Jenny Takes Control

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Jenny Takes Control
Jenny Takes Control
By kewtieboy

My bisexual tendencies were known by Jennifer before we married. My male encounters had been at school and later at an all male college. There weren’t hundreds of guys but the sex had been quite intense and probably unusual for a guy like me I had actually had active and passive penetrative sex with a room mate I had really fallen for. He moved on and so did I and when I met Jenny, she was my first proper girlfriend. She had the shiniest brown hair I had ever seen and her piercing blue eyes captivated me. She was a good six inches shorter than my six feet but had a great body and pert 38 inch bust which she displayed to good use in reeling me in.

She kept me from sex for over three months. My female contacts had been limited and at 18 I had only had sex with three girls. All of them had been one night stands so my confidence with someone I really liked was somewhat limited. When the night came, I drank too much and she took complete control, dominating the whole sex session and sat astride me for penetration. Thankfully I had no erection problems as I thought I might. This was almost definitely helped by her dominant role.

It was that night I told her about my sexual history. The drink set it off and relief at achieving a decent orgasm for both of us made me braver than normal. Surprisingly she took it in her stride and asked me some intimate details about what I had done and how much I had enjoyed it. She told me about her sexcapades including one threesome with another girl and her boyfriend so I felt we both had a slightly kinky past.

At 22, we were both in a shared rented flat we called home. She was still at university and I had just taken up a junior apprenticeship with an accountancy firm. We hadn’t married and we were still shagging like rabbits. When we were out on the town she would tease me when a cute guy went past.

“Fancy his cock in you then Max?”

Thank goodness she had stopped calling me “Maximillion.”

“I think he’s more you than me,” I would joke back,

She knew I still had a penchant for college guys mainly, I suppose, because I had lost my virginity to a college guy. I knew she loved fresh meat too but it was all talk and banter. I loved the honesty in our relationship though I hadn’t told her that I was beginning to get a very strong urge to suck cock and only my love for her stopped me for searching for it.

Jenny came in from university one evening and said, “Apparently you’re a poof.”

“Sorry?” I spluttered from within my mug of tea.

“There’s this little stud at university who told me today that you had been shagged up the bum by his gay brother. He obviously has the hots for me and thought that by dropping this bombshell it would have me in tears and hugging him for comfort. His name’s Leo and his brother is Matt. He was quite upset when I told him you had enjoyed it and particularly his brother’s big cock!”

“I didn’t say that,” I said.

“I know but it was enough to have him walking off scratching his head.”

“What was he like?” I asked.

“Bloody cute! He looked more 16 than 18 and was only my height. He was very slim and very boyish. He also looked very randy!!”

“Jenny, how could you?”

“Well you were fucked by his gay brother,” she responded with a sly smile. “The little runt needs taught he shouldn’t go maligning people’s lives though.”

The subject was dropped and she told me a few days later that apart from the odd shy smile, he had kept his distance. Things changed about two weeks after that when she told me he had made conversation with her again and asked if it hadn’t bothered her that her boyfriend “took it up the arse.”

She told me that she had said it was quite the opposite and she would love to see it happen and would even love to be involved, however, we were loyal to each other.

“Did you actually mean that? I asked,

“I think I do,” she said, “but it’s for selfish reasons, I quite fancy the little runt and I’m sure he’d be crap sex so quite right for dominating. Then I could threaten him about his sex life. Obviously his brother would be useless if he’s 100% gay.”

“Jenny, are you suggesting we have sex with someone else?” I asked, my heart pounding and cock swiftly rising.

She leaned across and squeezed my crotch. “I think you would quite like that, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded.

Something I had always seen in Jenny but had never really acknowledged before was now very apparent. She liked to be in control and there was a slut inside her waiting to get out. As soon as she said she wanted sex with someone else with me there, I also realised something in me. I wanted it to happen as it allowed me to get my hands on a guy without jeopardising our relationship. My cock was brick hard.

“Come here you,” she said grabbing me by the scruff of my shirt and dragging me to the bedroom.

We fucked like we had never before. I lay on the bed, my cock standing skyward as Jenny lowered her dripping wet cunt on to me while facing me. She then rode me, her head thrown back and fucked me until I shot my wad inside her.

“Leo was panting after me again today,” she said when she came home. “I told him you were twice the man he was and he said he would like to prove me wrong. Once I tucked his panting tongue back in his mouth I told him he could only do it if you were there to watch.”

“Fuck, what did he say?” I asked my eyes like big circles.

“Naw, if I’m going to shag you I’ll do it in my time.”

“Never mind,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she said. “That little runt is so horny for me I’m going to lead him up a path he can’t get back from.”

It took another couple of weeks before she came in and told me he would do it provided I sat in a chair and let him get on with it.

“Not keen,” I said. “Either I fuck you too, or better still I get to fuck him.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” she said.

On the Friday night in question she told me the plan would be that she was going to meet him in the pub on her own. Before I could protest she went on to say she was going to get him drunk, tease the prick off him the offer him a little Viagra tablet on the basis that the drink might let him down.

“He’ll never go for it,” I said.

“I don’t fail once I’m on a roll,” she said and off she went looking as sexy as hell.

I was glad they weren’t meeting in a Uni bar, I showered and, for some reason cleaned my back end really well, probably in the hope of getting the double whammy of two brothers, even if one was straight. I had a couple of drinks too, just to relax me and it was after 10pm before the telephone went. They were on their way.

I was wearing a white t-shirt, and a jock strap under my track suit bottoms. I heard her key in the lock and the two voices. Jenny entered first followed by the most stunning creature I had ever seen. He looked like an angel from the wrong side of the tracks. Stunning blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, a short athletic body and wearing a grey t-shirt and slightly loose fitting jeans but with a cute little point where I assumed his cock was being held by his underwear. I wanted him!

“Leo, this is Max, Max, this is Leo.”

The hand came out and I realised the lad was slightly pissed.

“Want another beer to relax you?” said Jenny.

“OK,” he said sheepishly, avoiding my eyes.

I took the bull by the horns. “I’m so looking forwards to seeing my Jenny being fucked by someone else. It turns me on.”

“She’s a stunner,” he said, “and if that’s what it takes, then so be it.”

Jenny looked stunning when she came back in with the beers. Her top was almost transparent and her nipples noticeable underneath. Her short ivory skirt rode up as she sat down and he could probably see her panties when he sat opposite her. I saw him adjust his cock.

“The Viagra works doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Too fuckin’ true. Not sure I needed it though,” he replied.

“You will for what I have planned,” she said, slipping off her top to face him topless.

“You lucky bastard,” he said.

It took a moment to realise he was addressing me.

He put the can down and crawled over to Jenny on the couch, crawling up between her legs to hold her right breast until her nipple stuck out and then he licked it before taking it in his mouth. He moved to the left breast and then stretched up to kiss Jenny. My cock was at full mast. Seven inches of stiff bisexual cock straining to get some action and not sure if it was going to.

Jenny stood and unclipped her skirt letting it drop. She was naked, the briefs having been discarded.

“Fuck,” he said as he took in her beauty.

Still on his knees, her vagina, the hair neatly trimmed to a small stripe, was aimed right at his mouth. He looked up at her and she stepped slightly closer. His tongue slowly slid out and gently licked the closed slit leading to her vagina. I could see the petal-like folds of her clitoris sticking out from the slit as he licked round it.

Jenny sat back down and opened her legs wide. The red gash opened like a flower in bloom and little Leo dived in like a hungry a****l, slurping and licking. My hand was inside my pants, stroking my cock. I didn’t want to do anything to scare him at this stage so wanted to wait until the whole show began.

His groans as he lapped and slurped between Jenny’s legs was really getting me going and I hoped he wasn’t so randy he shot off prematurely.

Jenny stood and said, “Stand up!”

Leo looked like a little boy alongside her as he stood up obediently. She pulled off his t-shirt and a slim but well-defined body came into view. A few wispy blonde hairs appeared on his chest and a darker trail came up from his pubic area. He tried to kiss her but she stood back and unclipped his jeans. They fell to the floor and he stood in a multicoloured pair of briefs with a bright blue band, his erection pushing a point at the front. As he stepped out of them, she whipped his briefs down and his cock sprung up as if a recoiling spring, slapping against his belly. He had small tight balls with dark blonde hair sprouting from them and a 5 inch cock with foreskin covering its head. It looked hard enough to hammer nails. He was better looking than his brother and the thought that, just maybe, I might score him too, had my cock stiff as fuck.

“Max is going to fuck me while you watch Leo,” said Jenny.

That was new to me but, once he looked at me, as though suddenly remembering I was there, he stood back slightly and I stripped quickly. I saw him look at my cock in surprise. It’s not massive but was a heck of a lot bigger than his.

“Stay close Leo, I want you to watch and to stroke me,” said Jenny.

He slid to one side, still on his knees and I lay behind Jenny, entering her from the rear so that my cock’s entry was clear as day to Leo. I slid it in her sloppy wet cunt and started to fuck. Leo stroked his cock and watched. If you have never been watched by a horny guy while fucking, you should try it. I held Jenny’s tits as my 7 inches slid fully out and back in again. I made sure the tip rubbed against her little nub as I pushed in and she rewarded me with gasps of pleasure.

“Oh Leo, finger me while Max fucks me please,” groaned Jenny.

He was apprehensive but tried to push his finger against her clitoris while I fucked. Of course it was impossible for my cock not to rub against his finger. After initially recoiling when he came in contact with me, he tentatively pushed his finger back, letting it slid inside her along with my cock. His little digit was getting me going as well as Jenny. She encouraged him and soon he was actively rubbing her and, by default me as well. I slid back and my cock plopped out straight on to Leo’s hand and again he jumped.

“Push Max back in for me darling,” said Jenny in a matter of fact way. “Pretend it’s a dildo.”

He gripped me with just two fingers and aimed my cock as I slid back into her and then, as I was behind her, he slid in front of her and started to kiss her tits. His cock was pressing against her cunt and my cock and she took her hand and tried to ease it into her alongside mine. There was limited success when I pulled half out and let his head get in. We were both half inside her and the feeling of my cock rubbing against his and rubbing against her cunt walls almost got me exploding.

“I gotta stop,” gasped Leo, “or I’ll cum.”

“Great feeling isn’t it,” said Jenny.

He quietly nodded.

“Fuck me,” she said to him while sliding off my cock and crawling into the doggy position.

He didn’t need telling twice and was on her back and inside her in a second. His fucking was frantic stopping every few minutes when he almost reached orgasm. I put my hand between his legs from the rear and handled his balls while he fucked, commenting on how exciting it was to feel someone fucking Jenny. He seemed to believe that and let me continue. I explored his balls, the length of his cock and even managed to brush my finger against his little arsehole bringing a shiver to him that seemed to be delight.

He stopped once more as he was near to flooding her with cum.

“Is this good, or what?” she asked.

“Awesome,” was the reply.

“Is my hole tight enough for you?” asked Jenny.

“Yes, why?” was his response.

“Cos I want to see you fuck my Max in the arse,” she said.

He spluttered,” I can’t do that, I’m not gay!”

“Neither is Max but it would so turn me on and you will not believe how tight the sensation is. You can do mine afterwards.”

He looked at me and I grabbed a tube of lube, squirting it on to my finger and started to lube my hole. I said nothing as I took his cock and stretched a condom over it, lubing it.

I simply crawled into the doggy style, saying nothing at all.

Jenny gripped his cock and led him to my arse. He entered me almost as violently as he had entered Jenny. His inexperience showed but soon his little hard dick was in me to the hilt and he was hammering my hole.

“Oh my God, that’s so tight,” he groaned. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he continued and then tensed, the force of his ejaculation actually vibrating as it coursed up his cock into the teat of the condom.

My own cock erupted on its own spraying jets of cum over poor Jenny’s tits as she lay on the bed.

“Please don’t tell my brother,” he said afterwards.

“I won’t,” I said, “as long as you fuck Jenny again before you go.”

It wasn’t too difficult to get him to agree and he did.

Leo became obsessed with our threesomes and gradually became more obedient. He wouldn’t let me fuck him but on the next visit, I was able to suck him. He enjoyed my technique and was soon thrusting into my mouth. On that visit, after we both fucked Jenny and I was again able to take his cock up me, he shared his cum with both of us, firing over our waiting mouths.

“Is your brother still an active gay?” she asked Leo.

“Yeh, he came back home after being in London for a couple of years but the job went pear-shaped so he’s back looking for work.”

“You ever wonder what he would be like to fuck?” she asked him.

“He’s my brother!” he said quickly.

“Max, what was Matt like in bed?” said Jenny, that evil little glint in her eye I knew so well.

“He’s quite big, I think over 7 inches and also thick so it was quite painful when he stuck it in my hole but he fucks well and also was a great cock sucker.”

Leo was quiet. “I think he had a girlfriend in London,” he said.

“Oh so he could be a bit bisexual,” said Jenny.

“I suppose so,” said Leo, not sure where this was heading. That made two of us.

“I might get Max here to give him a ring for old time’s sake and invite him for a drink.”

“Are you gonna screw with my brother too?” he asked his bottom lip suggesting he was jealous.

“Are you upset because we’re going to have him and you don’t want us to have someone else or are you upset because you want to have him?” she asked, smiling.

He went quiet.

“Have you honestly never looked at him and thought, I wonder?”

“Well I did wonder what he looked like when he was having Max here.”

“Why don’t you tell him you’re meeting us and we would love to meet for a drink, all four of us, and see what he says?”

This conversation went on for an hour before he agreed. He said he wouldn’t confess that he had had sex with us, nor to his fucking me up the arse. I figured his brother was a smart enough guy to realise something was going on. Whether this would develop into anything, I had no idea.

When I answered my phone, three days later the voice was instantly remembered. “Max you randy old sod, how are you?”

“Hi Matt, I’m great and all the better from hearing you. God how long is it?”

“Three years. I think the last time we met was……oh never mind.”

I remembered. He fucked me and I fucked him in a bed and breakfast room we had rented. I knew he was moving in a month’s time and wanted a really good session. We thought we had a few more sessions to go but he actually had to leave quite quickly and, apart from diminishing telephone contact, that fuck session was our last.

“How did your brother know about us?” I asked.

“He knew at the time but as he was too young to go to university then so it didn’t matter. I assume he told you he knew? I hope he didn’t splurt anything to your girlfriend.”

“Actually he did but thankfully she knew.”

“That little cunt I’ll kill him!”

“No need he just fancied his chances with her and I don’t blame him, she is a stunner.”

“Well I’m glad he didn’t get anywhere with it.”

There was silence.

“He didn’t get anywhere with it, did he?”

I let the question hang.

“Let’s say he got more than he expected.”

“Leo, straight horny little Leo did a…….threesome??”

I said nothing.

“He didn’t……you know….do anything with you?”

“He was horny,” I said.

“Was he as good as me?”

“I can’t remember. Perhaps you might wish to refresh my memory sometime.”

The conversation went on and we decided to meet Matt for a drink. Leo wasn’t mentioned but I called him and suggested he come along for a drink. He was reluctant but I have a feeling he was concerned and jealous that his brother might get something and he wanted to be there to block it by being a wallflower. He obviously didn’t know Jenny that well!

The night, when it came, raced along at breakneck speed and the drink was consumed at the same pace. Jenny can hold her own with the best. I was catching up with Matt and Leo was sitting very close to Jenny, his hand occasionally straying on to her thigh when he laughed or wanted to make a point.

“Did he fuck you,” said Matt quietly.

“Yes,” I replied.
“Well I fucking never,” he said. “After the stick I got from him when he found out I was gay, for him to go and screw one of my exes is something else.”

“Let’s polish off some wine back at ours,” announced Jenny. “None of us are working in the morning and I’m in the mood for a laugh.”

She rose and walked out assuming the answer would be positive and we all followed meekly, looking at her arse as she swayed down the street with Leo running behind to catch up.

Back at the flat, she kicked off her shoes and shucked her bra leaving only a lightweight top covering her breasts her nipples clearly showing. I saw Matt looking and Leo didn’t miss them either.

“What’s she up to Max?” Matt asked me.

“I’m not really sure but I can tell you she’s horny. How she turns this odd situation into anything is anyone’s guess.”

Leo was oblivious to both of us. He was laughing at everything Jenny said, waiting on her hand and foot and Jenny, in return was kissing him lightly on the lips while he rested his hand on her thigh while he sat between her legs on the floor. As I went to get a few more beers, Matt followed me to the kitchen and when I turned from the fridge, he kissed me.

“I just wanted to remember what it was like,” he said. “It’s funny that the guy who loved getting fucked turned out to be the one with the girlfriend.”

The alcohol blurred my senses and I found myself responding and kissing Matt fully. My hands found his crotch and I squeezed an already hard cock. I really wanted to be fucked by him. I remembered how big his cock was and how good a fucker he could be but the circumstances tonight were about Jenny and not me.

“We’d better not get caught,” I said to him, gently pushing him back. “You surely don’t want your brother to see you in action and Jenny might not take kindly to me screwing an ex in the kitchen.”

We laughed and adjusted ourselves before walking back into the lounge stopping dead in our tracks and we saw little Leo flat on the floor, his jeans and pants at his knees and his hard cock upright. Jenny was astride him sucking his cock as hard as she could.

“Well bro, you don’t have any embarrassment in front of your big brother do you?” said Matt.

Leo just smiled and gripped the back of Jenny’s head to help her suck more.

Matt turned to me and kissed me again, this time in full view of Jenny and this time I let him. Soon Matt was on the lounge floor with his jeans and briefs at his knees and I was sucking him. His brother couldn’t quite see but I’m sure was aware what was happening judging by the noise Matt was making. Nothing was said as Jenny stood and stripped naked, helping Leo off the floor and stripping him too. She took his hand and led him to our king-size bed in the bedroom. I stripped Matt and myself.

“This could be a very interesting evening,” I said quietly to him. “Let’s just see where it goes.”

When we walked naked into the room, Jenny was sitting at the base of the bed, lying flat with her legs dangling over the edge. Leo was between her legs lapping like a hungry calf. Jenny was whimpering like she did when she was getting slowly built towards one of her noisy orgasms. I threw Matt beside her and knelt alongside Leo to suck his brother’s cock. The idea of doing this while he was alongside his naked brother and even more so, licking out my girlfriend, was so exciting I could feel my head pounding as the blood rushed to it.

I took my mouth off Matt’s cock and moved it over to Jenny, licking alongside Leo’s tongue. He pulled back to let me in but I grabbed his head and pushed him down. Soon we were licking each other’s tongues. I looked sideways and saw Matt watching, stroking his cock as he did so. I gripped his cock and gently wanked it for him with my spare hand.

“Somebody fuck me for Christ’s sake,” said Jenny.

Leo stood up as Jenny rolled over doggy fashion, offering her arse and dripping cunt. Leo stretched a condom over his cock and mounted her as Matt and I watched. I smiled at Matt and nodded towards his cock. Grabbing a condom, I handed it to him while I lubricated my hole and climbed on to the bed alongside Jenny. She looked at me and smiled, synching the words, “I love you,” just as I felt Matt’s long cock slowly slide into my hole. God it felt good.

Soon the bizarre scene of gay and straight brother alongside each other fucking boyfriend and girlfriend was in full flight. Jenny was whimpering and I was groaning as both boys fucked us. I managed to grip Jenny and kiss her briefly while this was going on and the session lasted for a good ten minutes.

When Matt finally withdrew, I got ready to be pushed into another position but soon his cock was back in again. This time he was a little more frantic with his fucking but still enjoyable. It was Jenny’s scream of orgasm that made me look around to find Matt hammering into her cunt. I realised that his younger brother was now fucking me. This was something.

When eventually we were both rolled on to our backs, Jenny alongside me, both guys pulled off their condoms and wanked over us, spraying their joint cum over both Jenny and I then collapsing off us. I hadn’t cum and Jenny had only cum once. Not nearly enough for her.

I climbed on top of her and pushed my cock into her abused hole, dripping with her natural lubrication and widened by Matt’s large cock and fucked her as I never had before while the two brothers watched us, idly stroking their cocks. She told me afterwards that she had felt the force of my cum shoot all the way inside her.

“Well guys, I think we have all had our sexual experience broadened by that little escapade,” said Jenny after we had all come down to earth.
Leo looked very embarrassed all of a sudden and quickly dressed while Matt pulled on his Armani whites and flopped back on the couch.

“I’ll need to get going,” Leo said.

Jenny went with him to the hall and I saw her pin him against it with her naked body. He responded to her as she whispered in his ear. I saw him nod with a big grin on his face and I knew she was working her magic on his confidence and ensuring he was willing to come back and fuck us both again.

As for Matt, he drifted away once more. I found it erotic that my first boyfriend, a guy who was technically 100% gay, had just fucked me and my girlfriend and even more erotic that his little brother who was technically 100% straight, had done the same.

Now if Jenny could only have got them to fuck each other!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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