Interacial crossdressing sex on live cam(white man

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Interacial crossdressing sex on live cam(white man
I had been watching people do thing here on live cam for sometime, even going there a few times by myself playing with myself and using my dildo on me, seeing the many people watching and the responces was really a turn on for me, the more they asked the more I seemed to do there.
Well one night I had my friend Bob down and we were watching going from viewing different people getting excited by this, I had been drinking a bit and had a pretty good buzz going so I suggested to Bob that he watch me perform and see the comments and how many people were watching me. At first I was just moving around watching the comment and the people pop up watching me lift up my skirt as they asked showing my little panties and butt then as requested I got my dildo out and used it on me in my ass for a few minutes.
Bob my freind was watching this and I could tell he was enjoying it by the big bulge that appeared in his pants, now he had never seen me in action with my dildo even tho he has fucked me several times but this was different and I was enjoying his reaction.
I began talking to him with him responding and the room knew another person was in the room with measking him to join in on my fun I was so buzzed and hot by my dildo action I convinced him to come over let me suck him but I wouldn’t let my face or his be shown.
He came over and at first I was just rubbing his hard cock in his pants seeing the comment about how I was with a heavy white man then I pulled his pants down with my back to the camera I went taking his cock in my mouth sucking him really working on it with after a few minutes he got into it too hold my head pumping his hips to my face, I could hear him moaning as he also read some of the comments to me a few asking to let them see not believing I was really sucking him.
I was so into this I thought why not turn just a little not show my whole face but enough to let them see it was really in my mouth, I went holding the head in my mouth then turned my head slightly pulling my hair backjust enough for them to see closing my eyes wiggling my lips down until it was all in my mouth then pumped it a few times for them to see opening my eyes looking backat the screen I noticed I had turned too far and more of my face was seen than I wanted.
Turning my head back I really went at it wanting him to cum he thrusted his hips more moaning I’m going to cum a couple more pumps I felt him cumming down I went taking him deep swallowing each and every drop as he held my head until no more cum would come out then I let it slowly drop from my lip looking up at him smiling turning my head a little wiping my mouth.
I got up off my knees and he took me in his arms holding me reaching under my dress feeling on my butt for them,we looked at the screen and the comments were popping up about how I swallowed his cum and so forth, I just smiled at him with him whispering in my ear he couldn’t believe it either.
The comments kept coming with several saying they wanted to see the white guy fuck my black ass and after about a half hour and rest for him I said lets do it, we turned the camera toward the couch with him sitting on it before I came back in front getting on my knees sucking him with my back to the camera for a few minutes the comment were still coming “fuck that ass, fuck that ass”
I grabbed my lube letting his cock from my mouth I pulled my panties off put some on my butt hole and on his cock then I got over him and slowly lowered myself down until he was all in me and I could feel his balls on my ass and I knew they could see he was all in me stopping, he read a few comments to me about how he was in me bareback no condom, I put my arms on his shoulders rocking my hips back and foward then round and round on him.
It was so exciting knowing that a bunch of people was watching him fuck me then I started going up and down leaving the head in me then back down on him several times working it for a few minutes then he said I’m about to cum and I felt him cumming I was in an exceptionally nasty mood lifting up some letting his cock pop out me so they could see he was cumming then grabbed it puting it back i me going all the way down on it stopping.
I felt the rest of his fluid going in me as I looked him in his eyes as we smiled at each other, he said to me guess you a porn star now, I just giggled then slowly lifted up off him letting his cock pop out me with his cum leaking out, I grabbed my panties and put them back on as we started reading all the comments, some said how hot it was I let him cum in me other daid how nasty it was but we both didn’t care but were still amazed we did it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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