Lady Licker Part I

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Lady Licker Part I
She was a buxom forty-five year old stripper. She worked the truck driver strip clubs…

Dania was more than buxom, she was a beautiful, long-legged, red head.

In her younger days, she was a practicing massage ther****t.

Her hands were beautiful too and everything about her, showed no aging…

She loved men, but women were her real desires.

Many truck drivers that stopped by the club were woman. Strong, like her and adventurous.

There was one, Nadia, a beautiful Russian woman who immigrated to US several years ago.

She loved Dania, they both went on vacations together to tropical places and shared many a night together.

In between her stops, she would take time out to visit with Dania.

Dania had a beautiful little house in a suburban subdivision.

It was a charming house with a beautiful garden.

Dania was a quiet woman and never displayed herself as a stripper at a truck stop.

Her neighbors knew nothing about her profession; they only knew she was a sweet and quiet woman.

One year her garden won first prize.

The summers were beautiful and the flower garden was filled with a colorful array of blossoms.

Dania had a peach and apricot tree that bore the sweetest fruit every year…

It was a busy night at the club and Nadia showed up from her last truck duty..

She was finished for the rest of the week and wanted to stretch her legs a bit.

Dania was about to call it a night, as her last show was about to be done…

Nadia had a parking space for her truck until she had another job, right behind the club.

Dania was happy to see Nadia in the club and signaled to her that it was her last strip and dance.

Nadia went to Dania’s dressing room and waited for her.

This was a ritual she did all the time…

While Nadia was waiting for Dania, she showered and got herself ready for Dania’s pussy.

She loved Dania, she loved eating Dania out and soothing her entire body from a night’s work…

Nadia’s beautiful body was wrapped in a towel and she smoothed on a body oil from her breasts to her hairy and well groomed cunt.

Just above her pubic bone, she had Dania’s named tattooed in red..

She thought about Dania’s beautiful breasts, her beautiful dimples, her beautiful smile.

Nadia could not control herself and her hot cunt.

Her legs were stretched over the plush velvet chair and her cunt was an easy reach…

Dania’s show would not be finished for at least an hour..

Across from Nadfa, were pictures of Dania, naked and lovely…

She knew every inch of pleasure on Dania’s body, inside and out…

Nadia’s cunt was heating up fast and her fingers were twisting her red lips every which way, before she touched her hard clit…

The room had a lingering scent, the perfume she had given Dania for her birthday…

She didn’t want to orgasm, no not yet, she wanted to wait until Dania was ready to get down on her and she on Dania… It was at least two weeks they had not been with each other…

End of Part I

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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