I am a straight man that has sex with men

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I am a straight man that has sex with men
Just like the title says, I am an enigma among gay men and straight men. I don’t consider myself gay but i have had sex with 11 men. I don’t find men attractive in the least. In face i find myself repulsed by the male figure and not at all attracted to male facial features.
So why do i continue to have sex with men? Well its a weird story that i am sure is not unique. With 6 billion people on the planet i am sure there are more men like me but here is a story of why this straight man likes to fuck other men even though he doesn’t find himself attracted to the same sex.
Like most people on this site and other adult sites i am a walking boner. I am always horny. I never stop being horny, I am in a happy relationship right now with the girl of my dreams (I will never cheat on her but she will never know my secret) and i couldn’t be happier. But when i was a senior in high school i had a crush on this girl, for straight men reading this just imagine the hottest girl of your dreams because that is what she was and still is to me. She was 18 and had the body of a porn star but unfortunately for me she had a boyfriend who as actually a good friend of mine at the time. We hung out a a lot after school with other class mates of ours. I always admired her from afar but i would never make a move to try and take her from my friend. Her name was Christy and his name James and i respected their relationship. I have never cheated nor have i helped someone cheat willingly (I have found out about a couple of men and women that were using me to cheat on their significant others and i hate it) but i did entertain the thought plenty of times, i felt that there was some kind of chemistry between us and i figured if i just had a chance (Just like any guy that had ever met her ever thought) i knew i could make her mine.
Well to make a long story short my change came in a strange way. I got a call from Christy one faithful day that would test my heterosexuality. See she knew i wanted to fuck her bad which wasn’t any kind of revelation, every guy did. But today in this call she spoke to me in a weird way, the way when you know that you are going to be thrown a curve ball. She asked me how i felt about her, she asked me if i had ever thought about fucking her. If i had ever thought about her giving me a blowjob. Well of course i have, I masturbated thinking about her all the time but i was taking aback. I wasn’t ready for this kind of questions, I kind of hinted at them but i didn’t want her to know that i was some kind of pervert ( which seems silly now as i would tell her hell yes i am a prevert). Either way i answered all the questions the best i would at the time without truly letting her know how i felt. I realized at the time i was in love with her though, we had become great friends. At the end of that call she asked me to come over to her house.
When i arrived James was there, which i was disappointed with. In my mind she was going to tell me that she was hopelessly in love with me and that she wanted to be with me… i couldn’t have been more wrong… i was so wrong. Instead after a couple of drinks from her parents refrigerator (I couple of miller high lifes, yeah yeah i know i am a light weight at the time but hey beer is beer when you are 18) she gave me a proposal, as it turns out both Christy and James are bisexual, they have had 3 somes with several girls before but never with another male and guess what, they want me to be the guy. Now Christy is very specific, she knows i want to fuck her really bad, but in order for me to fuck her i have to fuck james in the ass first. She will blow me to get me hard but after that i have to pound my friends ass so i can fuck her pussy. I say yes in under a second, i don’t know if it is the booze or because how hot she is but i surpised myself because i never thought of fucking another guy… ever. I just don’t find men attractive and still don’t but i had to have her. At the time i thought that i would have said no but i am glad i didn’t because i had some of the best sex of my life that day. She blew me just like she said she would, she stripped down buck ass naked, i always imagined her naked, she had large natural breasts and a nice big round ass which is unusual for a tiny white girl. When i saw her naked i had the hardest erection of my life, until this day i don’t think i have had an erection that matches it. She got on her knees, zipped down my pants, pulled out my rock hard cock and deep throated me on the first try, i was blow away (Literally). I was dreaming, this girl i had only dreamed about and she was deep throating me viciously i might add but the fun had to end as she stopped and pointed to James who was also naked bent over on her water bed. (Note: Fucking on a water bed is akward)
He told me “it isn’t as bad as you think?”
At the time i didn’t know what to think. Christy had spread her legs wide open next to James and said.
“When you fuck his ass you can fuck my pussy.”
I didn’t want to do it but at the same time i did, There she was, wide open for the taking. Her pussy was wet, I could see the slick shine gleaming in the natural light. I looked at James, All i saw was a hairy ass and balls, i just there stunned like a deer on head lights. Christy then pulled out some lube and greased his ass as if to give me more motivation but still i stood there but i didn’t want to do it, i didn’t want to fuck another guy. It wasn’t until she got a bored look on her face that forced my hand, she made for her clothes then i jumped on the bed as fast as i could and pushed my dick into my friends ass and to my surprise it felt really good. He moaned with pain as i am just a bit bigger than average ( I am not huge by any stretch of the imagination, sorry) i slowely moved in and out of him, Christy started fingering herself in ferociously, she really enjoyed watching James getting penetrated. I kept the motion going though, i watched my cock slide in and out of this hairy ass. i watched her getting off on it and thought ” what the fuck am i doing” I was ready to cum so i pulled out. She had James straddle her face to fuck and quote unquote said “I need you to fuck me right now” and i did. I didn’t last very long, Maybe five minutes but she knew and asked me to cum on James cock which i did. It was a gross sight to me but i did what i was told. I could barely see his cock, it was dripping in my cum, then she took his entire cum cover cock in his mouth, cleaned it and made him cum in her mouth. She showed me his cum then swallowed and that is all that happened that day.
We all put our clothes on. I kissed her goodbye and didn’t even look James in the eye. But they would call me over again and again when her parents weren’t home. That is when i realized that having sex with men was just a means to an end. IT wasn’t a bad thing, in fact it felt good. I blew James a couple of times but i wasn’t good at it at all. He even told me so which is fine because i don’t like blowing men, he was the only one of the 11 men i have sucked off. I don’t like touching another guys cocks either, i will if i have to but it doesn’t do anything for me. But still i wont turn down men for sex and really only because it reminds me of Christy but i am thankful for it because even though i don’t find men even remotely attractive i still will have sex with them and still have fun. Thats why i don’t consider myself gay or even bisexual because i am not attracted to the same sex. Maybe i am Bi but who cares i have fun more than most people

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