Life Of A Common Girl – Part III

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Life Of A Common Girl – Part III
Read before parts to understand the line….

The game played by Rekha and Rahul to tempt me really excited me. I didn’t notice but found some changes in Rekha after she came home on top of that to their plus point in seducing me we were continuously harassed by the builder who was telling us to pay the amount at the earliest so he can shift us to new place and start the construction work.

One Saturday evening Feb 2004 Rekha received a call from someone and she said, Nahi yeh sab galat hai, aisa ku and all that stuff and I asked her what was the problem, she told nothing as she has asked for a loan and demand was not worth saying. She was not ready to tell I still pestered her to which she told one of her friend gave a contact of women who runs a prostitution den she came to know later.

Few days later when we again had problem with the builder dad too was harassed too much and he had high BP and we had to admit few days in the hospital. I asked Rekha to tell what’s was the lady telling is she ready to give 5 lak. Rekha told it’s difficult as the customer she has who is ready to pay 5 lak could like to have two un-married girls at the same time and preferred sisters.

I was shocked to hear the same the terms and conditions, as the sisters have to be lesbians and satisfy the man and all that stuff. I didn’t know what to tell but after few days told Rekha if she didn’t problem why not do it and finish this problem once and for all.

I knew Rekha acted as if there is nothing left. Rekha left that day telling me she will speak to the client. She came in the evening and Rekha had brought in few CD’s and told what all has to be done as per the client we have to learn it. So for the next 2 weeks started our practice of being a lesbian and really loved kissing Rekha taking a bath with her sucking her cunt and I got the same treatment from her and went mad when.

I had my first orgasm and seeing most of the CD me for the first which all the films were 2 girls and one guy really tempted me and set my date of losing my virginity to a man and that was on March 12th Friday 2004 morning Rekha brought 5 lak Rupees telling given by that lady. In fact it was given by Rahul to help us. All the agreement was done and Rekha told the lady was telling that after taking the money we can’t back out. We told dad that we had some company work and will back in 3 days in the evening.

Rekha and me left in a rickshaw to Kalyani Nagar where Rahul had a friends flat for a day. The moment door was opened I was stunned to see Rahul and Rekha too acted as she didn’t knew what it was. Rahul too acted as if he didn’t believe the same. He made us comfortable and gave us wine, which we didn’t had then he told for the next 3 days we have to do what he tells us and lots of talks here and there and his hands were all over me and Rekha telling he is going to love fucking us both.

Came to know he has left his wife as they had some problem and all that stuff. He started a movie, which of course was blue film and made us sit in the big sofa and he sat next to him. He made me feel as he was with Rekha for the first time. He told me to kiss Rekha telling I had ordered and paid 5 lakhs to have sex with lesbian sisters. I kissed her and Rahul inserted his hand inside my sari phallu and started to press my breast and his other hand pulled Rekha’s pallu and started un-buttoning her blouse.

He caught hold of Rekha and started kissing her in front of me and slowly all our dress were removed and we both were nude within the next 5 min. He took us both inside and leaving me he took Rekha near the bed and made Rekha sit on his lap, as he was busy tongue-kissing her, while pinching her tits with his hands. Rekha too was excited as I could see from her little gasps. They had fucked each other many a times before and but this was first time I am seeing them in that way and feeling as if it’s the first time.

I was left alone, standing and watching open-mouthed as they fondled each other. He let go of her mouth and fastened his mouth on her hardened nipples. Rekha was moaning loudly and was looking at me with glazed eyes. I could see Rahul sucking and licking her erect nipples glisten with his saliva. Rahul was now alternating sucking and biting at both her nipples, making Rekha squirm and moan with pleasure and pain. I could feel my own nipples hardening and my cunt juices oozing as my breathing grew heavy, seeing the erotic coupling in front of me.

I was literally desperate, jealous and what not for something which I should not be. Rahul abruptly stopped and looked at me oblivious to the moaning Rekha in his lap. He motioned to me to come near him while saying tu udhar kay kar rahi idhar a. I was in too mind, still he kept on moving his hand and telling me to come near him. I could feel my body pushing me towards them and I just touched her moaning face.

Rekha looked at me with glazed eyes, lustfully, as she pushed me towards her and kissed her lips. I could feel the kiss was totally different from the numerous times she kissed me few days back. She entered her tongue into my mouth. Rahul’s came on my naked breast and started fondling them. I was stunned feeling his hands on me took me into a new world a man feeling my breast as we both were kissing each other Rahul started sucking Rekha’s breast and fondling mine.

Rahul made her sit on the bed as we both were still kissing each other, he separated us and we both were panting with lust. I grasped as Rahul picked me in my arms and pushed me on the bed with little effort. He pushed Rekha on top of me between my legs. My cunt was wet seeing the same Rekha buried her head in my cunt. She was licking it, while pushing two of her fingers in my cunt. I moaned like hell as I came to a swift and shattering orgasm.

Rekha was very wild this time as she was sucking me and pushing her tongue as deep as she could. I held her head tightly, and at that time as I looked at Rahul he removed track suit and looking at me was massaging his thick proud prick, (fucking we three sisters and also our only bhabhi Renuka. He might be thinking that I was the only cunt left to fuck in the family) watching us both. He now pulled Rekha off my cunt, by her hair and held my legs apart.

He looked at Rekha sorry baby let me fuck the elder sister then you, first come first”. He positioned his glistening prick near my cunt lips with a hard thrust he pierced his cock in my cunt and sank his thick prick in uungghhh aahhhh oouiiimmaa and I wailed as I felt intense pleasure on receiving Rahul’s prick in my moist and wet cunt. I always wanted some guy fuck me hard after all this wasn’t a age to have my first cock when I was 31 years old.

I moaned in pleasure as my body rocked by the powerful thrusts of Rahul, as his prick pounded in my cunt again and again. Rahul was on his knees and was holding my parted legs as he furiously went about fucking in and out, rocking my body with each thrust. Rekha was busy moving her hands on Rahul’s back as well light kissing and biting my legs and feet fingers fingering after some time, Rahul moved her towards my face, presenting her wet cunt to me with my hands.

I firmly held her thighs and raised my mouth to let my tongue probe in her wet cunt. Soon she too cried in pleasure loudly ooooooo and she cried as her body was rocked by her own orgasm and unable to balance herself and she fell on the side as I let go of her thighs as I was about to take first drip of sperms in my cunt. Rahul was fucking me harder for 5-6 min continuously in the same way and he shudder with a bang and filled my cunt with his semen.

It was so hot and his orgasm too was so powerful I could feel my cunt filling with his hot sperms to the brink. I lay with my eyes closed in shame and delight. Rahul withdrew his prick from my cunt. All three of them lay on the bed together gasping and breathing heavily. My legs were still parted as I could feel his thick semen oozing out of my cunt. He was a very strong. Rekha got up and came towards me. I was ashamed of seeing her and how did you feel the same Rahul asked me.

I saw Rahul who was standing across the bed massaging his prick to erectness and our eyes met, he said, “you are hot cunt like her spanking Rekha’s buttocks. He was coming near me moving his prick in his hand. He brought his cock near my mouth and told to well Prabha suck it and I did not know what happened my mouth willing open and greedily started sucking his cock, while massaging his hairy balls with my hand in fact watching a lot of porn movies always made me thing why gals love sucking a cock.

I came to know at that time and the sexual instinct in me made me suck his smelly wet cock as if it was the most pleasurable and tasteful of off. Rahul whimpered at the pleasure he was receiving ooohh yes aaaahhhh and he cried as I continued to deep throat him and moved my hands slowly on his heavy balls. I myself was jerking my thighs as Rekha was furiously finger-fucking me and after some time he withdrew his cock from my mouth. He was moving behind Rekha and said if I don’t fuck her then it won’t look good right baby sister as Rekha was sucking me.

He went behind and entered his dick in her cunt, I could only make out when Rekha yelled, aaaw fuck, Rahul began pumping her cunt and Rekha’s whole body shook, with each movement of his plunges inside her aahhh yes fuck me and she was continuously whimpering. Rahul was fucking her fast and hard. I saw the sexy expression on my friend’s face. Rahul fucked her spanking her butts and in between pressing them as he was finally about to cum.

He roughly withdrew and pulled her sideways and pushed his prick into her mouth. I saw with excitement as his prick had stretched her mouth. I was thinking might be my mouth too had stretched in the same as I sucked him. Rahul soon exploded inside her mouth and held her head tightly as he came and came and came inside her mouth as he finally withdrew his prick from her mouth, I could see his thick semen oozing out of her mouth.

Rekha pulled me and started kissing me with semen filled mouth around 10 we came out he took us to camp and treated us well off course talking naughty dirty things. Instead of taking us back to the same flat he took us to his house, which was small bungalow and he stayed all alone as his dad and mom settled at their native place and after his divorce he was all alone other then 2-3 servants that too that day he had given them off as we settled in his bedroom at 1 in the morning.

He told me what all happened and also asked Rekha to tell and I did not believe and my reaction was beyond outrageous but the moment he was on me undressing me and inserting his cock in me I was cooled off because of his cock I was like a pet a****l and he fucked me the most till early morning. The next day Shweta too joined us and he fucked us all 3 of us from morning to evening. Shweta left in the evening but I and

Rekha were told to stay there with him to tell anything to my dad got a job or something as it is our dad use to take care of him and our new house will be quite close Shweta’s house and he did not want us to be there. Thus in 2004 I and Rekha shifted at his house and after dad expired in 2005 there was nothing else left other than him. Rahul did take care of us but at the same time fucked us like a bull anytime anywhere but he gave us everything but that did not stop him from getting any girls from the street or from his office and fucking them in front of us.

He just kept us we never interrupted him and he did not ever bother us other then fucking us at his will. That’s about me as I write this thing to you today I have a son because of Rahul and Rekha had twins both girls because of him. He hasn’t married either of us but still gave his name for them. He still have sex with other sometimes in front of us he gets college girls but for both of us he is a monster when it comes to sex but other time taking care of our k**s and us I could see as he is a God’s gift to us. He never hurt us let us do whatever we want to do.

We never had fought for anything as on date, and he had given us more than we expected. He love all 3 k**s but still I don’t think this could be the life any women could like but at the same time women’s like us born in small family with no support from anywhere I think this is more than we expected from destiny rather than be just a time pass to other guys it’s better to be a keep to someone like Rahul I hope that was our destiny. Thanks Smita for asking about I felt relief speaking to you and coming to know we are not the women with problems but there are many more as you said.

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