Jenny’s Journey

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Jenny’s Journey
Just over two years ago, I had dropped my wife and her sister off at the bus terminal. We had recently come into a fair amount of money, so they decided to do a 10 day charter bus tour. That was great for me. My marriage is mostly one of convenience. My wife and I have been living like brother and sister for many years. Sex was the most remote thing on her mind…so I was looking forward to my 10 days of freedom more than they were for their trip.

As I was walking back to my car, that’s when I spotted her. She was very thin…if not down-right skinny. She was pan-handling – looking for some cash. She looked tired, dirty, and desperate. In spite of all that, she was somewhat attractive if you could look past those things. I gave her $5 and was going to keep walking – but for some reason, I stayed and started talking to her. I asked her a bunch of questions. She said her name was Jenny and she said she was 18 – but I had a feeling that she might have been younger. She also said she needed some money to eat. She said she hadn’t eaten much in a few days…just scraps. She didn’t look like a junkie (not that I’m that familiar with what one looks like), so I asked her if she wanted me to take her somewhere decent to eat. I know she was pretty leery of getting in the car with me but I think she was so desperate to eat, she went anyway. I took her to decent, national chain restaurant. I told her to order anything she liked. She ordered a lot…especially for such a skinny girl. While we were eating, we talked quite a while but she barely looked up from her food. I asked her a lot more questions. She told me her story about her dad dying in a car accident. As she let her guard down, she told me about her step-dad catching her having sex with her boyfriend. She thought she was in big trouble because he would tell her mother…but he didn’t. That was strange because they never got along at all. Unfortunately, a few days later, he walked into the bathroom while she was taking a shower. He threatened to tell her mother unless she had sex with him. The idea was completely repulsive to her. She also knew that her mother would never believe her so she moved out and in with her boyfriend. Shortly after that, he talked her into having a friend of his join them in the bedroom…and it wasn’t always with the same friend. Later, he started asking her to go out on her own with different guys. She realized that he was pimping her out. She also realized that he really didn’t love her and that he was just using her. With nowhere to go, she left his place and had been on the streets for a week. It was a terrible week. She knew she couldn’t go back home but she had nowhere to stay and nothing to eat. She looked like she was ready to cry. I know that she could have been lying about everything…but for some reason, I believed it was true.

I told her that I could help her out…but there had to be something in it for me. She looked totally defeated but finally said, “I know…but I have no real options. ANYTHING you could do to help me out would be greatly appreciated. I need any help you can give me”. As we finished dinner, I finally gave her a proposal. I told her that I would get us a nice room and she would have a very nice place to sleep that night. She would be able to take a nice warm shower or bath to get cleaned up. I also told her that I would give her some money. When she asked, “How much?” , I said, “Does it matter right now?” She shook her head, looked down, and said, “I guess not”.

I got a decent room but I didn’t want the clerk to see how young she was. I knew how it would look for someone as old as I was to be bringing in such a young girl/woman. I told her to relax while I ran out to get a few things. She said she was going to take a shower and clean up some. The room had plenty of things like a tooth brush, soap, shampoo, comb, etc. I ran out to the gift shop and bought a few munchies and got her a nice robe. I didn’t want her to put on those dirty clothes. I also ran over to the bank before it closed to get some money.

When I returned, she was still in the shower. I told her I was back and she was probably expecting me to barge into the bathroom like her step-dad did. I just reached in and set the robe on the sink. I told her, “I got something for you”. I guessed at the size…but I was guessing she was about 5’ 5” and maybe 100 lbs.

I had gotten a room with 2 king beds. I let her pick the one she wanted. I could tell she was still pretty tense – not knowing for sure what I expected from her…but she had a pretty good idea. She was on one of the beds and I sat on the other one. As she watched me, she looked so much nicer all cleaned up and in the robe that I had given her. I finally said, “I have a proposal for you. If you don’t accept it, we will both leave tomorrow morning and we will never see each other again.” I continued, “My proposal is that we will stay here for 3 or 4 days. I will buy all of your meals – I will be very nice to you…but I do expect some sex with you. I am very gentle and caring. I haven’t had sex with anyone in a VERY long time. I just really need some loving and some passion…things that are really missing in my life. In the short time I have known you, I think you are an honest person. If you agree to those terms, I will also give you this”. I reached into my pocket and showed her some of the money I had gotten from the bank. “Here is $1000 if you agree”. As she looked at the cash, her eyes lit up. It took a few seconds before she smiled and then said, “OK…that’s VERY generous…and I REALLY need it.” I gave her all of the $1000 as a good-will gesture.

We watched a little TV but she was tired from her terrible week. I asked her if it would be ok to hug and kiss her a little. She said yes. I got on her bed and we hugged for a little while. It felt like she needed hugging as much as I did. Then we finally kissed. That kiss was so nice! As we continued to kiss, I slowly opened her robe. Her breasts were very small yet her nipples looked beautiful. I slid down and started sucking on one…then the other. I couldn’t make up my mind which one to suck on. She was getting turned on!!! I slid my hand down to her cunt and she was getting wet. As my finger slipped into her hot, wet slit, so many memories of my life crossed my mind. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I went down and started licking that sweet, sweet pussy. Man, did it taste good. She gasped as I licked and sucked her beautiful cunt. It took a while but I could tell that she was going to have an orgasm. I knew it was going to be great for both of us. I felt her stiffen those skinny legs and just before she climaxed, she grabbed my head…and held it tight to her cunt. That’s when she got off. I kept going for a little while – until she released her grip on my head. I took her down easy. As her breathing got under control, I finished. I came up and kissed her. She said, “You haven’t had sex in years? You sure do that well! I’ve never had it done to me like that before. It felt VERY good.” I kissed her some more…and then it was obvious that it was ok for me to fuck her. She told me that she hoped she wouldn’t get pregnant. I told her that I had been fixed long before she was born. She spread her legs and I got on top of her. I had forgotten how wonderful fucking was as my cock started penetrating her cunt. Because she was so skinny, my dick looked huge as it entered her hot pussy. I knew I wouldn’t last long…and I didn’t. After just a couple minutes, as much as I tried to hold back, my cock started to throb. That was it – I gave her the biggest cumshot that I had had in years. It was ecstasy. I stayed in her for as long as I could and I kissed her a few more times. Then I pulled out. I got off of her and got next to her to hug her for a few minutes. I thanked her for making me feel so good. She told me that she really enjoyed it, too. She said that her boyfriend and his friends just fucked her and really didn’t care about her feelings. She said that I was the first person she felt that actually cared about her feelings. I got off of the bed and told her that she could get a good night’s sleep in her own bed. I’m sure she was asleep within 10 minutes. I know when I went to sleep, I was very content. If she left the next day, I wouldn’t care. It was worth it to me.

The next morning, she had slept late. I told her that I was going out to get her a blouse, shoes, and some jeans. She told me her sizes. I didn’t want her to wear those dirty, shitty clothes ever again. I told her I would be back in an hour or two and we would go to breakfast or lunch. I kind of waited outside for a few minutes – wondering if she was going to “take the cash and dash”. But after 10 minutes, she never left the room. I went and picked up a few things for her. I was a little surprised that she was still there when I got back. The clothes that I bought fit pretty well and she liked the shoes. We went to a late breakfast after she dressed.

The next two nights were wonderful. She really was an attractive young woman. I don’t know if I had EVER fucked a woman that young! I stopped by the bank and got some more money. I took her shopping and to restaurants every day. She loved it – and she showed her appreciation at night. She wasn’t very skilled as sucking cock. However, since it had been such a long time for me, it still felt sensational. After the fourth night, I had to leave – to show my face some around my house. People would notice if I were gone the entire time my wife was. I made an arrangement with the motel manager that I would pay him cash…and a bonus…to let her stay there for another week. I gave her some cash and told her I would be back the day before I had to pick up my wife and her sister. I really didn’t know if she would still be there – but she was. She said that she spent her time going to museums and the library. She liked to read.

When I got back, she actually seemed sincere that she was glad to see me. We had a very nice day together and we went to a really nice restaurant. That night, we sucked and fucked a lot – most of the night!!! When she was sucking my cock, she stopped and told me, “Although I’ve never done it before, I want you to cum in my mouth”. Then she went back to blowing me. That was music to my ears. She tickled my balls as they were getting ready to unload. I warned her I was getting close and she didn’t stop. I finally couldn’t hold back and shot all I could down her throat. She choked a little but she swallowed almost all of it. I gave her a big kiss after my cock got released from her lips. It was strange to kiss her lips with the taste of my cum on them. But then again, I had kissed her pussy lips quite a few times after I creampied her. That was delicious.

I almost cried when I had to leave the next morning…especially to pick up my non-sexual old wife. She looked like she was ready to cry, too. I went to the bank the next day and got some more money. It wouldn’t be missed. I paid for the room for a month and gave her a couple grand. I told her I would call her at the motel at times. I also told her that she was so much better of a person than one to be living on the street and having people around that didn’t care for her. I suggested that she go out and look for a job and maybe a place to stay. She told me things would probably be better in a couple weeks…that more opportunities would open up. I didn’t get it at first – but then I figured it out. She would be turning 18 then!

I called her several times in the first two weeks and then I saw her a couple times towards the end of the month I paid for the room. I got to take her out for her birthday! She had gotten a clerk job and was making some money…but not a lot. As her time at the motel ended, I helped her find an apartment. I paid for the deposit and first three months. I made sure it was a lot closer to my home so I could see her more often. It was in her name so she had to be 18 then! I also supplemented her income so she wouldn’t have to struggle.

I was able to see her for almost a year. We would get together at least once a week and usually have a long day or two when my wife would go to her sisters every other weekend. My wife either never found out about it – or just didn’t care. Jenny did get a promotion at work and was making a little more money. Shortly after that, she finally asked the question that I knew was coming. “Is there any chance that you would leave your wife for me?” I told her that she KNEW I cared for her a lot, and I was probably in love with her, but I just couldn’t do that. I was MUCH too old for her. I told her that the time we spent together was very precious to me but maybe it was time for her to get into a more normal life for herself. A normal life isn’t one with a man that was probably old enough to be her grandfather. I told her to try to imagine us together in 10 or 20 years! Although she looked quite sad, she had to admit that I was right. We spent the rest of the night doing a lot of fucking and sucking. When I knew I was going the next day, I really ate her beautiful pussy as well as I ever had. She had several orgasms. I especially liked fucking her, and then going down on her. The first time was really nice. As I went down on her, I could see a lot of my sperm oozing out of that hot snatch. Both her juices and mine tasted wonderful. Then fucking her again, her wet cunt, when mixed with my cum, felt like heaven. I never wanted it to end.

We both knew that we wouldn’t see that much of each other as time went on. But as I was leaving, she stopped me and told me that she was sure that I had saved her from what could have been a very terrible life. She said that she probably would have become a prostitute, become addicted, or dead. I had shown her that she was someone special. And although it kind of started out like she was prostituting herself out to me, it never really felt like it to her. She knew I was very caring and sincere – and she was VERY grateful that I had come along when I did. Meeting me totally changed her life…MUCH for the better.

I kissed her and gave her a big hug as I left. She had a cell phone by then but I didn’t call that often. I mostly called to see how she was doing. After she got another promotion, she told me that she didn’t need any of my help financially…but she still wanted to see me. She just felt like she had already taken advantage of me because I had given her SO much…I had been SO generous. She said that she would have never made it without me. I assured her that it was so very worth it to me – that she was someone very special…someone that I would NEVER forget. I also said that it was a joy for me to see her come so far – to realize what a beautiful person she was. She said SHE would be the one that would NEVER forget me. She told me that I was the nicest person she had ever met. She then said that she loved me and that there would be a special place in her heart for me forever. I told her that I had the same feelings for her. I left with some sadness but many, many beautiful memories of her as a person and memories with a lot of great fucking.

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