Julie Likes it x1

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Julie Likes it x1
My roommate Julie, had been really bummed out. She had found out recently that her boyfriend back home had decided to call off their relationship. She was devastated when she found out he had been cheating on her.

It was her first boyfriend and first break up. She had been so devoted to him that first semester. I had never seen her even try to flirt. Very mousy.

Julie was quiet and we didn’t hang out much. I liked to go out and meet boys and sometimes take them back to my dorm room to fuck. Whereas, She liked to stay in the dorm and study. She was nice enough, just boring.

Soon after the break up, I started trying to talk her into going to bars or parties. She really didn’t like the “party scene” at our school and would decline. After a few weeks of wearing her down, she agreed to go to a club with me to meet up with a few friends.

We were in our dorm room and I was getting dolled up to go out. I picked out a tight black dress to wear. Which left nothing to the imagination. As I attempted to squeeze into the dress I regretted the “Freshman 15” I had gained. The last time I had worn the dress was last fall, apparently, I had gained a bit of weight in the ass and tits.

Disappointed, I peeled off the slinky little dress and tossed it aside, saying “oh well, that would have made me look too slutty anyway”.

It was then that I noticed Julie staring at me.

She said, ‘Kath, I would do anything to have a body like yours! You have curves in all the right places and I don’t have any curves at all!”.

I stood there naked, in front of a mirror and my roommate, looking at myself. I was upset because all of my bras and panties were getting tight. But as I stood, caressing my breasts and cupping my own ass I realized that “Freshman 15” had all settled in the right areas.

Julie sighed and said, “shit Kathy, if I had your body I wouldn’t have any problem getting laid!”

I was taken by surprise by the statement.

Julie was fairly good looking with short red hair and a fair complexion. We were both on the shorter size, but she was on the tiny size at just over 5 foot tall and very skinny.

She always dressed in baggy shirts and simple leggings. She didn’t wear much if any makeup and had a very plain, door next door look to her.

I turned to her and said, “get undressed.”.

She looked to me with shock and said, “why? This is what I had planned on wearing to the club!”

I said, “not if you want to get laid! Go get your sluttiest outfit!”

Julie turned a shade of red and laughed nervously saying “Kathy, I don’t have any slutty outfits. I don’t have a body that would look good in a sluttly outfit.”

I asked Julie in a stern voice, “do you want to get laid or not?”

She stammered a bit and replied, “well yes, but I don’t have…” As she struggled to finish her sentence I approached her and lifted her baggy shirt over her head. She giggled and said “stop”.

I slipped behind her and held her close to my naked body, I slid my thumbs into her waistband and slid her legging to the floor. Now, Julie was in front of me, trembling, nervous and wearing only a plain white bra and panties.

I stood naked in front of her and said, “honey, you will not get laid in that! Take them off!” She giggled and turned beet red.

Then she said, “I don’t have any other bras or panties” I slowly moved closer to her and whispered “then don’t wear any!” while I rubbed my now hard nipples against the exposed pale skin of her back. Then I reached down and slid her panties to the floor and unhooked her bra.

Now Julie was standing in front of me, completely naked. She had no trouble covering her small, pert breasts with one hand while the other was covering a thick red bush. It then dawned on me, I had never seen Julie naked. We had lived together in the same small room for months and I had never once seen her completely naked.

Now as she stood naked in front of me I realized that she was quite beautiful. She had always covered herself up in modesty, frumpy clothes and a mousy demeanor. She was the type of girl that just blended into the background.

But here she was, naked and giggling.

I stood back and then circled her, eyeing her naked body. She was thin but had a nice athletic body. I came closer and held her in my arms, both of us naked and I whispered, “you will get laid tonight!”

She giggled more and turned to me smiling, “tell me what to do”

I picked up the slinky black dress and told her to put it on. She balked at the idea and asked if there was anything else she could wear that was less revealing.

In a firm voice, I told her to raise her arms and then I slid the tight fitting dress easily over her tiny naked body. As I pulled the dress down I purposely brushed my fingers against her hardening nipples.

The contrast of the black dress against her pale freckled skin made her appear to almost glow. She stood, looking at me, smiling and nervously placing her hands on her hips.

She giggled and asked, “how do I look?”
I replied, “if I was a boy I would fuck you!” Julie turned beet red with embarrassment and said, “thank you, Kathy. But I don’t know. I mean the dress shows off a lot.”
I told her, “that was the point, now help me pick out something to wear.”

She picked out a modest skirt and a low cut sweater. It was racy, but not as sluty as her outfit. But, I figured I would be the wingman tonight and couldn’t distract from the main attraction.

Soon thereafter we were putting on makeup, I helped her with her. As she typically didn’t wear much if any.

Our Uber arrived a short time later, it was a minivan. We both climbed in the back and gave the driver the address of where we were heading. He looked us up and down smiling. I was used to the attention, but I noticed his eyes lingered on Julie a little longer than me.

I mentioned it to her and she giggled.

The driver was cute – about 10 years older than us. He had dark hair and seemed to be muscular. He asked nonchalantly, “what’s the plans for tonight ladies?”

I replied without hesitation, “we are going to get my friend here laid!”
Julie gasped and covered her face.
I continued, “my friend here recently split up with her boyfriend and she isn’t wearing a bra or panties”
Now Julie gasped again and hit me on the arm.
The driver laughed uneasily and said, “I’m sorry to hear about your split. I am sure you won’t have any trouble meeting some boys tonight”
Julie sighed and let out a little “thank you” to the driver.
I turned to Julie and said, “well, that was very nice of him to say. Don’t you think? You should show him your pussy.”
Julie was mortified blushed deeply, “Kathy I can’t do that. I don’t even know him”
The driver laughed but did not take his eyes off the rear view mirror.
I replied, “sure you can! You just open your legs and let him see that pussy!”
I told the driver that he would get to see her pussy at the next red light. I explained that I didn’t want to cause an accident.

Julie was looking at me “Seriously, should I?”
I replied with a whisper, “sure, it’s easy to be easy!” and with that, I spread my legs and lifted my skirt a little. The driver caught a glance of us in the rearview. Then adjusted his mirror for a better look. I demurely closed my legs and adjusted my skirt.

As we approached the red light I said, “ok Julie, show the nice man your cunt!” Julie slowly opened her legs exposing her little hairy pussy to the driver. The driver turned around with a lustful look and stared at Julie’s beautiful red bush.

The driver cleared his throat and said, “wow, umm. You have a beautiful little pussy their young lady”. The light turned green and the car behind us blared it horn. The driver took his eyes from Julie’s pussy to the road and continued on.

Julie was giggling and blushing as the driver stammered “yes indeed, you will have no problem meeting boys tonight”.

I said, “if you don’t charge us for the ride I’ll let you see some more”.

Julie was shocked and hit me in the arm. “What are you saying? I already showed him?”.

I opened my legs and lifted my skirt. Then I slid my fingers over my pussy and opened it wide.

The driver peeked into the rearview and gasped. Then he swerved the van into a church parking lot.

I lifted my legs and spread pussy wider, as I lightly fingered my clit.

The driver parked and turned to watch me.

I asked him, “do you like looking at my pussy sir?”. He nodded.
“Is your cock hard mister?”
He nodded again.
All the while I was getting wetter and wetter.

I turned to Julie and she was staring at my wide open cunt. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing heavily.

I removed my fingers from my soaking cunt and they were glistening with pussy juice.

I held my fingers towards the driver and said, “here, taste me!”
He nodded and opened his mouth. I inserted two fingers into his mouth and felt his tongue and lips suck my cunt juice off my hand

I pulled my fingers from his mouth, closed my legs and said, “would you like to taste my friends pussy?”

He nodded and said, “oh god yes!”. Then looked to Julie who sat looking back at him.

I said, “go ahead Jules, show the man your pussy!”

Julie said, “I can’t do that? I’ve never done that?”

I said, “yes you have, Julie! you just did! Now show the man your pussy, let him taste it!”

I leaned over and lifted her slinky dress, she didn’t stop me, I slid one hand between her thighs and pushed slightly. She slowly opened them.

“Come on Julie, I showed him my pussy. I slid my fingers into my twat and shoved them into his mouth! Now you have to show him yours and let him taste. I saw you looking at me while I did it. I know you want the nice man to see your pussy and to taste your cunt juice.’

Julie said, “god Kathy, you are such a slutty influence!” and she opened her legs. I rested my hand on her inner thigh and encouraged her with my fingers.

Soon she had her fingers spreading her cunt wide open. It was pink and slick with juice. She had a hard time holding it open because it was so slick. She rubbed a finger over her clit and shuddered a little.

I have never been into girls, but seeing her spread like that really turned me on. I told her to slide a finger into herself and she did. I asked the driver if he his cock was hard and he nodded. You could hear Julies fingers sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

I told the driver, “take out your cock mister” he looked around the church parking lot and then back to Julie fingering himself as he unzipped his pants. He positioned himself between the two front seats and then pulled out his dick.

It was indeed hard, very hard. As he stroked it slowly, watching Julie fuck herself with her fingers.

Julie was working herself deeply and I told her, “give the nice man a taste of that puss”. She removed her hand and held out her trembling fingers towards the drivers awaiting mouth. He slid the soaking wet fingers into his mouth and groaned with pleasure.

Julie’s other hand was still furiously working her clit as her hips bucked up to meet the thrust of her hand. She was gasping for breath and I could see she was about to cum.

The driver still had her fingers in his mouth as he pumped his hard cock.
I bent over and slid my finger into Julie’s cunt. She was surprised but did not stop me.

I had never felt another girl’s cunt before, she was soaking wet and her body trembled. I liked it, a lot!

Our eyes met as she heaved her pussy onto my hand, she blurted, “no, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum now”. She bucked her hips forward as a flood of cunt juice soaked my hand and the minivan seat. She grunted and gasped.

Just then the driver let out a grunt of his own and a blast of cum splattered Julies open, twitching pussy and dress.

I turned my head and opened my mouth. The driver leaned toward me as I engulfed his hard dick into my mouth. I could taste his cum on the back of my tongue.

After they had caught their breath and regained some composure I clapped my hands and said: “we are off to a good start Julie!”

The driver climbed back into his seat, zipped up his pants and buckled his seatbelt. He was breathing heavy and smiling from ear to ear. “Yes ladies, this trip is on me!”
Julie was straightening her dress, pulling it over her exposed muff. She was giggling and catching her breath.

As the driver started the van to drive away I mentioned to Julie, “You already got cum on my dress and we haven’t even made it to the club yet. You slut”!

She looked down and noticed she did have a load of cum on the dress.

She said, “Oh Kathy, I am so sorry I got cum on your dress!”
I told her not to worry, there will be plenty more where that came from if we do this right.

I few miles later we pulled in front of the club. The driver parked and opened the door to let us out. I slowly lifted one leg out of the van, giving him a show up my skirt, before standing up and allowing Jules to exit. She slid over on the seat adjusting her dress. She was very flustered.

Before stepping out she said to the driver, “I am sorry, but I got your seat wet with pussy juice” He smiled and said, “that was no problem.” He offered her a hand to help her out.

There was a line waiting to get into the club and I noticed a few cute boys looking our way. I turned my hand back towards Julie and the driver as she stepped out. Setting one leg onto the ground and exposing her pussy to the entire line waiting to get into the club.

I loudly said, “jeezus Julie! Everyone can see your pussy! “ Which of course drew more attention to her as she stepped out. She gasped and stared at me like a deer in headlights. He legs still open, her pussy still glistening and wet. While a group of 20 or more people looked on.

She stepped out and adjusted the dress, still with dozens of eyes upon her.

I told her, in a loud voice “ok Julie, thank our driver for the ride and the load of cum on your new slutty dress.”

She laughed and gave me a look of disdain as she lowered her hand to the drivers cock and squeezed him through his pants. He squirmed a little as she said “thank you for giving us a ride. I wish I could give you more of a tip” With that she squeezed a little harder and gave the driver a kiss.

We walked towards the front of the line, passing dozens of eyes and cute guys making fun, lewd remarks.

As we approached the bouncer he said, “Sorry ladies, but the end of the line is that way.”

I quickly and loudly said “my friend has Uber driver cum all over the dress I loaned her. We have to go in and get the cum cleaned up before it stains.” He didn’t budge, but looked confused.

I reached down grabbing the hem of Julie’s dress and lifted it up, exposing her naked ass to everyone in line, while yelling “look! This is Uber driver cum! We need to get it cleaned before it stains.

Julie was mortified and blushed deeply as I held her dress up to the bouncer.

She kept saying “oh my god! Stop Kathy!”

The bouncer laughed and let us in. I lowered Julie’s dress as we walked past him. I loudly slapped her ass as we passed, giggling.

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