Jo takes control

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Jo takes control
Jo takes control by dfx 4 jay 2/16/15

I had a dream last night. A hot sexy dream of me and you. When I woke up early, before the sun came up, I had a hard on that I had to stroke reliving what I had dreamt. . .
. . . You were sitting on the living room couch when I walked in from the summer heat. I didn’t think much of it at the time but you seemed to have a slight wicked grin on your lips. “Your all sweaty baby, go in and take a shower okay. Be sure to clean up real good. I might have something planned for later”. I say, “Really, I like the sound of that. Are you going to join me”? Gesturing toward the bathroom. “No, not this time. I’ve already bathed. But I’ll be right here when you get out”.
I go into the bathroom, strip down and as I’m stepping into the shower, you shout, “And don’t let that soap be a slut. I know how you are”. Yeah, yeah don’t worry I think as I get wet. I’m wondering what your up to and what you have planned.
I wash up making sure everything is squeaky clean. I want to make extra sure I’m smelling good for you.
As I get out and have toweled off, putting cologne in all the right places, you call out saying, “I put something on the counter for you to put on. it’s the only thing you need to wear. I want to see how they look on you. Don’t disappoint me please“. I wouldn’t dream of it I say as I look over the counter. All I see there is a pair of red satin panties. “What the hell”, I shout. “your k**ding right”?
“Come on, humor me”. Okay, I’m game. My cock starts to stir a little as I slide the garment up my legs and then try to adjust myself to stay within the silky fabric.
After checking my refection front and back I join you in the living room.
You seem to be squirming around a bit, like you have ants in your pants, and that’s definitely a grin on your face and I say, Is this what you had in mind”? As I model for you by shaking my hips and spin around once. “yeah, let me see that ass again”.
I turn around and stick out my rear and wiggle it in your direction. You say, “Nice ass panty boy I like it, come, have a seat right here”. You pat the surface of the coffee table directly in front of you. I sit and you lean forward and kiss me passionately. You stand up just inches from me and I reach to caress your ass. “I have a surprise for you honey”. I look up at you and smile, “I like surprises”, I say thinking I’m about to get to fuck you. Maybe your surprise is a new video or you’ve written a hot new bed time story or want to play a game, and you sure did. “What have you got baby”?
I was totally taken back and froze when you say, “I was on the computer and checked your browsing history”.
“You’re a real freak, a real naughty boy, what if I showed everyone what turns you on”?
Oh shit, I knew instantly what you were referring to. I was on X-hamster watching videos about woman “pegging” men. All of which had women wearing strap on dildos and enjoying some role reversal.
I started to stammer, trying to cover up the facts some how as I looked at the floor at your feet. You lifted my chin saying, “Its okay babe, you know I’d never do that. I even watched some of what you were watching and I liked it. It got me really horny so I watched some more, then I read cool stories about it and these stories are about role-playing and fantasies and fetishes, I think it will be fun, see what its like to be the giver instead of the taker. And do it to you my way”.
Wow, is all I can think and you don’t hesitate to take control, you say, “And I’m horny now”. as your still standing right in front of my face, “Help me take off my skirt, I want to tell you about a fantasy I‘ve been having, what’s been getting me all hot and bothered . But
I think I may be way to over dressed to do anything about that, don’t you”?

I Nod my head in agreement and reach my hands around you again and find the fastener holding the skirt around your slim waist. I think to myself, busted, what the fuck just happened, I was secretly watching pegging videos because I was afraid of what you would think and I didn’t want you thinking I’m a weirdo, is she mad at me or what, does she think differently of me, am I in trouble”?
As this all runs in my head I unhook you and the garment slides down your legs. Loudly you shout, “Surprise” which causes me to flinch, not expecting that.
I jerk my head back and if I didn’t I would have been slapped in the face. Damned thing just missed hitting me in the face. Its a huge fake life like rubber phallus you’ve had hidden under your clothes the whole time, even before I walked in the house.
“Surprise”, you say again looking down right in my eyes. I knew you were up to something but didn’t know what it was as you try to wrap your fingers around the shaft of the dildo and slowly slide up and down over the vainy realistic looking surface. It must be 8” long, with life like features. Your hand starts just below the bulbous head, down to the big freely hanging balls.
It juts out from between you thighs, held in place by. . .
. . .There’s no straps, wow , how is she doing that? I’ve never seen anything like it, but I like it, I like it a lot.
I’m looking up into your lust filled eyes, confused, shocked and getting aroused.
“MMMMM, I love my cock”. “You get off watching guys take it in the ass by a dominate woman or women. I might get to the point when I introduce you to the real thing. Don’t worry, right now I want your mouth and ass all to myself. Now your dom is going to give you a taste, hope you like it.
I’ve been wearing it since it was delivered earlier.” You sit back down, grab your new toy and tell me.
“Do you like it? After finding your history I decided we need to try this and started shopping and comparing until I found this beauty. When I learned about and read some reviews on it, I had to have it”.
At this point I’m tenting out the front of the red panties. Mesmerized by you I mindlessly begin to rub my cock through the silky undies.
“Come closer, Kneel right there while I tell you about it”.
I crouch on the floor between your knees to get a better look.
“You see there’s no strap, It has a vibrating bulb that’s in my pussy holding it in place. There is another vibe in this cock head, here”. “And a nice vibe in the attached butt plug, see”? You grab your legs behind your knees and roll back, pulling your legs to your chest. Giving me a perfect view of your sweet ass, and the base of the plug .
“I’ve had it set on low since I put it in there”. “It has one other feature but that’s a surprise. A surprise in a surprise”. You lower your legs and show me the remote control and push a button to turn up the vibrations, You look hot as you rub your hanging balls. “Now while your down there, I got a job for you”. You reach out and run your fingers through my hair and coo and gently pull me to you and kiss me passionately. When I’m leaning over you the kiss breaks and you whisper in my ear. “You know what I want, I want to watch you take me in your mouth”. “Suck my cock baby”.
You know I cant refuse you anything when my dick is hard. I reach and wrap my hand around “your cock”. Damn, it kinda feels like mine, except it longer and definitely bigger around. I stick out my tongue and put on a good show for you. I lick around the head then down the length of it. I even swab the big balls. “Oh yeah, so hot, put it in your mouth”. Your squirming on the plug in your ass and catch your breath as the head passes between my lips. I take a couple of inches then close my lips around it. You moan and grab my hair, I bob my head and stroke you with my right hand. With my left I reach low between your legs and tug on your butt plug.
When my lips slide out, my hand pulls on your cock which tugs at the bulb buried in your pussy, rubbing just right and your getting more turned on and can feel a powerful orgasm building deep inside.
“Oh, your doing a great job. Your going to make me cum”. Your panting and pull on my hair a little harder, trying to push more cock in my mouth.
“I’m going to enjoy fucking you. I bet your going to love it to”. I pick up the pace and your on the edge. You release your grip from me and slide both hands down and you spread your glistening folds open and rub your swollen clit. I keep sucking and pulling your cock and push the plug in and out of your ass. You open your mouth to scream but only air escapes your lips and your tossing your head back and forth for what seems like several minutes. You go limp and I slide off you and sit back, rubbing the now damp spot that’s leaked from my cock.
You smile and say with a big grin, “That’s the best blow job I’ve ever had. Now I cant wait to take your ass”. I’m gonna fuck you good”. “But don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Let you get used to it”.
“Now lets get you out of your panties”. You grasp my hands to help me stand. Then you hook your fingers in the waist band pull them down. I have to pull them away to get my hard on out of the way. You leave them just below my ass and balls. You fondle my sack then take me in your mouth. It feels really good and I watch you suck me. In just a few bobs of your head, your swallowing my whole cock. You go down until your lips are touching my crotch and you hold there a moment before slowly going back up, I can only moan. You run a finger under my balls, collecting the slippery wetness of your spit. And while you have my cock all in you reach around and find my backdoor. Your lubed finger slides right in up to the second knuckle. Oh baby that feels good. You start finger fucking me with one then two digits.
After a couple of minutes there’s saliva running down and dripping from my balls. Taking your mouth away, you use this as lube and stroke it a few times.
“I want you now, your ready and I’m going to fuck your tight ass. Kneel in front of the table, lay on it and spread your legs for me”. I do as you ask both excited and hesitant, your cock seems huge. You get behind me and use both hands to spread my cheeks apart. You love the idea that I’m submitting to you and that I’m so exposed to you. Then I feel your tongue touching my puckered hole. What a wonderful feeling, I moan uncontrollably as your tongue pushes in as far as you can then wiggle it around. It then pulls out to swab along my hole before doing it again. This is so hot and so naughty I cant get enough, it feels so good I don’t want it to end. But you pull back much to soon and I hear the top pop open from a bottle of lube. You tell me to look to my right, to where you have placed one of a few mirrors. My heart skips a beat as I watch you stroking your big cock, spreading the lube along its length. What a sexy sight, and your beautiful as you hand slides up and down, up and down. You ask me if I like it and all I can do is moan my approval. “I’ll take that as a yes”, you say smiling.
“Now I’m ready to fuck you baby”. With that you rub your cock along my crack, teasingly. I cant help but to wiggle my ass and make faint noises deep in my throat.
Then I feel the big head pressing against my starfish. When you have it lined up, you push forward a little, watching as the head of your cock slips past my outer ring where you stop. “Oh baby, the head is in, your so tight around my cock. Do you like it”? All I can do is moan and I push back. This is all you need to know and slowly, so very slowly, you lean into me and inch after inch fills me. You go in so slow that I can feel every vain and bulge of your huge cock. Its so big I’m afraid it will hurt but you pause every now and again to let me get used to it before pressing in again. And just when I think I cant take any more, I feel the flesh of your crotch pressing up against the back of my thighs. You lean into me and your nipples graze my back which makes me shiver with excitement. Its so hot and sexy to feel all nine inches of you in me and your tits and hard nipples rubbing on my back. After nibbling on my ear you say, “Mmmmm, I’ve got my whole cock in you baby. You’ve taken all of my big cock like a good boy”. “It feels so good and you look so hot with my cock up your ass”. “Now I’m going to fuck you until we both cum”. I reach back between us and circle my fingers around the base of your shaft. I cant see it but I can feel it as you slip through my fingers and out of my ass. Oh my god, it just keeps sliding through my grasp and I start to feel empty. Now I know why you never want me to take it completely out of your ass when I’m taking you this way. You pull out until only the head is left and you change direction. Like you’ve always had a cock, knowing when to stop before it pops out entirely. Then just as slowly you impale me on your monster meat again knowing I can feel every sensation. I release my fingers and grab a hold of the edges of the table when you grab hold of both my hips.” This is so hot, I’m going to fuck you like you fuck my ass. And I’m going to cum, I want to cum in your ass so you know what it feels like”. Your almost growling as you pick up the pace. All I can do is hold on. You find the remote control and turn up the vibrations all the way on two of the three motors, the one in your pussy and the one in the plug snug in your ass, telling me I don’t get to feel the vibe in the head of your cock because my cock doesn’t vibrate when I’m fucking your ass and that’s the way you like it. Just before your orgasm pushes you to the point of no return, you pull out completely as I moan in protest, pushing back, trying to impale myself onto your hot cock. I’m groaning until you tell me to roll over onto my back because you want to watch my face as you fuck me and cum in my ass. This part I don’t really think about, figuring your just saying your going to cum in my ass for effect, and It does just that, I leak even more pre come imagining you pumping your hot cum deep in me. You’ve always said how much you love the feel as my cum splashes inside your bottom and its too bad I cant get to feel how erotic it is.
You take my legs and place them on your shoulders. As I tilt my head to watch, you line your huge cock up with my ass and press into me. Not slow or by the inch this time, you plunge in balls deep and as I try to catch my breath, you wiggle and swirl around then pump your hips back and forth. I can tell the bulb vibrating in your pussy and the plug in your ass are driving you to a powerful orgasm. Your breathing hard and jagged and watching your cock penetrate my ass over and over. “Oh, baby I’m almost there. Can I cum in your ass”? I’m shaking and throw my head back, moaning yes, yes.
I want you to cum while my cock is fucking your ass”.
You take my hand and place it on my throbbing cock. “Jack off baby, make yourself cum”. I do as you ask and stroke my cock to the same pace as your sawing in and out of my now loosened ass. Your eyes are glued to my hand stroking my cock and your cock disappearing between my cheeks. All of a sudden you almost stop completely and just rock, your head tilts back and you close your eyes and growl and say, “Here it is baby, I’m commmmm, ohhhhhhhh myyyy gerrrrr”. And even as your riding the waves of an intense climax, between clenched teeth you utter, “Now you get to feel what I feel”. With that you start to quiver uncontrollably but manage to reach down and fill your slight hand with your big hanging balls and then you squeeze them as hard as you can. Now its my turn to quiver and shake as a totally new sensation rocks me into my own powerful, spine tingling orgasm. You just shoot hot cum out of your hard cock and deep in my ass. I never expected that and the sensation was like nothing I’ve ever remotely felt before. And as your still trembling with bliss you watch as I cum all over myself. I jerk from another wild jolt when you squeeze your balls again, shooting another blast of cum deep in my ass from your always hard cock. I cant believe what just happened and am nothing but a quivering mess. My cum laying in puddles from just below my chin, covering my chest and belly. Dripping from my hand that I cant let go of my softening cock. I cant even open my eyes when you say how much you enjoyed fucking me. I slip my hand out of the way as you lay completely on me, rubbing your very erect tits against me, rubbing my cum all over each of us. Never taking your cock from my ass, you lift up until your tits are at my mouth. “I told you my cock had another surprise for you. It was a good one wasn’t it”? “Now Suck on my nipples, taste what I get to taste. Lick the cum off my tits”. “Mmmmmm, good boy, I think you liked getting fucked as much as I liked fucking you. I cant wait to look up your browser history again. Because now I get to fuck you any time I want to, where ever I want to take you. Next time I might just pull your pants down and bend you over the bathroom sink, or come up behind you in the shower. Or maybe right outside over the porch railing where anyone might see”. “Or”, you say with a wicked grin, “Next time I think I’ll take your ass in front of our webcam. We don’t have to show our faces but I bet we get a lot of viewers while I pound your tight ass with my big bad cock. I might even turn on the vibrator so you can feel it, maybe”.
You don’t even have to ask if I like your plans, I’m given away when you feel my own cock getting hard again so soon and my ass wiggle on your still buried cock as you tell my your naughty ideas.
“I knew you’d like that”.

I hope I dream again tonight…

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