Lesson in Pheromones

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Lesson in Pheromones
Good afternoon class. Today we’re discussing pheromones: chemicals produced by one member of a species that trigger a response in another member of that same species. In particular I want us to consider sexual pheromones and the remarkable way they can overwhelm all social conventions and attitudes concerning what we think of as taboo. I’ve arranged a practical demonstration of this phenomenon with one of your classmates – and we congratulate her again for winning this year’s science fair – and her father who has agreed to help out today. As you can see he is holding a pair of his daughter’s panties. He’s quite enamoured with them and clearly she’s a little shocked to see her own father respond in this way.

What I haven’t told him is that those are her used panties that I stole from her locker while she was showering after gym class this morning. Therefore his desire to play with his daughter’s very appealing panties is significantly enhanced due to the fact that he can already smell her cunt on them.

Ahem, sir? Go ahead and take a deep sniff of your daughter’s panties for the next part of the demonstration.

Okay, so you can see him sniffing his daughter’s panties now. He is about to be hit with an overwhelming dose of her pussy pheromones and we’ll now observe the effect it has on him.

Ah, here we go, he instinctively goes to check that they are her panties by looking up her skirt.

So now he’s seen she isn’t wearing any panties and therefore can deduce that the panties he was sniffing do belong to her. This clearly excites him along with the view of his daughter’s cunt and getting to inhale her scent up close. We see now that he is lifting her to her feet and… oh yes of course… he’s now fingering his daughter and getting those pheromones all over his hand. Fortunately she enjoys the attention from her father and no longer seems to even notice that the rest of us are here. Listen to her saying “Daddy, yes!”

So now that he’s under the spell of his daughter’s sweet smelling cunt and fingering her to make her all nice and wet, what do we think will happen next? Up the back, what was that? Yes, I think your prediction is correct: he’s going to want to taste that pussy and… well yes, you were right, he’s got her on the desk and is eating her out. And look how she tenderly cups her father’s head to her cunt. Isn’t science beautiful!

And now, I think we’re about to see the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He’s ripped off her blazer and is stripping off his clothes. Yes! He’s bent her over the desk and… and… oh my goodness he’s grabbed her panties to take another hit and… and… yes! He’s fucking her! He is fucking his own daughter in front of all of us!

And thus the power of sexual pheromones to override all social conventions is proven. A big round of applause for his willingness to be part of today’s demonstrating and another big round of applause to his daughter – your classmate – for being such a good girl. Now for your homework… hang on a minute, what’s he doing now. Oh my word, he’s giving her a taste of her own pheromones!

I wonder what made him do that? Regardless, she seems to enjoy it! Look at that content and happy face!

Well class, the bell has gone and you’re free to leave… you all want to stay to see how this ends? Well, okay I guess. Hang on – they are changing positions. He’s pulling off more of her clothes and now she’s on her back and he’s on top of her. Oh my, class, look! Look at his deep, hard, deliberate strokes – he’s cumming inside her!

Maybe that’s why he wanted her to smell her own panties – he wanted her drunk on her own pheromones too because, after all, the main purpose of sexual pheromones is to inspire members of the same species to breed. Class this is special – you have just witnessed a father impregnate his daughter!

Class dismissed.

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