, but I was too excited to bother. I watched as you climbed from the bottom of the bed moving towards me on all fours, licking my thighs as you slowly move up. My cock is so hard as you work your way slowly towards it.
I think I notice some movement outside our door but am so excited with what you are doing that I ignore it. You move your tongue towards my cock, not touching it with your hands, slowly licking me, sucking my knob into your wet mouth. I moan loudly as you suck my cock into your mouth, slurping down on it, sucking it deep into your mouth. I know your nightie has ridden up high and I imagine what your ass would look like from behind. You start moving on my cock faster “ohhhhh, honey, I’ll blow if you keep doing that!!!” I grab your head as you keep sucking, knowing that I can’t last long with you sucking me like that. Trying to slow you down, you keep sucking me, faster and faster, deep into your sexy wet mouth. “ooohhhhh” I moan as I start to blow, pumping my cum into your mouth as you suck it and swallow it, licking your lips and smiling at me.
You snuggle up to me and I put my arms around you as I drop off to sleep even though I know how horny you still are.
I lay there for a while, pretending to be asleep, expecting you to masturbate, knowing how you like doing that as much as I like you playing with yourself. It seems like ages but you start to move, rubbing your thighs lightly moving your fingers over your sexy soft body. You stop for a few minutes, checking that I am asleep. You slowly slide out of bed, making sure you don’t disturb me. I watch as you creep out of our room, going to check on Peter. You knock lightly on his door before entering. He is laying in bed, watching you walk towards him. You kneel down next to his bed. “Sorry for walking in on you, I should have knocked. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I know that young guys do that, so I should have know better. Did you finish off after I left?”
Blushing a little, Peter nods. “Have you jerked off tonight sweetie?”
“Yes I did” he replies.
“Where did you cum?”
“On my chest and stomach!” You slide your fingers under the sheet, sliding slowly over his chest, moving slowly down, feeling his nice smooth chest. You lay your head on his chest as you slide your fingers lower, feeling the wetness on his chest.
“mmmmm, that feels like this is where you have cum sweetie” running your fingers over his wet smooth chest. “Did you like me seeing you stroking your hard cock?” running your fingers lower, touching his belly as he nods at your question.
Sliding your fingers down lower, touching the tip of his hard cock, Peter gasps!!! You slide your fingers down further holding his hard cock lightly, stroking it slowly kissing him as you move your hand up and down his hard shaft. Peter slides his tongue into your mouth and you suck on it gently, pulling it deeper into your mouth. He is enjoying the feel of your wet mouth as he kisses you back, moaning as you start stroking his big hard cock. You move the sheet down, exposing his cock to your view. You gasp as you see how big and hard it is, licking your lips as you move your head quickly towards him. Your mouth touches his knob, licking him lightly then sucking it into your mouth. Peter gasps loudly as you suck his wet knob, sliding your mouth down his hard shaft, making him very wet, enjoying the taste.
You feel Peter’s excitement building quickly, not minding that he will cum, knowing the power you have over him. It doesn’t take long and he starts shooting as you continue sucking on him, spurting into your mouth. You continue stroking his cock as you suck his cum into your mouth. He finally finishes spurting and you smile at him as your hand plays with his still hard cock. You stand up and look down at Peter, moving onto his bed, straddling him as he lays flat on his back. You slide down his body, not even needing to touch his cock as you push down and it slides easily into your sexy wet pussy. You moan as it slides in, filling your wet hole. You lean down and kiss Peter passionately, pushing your tongue into his mouth, tasting him.
You start riding him, pushing deeper onto him, feeling it filling your pussy, making you even wetter. Peter grabs your hips, thrusting into you deeply pumping his young hard cock into you, fucking you hard, deep and fast. You reach down as and touch your clit as you feel your own orgasm building, rubbing it hard as he fucks you hard. He pulls your nightie off and grabs your soft tits, squeezing them as you ride him harder. You let yourself go, feeling your cum squirting out over his cock, wetting his bed just as he spurts his cum deep into you.
You creep back to our room, sliding slowly into our bed, not trying to wake me, not even having put your nightie back on. You roll over, putting your back to me and snuggle against me. I have been laying there thinking about what you have been doing, my cock very hard and I slip straight into you as you press against me.
I grab your hips and pump my hard cock into you, fucking you hard and deep, sliding into you cum filled hole. “mmmmm, your cunt is soo wet honey, you feel so good!” I whisper into your ear as I fuck you deep. “I’m not going to last long, you feel so hot and wet!”
“That’s ok Adrian, I don’t mind, you just enjoy it, I know I have!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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