hubby loves to be sodomized

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hubby loves to be sodomized

First I’m 5’5″ and i weigh 108lbs, Nice tits and a lovely bubble butt , I have long dark brown hair and hazel eyes, I dress very feminine and wear high heels.
He’s 5’9″ 200lbs chestnut hair and hazel eyes.
I enjoy fucking my man’s ass! Each time we have sex, i fuck his ass! He’s a real anal whore!
I started this 2 years ago because he was always asking to fuck MY ass! So i turned the table around… I bought a normal sized strapon and i surprised him. time passed by and now he’s totally analy mine.
He now takes a huge 12″ BAM in the ass which by the way i made him ask for himself to the saleslady at the sex shop and tell her the purpose of this XL dildo.
I also very often make him wear a buttplug in public, sometimes for as long as 5 hours! I started gaping his ass last year and now when i’m in the mood i fist him to the wrist.
He always wanted me to swallow his cum…So now when i let him cum he has to eat it all! Guess what! He likes it!

Last month i made him suck his best friend in front of me and my girlfriend ( we thought of this for his birthday) He did this like a pro and we asked for a facial and boy it was a good show! My girlfriend licked his face, kissed him back and made him swallow the whole load! He thought it was over but later that evening we had him fucked too…Not bad for his first time with a man!

For his next time the 3 of us are going to fuck him all the evening!

Yesterday he had to wear his 2 3/4″ wide buttplug and we went to see my parents… we sat there for almost 3 hours! I asked him a couple of times if everything was OK… You look nervous honey!

He got a well deserved assfuck when we came back!

Got Milk?
I like to milk him on all fours…ass up! I use four fingers in his ass and i gently pull down on his cock, i put a plate right under his dick and after half an hour or so i make him lick his prostate juice!

I like a hard cock! and the harder i fuck him the harder he gets! I make him sit on my cock face forward just so I can see his hard dick bounce up and down. This is not just with me… the day his friend fucked him the little whore stayed hard the whole time… for our delight i must admit!

I need advice from you guys(girls)!

Should i tell every girl in the couples we hang out with that my husband is a anal whore and he likes to get fucked in the ass?

DP for the anal whore!

Today, after my girlfriend finally fisted my husband (she wants to try this on her husband, so i showed her how!) she gaped his hole so well… that we couldn’t resist to try to DP him with our strapons.
With her laying on her back he sat on her cock facing her while i went behind him and slowly got my cock all the way in! What a bitch! We fucked him like that for at least 20 minutes with 2 “Jeff Stryker strapons”
A couple minutes later we got him on all fours and my girlfriend came back with the “BAM” and fucked him for another 15 minutes while her boyfriend was looking at her pounding my hubby with that huge cock. She told him that once you go “BAM” you don’t go back!

This weekend!(4-17-2014)

I asked him if he wanted to fuck me like a real man would do to his wife or have me fucking his ass with my huge BAM strapon!

Guess what? His answer was: Please baby fuck me so hard!


Put an ad on the net in my area searching for a straight guy who wants to fuck a married man’s ass in front of his wife and shoot his load on his face… I wanted only a couple of answers, so I said that he had to pay $250, have a nice 8″ cock minimum, be able to last at least 1/2 an hour and send me a photo of him and his cock to decide so I could decide.

Guess what? In a week i received 10 answers!!!


Afer a few chats on msn with the stud i choose, i invited him home friday night… (34 years old married man with a lovely wife and 2 k**s)… he wanted to try it with a man but not with a gay?
Once the money was in my hands! I ordered them to get naked and my husband to get down on his knees and get this nice 8 1/2″ cock hard so he can fuck his ass deep for me! (poor guy never fucked his wife’s ass in 10 years) not 7 minutes later he came while fucking him in his condom…
I don’t know if it’s because of me encouraging him to go faster and deeper or if i arrived home with a week long load waiting to shoot but a quick condom change with no erection drop and he was back in business. This time fucking him on his back with legs up. This time i instructed him to be sure to cum on his face and that’s just what he did 25 minutes later!
Just before he left, he asked if we could do this again sometime and that it was his best $250 investment in 10 years!
I thanked my husband with a nice slap on the ass for the nice Saturday shopping trip that he just gave me and he never got to cum!!!


The guy who fucked him last night was so in shape and with a nice large Min. 9″ cut cock! He fucked him deep and hard for at least 45 min. and my whore husband even came twice before i made him suck his cock for a beautiful facial ending!

He finally accepted that he’s becoming my bitch for hire!

For now i’m gonna start with 3 guys a week to see how he takes it! I know he loves to suck large cocks. I can tell just by seeing how he does it!


It’s been a month now and the only sex he had is with men! 3 times a week he sucks cocks and gets fucked in the ass pretty hard! NO complaints yet…

Next week i’m gonna book 5 guys (Monday to Friday)

I have a 50 nam list and i don’t want to make them wait 4 months to fuck him!


Almost 2 months without me fucking him! He only gets to lick my ass while i facesit him each night before bedtime… I don’t need to fuck his ass anymore ’cause i turned him into my perfect malefucked bottom whore!

I so love it when well hung guys pound him hard to the balls and make him scream of pleasure! So far 20 different guys got to fuck him and i retained 2 of them to be permanently fucking him for free as many times as they want

(one is only 18 years old… But what a nice 10″ cock! and he can last for hours)


Well i told him he could choose this week which 5 guys and in what order he wanted them… No one was free for Thursday July first so he’s gonna have to get fucked twice friday… once right after work at 4pm and the other one at 9pm as usual!


I want to buy him a chastity cage! I searched the net and i found a nice cute model… The sentinel


What do you think? Is this a good idea?


Like the good whore he has become, yesterday he got fucked by # 50. Last on my list.

On the 50 guys that got to fuck him for me, i retained 2 of them to continue to fuck his ass whenever i feel like it and for free…(extra large cocks and long lasting)


A little bit more than 6 months with his chastity cage now! He only has 1 evening off per week (saturday)

I still fuck him 3 times a week with my BAM (hmmm i love my big cock) but the best part is when i invite Steve over (19 years old 10″ top) and he gets to fuck my manwhore with his cage on… Since Steve is now a regular with us we don’t use condoms anymore and he can cum in his ass or he can give him a facial or a mouthfull, whatever i feel like but i like to see him swallow that big juicy load!


Just told the neighbor this after noon while we were having a little chat about all and nothing when the sex subject came on that I was doing the fucking in my house and not my husband! She immediatly said back to me that she like it too and to be on top… I told her not on top but behind him… With a strapon! She did not believe me at first but after some explaining her eyes were wide open and she couldn’t believe that my so macho husband was taking it in the ass!

I told her to talk about it with her husband..


I told him to take the day off. We were alone today and he had to be naked all day. first he licked me for an hour and made me cum 3 times… i rewarded him with a large butt plug in his ass and he cooked me a nice breakfast. It has been a long time, so right after i ate i bent him over the table and grabbed the crisco grease and proceeded to do a nice fisting session at least 3 inches past the wrist and i fisted him till his cock dripped with precum like crazy and i stopped just seconds before orgasm… you should have heard him beg! So i put the large plug back, got a plate and told him to jerk off in the plate and eat it! I know he loves it when i ask him to eat cum!

I repeated this 3 times today, so 9 orgasms for me, 3 fistings and 3 orgasms and 3 cum drinking for him… so score is 9 to 9. That is fair…


Just found out about….
lots of married men there! Guess what?
they love to see my husband with a buttplug in his ass!
Or dildoing hisself!
I fucked him once for a nice couple who wanted to see what is was like to fuck a man’s ass… in exchange she facesits him for me! We plan to get together over the holidays. my ass whore of a man is going to have WHOLEY holiday!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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