Janna 3

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Janna 3
I was so excited when I heard my wife’s sister Janna came from Russia.Because, I had fucked her two times last summer at the beach.(Read my previous stories.I fucked her two times at the beach and desolate rocks.)
She came in the morning.I was at work.
I went to home a little late.My wife was still at work.There were the keys of our house at Janna.
So, she is coming home directly from airport.
I entered home.She was sitting at the living room and watching TV. When I saw her I was surprised because she was using glasses.She had a white dress on.The skirt of this dress was a little under of her knees.Her feet were bare.
And she had put her feet on coffee table.
I was dreaming sexy and well groomed feet of Janna while I was driving to home.
She said welcome and somethings like that. I was not listening what she said.
I made sure nobody was at home.
I took my shoes and pants off. I was not speaking.Janna had surprised.
She was sitting on the leather sofa and her bare feet were on the coffee table.
Her toes had pink polish.
Janna asked me a few question.But I was not listening to her. I sat next to her.
I had threw my pants and dresses on the wood floor. I pulled her towards me.
I began kissing her lips.Meanwhile , I kept her left hand. I started caressing my dick with her hand.
She was caressing over my boxer shorts.My dick was up.
My tongue was in her mouth. She was caressing my dick by her left hand. I started to caress her left leg by my left hand.I pulled her skirt up.I was caressing her sexy leg.She was caressing my dick by her left hand.
My right hand had grasped her shoulder.I was kissing her lips and neck.She was getting horny.She started to squeezing stronger my dick in her left hand.I was caressing her left leg towards her foot and ankle.I was squeezing her left ankle and heel by my hand. My eyes were on her left foot.She immediately had understood that I wanted to fuck her foot.She stopped caressing my dick.She leaned on leather sofa’s arm.She pulled her legs back from coffee table.And, in a hurry ,she put her feet on my shorts.And, I leaned on sofa too.Now, she was reclining on sofa. I was sitting and her feet were over my shorts.She began caressing my dick by her soles and heels. She found my dick over my shorts with her feet.I kept her legs and started kissing her legs.She was caressing my dick by her right foot.And, I was licking and kissing her left leg. I started kissing and licking her left heel and sole.She was caressing my dick by her right foot. Her left heel and sole was getting wet by my tongue.Her left sole and heel was very slippery. She was taking much pleasure.we both knew I was gonna ejaculate on her foot.I was I was wetting her left heel and sole with my tongue.
Janna had understood that I was gonna ejaculate on her left foot.
I stopped and took my shorts off .She put her left foot over my dick in a hurry.She was caressing it with her left wet foot.Janna and I were watching her sexy foot sliding on my penis.She was moaning. I was feeling she wanted me ejaculate on her foot as soon as possible.She was caressing my dick with her left sole.Her left foot sole and heel were so slippery with my sperms. I hadn’t ejaculate yet.But, my sperms were slowly flowing to her sole and heel. It’s an indescribable feeling.
There was a very deep silence in the living room.There was only the sound of Zhanna’s wet foot.Because, her left foot heel and sole were so wet.It was a very wet voice.Sometimes, she was moaning with a low voice.I was fucking the foot of my wife’s sister third time in one year.Actually, I wanted to get married with her before my wife.But, she never liked me.Because, she was much more beautiful than my wife.
But, I was fucking her many years later.I was satisfying my all foot fetish feelings with her.I was fucking Jana’s foot mercilessly.
That was an inaccessible event for me, to fuck Janna’s foot.
Of course, she was not aware of my feelings.
Meanwhile, it was impossible to resist anymore.I started ejaculating to the left foot of Zhanna.She was watching carefully my ejaculation to her foot.I was very full.I was still ejaculating.And, she was sliding her foot on my dick.She was still caressing with her heel.Her left foot was so wet with my sperms.I fucked a lot of foot.But, Zhanna’s feet were driving me crazy.My sperms were dripping on the leather sofa from her foot.She was still caressing my penis under her wet heels.
Finally, she raised her left foot.And, she asked me to bring a few napkins from kitchen.
I went to kitchen and brought napkins.She cleaned her foot with these napkins.
I wanted to fuck Janna’s foot second time.But, my wife was about to come home.
She would stay 15 days.So I was planning to fuck her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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