In Pursuit of Jade Pt.2

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In Pursuit of Jade Pt.2
In my previous story I spoke of my friend Jade who I’d had a crush on for a few years. After knowing her 2 years I realised she reciprocate these feelings. I was in a relationship so I had to find the right moment to act on my desires. She wasand always has been my weakness, I’d do anything for the girl.
In our first encounter we had gone down on each other and made each other come, I think I was just testing the waters as I’d never cheated before. It was both horrifying yet exhilarating at the same time!
This was on a Friday so after enjoying what we had I luckily had another opportunity the next evening.
She was going clubbing with her best friend and I was working late so I picked Jade up to give her a lift home.
She was wearing a sexy tight black dress with matching high heels, stunning. I could already feel a stirring in my crotch as she got into the passenger seat.
She was house sitting for her grandma for the second night in a row, luckily there was no pesky cousin asleep upstairs to possibly disturb us, however I did like the possibility of being caught, it was taboo upon taboo.
Unfortunately Jade refused to fool around in her grandma’s bed so again we had to make do with the sofa, no major loss.
Despite being tipsy she was still slightly shy and I could tell she was unsure if she had made the right decision. Her reservations would soon go out the window.
She turned the TV on to a music channel and we both Sat down, somewhat awkardly at first. I broke the ice by leaning over to zip down the back of her black dress. She playfully said “what are you doing”? I began to kiss her neck up and down as I leaned in further. She accepted my advances as we began to kiss.
I crouched down in front of her with her legs spread as I rolled down the top of her dress to reveal her small perky breasts, her nipples were hard as a rock. I kissed a trail all the way down to her naval and made my way back up towards her nipples. I curled one with my tounge to bring the goosebumps of her areola up even more as she closed her eyes and gently bit her supple lip.
She pulled up her dress to her waist to reveal a tight black thong which I promptly peeled off slowly before lifting both legs over my shoulders to slowly kiss her ankles leading up to her inner thigh. I made my way higher and higher. She studied beauty therapy and strongly insisted that she consistently (to my pleasure) a smoothly waxed vagina, pristine even.
I proceeded to reenact our encounter from the night before and take great pleasure in going down on her for several minutes. I was more than happy to keep going, however the reason I was there was to go all the way. I’d wanted it for so long. Now was the time. I stood up, quick to disrobe.
Jade fell to her knees and swiftly grabbed my by now large, veiny and throbbing manhood. She lifted it and placed my tight balls in her mouth whilst firmly gripping my shaft.
Another repeat from last night was on the cards as she deep throated my entire length which no one else could do up to that point.
I reached down to grab a condom from my Jean pocket, it had been a while since I’d put one on. I happily stretch it over me then positioned Jade across the sofa legs spread, heels still on. I grasped my penis and used it’s tip to massage her lips and clitoris as her breathing grew heavy. I looked deep into her green eyes as I slowly eased myself inside of her pussy. It was soaking wet and I could feel it’s tightness around my blessed girth.
After a few moments of stroking I decided the sofa was too small and pulled out. Her face was full of disappointment thinking I’d changed my mind. I took her by the hand and led her to the larger sofa to carry on what we’d started. She wrapped her thighs around me as I pounded away at her dripping pussy. I found she turned me on that much that i found myself on the cusp of climaxing early, something I’d never had trouble with before. To last longer I’d alternate going down on her to hide my flaw, but no matter what I did I couldn’t hold it off any longer. I told her I would come and immediately start again afterward.
I stroked as fast as I could until the tingling sensation enveloped my testicles and shot through my penis and exploded into the condom inside her.
I pulled out, replaced the condom as she straddled me to sit on my cock. We locked eyes as we slowly kissed and she slid slowly up and down my member whilst I firmly cupped her juicy buttocks every now and then encouraging the speed and force of her descent and ascent.
I felt and heard a small ripping noise in the midst of fucking. I investigated it to be a torn condom, which I promptly replaced.
She then stood up, bent over the sofa begging me to enter her from behind to which I obliged. I grabbed her waist increasing my pace. I intended to come this time. My balls loudly slapped against her ass as she groaned taking in deep my large brown cock.

Unfortunately that would be our last sexual encounter.
But I always say “never say never…….”

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