Krystal Watson gets locked up 2

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Krystal Watson gets locked up 2
I sit on the bed, shaking, biting my fingernails. sleep. How can I close my eyes for one second, I think to myself incredulously. Just then the intern returns with a paper cup and his hand stretched out to me. “What are these pills?” I ask, taking the cup from him, my hand shaking. “Just swallow them down. Trust me, the first night can be a very long one, you’ll thank me, he says with a wink, putting the pills to my lips. I swallow the pills and sip the water.“That a girl. Now I need you up on the bed, lying down so I can get your vitals, he says as he comes over and taps my knees with the stethoscope.

I swing my legs up onto the bed and lay back on the pillow. Suddenly I get a reality check. A male intern going into female patient’s rooms alone at night to record vital signs? I look up at him standing at the side of the bed, taking the stethoscope from his neck and putting in his ears. I shift uneasily, becoming more and more excited, stretching my t-shirt down over my pants, as if to protect my body, taunting him.

“I’m going to listen to your chest first, he says authoritatively, ignoring my fidgeting, looking into my eyes, leaning down to me and pressing the stethoscope into my breast.

A groggy sensation begins to build in me. Like a warm tingling wave flooding through me, weighing me down and making my body heavy and limp. “Ahhhh, I see…. yes… you’re feeling very relaxed? You’re going to be just fine, Krystal. I’m going to make sure of it, he says pleasantly removing the stethoscope from my chest. Standing over me smiling,“I’m going to make sure you follow the rules Krystal, his voice pleasant and casual.

But slowly, eerily, his smile shifts to a wicked grin and his eyes pierce through me . “Everything I do is for your own good. You’re going to obey me. You are going to be rehabilitated, Krystal, his voice darker and more menacing than his expression.

He leans down to me on the bed, his face only inches from mine, “You don’t want to end up like those poor girls downstairs, locked in padded cells for slitting their wrists. I tried to help them. Really quite a shame… and a girl like you, still in denial, still an addict, no one would think twice, finding you with your wrists slit open, bleeding allover the sheets, your pretty skin turned pale white and your beautiful eyes rolled back into your head”, he sneers with a grin.

My body feels so heavy, my mind racing wildly, what did he give me, but I struggle to say each word, “thhhhhhe ppppiiiillllllssssss” and I hear my soft voice slurred like a slow motion echo. My eyes grow wide as he suddenly leans in close, nearly pressing his face up against mine, glaring at me with a wicked smirk.

Suddenly, he jerks my head up by my hair, he’s covering my eyes with something, securing it into place behind my head. I’m fighting to lift my arms, to kick my legs, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I try to scream out, but only pathetic gasping sounds escape my numb lips.

“Yes… that’s it.. yes… just lay back and relax now while I finish getting you ready for the exam”, he says to me with an evil growl.

I hear the quick sound of tearing. I feel him covering my mouth with thick tape. I feel him grabbing my wrists, strapping them tightly to the bed rails. I hear his smug laughter. I feel his fingers grab onto the waistband of my pants and yank them down along with my panties in one swift pull. I feel a dazed, swirling, sensation in my head.

I feel his hand twisting in my hair yanking my body up to a sitting position. I feel him tugging and pulling at my t-shirt, lifting it enough to expose my tits, pulling the neck hole behind my head. I feel the shirt sleeves squeezing against my shoulders and arms. I feel the tape on my wrists digging into my skin. I feel my body naked and exposed. I feel the cold air making my nipples harden. I feel my heart beating in my chest, and wetness between my legs.

I see only blackness. I feel the warmth from his hands on my tits squeezing firmly. I feel sharp jolts of pain radiate through me as he pinches and twists my nipples sadistically. My body respond by shifting weakly. I hear his evil snickering getting closer to my ear.

I sense him moving towards the end of the bed. “Are you promiscuous, Krystal? When was the last time you had to offer-up your tight little cunt for some d**gs? Let’s just see here…”, he says in a creepy professional sounding voice. my pussy flooding just listening to him. His strong hands snake down my stomach and spread my legs apart. I concentrate on trying to squeeze my thighs together, daring him too take me, struggling to clamp them shut as his big hands hold them wide open.

I hear my own whimpering groans become more desperate as I feel his fingers tracing lightly up and down my exposed slit. I feel them quickly spread apart the lips of my pussy and then a sharp burning sensation. A stinging ache radiating from my clit. I want to scream in ecstasy but the tape is covering my mouth. I push my tongue up against it’s sticky backside and feel that it won’t budge. Suddenly his fingers are on my clit rubbing slowly, smoothly, gently. Now increasing speed, pressing more firmly, getting faster, rougher, harder. My legs begin to jerk and twitch as the sensations travel throughout my body in hot little spasms.
It stops. The bed is moving. I feel a heavy bulky mass moving between my legs. They’re being squeezed and held apart in a tight vicious grip.

“You little sluts just can’t get enough cock”, I hear him chuckling as if to himself. I feel the weight of his body crushing down on me, his bulky arms engulfing me, his hairy thighs pushing my legs apart. and his hands grabbing underneath and clenching my ass roughly. The smell of his musky sweat and the sounds of his shallow breath invade my senses as he declares in a serious sounding tone, “seems you’ve got slick wet discharge all over your little cunt, Krystal..”
Deep and growling, hot words blowing into my ear, “You’re a sick girl….. and you’re gonna get just what you need…. “. I feel a hot prodding against my tender flesh, a grinding feeling. His cock…… inside of me, invading my body, forcing open my tender flesh, burrowing through until it’s entire length is buried and coated by the silky wetness inside. “MMMmmmm that’s it….. that’s a good slut …..”

My whimpers and squeals get drowned out by his euphoric groans of pleasure. I feel his hands slip out from under me, the weight of his body lifting off of me. My legs being lifted and pushed back towards my face, my ass and legs being held up in the air. “MMMMMMMmmmmmm” I moan desperately feeling his cock thrusting faster, harder, pumping in and out, the intensity building. His legs start to slightly vibrate against mine. “Uhhhh…. Krystal…. gonna give you a potent dose of cum…..right in your tight little cunt …..” I feel, his cock expanding, strong, rhythmic, throbbing pulsating against my pussy walls, twinges of pain, and then an eruption of hot, thick, fluid, spurting deep inside, filling me.

“OH GOD YYYYESSSSSS” a voice from within my shattered mind, screams hysterically. He releases his grip and lets my legs drop down flat on the bed. I feel the flow of sticky wetness trickling from my pussy as he withdraws his cock and removes himself from the bed.

His, calm, quiet, smug, voice feels like a ragged spear tearing through my eardrums from across the room, as he says “Of course we will continue with this coarse of treatment, Krystal. And you will require regular visits.” Before he left the room, I felt a pinch in my arm, the room started spinning and everything went dark.


I have settled into my new life. More than a dozen of the staff and a dozen of the patients use me at will. Searches of my room, have mysteriously turned up many prohibited items, and a large amount of d**gs. When the Judge received these reports, and my d**g test showing heroine in my system he ordered me to an extended stay at the facility, with the length to be determined by the staff. I’m hungry, and I waddle to get breakfast. My belly now swollen, with twins, and my now heavy 40G breasts sway with each step.

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