How I explained to my wife my fantasy for upcoming

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How I explained to my wife my fantasy for upcoming
We were suppose to travel to Greece for holidays and i had to tell my wife my fantasy about it.
So this is what i sad to her and explained her in details.

Its our fourth day on the Greek sea, finally relaxed and happy to be together. We had a wonderful day on the beach, swimming, tanning, watched beautiful sunset. After dinner, we went back to our room to take a shower. Your body already is tanned and i cant stop looking at you! You look like a goddess, Greek sex goddess. My Aphrodite;) In the shower we already start to touch our self’s, slowly rubbing your body with shower cream, admiring your curves, beautiful breasts. I can hear that u started to breath heavily. We started to kiss passionately, wanting it right then, my huge erection wants to penetrate u so much.But I suddenly stooped.

I want to prolong this wonderful feeling of excitement, I suggest to you that since the evening is still young, we should dress up go the bar for few mojitos. Actually i wanted to play a little bit. I told you to put on your smallest sexiest skirt u have and light shirt without a bra. Ah its a feast for my eyes! I don’t know how I holding my self back not fucking you just then.
We are entering the bar, its a nice atmosphere there, light summer music, lots of young people having fun. As we enter i can see, how boys are checking you out, i don’t blame them, you look stunning, hm the girls are checking u as well, but i think they are jealous on you.

We settled at some high bar table, ordered drinks and started to talk. Next to our table came to sit two young boys, we saw them in hotel already, they were in good mood for fun, greeted us and we started to chit-chat a bit.They were interested where are we from,what we do.. It seems they were young good looking Americans exploring the Greece, Josh and Mike. Its their last night in our hotel and than they are continuing.

After u came back from toilette, u took my hand and put your panties in my hand, ah…i was surprised, i think even the boys noticed the gesture and they were kind of red in their face.Ah the knowledge that your standing next to me just in that dress naked underneath made the blood rush in my body. I was slowly rubbing your back and my hand was falling down to your ass.. My fingers were playing with you.

We all had good time talking and after few drinks, we were more open to talk. Josh and Mike were talking how they had great time on the islands just that they couldn’t find any girls to have more fun. Haha.. Than u sad loudly, ’you mean u didn’t have any sex on your holidays? Not even a kiss or a hand-job? No bueno’ hah..i was quite surprised, boys as well to your openest, they were a bit shy..We were all laughing to it.

The waiter came to inform us that bar is closing already, time runes away. And since it was the boys last night on the island, they wanted to continue partying so they invited us to their room for another drink if we want. Uf i wanted just to go to our room and fuck you insanely, but you sad Ok lets go for another drink. While walking the stairs, my hand was playing with your ass and pussy from behind, I could feel you are wet. I was like that we should have one quick drink and than go to room and fuck. You sad Ok, and gave me the eye;) Hm…

In the room you started to dance a bit, rubbing your ass against my dick, the boys watching you, with lust in their eyes. Than you whispered to my ear ’Dear this is a perfect moment for a little fantasy come true, i am now ready to take my girlfriend slutty duties of satisfaction, I will give those boys a little hand-job for a treat’ Those words rushed thru me like electricity, my cock wanted to explode from my pants, i gave u the eye;) You turned to boys and told them that is unacceptable that they didn’t have any kind of luck with girls and that you will treat them with hand-job.

You looking over at me with a smile I couldn’t believe what is going on. You laughed and I saw your fingers tug at their jeans. Than u sad to them to slowly undo their jeans and slide them down their legs. I had to say it did feel good watching, but i was jealous as well and I was not sure what to do but yes, we should indulge our sexuality as opportunity opened. So i went to take our camera and make little dirty holiday photos.

The boys were confused, didn’t know if your are k**ding, but they immediately took their jeans down,you could see their erection in pants .Drinking another gulp of wine you said, ’Quickly down witht boxer shorts ’,with hard cocks to escape out!
I watched as you slide your hand up their thigh and then your fingers began softly playing with theirs erected cocks.

You set on a sofa between the boys, and started slowly to stroke their dicks, which became bigger and harder with every stroke you made. You were looking at their cocks, than looking at me with dirty smile;) I was just enjoying the view. Your little hands on those hard big dicks, playing with them and commenting how you like their young hard dicks;) I could feel my cock bursting through my jeans
Boys were in heaven… Mike asked if he can touch your breasts? He was admiring them so much
U took them out from the shirt finally
Admiring glances focused your tits, those full cups and hard nipples looking fantastic
Now they are focused on kissing those hard nipples!

I came close to feel your pussy!! Your pussy drenched with juices for the ’sinful’ act we were committing with boys in a hotel room. You are so moist and wet, now i knew you are enjoying it to, not doing it just because of my fantasies, was great feeling. Couldn’t believe its actually happening..
Than u sad you wanted to watch all of you playing with our cocks for you, finally i took my cock out and made few photos.
Hey josh started to touch your,,,never mind i see u are enjoying!

Mike had the tip of his hard cock touching your lips Your tongue started to play with the head of his cock.I watched you lean forward with your mouth opened. As your mouth closed over the head of mike cock and you began to suck hard pulling his cock into your hot wet mouth. You sucked his cock in and out of your mouth.
Josh is now licking your sweet wet pussy, i am just enjoying the view!
You are siting on that sofa sucking Mike while josh is between your legs licking, making circles with his tongue!

Mike couldn’t hold it any more he grabbed his cock and drew it toward your mouth just as the first burst of sperm squirted from his dick and splattered across your tongue, mouth, chin, you were not surprised at all, your welcoming mouth took all the warm sperm and u licked the remains from his dick! Just that u told him that its to bad ’Now only Josh can fuck me’!l,
You got up and got into doggy style position and Josh slipped it in your welcoming pussy. the harder and faster he went the more i could feel the end of your throat on my dick.

Now I took the opportunity , took my cock in your hand and guided it toward the entrance o your wet pussy. Straight away you started to ride me quite furiously as you told everyone again that you needed a good fucking.
Then i trow u on the bed and start to fuck you, so hard, thrusting my shaft so fast in your pussy!

Than again i take u in missionary pose, fucking you and ordering boys to come both on bed
letting their big cock slap you right on the lips. You started sucking hem like never did before and moaning in pleasure while i was fucking you!
Put your tongue out love I sad and you did, As you encouraged the boys by telling them to’ make that big fat cocks cum for you’, you grabbed their balls and in massaging ..

The first few jets shot on to your cheeks with the rest squirting across your tongue and in your mouth, face and the last jets dropping onto your tits. You very covered in warm sperm, licking your lips with tongue and i was thrusting in you with such a force that made u moan and scream from ’sinful’ pleasure.
Finally i started to pour my sperm deep inside you, screaming from pleasure!

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