I caught my Mom

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I caught my Mom
The day had started out like any other, I crawled out of bed at the very last minute that I could and still have time to get dressed and be on my way to school. I made a quick cup of coffee, thank God for the Keurig machine, and grabbed a granola bar then out the door I flew. The ride to school was about seven miles, three and a half to the bridge and then three and a half to the school. It was less than a mile from my house if I had a boat, but that wasn’t going to happen.
As I got to the bridge that connected Ormond By The Sea with Ormond Beach I could already see the line of cars, damnit, the bridge is up. I looked over the railing and saw not one but three huge yachts lined up waiting for the draw bridge. “Fuck, these rich assholes are going to make me late”, I swore to myself. By the time that the second boat was meandering under the bridge a fourth boat, this one a tall sailboat, had joined the procession. “Fuck this”, I said out loud and turned my bike around and headed for home.
I couldn’t go straight home, my parents would be there until eight, so I took Granada Blvd. to the beach and rode back that way. There weren’t many tourists up this way so I had the beach pretty much to myself. I stopped for a while once I reached the beach ramp closest to my street and waited until I was sure that it was safe to go home.
When I got there both cars were gone so I entered the gate and parked my bike around back before letting myself in. Sure that I was home alone I gave our German Sheppard Lady a milk bone and went back to my room to fire up my computer, with any luck I would get my warrior to level 58 before the school bus dropped off my brothers this afternoon.
As I played, Lady lay at my feet as she usually did. Suddenly, a little after noon, she perked up and ran to the front of the house. That usually meant that someone was here, but who could it be at this time of day? I hoped that it wasn’t the truant officer again so I hid in my bedroom. I heard the front door open and close, and I could hear my mother’s voice talking to someone who’s voice I didn’t recognize. Shit, what is she doing home?
I could hear them talking and laughing but could not make out the conversation so I snuck out into the hall, making sure that I could not be seen from the living room where they seemed to be. “Steve, I’m so glad that you could get away from the shop”, I head Mom say.
“Don’t talk with your mouth full”, I heard the stranger reply, and now I knew who it was. Steve Harris, my Dad’s best friend. What the hell was he doing here in the middle of the day, and why would Mom have him over when she always acted like she hated the jerk. And what the hell were those slurping noises coming from the living room. I had to know what was going on. I snuck down the hall to the entrance to the living room undetected. Dropping down I peeked around the corner, using the huge ponytail palm that Mom kept at the end of the couch as cover. I could not believe my eyes, Steve was laid back on the couch and my mom was kneeling between his legs. Her shirt was hanging off of the small palm tree and I could see her milky white boobs swinging back and forth beneath her. I may have been a naive geek but I knew what a blowjob was and I could tell that Steve was getting a good one.
From my vantage point I watched my mother plunge her mouth down onto his shaft to the hilt over and over again, not that it probably took much given what looked to be all of five inches. In awe I watched Mom sucking off my father’s best friend. I was in shock, I was disgusted, I was hard as a rock. What the hell do I do with this information?
Suddenly Steve took my mother’s head in his hands and pulled her away from his prick. In a flash he was up off the couch and pushed her face into the cushions. I watched as he practically ripped off her white panties with one hand and guided his dick into her with the other. I had to do something, so quietly I retreated from my hiding spot, back down the hall, all the while I could hear my mom cooing about how great his cock felt. I was beyond pissed.
Quietly I snuck into my parents room and retrieved the AR15 from the closet. I knew that it was loaded, it was always loaded. Rifle in hand I marched back down the hall and into the living room. Neither of them noticed me as my mother had her face buried in the cushion of the couch and Steve was hunched over her, a flopping tit in each hand while he apparently was nibbling on her neck. The sound of the charging handle being pulled back and released echoed through the room getting the attention of both of the lovers Steve looked up in horror at the flash suppressor that was nearly touching his forehead.
“T T Tom, it’s not what you think”, he stammered.
“I think that you’re fucking my mother”, I countered much more coolly that I felt “Isn’t that what you’re doing?” I poked him in the forehead with the muzzle of the rifle and he fell back onto his ass. I lowered the sights of the rifle until I had a bead on his rapidly shrinking prick. “Get out of my house. If I catch you near my Mom again I will blow that little prick right off. Got it?”
He scurried to gather his shoes and pants before I led him at gunpoint, bare assed out the front door. When he about half way to the fence I called,” Lady, get him!” He just managed to close the gate before the big Sheppard could get a hold of him.
I watched as his little Toyota sped off down the street and returned to the living room. My mother was now sitting on the couch sobbing loudly, “Oh God Tom, I’m so sorry.”
“Shut up Mom”, I yelled, “Just shut the fuck up.” I paced to one end of the room and back, trying to wrap my head around what I had just seen. Finally I turned to her and grabbed her chin, guiding her tear filled eyes to meet mine. “Why? Why were you cheating on Dad? Why Steve, you never even liked the asshole”, I demanded.
The tears flowed down her cheeks as she answered softly, ” Tom, it just sort of happened.”
“So you expect me to believe that your top mysteriously fell off and you tripped face first into his lap when he just happened to have his dick out in our living room?”
“No, Your father can’t do it anymore, hasn’t been able to in a while.”
“You’re telling me that Dad is impotent, so you decided to fuck his best friend?”
“Yes”, she demurely admitted. “I didn’t plan on having an affair with Steve at first, but I have needs too God damnit, and Steve was always staring at me.”
“So you fucked him, poor mommy got horny and fucked my dad’s best friend.” I was furious. “Today was it, if I catch him sniffing around you again I swear to God that they’ll never find his body. Do you understand?”
She cried, “yes, I understand.” She sobbed some more as I let go of her chin and resumed my pacing the floor. Suddenly she seemed to get angry, “So what about my fucking needs!”
I snapped, spinning on my heel I grabbed her face again with one hand and unzipped my pants with the other. I easily had a couple of inches on Steve as I yanked my hard on free and shoved it into her face. “If you need a cock so bad, here you go!” I slapped it against her cheek a couple of times then pressed it onto her pursed lips. I slapped her face and screamed,” open up you cheating fucking bitch, if you need a dick here you go! Suck it Mom, suck my fucking dick!”
To my surprise she parted her lips and took me into her warm mouth. She gagged as I rammed my hard cock into her throat. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face, hard. “If you need cock so bad here it is. Suck it like the whore that you are!” I let go of her head and she took over, sucking my hard cock as if possessed. Left to her own devices my Mom was giving me an amazing blow job, alternating between sucking me deep into her mouth and then licking my shaft and sucking on my hairy balls. A couple minutes of this was all that I could take and I could feel my nuts begin to tighten. Mom must’ve known the signs and she took just the head of my prick back into her mouth and used her fist to pump my shaft until I filled her mouth with my jizz. “Awe fuck Mom, swallow my fucking cum”, I grunted, feeling her doing exactly that. After she slurped the last few drops from my cock I pushed her back onto the couch and forced her legs apart. It was like watching somebody else, I had completely lost control, as I gripped my spit covered but still very erect cock. I could see her juices glistening in her brown bush, she was wet and she wanted it no matter what her mouth was saying. The pleas of, “Tom stop, don’t do this”, sounded as if they were coming from far away. My answer of, “shut up bitch”, seemed to come from someone else as I guided my tool to her entrance. Her furry lips had opened allowing me to see my target and roughly I plunged my hard rod into her.
“Oh fuck,” she cried out and thrashed her body to get away from my angry prick. “Tom you can’t do this! Please stop, uhgh, please don’t do this.”
I may not have been very big, but I was bigger than her ninety-five pounds and pinned her to the couch as I pounded the pussy that had given birth to me. Her hot wet tunnel gripped my rod. Despite her pleas for me to stop, her pussy told a different tale, she wanted this. I reached down and grabbed her tit, squeezing her pliable fleshy globe. I took her hard brown nipple between my fingers and twisted it cruelly. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and the sound of my balls slapping against her asshole was soon accompanied by the squishing noise from her cunt as I fucked her hard and fast.
Her cries for me to stop had now been replaced by loud grunts and eventually she hissed, “fuck me, make your mommy cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, I need to cum so badly!” She was still thrashing below me, but now it was with pleasure as her pussy betrayed her and the first waves of her orgasm swept over her.
I could feel each spasm of her cumming as her cunt squeezed my dick almost painfully. Her heels were digging into my ass as she came. “Oh fuck Tom, cum in Mommy’s pussy. You’re making me feel so good, I want to feel you cum inside me!”
That was all that I could take and with one final thrust I felt my pelvis slam into hers and my cock exploded into her. Spurt after powerful spurt I filled the womb that had been my home for nine months with my seed. I pulled my softening prick free of her sloppy tunnel and watched as globs of my cream oozed from her hole. “If I were you, I’d get cleaned up before everyone else gets home. Looking like a well fucked whore might spoil dinner!”
I could hear her sobbing from down the hall as I slammed my door. Rational thought was just beginning to return as my anger waned in the face of the fact that I had just threatened to kill a man and moments later I fuck the shit out of my mother. I’ve never been particularly religious but at that moment I figured if there was such a place as Hell, I was certainly going to be a hit when I got there.
I logged back into my game hoping to take my mind away from what I had just seen and done but it was useless, I couldn’t get into it so finally I logged out and decided to surf some porn. I went to one of my favorite sites, one with a furry rodent as it’s mascot, and sifted through some of the recent uploads. The usual teeny stuff just wasn’t doing it and I found myself searching for milfs and in particular mother/son scenes. God damnit, I’m turning into a fucking pervert, well what else would you expect from a mother ****r. Disgusted with myself I cleared my browsing history and shut down my computer.
Carefully I opened the back of my stereo speakers and retrieved my stash. I packed my one hitter and took a couple of tokes, making sure to blown as much of the pungent smoke out the window as I could before packing it away. The weed was pretty good and after laying down a few minutes I must’ve drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew my little brother was beating on my door telling me that it was time for dinner.
Dinner was awkward to say the least, seeing my mom sitting across the table brought up the anger and disappointment of knowing what she had done topped with the shame of how I’d handled it. I tried hard to keep it all hidden deep inside, but halfway through the meal I asked to be excused. “I’m just not feeling well”, I explained when Dad asked why. I went back to my room and watched a couple of movies on that I’d torrented, while petting Lady who had snuggled up beside me on the bed.
The next few days were more of the same, mostly I hid in my room with Lady, who refused to leave my side. It’s funny how dogs know when you’re hurting inside and I was a mess. I was unable to look at my mom for the guilt that I felt. How could I face her after what I’d done. I’d begun looking at places that I could go to, friends that might let me stay with them and even looking up cities that had good programs for homeless teens. I figured that I had enough money saved up to buy a ticket to San Diego and to be able to eat for a couple of weeks until I could get into a shelter and find a job. If I couldn’t find an alternative by the middle of next week, that was the plan.
Saturday morning came around and got up around six, hoping to get out of the house before anyone else was up. As I snuck through the living room I heard my mom say, “Tom, we need to talk.”
I stopped dead in my tracks, “Not now.”
“Your father left with the boys about an hour ago to go fishing, they’ll be gone most of the day. I asked him to take them so we could deal with this, and we’re going to.”
I followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table, Lady curled up at my feet. I could not help but watch as she poured us coffee, I could see the outline of her ass behind the tightly wrapped short robe that she wore and although my heart was racing and there was a lump growing in my throat, I could feel a stirring in my shorts that only shamed me further. What a fucking perv I silently admonished myself. She turned and I could see the swell of her breasts against the thin fabric so I forced my eyes down to the table lest I be caught staring.
“Tom, I’m so sorry”, she began. “I’m sorry that you caught Steve and I, that I cheated on your dad, and mostly I’m sorry for everything that I imagine that you’ve been going through this week.”
I could feel the tears beginning to form as I took my coffee from her. “No Mom, I’m the one who has ruined things between us.” The tears were beginning to blur my vision as I took a sip. “I’m the one who lost control. Damnit, I ****d you!” The floodgates were opened as I blurted out the facts of what happened. “When I saw him fucking you I lost it, it was like I was watching through somebody else’s eyes and I couldn’t stop.”
She took me into her arms and cradled my head against her breast like she had when I was little. “I know baby, I know.” I could hear her own tears in her voice as she held me. “I still love you.”
I don’t know how long we sat like that, holding onto each other and bawling our eyes out but eventually we ran out of tears.
“Tom, I told your father what happened”, Mom broke the silence. “I told him everything that happened.”
“You did?” I sat up, “What did he say? How did he take it?” I waited with baited breath for the news that I had to leave or of my parents impending divorce.”
“He was upset, and I doubt that we’ll be seeing Steve around here anytime soon. He was actually impressed with how you handled Steve without killing him. Your dad actually laughed when I told him that you and Lady chased his friend out of the front yard naked.”
Remembering the sight of the asshole scrambling through the gate barely a foot away from the dog made me smile and chuckle a bit for the first time in what felt like forever. “How’d he take it when you told him what I did after.” This was the part that scared me the most. “If I have to leave, I fully understand, actually I’ve been trying to figure that one out the past couple of days.”
“Baby, you don’t have to leave. He was upset at first, naturally, but you two have the same temper and he knows what it means to completely lose control.” She pulled my face up to look into her eyes,” Everything is going to be alright. I asked him if I needed to go, and he said that he’d rather that the family stick it out.”
“So Dad is okay with the fact that I fucked you?” I was incredulous.
“Not so much that you forced me but I also told him that you were the best fuck that I’d had in a long time, although it was a little rough for my taste.”
“What did he say to that?”
This time my mom chuckled, “I think that he was kind of proud of his son being able to satisfy a woman like that.” I was floored by what she said next, “In fact he proposed something that I want you to think about. He said that I should take a lover, that it was unfair that I suffer because he can’t get it up anymore.”
I was stunned, “What are you going to do?”
“He said that there was only one man that he trusted with his wife,” She leaned in and kissed me on the lips softly, “Are you up to the job?”
I could not believe my ears, did my mother just tell me that Dad wanted me to fuck her. I couldn’t find the words to respond to that, I was literally speechless.
“There are some ground rules if you agree to this”, she explained, “You can’t tell a soul about it, especially your brothers. They can never know.”
I agreed.
“And, you can’t rub it in your dad’s face. He’s okay with it, but he doesn’t want to be continuously reminded that his son has taken over his husbandly duties.”
“That makes sense.”
“I want you to think about this before you make a decision.”
“Mom, for the past week I haven’t been able to look at you because of the guilt that I’ve felt”, I began to explain. Disappointment filled her face before I could finish. “That’s not the only reason though. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you sexually and it was driving me crazy knowing that the only way I could have you was to attack you and I didn’t know if I could trust myself around you.”
We sat there a few minutes, neither sure how to proceed. Finally Mom broke the ice by taking my hand and urging me up off the couch. “Let’s go to your room, I’m not sure that I could do it in mine and your father’s bed, and the couch has too many memories already.” I let her lead me back to my room where we started kissing like young lovers just inside the door. I felt her tug at the bottom of my t-shirt and let her pull it up and off over my head. Next she undid my belt buckle and shorts before pulling them down.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve undressed you”, she giggled as she pulled my briefs down and my now rock hard cock sprang free, “You’ve grown since then.” Sitting on the edge of my bed her small soft hand wrapped around my shaft and slowly she took me into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth was great and the way she sucked me in and out while using her tongue to massage my shaft and helmet like head was amazing. Looking down, I was lost in those brown eyes looking up at me as blew me.
“Oh fuck Mom”, I groaned as she licked down my rod and sucked first one than the other of my balls into her mouth. She licked and kissed her way back up to the head then swallowed my junk into her throat. I tried not to think of where she learned to do that but unbidden the image of my father balls deep in my mother’s throat popped into my mind’s eye just the same. “Shit Mom, you’re going to make me cum!”
Stroking my drool slickened shaft she egged me on, “Cum for Mommy, cum in my mouth.”
Who was I to deny my own mother and almost as soon as she took me back into her mouth I let go. Her cheeks puffed out as I filled her mouth with my spunk. I could see and feel her swallowing as she sucked me dry and then licked me clean.
“Oh my God Mom, that was amazing”, I gasped.
“Mmmm, I love the way that you taste”, she answered but then suggested, “Please call me Carole when we’re having sex. It’s kind of weird still, and you calling me Mom doesn’t help.”
I understood and agreed that it was kind of weird.
Her robe had become mostly undone while she was blowing me and I could not help but stare at the milky white swells of her breasts. They were still in pretty good shape considering that she had three k**s. She caught me staring and with a knowing smile slipped the thin robe off of her shoulders. She then took my nervous hands and guided them to the soft pliable flesh of her tits. I cupped them feeling their weight and ran my thumbs across her rubbery erect nipples. “Damn Mom… I mean Carole, your tits are great!”
“Thank you dear, that’s one way to make an old lady feel good about herself.”
“You’re not old, you’re perfect.”
“Come down here and kiss me you sweet talker you”, she purred and pulled me down on top of her lying across my bed.
For the first time ever I kissed my mother like a man kisses his lover. I can’t describe the feeling of my lips on hers as our tongues explored the hot mouth of each other. I’d kissed a few girls before, hell I’d even got to second base a couple of times with my ex-girlfriend Amber. Those were a girls titties, and while they were nice they didn’t compare to the woman’s hooters that I was playing with now. As we kissed I could feel the downy hair of her sex mashed against my still rock hard prick. I kissed my way down her neck the way I’d seen done so many times this past week in videos on my computer. I licked her stiff nipples and sucked them into my mouth for the first time since I was a baby. My mom, I mean Carole, moaned and pulled my face in tighter to her chest as I suckled on those glorious nipples that had nourished me so many years ago. With some reluctance I pulled my lips away from her breasts and began kissing my way down her still taunt belly. There was something that I’d always been curious about, again from seeing it in so many videos, and if she was going to let me I was going to try my first taste of pussy. Her belly twitched with each kiss as I worked my way down and already I could smell the scent of her arousal. My lips reached the top of her mound, and kneeling beside the bed, I ran my tongue through the soft brown fur and her legs spread further apart and she raised her knees, opening herself to my exploration. I pulled back a bit to check out the treasure that lay before my wondering eyes. Yeah, I’d seen it before, but this was different, this time she was inviting me to explore, this time she was willing.
Using my thumbs I pulled her lips apart and marveled at the glistening pink of her pussy. The scent was making my head swim and slowly I extended my tongue. As it made contact and the juices that flowed from within landed on my taste buds I knew that I was hooked. Never had I tasted anything like it, tangy yet sweet, slightly metallic but utterly addictive. Like a man possessed I attacked her twat with my mouth and tongue. I ran my tongue up the furrow of her cunt until I reached the hooded bud of her clit. In the movies that I’d seen all of the women seemed to like it when the guy played with that part of their pussies and evidently there was something to it as my Mom arched her back and squeezed my head between her thighs when I sucked it into my mouth. She sighed with pleasure as I toyed with her clit and my chest swelled with pride that I could make her feel so good.
“Oh shit baby, where did you learn to do that”, she whined as her hips rotated as if fucking my face.
I pulled back just long enough to answer honestly, ” the internet.”
“Fuck, I’m gonna have to get you a new computer.”
I wrapped my arms around her hips to keep better contact with her writhing sex as she came. I’d seen it online but to watch it happen from the perspective of having my face buried in her crotch was something completely new and so exciting that for a moment I was afraid that I may shoot my load without even touching myself. I kept licking her pussy, lapping up her freely flowing nectar until she pushed my face away. “Oh fuck, I can’t take anymore.”
I moved her up on the bed and crawled on top of her. My aching cock nestled against the wet lips of her sex and her juices cooling on my face as we kissed again. “Fuck me Tom”, she whispered huskily in my ear, “I need you inside me.”
I leaned back on my knees and rubbed the head of my prick up and down her hairy slit a couple of times before pushing it into her tight box. The moist heat of her engulfed my rod as I watched it sink all the way into her. I pulled back and watched as the my cock, glistening with her juices, slid out and then slowly disappeared back into her. I looked up to her face and saw the most beautiful face. Any qualms she might have had about fucking her son looked to be completely washed away because all I could see was a look of complete bliss and contentment. “Oh god honey, your cock feels so good inside me”, she sighed, “I’ve been dreaming about it all week.”
“This has been all I could think about too mo…, Carole”, I answered. It was the truth, even my normal favorite porn videos had been replaced with mother son role play clips. I’d even started to check out my friends mothers, but all of my daily jack off sessions had been fantasies about this day. Leaning forward I rested on my elbows and kissed her again while I pumped my dick into her tight pussy. I began to pump into her a little faster and then a little faster still until I was soon riding her pussy nice and hard. My balls were slapping against her taint and my headboard was bouncing off the bedroom wall.
Evidently I was doing it right as my mother wrapped her legs around my ass, encouraging my to fuck her even harder, and her nails raked down my back. “That’s it, give it to me baby, you’re gonna make mommy cum so hard”, she gasped as her body convulsed beneath mine. The walls of her cunt were gripping my shaft as the first spasms of her climax wracked her small frame. “Oh fuck, fuck me!, Make mommy cum”, she screamed. I looped my arms under her shoulders and held on for dear life as she came, her body bucking like a bronco and her legs almost squeezing me out of her as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. When she finally came down and her body settled I pulled out and urged her onto her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her I looked down at the toned cheeks of her ass. Her puckered brown star winked up at me and for a split second I considered pushing my dick into it, but not sure how far I could take this I lined up my prick and buried it balls deep back into her dripping cunt. She grunted and cooed with each powerful thrust of my manhood into the wet channel from which I’d emerged into this world almost sixteen years ago. I grabbed onto her hips and fucked her hard. It wasn’t long before I could feel the tightening of my nuts and knew that I was going to blow very soon. “God damnit Mom I’m going to cum”, I growled.
“Cum on my tits”, the hissed back breathlessly.
I pulled out and she flipped over onto her back. I moved up the bed beside her and with a few quick jerks on my cock I let it go. The first rope of my thick cream shot from my prick and painted her left nipple, the second went a little high and splattered on her chin. The rest managed to pretty much cover her tits with cum. Damn, she looked sexy as hell.
We lay back on my bed for a while, basking in that post sex afterglow. My mom eventually suggested that we hop into the shower. I agreed that it was a good idea and told her to let me know when she was done so I could get one too. “Silly boy, you’re coming with me.” I was up in an instant and leading her to the bathroom. As I turned the shower on and adjusted the water temperature I felt her finger on my back. It hurt a little as she traces one of the deep scratches that she’d left. “I’m sorry, it looks like I clawed the hell out of your back.”
I turned so that I could inspect the damage in the mirror. There were at least eight angry red lines that ran from my shoulders to my ass, a couple even showed traces where blood had been drawn. “When the guys see those after gym on Monday, I’ll be a legend”, I thought to myself,” too bad I couldn’t tell them who put them there.” Outwardly I assured her that they weren’t as bad as they looked and got into the shower. Before my dad got home from fishing with my brothers I had several more deep scratches on my back to join those and indeed on Monday in the locker room they did not go unnoticed. When the guys asked who the lucky lady was I could only smile and explain that a gentleman never tells.

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